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09/24/2022 06:44 PM 

past task - sentimental items

  1 - A cross pendant. This was the last thing that her mother ever gave with her. She wasn’t very religious but she wanted her daughter to believe in a higher power - to remember that someone or something has a purpose for Rosalie and that she would always have someone looking over her. Rosalie considers her mother her angel.    2 - Minnie Mouse stuffed toy. Rosalie has had this since she could remember. She was given it on her first birthday and considers it a good luck charm.    3 - A musical  jewellery box. This was given to Rosalie not her mother and has been handed down for a couple of generations. This was given to her mother (being the youngest daughter) and when Rosalie turned 5, her mother gave this to her. She plans on giving it to her youngest child too. 

Archangel Ariel

09/24/2022 04:37 PM 

Archangel Ariel

The names Ariel and I'm an Archangel sent down by god to kool off the human population but when the war with the humans emerged and eight-ball also known as fallen angels began taking over the human body sides were drawn and angels began fighting one another. I may be a fight but I don't take sides which is why I'm stuck in the middle as a mediator. As you can see my character is based off the series Dominion if you haven't seen it I'm willing to answer questions you may have. I'm a multipara/novella writer back from the old days! I'm open to mains from the series and crossovers if I fit your timeline. Feel free to read my bio it gives alittle more info on my character I even have photos of my siblings so you have an idea of who they are.. till than I will be around for storylines

𝐬𝐰𝐚𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬,

09/24/2022 09:08 PM 

𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬! (disclaimer)

Disclaimer -  This is an independent portrayal that goes by elements of the books/movies and my own direction. I will be portraying Bella in her human form only. Third person and multi-para format is my style. Mirrors/canons and non-canon characters are all welcome here. Crossover friendly. Patient writer, never a need to rush. Storyline discussions and random starters are welcome. Smut writers will be removed. Discord friendly, enquire within for handle.

rules, disclaimer, guidelines

Isabella Davis.

09/24/2022 04:02 PM 

Background story and a few storyline ideas.

Background story + a few roleplay ideas! :)Isabella was born a new yorker but is now living in L.A enjoying her life, even though she works in the same office building as her ex husband and his fiance. Her life hasn't been easy with her parents walking out on her and siblings being put into care. She has struggled abit but is getting on with it even though she struggles working with her ex and his fiance but doesn't let her personal problems get in the way of her work life. She's been on a few dates but they never seem to work out. Although she'd love to date, she doesn't seem to find the time with her been so busy with work and not have any time to do anything else. Isabella is all about putting work ahead anything else unless something is worth it, now again she goes out to a bar with a few of her friends, just to let her hair down and have a little of a good time now and again. Isabella is someone you can get on with really well, she's the sweetest lady you'll ever meet and would never disappoint you unless it's what you deserve.----------•mutual jealousy- making each other jealous at a beach party,finds out her ex is engaged-works with ex husband and his lady friend and tries to flirt with him ,ex husband arrives back into town with a new lady, but gets jealous seeing her out with someone else,gets jealous when her best friend goes on a date.•office coworkers-falls for her boss but she starts to feel jealous when he goes out with another one of her female co workers.•friends who fall for the same lad and try and win his attention.•her fiances ex arrives the night before their wedding and sees them together when she goes to see him on his stag duo.


09/24/2022 03:19 PM 

optional task 26

“Come here, Sofia. Your mama will be home soon!” A small smile etched across her face as she held out her hands for the toddler. Rosalie had been babysitting the children of Tatiana and Delilah Garcia for a few weeks now, while they looked for a replacement nanny and she loved it. Babysitting and being around kids was her dream job, but because of her past and the substance abuse, no one would give her a chance. But Tatiana did. Rosalie had first met Tatiana while she’d been in rehab in Los Angeles and the two had become close friends. Tatiana was the only one that had given Rosalie a chance since the redhead was 13 and she would be forever grateful for that. Tatiana had become like another sister to her and in some aspects, saved her.Biting down on the corner of her mouth, Rosalie picked up the little girl and moved her over to the highchair to get her ready for dinner. “Now, where is your little brother hiding, huh?” she smiled before going to find her other charger, though as she turned around she almost jumped out of her skin when she saw Tatiana standing there with Bentley in her arms. She still got a little flustered when she saw Tatiana. She was a famous singer with number 1 hits and Rosalie….well she was a recovering addict who had trouble keeping a job! “Oh, there he is,” Rosalie replied with a small chuckle as she moved over to take the infant from her boss’ arms. “I’m just getting them some breakfast. How was last night’s show?” she questioned as she moved to put him in a highchair next to his sister’s.“It was good. There is nothing better than performing to a sold out stadium, honestly. How were the kids?” Tatiana asked as she moved over to pour herself a fresh cup of coffee. Rosalie nodded as she went about making the two children some food. “I could only imagine. It must be so awesome…” Her tone was a little sarcastic as jealousy seeped through her voice. She wasn’t jealous of Tatiana’s career but she was jealous of her fame. It was something she wanted to bad and had even considered leaking an intimate tape to try and get there. It worked for Kim K, so why couldn’t it work for her? Or at least that was how the redhead saw it. “I’ll get out of your hair. Kids are just eating.” Rosalie finally said softly as she grabbed her bag from the chair and her phone from the table, though Tatiana seemed confused. “You don’t have to just yet,” she assured her as she sipped away at her coffee but it was then that she realized the redhead’s blood shot eyes and dilated pupils. She knew that look all too well. “What the f***?! Drugs?! While you were looking after my kids?! Get the fxck out and don’t come back!” 

𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖔𝖚𝖘 βӀօօժʍąցҽ™

09/23/2022 09:58 PM 

Tears For The Wilting Rose.

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Tempest remembered the first time vividly. He remembered the smell of burning flesh so thick that there was nothing left to breathe. The ground had been wet, turning the raging fire into a cold silence and mixing with the ash, mud and smoke. He remembered that even though there was the sound of thunder rolling over in the distance, everything still had felt quiet around him. The quiet was the only thing that seemed to have been the same. The quiet of the room seemed deafening. It was to the point that Tempest couldn’t even hear his own hollering. He ran to her. The pale lifeless body that remained on the floor had been too weak and rotten to move. His mere presence scurried away most of the rats that were gnawing on her insides. He could still see Raid’s breathing. The rise and fall of her chest. Surely, it wasn’t the rats that had burrowed all of the way inside of her chest cavity. He moaned at the instant fear that it may have only been a mischief of rats enjoying a fresh raw feast. He came to his knees and reached inside of her stomach to pull free one large rat that couldn’t escape. Throwing it to the wall across the room as hard as he could, Tempest tried to ensure that the tiny brain would have smashed within its skull, or that the skull would crack and kill the cursed rodent upon impact. His eyes were wide as he looked at her. His face was stained with tears. Tempest was almost too afraid to touch her now; hands shaking, sweat of fear collecting from his brow. He was in a mid-panic. Tempest didn’t know what to do! He wasn’t a healer. He only knew bloodmagic, and as unstable as his current emotions had been, he was just as likely to skewer her more if his skin were to touch hers. Everything just seemed to have no importance anymore. Guilt swallowed him in the form of her decay. Why did he have to leave when he did? He could have thought of something to work things out. He could have reasoned with Alexander better. He didn’t have to act on impulse all the time. Tempest’s plans meant nothing when looking at Raid’s nearly lifeless body now. Her body covered in bruises and her stomach remained split open. Just how long had she been down here? And the baby… there was no sign of their child. His eyes only then began to register the bloodstained floor. The congealed crimson liquid of who knows what –and Tempest certainly didn’t want to think about what—had been spread across the cobble stones of the cellar. They were symbols within an alchemy circle of some kind. The were unrecognizable to him and yet his subconscious was also drawn to them. Deep down, somewhere, he knew what each symbol meant and he knew what the purpose of the alchemic circle beneath her. After a frantic search of her body, running his hands lightly down over her broken frame and scanning the skin to his shaken horror, Tempest checked in making sure that there were no more rats trapped within her. Without hesitation, he took his dagger and sliced at his wrist. It was a deep cut pouring in and the pain numbed the tendon that he sliced through in his panic. Tempest’s magic poured over him heavily and he reached down to hold her. “—Come on…” He gritted his teeth and channeled his bloodmagic in the preparation of being used. His hands reached for her head – thumbs pressing against her temples and stretching to try and prying open her dead eyes. “Come on, Raid—Come back to me!” Yet, no matter how powerful that he was…no matter how strongly that he loved her –and knew that he loved her—it just was not enough. He did not specialize in necromancy. He was not a healer. By now, her blood was too cold and too slow. There was no warmth to her skin, no breathing or even any signs that her blood still circulated. Tempest would have needed that in order for his magic to work. He simply did not have the tools or talents necessary for this task. He was a killer. A Destroyer and a Means to an End. Everything he touched eventually betrayed him or died to a horrible death and each was doomed to pave the road he walked upon. Some God that he was! Without the Book of Fadione, he was nothing but an over-glorified mage. It was foolish of him to refuse in learning to read its contents. It was even more foolish of him to hide the text in the manner that he did. In this moment, it may as well had been a million miles away from his reach. The Venatori were nothing but panicking idiots. trying to find ways to control others and save their own souls from the damnation of their ancestors. “Look at me. You have to look at me—I know you’re in there somewhere.” Tempest pleaded while tears stained his eyes. His grip tightened around her bloated head and he shook her in his grasp when he shouted. “Damn it, Raid—Look at me! Look at me!” His head