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05/22/2020 12:29 PM 

A Christmas Present (C.S)

(This Drabble Takes Place On Christmas With Malyanas Mother And Father)

Josh had came home for Christmas after being deployed for a while in the army. his fiance Aurora was excited she had a surprise for the whole family. Josh was currently in the car driving while Aurora was in the front seat beside him, She was currently looking down as her hoodie hid her small baby bump her hair was lightly curled and left down as Josh sighed lightly, "You haven't talked to me for the whole car ride, Are you doing alright?" Josh asked as he took quick glances at her before back at the road as Aurora looked up from her train of thought and towards Josh, "Yes...Sorry I'm just thinking about some stuff" she says softly as Josh reached over and placed a hand on her leg, "I know I've been away for a while, I'm sorry I can't help that...I'll take any chance that I possibly can to see you" he says as she smiled, "Don't say sorry for it" she says placing her hand on his.

About ten minutes passed by and Josh had pulled into her familys drive way a couple cars parked in the yard as he turned the car off and got out. Aurora got out as well it was starting to snow a bit and she went inside Josh had grabbed the few presents they had in the back of the car bringing them in. about 20 more minutes passed and she had left the best present for the last one grabbing a small box she handed it to Josh as Josh's face lit up he kissed her cheek, "Thanks love" he says as he started to un wrap it, he also opened the small box that was hidden by the wrapping he moved some of the wrapping paper he picked up a small photo it was of a ultra sound as the soldier looked up his eyes were wide.

She smiled some as he stayed quite for a minute before jumping up he grabbed her waist and lifted her up into the air and spun her around smiling widely as he let her stand up he leaned down and hugged her tightly, "I'm gonna be a dad" he said happily as she chuckled lightly hugging him back, "Yes...Your gonna be a father" she says as all of her family got up and joined in on the group hug she was thrilled they accepted that she was pregnant even if Josh was gonna be away most of the time while he was deployed, "How far are you?" he asked as she was still smiling, "Two months" she says as he leaned down and kissed her deeply, "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked as she sighed lightly, "I wanted to tell you in person" she says


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