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08/03/2020 06:35 PM 

LOL JK... wait! (drabble @heretowinbitch)


@heretowinbitch /714060-

002 x 016. buffy paints beth's nails x beth makes a suggestive joke but buffy acts on it.

"So what color nail polish do you think would go with this outfit, little Miss Fashionista?" Asked Beth, looking over at Buffy who was sitting across her on the edge of her bed. Today was one of Beth's usual backyard get togethers, the ones she was usually known for. She had been prepping for it all morning, and now with only a few hours till show time, Beth had fixed her hair, found a pretty dress to slip herself into, shoes to match and make-up that made her look like she had straight-up jumped out of one of those pretty vintage pin-up girls magazines. All she needed now was the perfect nail polish to adorn her fingers and bring the entire look together. Beth figured it was best to ask Buffy, instead of trying to figure out which one she liked the best out of the collection of nail polishes that she owned.

Beth trusted Buffy when it came to things of that sort, the girl had a good eye for fashion and she was always so up to date with what was in and what was out. Beth didn't really keep up with things of that sort, but she did like hearing Buffy talk about it, and honestly, sometimes Buffy did help out her indecisiveness sometimes when she had multiple ideas of what to wear and found herself with the difficult decision of picking out just one outfit.

"Hmm..." Buffy pondered, bringing her finger up to her chin, tapping twice. Her brows furrowed a bit and her eyes narrowed, teeth biting softly upon her bottom pout as she thought carefully on what her decision would be. Her eyes scanned Beth from her head to her toes and right back up again, studying every single detail from the jewelry that she was wearing, to the pattern of soft blue vertical lines upon a white background.

"Well, I think it would be really pretty if your nail polish matches with your lipstick. It's usually what I do. So..." Buffy said, getting up from the bed and heading over to Beth's vanity to the neat little corner where she kept all her nail polish in perfect order. "This shade! Cherries Jubilee, it's like, the perfect red to match the shade on your lips! You know, 'cause there's so many shades of red, you can't just pick any and expect them to match each other. I hate when they don't match when your goal is to have them match."

Beth smiled softly at her and nodded her head, "Oh no, of course not. I hate when that happens too. But, that's why I asked you, I know how good you are at paying attention to little details like that. I knew you'd make the right decision." She said as she took a seat upon the bed, outstretching her arms out in front of her, wiggling her fingers in Buffy's direction. "Now, come make my nails pretty. People are gonna start coming soon and I want my nails to be nice and dry before then. I might need you to move some of the food trays onto the tables in the backyard for me once you're done here."

"Sure! Whatever you need, Aunty Beth." Buffy said, sitting on the bed next to Beth and grabbing her hand, beginning to paint her nails.

( one hour later... )

Buffy was just walking around, saying hello to a couple of people that she knew, watching over the whole thing, making sure that nobody was getting out of hand and that there were no strange people attending the get together. By strange, she meant of the supernatural persuasion. After a while, she just grabbed a cupcake off the table that she was passing by and took a seat, crossing her left leg over the other. Her eyes focusing on the sweet that she held in her hand, she took a bite and her gaze rose back up to people watch as she had been doing all this time, and that's when she saw him, standing there across her, looking like a total snack - (okay, pun totally intended because she was eating a snack at the moment). Buffy bit down slowly on the edge of the cupcake and chewed, now keeping her attention on mister tall, not-so-dark-but-very-much-a-jock, and blonde. He was cute... very cute. He had to be the son of one of the people that came here.

What did his jacket say on it? UC Sunnydale? Ah, a college boy. Buffy knew they were older than her, but she couldn't help herself. She eyed him, still eating her cupcake and she wondered if he'd eventually glance her way and notice her. She flipped her hair and made sure that it was fixed, just in case he did look over at her.

What was his name?

And would he even be interested?