fell down as he cried against her neck. “Please…?” He stayed there. The room had only been filled with his sobs against her. Everything had been brought up to this point and Tempest just felt that he could not make another step. This was the one time in his life when he had finally –finally—been able to achieve something on his own and for himself. Raid understood him and she made him happy. They may not have been able to have a life together but she always carried a piece of him with her. After meeting him and coming to know him, the only thing Tempest had ever wanted for her was happiness and the Venatori became hell-bent in taking even that away too. “When does it stop?” Tempest snarled and while his tears poured down against Raid’s porcelain neck. “…My family. …My friends…? And now this…? How much more will be taken from me?” The sound of footsteps echoed from the stairway that lead down into the dark cellar. Tempest didn’t need to raise his head and see the reflection of the individual from large specimen tanks nearby, to know that Dirthamen was approaching him. Tempest couldn’t control his anger and his wings unfurled their full girth and dark beauty. The miasma that pooled around him in a thick fog was brushed back slightly due his wings rushing back to send a blinded spray of arcane blasts. If Dirthamen had not brought a shield up to protect himself, he would have been ran through from the attack. Rather instead, the few rays of dark shadow energy bounced off his shield and collided to the stone walls behind him. It caused some collateral damage; deep enough to leave large holes into the stone, but the structure of the building still remained sound. “LEAVE ME!” His voice resonated deep with Vince’s answer to his anger. Tempest was trapped in his sorrow and his rage. Dirthamen narrowed his eyes and moved from the stairs to approach the alchemic circle. “This is exactly what the Aulkhori want, da’len—” “SHUT UP! I’m not even elvish! I HATE you! It is all YOUR fault!” Tempest scowled as he looked up and turned to see Dirthamen. The more that he sneered when he spoke, the more that the ground and the building began to shake violently. The seams of the Waking World and The Fade were starting to split due to how highly unstable that Tempest’s massive spikes of energy were becoming. It was highly uncommon for just any mage to possess such an ability, but Tempest wasn’t just any mage. He was reaching his full potential – the growth that Dirthamen had instilled in his bloodline from many; many centuries ago. If he currently had the Foci; not only would Tempest would have been able to unlock its power, he could have been able to absorb the power of the Titans and move just as fluidly as Dirthamen did between realms. But this was dangerous and there was always a risk without the Foci in place, that Tempest could short-circuit himself and the ending result would have caused rifts in time that no one could close. “If it wasn’t for you, she would have been happy! The Venatori and Aulkhori would have never existed!” Tempest snarled quickly and glared at him while his magic pulsed and building moaned from its weight being shaken. “No. It would have been another religious cult praying to another useless deity.” Dirthamen spoke calmly to the anger that confronted him. “The Aulkhori want you to be this angry, Luviar. They want you to fall victim to their prophecy and you are blindly stumbling into it as we speak.” The rage in Tempest’s eyes spoke it all. Even if it was true, he didn’t care. The world was more dark and hollow now than he had ever known it to be. Without Raid; without someone to breathe life back into him, he felt dead inside. His jaw tightened as he bared his teeth in a feral manner. “I loved her…” Tempest hissed and looked back to Raid’s corpse as his features slowly began to soften. The shaking seemed to have quieted down around them as well, to the answer of Dirthamen’s warning. The bloodmage reached to run his fingers through her hair while more tears silently fell from him. Dirthamen reluctantly sighed and looked down to Raid’s face. “I can revive some parts of her but only for a short time.” The Elven God started to say, which caused Tempest to look up at him with hope quickly. Though, just as quickly as it came, he was to have those hopes dashed. “I said for only a short time, Luviar… She has been dead for too long to receive a proper revival. And without the book, there is little else either one of us can do.” Tempest’s frown returned and he pulled Raid closer to himself. “…I …I understand.” Dirthamen nodded and lowered his arms then. He waved his hand and his magic shifted to fill the corpse. Raid’s wounds had been cleansed and healed; although, this had only been a cosmetic healing. The most that Dirthamen could do to any true benefit was to momentarily heal Raid’s vitals and awareness ---but even this was momentarily and the timing