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October 25th, 2020

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January 10, 2020


09/21/2020 11:02 PM 

What happened last night?
Category: Stories

Prompt- “Don’t look for any redeeming qualities. I don’t have any.” [Mark One]

An alarm sounded echoing around the lavishly decorated living room. A man with ruffled hair and wrinkled suit sluggishly sat up on the white couch.

“Jarvis turn off that noise.” He said grouchily as he rubbed his forehead.

“Yes, Mr. Stark.” Came the voice of Iron Man’s mechanical companion. “How was your evening?”

Tony leaned back thinking back on the night before the face of a woman with short blond locks and hazel eyes came to mind. He closed his eyes, “I met the most interesting woman. I can’t remember what her name was.”

The night before at a party that was garishly decorated in golds, colorful lights dancing on mirrors, and loud music filled the space that brimming with socialites of all walks of life. The air was heavy with expensive perfumes intermixing.

Tony walked up to the bar and smirked at the bartender, a pretty young woman, “Single malt scotch on the rocks.” He said to her.

“Coming right up Mr. Stark.” She said reaching over for a glass.

He turned to watch the crowd, when the woman with the blonde hair and hazel eyes was standing directly behind, coming face to face with him when he turned. Tony jumped back.

“Hi,” she said with an infectious smile.

“Geez,” he said grasping at the light on his chest that kept him alive, “You nearly gave me a heart attack.” He said observing she was wearing a fancy light blue dress with rainbow stripes down the front. “Are you looking for an autograph?”

“No…Why, should I be?” she stepped a little closer to him, “Are you, Norman Rockwell?”

“No?” he questioned.

“Shame, he got to be around here somewhere.” She said looking behind him at the bartender. “Ah, thank you.” She said taking the scotch from the bartender. Tony put his hand out to take but the woman had it first. “I really am thirsty.” She said taking a drink and spitting it back in the cup. “That is disgusting,” she said wiping her lips and looked back up at Tony who had a look of disbelief, “I’m sorry, I meant that was the best thing I’ve ever had. I’m just not really that thirsty.” She said setting the drink down on the bar.

“Miss are you ok?” he asked.

She pulled out her cellphone that glowed orange, “Yup fine.” She said walking away from him. Tony followed her to a blue phone box. His memory began to get hazy after that.

Tony got up and walked over to the desk, “Jarvis, how did I get home last night?”

A security video of the living room came on hovering above the table. A blue police box materialized in the corner of the room. The blonde hair woman peeked her head out. She was not wearing the gown he remembered but was brown work boots, short blue trousers with yellow braces, a blue shirt with a rainbow graphic, and a light blue raincoat with rainbow trim.

“This looks about right.” She said stepping out.

Tony following her, he looked around in amazement and back at the blue box. He ran a hand through his hair when she turned and smiled him, “Don’t.” he said to her sternly.

“Don’t what?” She asked furrowing her brow.

“Don’t look at me like that. I don’t have any redeeming qualities.” He said with an ache of distraught in his voice.

“Anthony Stark no redeeming qualities? I don’t think so. You saw the future, that wouldn’t have happened without you?” She said with conviction.

“Doctor, I almost destroyed it.” He huffed as he crossed the room and sat heavily on the couch.

She followed him putting a hand on his shoulder, “You also saved it. That what counts in the end. Trust me, there is no universe without Tony Stark.” She said as she kneeled, he looked into her eyes and her warm smile. She put her hand to his forehead, and he fell asleep, “Don’t worry Tony, you won’t remember this or me in the morning.” She ran her hand through his hair. “You don’t need a preview of the future. You’ll figure it out before the rest of them. Just keep being brilliant.” She whispered before standing up and walking back to the blue police box. A moment later a wheezing noise sounded on the recording and the box disappeared.

“Doctor?” Tony said looking in disbelief at the paused video. “Who the hell is the Doctor?”


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