Oh! There he goes... he caught her staring... and he smirked. Buffy bit her lip and flashed him a little flirty gaze and a smirk of her own. He knew she was watching him now, she could tell from the way he changed his posture - he was standing up taller now, casually side glancing at her whenever he could during his conversation with a short, brown-haired older woman.

"And if you stare long enough, he'll be able to read your mind and tell how much you'd rather be using your mouth to taste him instead of that cupcake." Beth laughed softly, taking a seat beside Buffy.

Buffy blushed lightly, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear and turning her attention to Beth. "I... I'm just looking..." She giggled nervously.

"Right. You're gonna tell me you're not sitting here thinking about kissing him? I was your age once, Buffy. I know those looks you're giving." Beth responded with raised brows.

Buffy stared at her for a moment, before raising her own brows and grinning as if a sudden idea had popped up inside of her head. And in fact, it did! Beth's little joke had actually encouraged her to get up and make a move, instead of sitting around and hoping that he'd come to her instead. "Well... maybe I don't have to think about it, and he doesn't have to read my mind..." She mused.

"Hm? Buffy..." Beth said with a bit of weariness upon her tone, what did her joke spark within her little brave one?

Buffy was standing up from her chair now, leaving the half-eaten cupcake behind in the hands of Beth, "I'll be back!"

"Buffy Summers! I was joking! You get back here...!" Beth hissed in a low whisper, making sure she wasn't bringing attention to herself from any of the party guests, but it was too late, Buffy was already sauntering over to this boy as flirty as ever.

Beth shook her head and sighed defeated, furrowing her brows, but keeping her eyes fixed on the situation at hand. She watched as it unfolded, and really wondered what Buffy was trying to do? Would she even accomplish her goal? Hopefully she hadn't encouraged her to do something too daring.

The two teenagers conversed for only five minutes, before Buffy went in for the kill. It wasn't anything over the top, it was quick, it was cute. She had typed in his number into her cellphone and then there was a quick peck at the corner of his mouth. A very bold move on Buffy's behalf, she didn't go in for a full kiss because well, she wanted to tease him a little bit. Have him thinking about her the entire day with that small taste of almost. They'll get to properly kiss on their date tomorrow night! And that was all assuming that nothing crazy would happen where she would have to go into Slayer-mode and her entire date would be ruined. Also assuming he didn't just mysteriously decide to ghost her like a lot of her dates had been doing to her lately... really weird.

Buffy didn't get it.

Like, who acted so into a girl and then literally just completely disappear off the planet on date night? It was like she was cursed or something. It wasn't fair that the only guy she could seem to count on showing up nowadays was stupid Spike lurking around her backyard like a weirdo. Why did he do that? He really must like getting decked in the face by her.

Despite all this, Buffy always tried and now she was excited. She was trying to think positive! She'd go on a date with Brendon (that was his name, she learned) and all would be fine!

Smiling proudly and confidently, she almost skipped herself back towards Beth who was now staring at her in amusement, her ruby lips smiling softly.

"You wild girl!" Beth let out a feminine chuckle, jokingly scolding Buffy by playfully slapping at her wrist.

"Hey, blame yourself with your little joke!" Buffy replied giggling.

"Okay, fine. But, now you've got a date, so you're welcome." Beth smiled.

"And this is why you're the Beth. Aunt. Ever." Okay! So there she went with the puns again. Super corny! But, it was totally an opportunity that she couldn't miss out on. She had to.

Pun Queen over here.

At least Beth caught it and thought it was funny. "Sit down and finish your cupcake." She chuckled, tugging Buffy softly by her wrist to make her sit on the chair beside her. "And behave for the rest of this party." She handed Buffy her cupcake.

Buffy nodded, giving her a two finger salute. "Behaving mode activated, Deputy Mom!" Biting into her cupcake and going back to just people watching.

Did that guy just double dip in the guac? Ew, totally gross.

Who did that? He had to be evil. Buffy would have to keep a close eye on him.


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