would have been short. To revive someone, the death would have needed to be more recent or it would have acquired more power from a separate specific object. Therefore, this had been the only option. It was a final goodbye; a sense of closure for both Tempest and Raid. In a shrilled gasp, Raid’s chest moved and her mouth opened. Her eyes turned in a jittery motion towards Tempest and her focus centered around his miserable face. Sparks of magic and death clung to one another like a collection of fuzzy wisps floating in the air around them. Each soft unseen tendril sent static electricity to Raid’s cheekbones and Tempest’s position stiffened from holding her. He watched in a wonder and confusion to whether or not he should have removed the wisps. After all, the sensation was placed around them for a reason and if he did anything wrong than Dirthamen’s spell would have been a huge waste. “My baby! Give me my baby!” Raid immediately spoke from pain that remained still trapped in her lungs. The last of her memories remained with the moments of the Aulkhori Venatori, surgically removing the child from her womb. She tried to raise her arms but every limb had felt like dead weight in that moment. Tempest reached for her hands to hold in both of his. Afterwards, he tried to soothe her until her eyes registered that she was looking at Tempest then. “Tempest? Our baby-” She begged and blinked with dry and crusted eyes –that would have cried if the tear ducts were not already dried out. “Where is our baby?” “Our baby is fine.” He lied smoothly with hardly even a hitch in his throat. “You've delivered a beautiful baby, my love.” Raid blinked a couple of times and her lips tried to form words at first but then seemed to fail. It was as if she knew in what little that Tempest didn’t say to her. Instead, her throat croaked and she relented to the pain. "It… It hurts…” “I know... You must stay strong for me.” Tempest continued in trying to reassure and soothe her even then. His eyes held hers as he tucked strands of her hair back behind her ear then. “I’m going to build a paradise for you. Only for you. We’ll be a family just like we’ve always wanted and we’ll stay together. I swear it, love, I’m never leaving your side after that. So, when I call for you, I will need you to come to me. Only to me. Can you do that?” Raid just stared at him in confusion and pain, for she didn’t understand. She tried to answer but her voice and confidence had only faltered. “Only if… you promise me… not to blame yourself. N-None of… of this is y-your fault, T-Tempest.” Tempest frowned to this and caressed her cheek. “Don’t speak of that—” “N-No!” She insisted and attempted to raise her voice. Her eyes narrowed to him and it was clear in her pained expression that she would be heard. “You p-promise me…” “I promise.” He answered, but only to bring her peace. With his promise forced and reassured to her, Raid attempted to smile. However, the sudden fear struck in her eyes still and she shuddered in Tempest’s grasp. “I don’t want to die.” “I don’t want you to.” Tempest agreed as he watched her vitals already beginning to fail from underneath her skin. The pulse rapidly slowed and her eyes were fluttering to a close. Tempest groaned in his anguish and traced his fingers down along her mouth lovingly. “No… No-no-no-no-no—it’s too soon… Please, don’t go.” The only response Raid could though was a long sigh while the remaining traces of her life-force had departed from her body. Tempest held his head and slowly moved towards holding Raid into his lap. He held her tightly and began to rock with her along the floor. He couldn’t dry his eyes. The coldness of the dark room began to fill him once more. Raid was gone, and there time together was up. Tempest coddled his failure with his sorrow and all motivation seemed nearly lost from him. His love was dead and so was his heart. The world could turn black and Tempest would welcome it without hesitation. All except for one thing… “The magic in this place---” Dirthamen started to say. “—I know I feel it resonating too. The child is alive.” Tempest spoke and rubbed at his red eyes in vain. He moved to hugging Raid’s body into his arms while his wings moved and shifted to help in pushing himself upwards and back upon his feet. “Don’t worry, love… I won’t let them have what’s ours.” Dirthamen hadn’t said anything while taking a step to the side and watched while Tempest walked past him and started to head for the stairs. He understood Tempest’s mourning. It was out of the question to leave Raid’s body there to be mauled and eaten by rats. However, Dirthamen came to find that Tempest didn’t want Raid’s body to have been buried by just any means, either. So, he helped in creating a casket of glass that could preserve the body. From there, Tempest took her body with him, and he embarked on a quest to allow his love some rest. Tears For The Wilting Rose.


