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Everything from an owes list, connections, plot bunnies, and drabbles will be found here.


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October 26th, 2020

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February 23, 2019


06/11/2020 01:51 PM 


Active Storylines: 07

Jasper: Jasper and Starlee are childhood friends. As adults, they reconnect and open Firefly Lane.

Rian: Starlee finds herself at the Natchez Animal Sanctuary to help get her mind off of the chaos in her life. 

Madison: On a particularly rough night, Madison comes to Starlee's bartop and witnesses her skills.

Finster: Late in the night, Finlay approaches Starlee in need of help. Involves blood.

Zedd: Starlee serves Zedd at the bar.

Connor: When Connor leaves something behind at Firefly Lane, Starlee has to return it.

Delilah: Delilah and Starlee form a friendship and become each others confidant. 


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