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07/13/2020 10:25 PM 

Class is in Session.
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The AcademyWWW.ROLEPLAYER.ME/PAYNEQUEEN"Defiant Demon""Class, is in session”"
"Never thought that I'd end up teaching what I've learned.."

He muttered to himself.
There he stood, leaning against his desk as he stared at the small group of students in front of him. All dressed in work out clothing, which he himself was wearing as well. Black tank top, and black sweatpants. No shoes, and no other forms of protection. Shame he wasn't allowed to wear his old armor, but alas. While this was self defense class. Wearing armor wasn't allowed by the headmistress of the Academy.

A place of shelter for those who were other than humans. Witches, for the most part. Though the occasional Vampire, Meta and other creatures seemed to be around as well. But as far as Payne knew, he was the only Demon out there, along with his mother. Lilith. The one the people here worshipped. Praise Lilith. It was a weird thing to hear, since it was Payne's mother, who he only started to reconnect with not too long ago.

With a sigh, the Demon pushed himself away from his desk. Looking over his students, where some of them seemed to be rather fond of Payne's physique. Muscular in the right places. Tattoos on his arms, and neck. Along with the tribal winged backpiece only ever so slightly peeking out of his shirt. Payne was most definitely not someone who would look like your regular gym teacher. Then again, this wasn't just gym class.

"As you've all heard. The majority of us seems to be having a bit of a fan club."

Payne's words sounded a little playful. But for the real listener out there, they could notice the serious undertone as he had spoken. Turning back to face his students, he pointed towards 2 women who seemed to be thinking of other ways of achieving physical exercises. "Ladies. Attention please, sinning in the bedroom only." He winked at them and payed attention to the rest of the class, letting everyone get their giggle or chuckle out before he started to talk once again.

"They call themselves Witch hunters. The name itself should pretty much give away the fact that they don't hunt for deer. No, in fact. About 95% of this class alone, is going to be victim of these so called hunters. If they do not know how to defend themselves."

"But we have magic that they have not!"

A loudmouth brunette spurted out. Cocky tone and the cocky look to boot. Payne smirked slightly, as he then shook his head. He threw a foam knife toward the brunette, hitting her straight in the head as she yelled in shock.


"Indeed. And where was that magic that you have, and they don't? Hard to put out a spell if you're dead, love. And let that be a lesson for everyone in here. These Hunters have succeeded for a long period of time in hunting that what they hate. Witches. And alongside that, every other supernatural being that dares to roam on that what they call their own. So for the people here who were asking why they were here while they're not a witch. This is the very reason why. We are all in danger. Not just the lovely spellcasters among us."

A soft smile appeared on the Demon's face as he saw that everyone started paying more and more attention as he spoke. He then paid attention to the brunette that he had 'killed' earlier.
"You okay?"He asked, which only got met with a blush of frustration of the young lady. Payne grinned and nodded as he once again turned his attention back to the rest of the class.

"I am here to train you all. To learn how to defend yourself without using any magic. And of course also how to become an excellent fighter while combining your physical skills, with your magical ones. Who here has ever heard of 'Hell's Weapon'?"
Payne asked, and a few hands slowly raised into the sky.

"Means that some of you need to pay more attention to the history teacher next time. After all, I'm the one who she had been talking about."

A few eyes widened, both in shock and in confusion.

“What? But you are like what.. 25?” Payne mocked with a pre-pubescent voice.

“Yes, and how long do you think I have been looking like I’m 25? More than 400 years.” Payne then answered, mostly to himself but while looking at his students with a bit of a wicked smile.

“I’m a Demon. And from what I’ve seen around here. The only one as well, apart from my mother, of course.” He quickly added afterwards, to simply keep the facts as they are.

Raising his right arm, the Demon pulled his black and red leather bracelet off of his wrist. Removing the glamor charm that kept his right arm hidden, looking like the rest of his body. Revealing the dark red and blue forearm to the entire class.

Some gasped in shock, and Payne was sure that he heard someone gag as well. Funny that, seeing what some of the ingredients were in most potions that have been crafted by many a magician in this place. As the talons of his right hand dug slightly into the desk, Payne looked around and then pointed to a basket. One where he had previously drawn the fake knife out of, that he had thrown.

“Without any further distractions. How about we start our first lesson here. Shall we? Everyone, grab one of those. Don’t worry, they are all fake. And if I see someone using magic to turn them into a real blade, they’ll be getting that thing right into their eye. Is that understood?”

Payne heard some giggles once again, as the class hopped over to the basket and grabbed one of the knives. Seeing some messing around with them, poking them at friends and having some fun with it all. The Demon let them have their fun for a moment before he started to draw the attention back to himself again. Grabbing two knives from the same basket and holding one in each hand.

“Alright attention class. Unless you feel like you’re more than capable to handle that knife already. In that case, feel free to attack.”

And before the final word was said, a large guy rushed forward, trying to stab Payne with a transformed knife. Payne only grinned, stepped sideways and stuck his foot out, tackling the large grunt with ease. Only to let him stand back up and try it again. Which got quickly re-directed once more. Out of frustration, the grunt slammed into the desk, and grabbed one of the planks that had broken off. As he tried to hit Payne with it, Payne simply caught the plank in his left hand, gave a push and hit the grunt with the piece of wood right in his mouth, knocking out a tooth that hit the floor.

The rest of the class cheered as they saw someone try to beat the new teacher. But yet every attempt was simply evaded and countered by the Demon, who was clearly playing a game. As Payne got tired of his little game, he yawned and teleported. Re-appearing behind the grunt, kicking him in the back of his knees and quickly disarming the enchanted knife, and pressing it against the man’s eye.

“What did I say about not using magic to turn it into a real knife? Class? Would you mind reminding your classmate what was said?”

As if in shock, the class had gotten quiet. As if all of them were holding their breath. With a simple nod, Payne then decided to take this opportunity as a warning, and pushed the knife into the grunts eye. Who in return started to scream in agony.

“Now be a good boy, and go to the headmistress and tell her about what had happened. As for the rest of the class, take this warning seriously. Within these walls, you will be safe. But outside of them, don’t expect a fair fight of those Hunters who are out to get you. Within these walls, I will train you. And you will listen. And learn. Within these walls, I will be the one responsible for each and every single one of your lives. The least you all can do to repay me, is by giving me the best that you got. And to make me proud to have taught you all that I know, if you bring me the head of a Hunter, if they were foolish enough to cross your path. Class dismissed. Take these knives with you. Get familiar with them. In two days time, I will test every one of you of your knowledge. I want to know about every dent, every splinter, every inch of wood, and every little ingredient used in your particular knife. And don’t try to repeat that of another, every single one of these little toys is different.”

As Payne pulled the grunt up and pushed him out of his class room, he turned his back towards the remainder of his class as they started to leave the perimeter. A soft sigh escaped the Demon’s lips once he was all by himself.
“Good first start. Now let’s see how many of them will actually pay attention to what I’ve said.”
To Define, is to limit

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