09/23/2022 09:36 PM 

A note to an old friend.

To anyone reading this, This is an open reply to this blog. I have Bolded what they said with my own comments, and at the end I will summarize my own feelings towards it. Anyone knows me and the situation knows how gutted I have been over this for… as you will see valid reasons.I didn’t have a comment until “three” was brought up. I am Three. I knew this person for over a year, our muses (or so I/my muse thought) were very close, they were never romantic at the beginning because her character was with someone else and my James wouldn’t do that. When it was an option, James fell head over heels for this woman and well you’ll see what happened… Which this has happened MONTHS ago, so bringing this up now is confusing to all numbers involved.Bold is from the blog post > is my reaction & comments.—So at this point I was dating Two and Three - both with the same faceclaim.> No, dear. You were dating the same character. by different writers. when one stated they were uncomfortable about those types of things and gave you very valid reasons for it.I didn’t know there was a rule to not be with the same playbys- the same characters.> I wish this was true. But if you didn’t.. I have a question for you; where would it be okay to be dating the same character? If roles were reversed- how would you feel?I offered multiple times to leave Three.> Ouch.I wanted to be with Two, I was in love with two.> Being told you’re not the version of a character someone wants to be with while you’ve been with them for some time, I think it was worded like ‘I want them(2) but I can’t lose my best friend(3)’ / ‘I dont really love you, I love them’ So.. I ended things, with three.> In the worst way possible. Did I leave things out?> Yes, yes you did. A lot. You left a lot out.But now- being told these same people are telling others I’m a ‘toxic bit ch’, ‘Backstabber’ ‘liar’ ‘Manipulative’ and a ‘whore’.> I have never and will never say any of that about you. I don’t talk like that, never had never will. After I cut you off, I didn’t speak about you to anyone else unless you were brought up. Why were you brought up? You were talking badly about me. Telling people not to write with me. Why? Why exactly when *YOU* were the one in the wrong here, not me. I was your friend.I know I was the one who came off sneaky> very.They wont see this- but I’m leaving this here.> You stalk my page. Yes, I may be on hiatus but I lurk. I see things. Plus I woke up from an illness induced nap to be sent the link to your blog post.Three:> Hi.God- I don’t even know where to start - I fuc ked u royally.> You can say that again.There’s not a day where you Still Dont cross my mind.> same.I should’ve asked more about how things worked than just assuming. I should’ve spoken to you, I should’ve asked. Especially because I knew it was you and Two.> Yes. You should have. You’ll never believe me- but you were my bestfriend.> You were mine.I couldn’t even fight to save it because I wasn’t allowed too.> This is where I need to stop you. You pushed me to answer you. You pushed me to decide what I was going to do about this situation while I was HURTING and I asked you not to. You dropped the knowledge that you were in a relationship with not just a “same face claim” but the same character(a friend of mine- someone I know, write with elsewhere, have insanely huge respect for and have cared about for ages now). That you didn’t want to be with me but that other person. You said it in such a way that was not just a stab in the heart but you were twisting it as you were pulling it out… How fitting. But ANYONE in my position would have shut down, and would need time to heal, and figure out what they wanted to do about it. Because yes you were my best friend, I cared about you a lot. The thing is? I needed time to heal and figure out if what you did was worth pushing through and keeping you as my friend. I was hurting. I was being too kind, wanting to not be bleeding from the pain to make the decision, but you made the decision for us. You were pushing for answers. Pushing me to the point where I felt cornered, and I did what would save myself, my heart, and my mental health from more pain and decided to go.You cross my mind more than anyone– and if you still have those gifts.> More than I wish to admit. and I do. Yelena sits with Clint, and my “what if” pops. (fitting I guess) The keys aren’t up yet in my apartment… but yeah still have them. The mickey, I gave to my mother because she had the matching Minnie- felt right after everything.–To end this, I wish rather than making a whole public post about it you just had the guts to come talk to me and the other two people. I’m very doubtful that the other two, knowing who they are, would say such things about you. The three of us are always confused when we hear you’re talking about us. At least that’s the consensus that I found out.Even not bringing them up?Why didn’t you feel the need to try and add me and drop a note in my dms on site?Or have someone send it to me? I know we have a bunch of mutuals.You call me your best friend and yet you’re openly doing things like this?Think I would say things like that?Come on, you should know me better than that. and honestly? I’m the one you screwed over the most, but I’m not that person. I will never be that person. I have wished nothing but the best for you. And I will still wish for nothing but the best for you. You’re the one deciding to leave a character, It’s you who is making that decision based on your actions. ‘Cause from my understanding none of us have said anything about you.I’m leaving comments on this in case either of the other numbers in your blog wish to say something too, since it seems you have them blocked/unblocked whichever.Just know. Whatever you decide to do in life, I wish you the best. I know you’ll figure it all out. You were always a strong one even if you didn’t see it yourself.


09/23/2022 07:15 PM 

Roleplay Information

1. Obviously, I can't vet every writer I come across so I'm just gonna say that I only write with MATURE writers, meaning you are mature IRL and you understand that mature themes can and will occur during our storylines. If you don't know what "mature themes" entail, you do not need to be writing with me.2. I write in 3rd person, past tense. My writing posts vary on a number of short, I will give or take, the same amount of effort as you give me. I am a quality > quantity writer. Conversely, I am also a big fan of character banter, so if for some reason we just can't find a good story to put together, we can do some casual RP via status or comments. I can one-line and semi just as well as I can multi and on the very rare occasion, novella. 3. I have not played every single Assassin's Creed game. I have played AC3, AC Black Flag, and Valhalla. The interwebz is magical. I will use it for references if I need to. Other than that, I'll be playing Eivor as I see fit.4. I don't mind writing bedroom content if it flows in the storyline and we have chemistry as writing partners. It's implied through the game that Eivor doesn't have a sexual preference, so I will roleplay her as it happens.5. Have patience with my replies. Sometimes my replies are quick, other times they can take a bit to come through. It just depends on what I have going on IRL.6. I shouldn't have to say this, but keep RP and IRL -  S E P A R A T E! 7. I am actually pretty friendly and laid-back. I don't do drama, and I don't play favorites. If there's an issue, I expect it to be handled like mature adults. Do not bring me into your lame middle-school drama.8. The storylines I have are completely separate from each other. Not one of them will bleed into another. They are separate and will remain that way. This means multiple ships across multiple storylines. Don't like it? Don't care. Some of y'all need to chill with your fictional character fantasy ships.

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one. 18+ mdni. two. serious writers only. no instasmut. three. multi love interest with chemistry. this likely won't change.four. highly selective. five. the writing takes precedence to all other forms of muse interactions. i will not participate where emotions are easily blurred. ic > ooc.story ideas and plot discussions should be the extent of out of character communications.  six. muse drama should not upset you personally and if it does you should openly speakwith me about it. this can also be avoided by clear discussions regarding muses prior to writingand can be done either in character or out of character. communication is key here. i am on another multi-para roleplayer. novella writer. eight. do not ever bring rl drama regarding anyone to me. i will cut you and our creations off cold and forever. discord. ᔕ𝙸𝙻𝚅𝙴𝚁𝙵𝙾𝚇#1018

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Peggy Carter

Name: Margaret Peggy CarterAge: 106 yearsAge appearance: Early to mid twenties Nick Name(s): PeggyHero Name(s): Captain America, Captain CarterIdentity: KnownD.O.B: April 9th 1921Place Of Birth: EnglandSpecies: HumanGender: FemaleSexuality: FemaleRelationship Status: Single (Multi-LI)Current Location: AmericaAccent: EnglishZodiac: AriesStatus: AliveOccupation: Super Hero, Writer, AgentAlignment: Neutral GoodAffiliaton(s): SHIELD, Howard StarkHeight: 6'0Weight: 160lbsRelatives: Amanda Carter (mother),Michael Carter (Father).Crushes: N?A (not since the 1940's at least)Friends: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Howard Stark


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When i talk to Dean i become aroused, there i said it and i am not afraid. Okay that is all.

Dizzi Teller

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Drama: No out of Character drama I really don’t wanna be apart of it. In character drama make a good story. And I will only write drama that goes with the verses I’m in.Sex or Smut: Dizzi only writes the moment with her boyfriend Christian “CC”. Not every single guy on this site. She doesn’t do cheating stories of any kind so don’t ask.Verses: The verses I have Dizzi in are American Satan, Sons of Anarchy, Paradise City and Once Upon a time. Real Life: I am busy in RL like everyone else. I baby sit my nieces and Nephew. I only have all 3 kids when Jaydee and Isaac don’t have school. So I do check in during nap time. I also post a status explaining everything.Character: Drizella Robyn Teller is the daughter of Captain Swan and John Teller. She is the sister to Ashley Purdy and Jax Teller. And The ex girlfriend to Dylan JamesStarters & Replies: Ever since I’m second guessing myself my writing has stuffer big time.Lover: I write Dizzi as the girlfriend to Christian ”CC” Coma. And in the story they are wild and have 4 kids. I will not expect CC’s who are sexual or just compeletely creepy.Read & Sign my rules with your favorite Gif.Dizzi


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You jumped off the last stair and made your way to the doorway, placing your hand on the knob just as another doorbell sounded throughout the house. They had rung the doorbell several times now and it took all the power within you to not look as irritated as you felt as you pulled the door open.   “Hello!” you greeted, a bubbly voice that you didn’t recognize came out of your throat. A wide smile on your face told the people at the door that you were happy and, as the voice, bubbly. “What can I do for you?”   “My name is Tom,” the man said, seemingly trying to pull off your incredibly large smile. He glanced towards the woman next to him. “This is my wife, Mary. We heard you were new in the neighborhood. We live in that house right there.” He turned to point at the house directly across the street, looking back at you with a proud smile.   “Yes,” you said, nodding. “It seems like word travels fast around here, huh?”   Tom shrugged and released a hearty chuckle. “There’s no secrets around these parts. Everybody knows everybody! And now we get to know somebody new.”   “Ah, well.” You cleared your throat and nodded. “We were just getting settled in. We do have a lot of unpacking to do. Why don’t you come on back later tonight?”   “That sounds splendid,” Mary agreed, cutting Tom off from whatever he was about to say. “Gives me plenty of time to make my famous casserole!” With laughter, you watched as they walked away. You didn’t hesitate to shut the door and quickly lock it with an annoyed groan.   “Who was it?” You turned around and felt yourself freeze at the sight of your boss, Marcus Pierce, standing at the bottom of the stairs with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “What?”   “Neighbors,” you stated, clearing your throat. You felt your cheeks burn, so you quickly turned away from him. “Maybe they’re the ones who are selling drugs. They are way too happy.”   “Just because somebody’s happy, Y/N, doesn’t mean that they’re drug dealers,” Marcus declared, shaking his head as he turned to go back up the stairs. “We need to fish some information out. You invited them over?”   “Later tonight.”   “That means we need to get our act together,” he said before he disappeared upstairs.   You released a breath you felt you were holding forever, feeling your heart rapidly beat against your chest. You looked towards where Marcus was standing, shook your head with a small smile, and made your way to the kitchen. Couldn’t put on a good show without snacks, could you?   As you started rummaging through the cabinets, the front door opened and closed. Before you knew it, Lucifer and Chloe were walking into the room. “Hey, do we not have any sugar?” you asked as you closed a cabinet before searching the next one.   “Uh…” Lucifer picked up a bag of sugar you had recently placed on the counter and whistled at you. You laughed with embarrassment before snatching it out of his hands and returning it to the counter.   “What’s wrong, Y/N?” Chloe asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “You’ve done undercover ops before.”   “Yeah, but never done them with the handsome boss,” you stated, pulling the fridge open to retrieve the carton of eggs. “We have the people across the street coming over later. Figured I’d make some brownies or something since she’s going to bring over her famous casserole.” You placed the eggs on the counter gently and turned to look over at the duo. “Why do people always make a casserole? Why not just some actual food? You know, something actually good.” You huffed as you closed the fridge. “Not that I’ll actually eat anything they bring over. Nobody but God knows what’s going on over here.”   “Yeah, but He’s not gonna be much help, is He?” Lucifer said, a bit irritated. You looked over at him with furrowed eyebrows. “We came over to make sure you remember what you’re looking for.”   “I’m sure Pierce would’ve been happy to remind me,” you returned, going on the hunt for a bowl.   Chloe cleared her throat. “There’s a drug dealer in the neighborhood who’s really good at covering their tracks,” she confirmed. “We don’t have much to go on, which is why you and Pierce are here. Get to know the neighbors, make them spill their guts.” You looked over at her in time to see her send you a smile as she added, “We know you’re good at getting people to confess.”   You rolled your eyes as you brought the bowl out, setting it next to the ingredients. “You make it sound so easy, Chloe.”   Marcus walked into the room, looking at Chloe for a brief moment before his eyes landed on Lucifer. “What are you two doing here?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “We don’t need these people getting suspicious.”   “Don’t be a sour puss, Pierce,” you stated, “they’re just checking it out.”   “They can check it out at a distance,” Pierce countered, finally looking over at you. “What are you doing?”   “Making snacks,” you told him. “You said we gotta get our act together. Serving snacks to guests is getting our act together.”   “You’re not wearing your wedding ring,” Marcus pointed out, making you look down at your naked ring finger.   “She forgot it,” Chloe declared, setting your fake wedding ring on the counter. “That’s another reason why we’re here.”   You placed the ring onto your finger and flashed it at Marcus. “Nice proposal, hun.”   “You two can leave now,” Marcus ordered as you quickly swatted Lucifer’s hand away before he could dip his finger into the cake mix. “We have this handled.”   “Clearly,” Lucifer muttered, looking over at you as you stuck your tongue out at him. He swiped his finger into the cake mix before you had any time to react and shoved it into his mouth, releasing a victory hoo-rah before walking out of the kitchen behind Chloe.   Marcus walked over to you, looking down at your cake mix. “So, who’s coming over?”   “Tom and Mary,” you answered, huffing as you continued your baking. “They’re the neighbors across the street, Tom made sure I knew that.”   You stopped mixing to look over at him, your breath hitching in your throat when you realized just how close he actually was. You cleared your throat and immediately went back to mixing.   “Why did you want to do this?” you asked him.   He hummed for a moment before saying, “I wanted to see what it’s like to live as somebody else for a moment.”   “Why did you choose me?”   “You have experience in undercover missions,” he answered. “I needed this to go smoothly.”   You couldn’t help but stare after him as he walked away.   ---   You had to force the laughter. You wondered if Marcus was doing the same thing you were. You didn’t find Tom or Mary funny at all. They were basically dad jokes, stupid stories, something that someone with a dry sense of humor would enjoy. But you had to keep your cover, so you’d laugh at whatever they laughed at because that’s how it’s supposed to go.   Mary did make a casserole after all. You made yourself eat it despite it looking like something a cat heaved up. You still don’t understand what the obsession with casserole was. Did they really like it or were they just testing your ability to stay in character?   “Why don’t you get the brownies, hun?” You were dragged out of your thoughts when Marcus patted the inside of your leg, eyes widening at the sudden touch. Sure, the two of you were supposed to be acting married, but the only thing you guys did was sit close to each other.   You smiled, a little flustered. You stood up and went to the kitchen to retrieve the brownies, setting them onto the coffee table upon your return. Mary went to dig right in, but Tom quickly stopped her. You furrowed your eyebrows as you sat back down next to Marcus.   “They look good,” Tom assured, grinning widely as he forced Mary’s hand into his, “but we’re on a strict no chocolate diet.”   You looked at Mary, who wouldn’t look up from the ground. “If she wants a brownie, let her have a brownie,” you stated as calmly as you could. “Everybody deserves a cheat day every now and again.”   Marcus laughed and quickly grabbed your hand into his, placing his other hand on top of it. “Honey, we don’t want to interrupt their diet,” Marcus stated, smiling widely when you looked over at him. You looked back over at Tom, your eyes holding anger that he clearly saw.   “It’s getting late,” Tom said quickly, sending mainly Marcus an apologetic smile. “I believe we should get going.”   You stood up faster than they did, retrieving a brownie off the plate and plopping it onto Mary’s hand. “Enjoy.” You sent the two of them a smile and snatched the plate of brownies off the table before going back into the kitchen.   As Marcus let them out, you angrily tossed the plate onto the counter, groaning in frustration. When you heard the door close, you shook your head.   “That was interesting,” Marcus stated when he entered the room. “Didn’t think you’d break character like that.”   “Yeah, well, a**holes tend to do that for me,” you confessed, shaking your head and taking a deep breath. “Sorry, sir, it won’t happen again.”   “Good,” he said. “Let’s get some rest.” He walked away as you sighed heavily.   ---   You rolled over in bed, looking at Marcus sleeping on the floor. He was polite to give you the bed, but that didn’t mean you were going to sleep easily.   Tom really got under your skin. You were getting angry just thinking about it. There had to be something you could do.   You were already getting out of bed and dressed before you could think of a plan.   Considering this was a very nice neighborhood, the streetlights actually gave you plenty of light as you crossed the street to Tom and Mary’s house. You still didn’t think of something, but it seemed too late as you approached their front door. Before you could knock, the door slowly opened.   A teenager appeared on the other side, eyebrows furrowed and headphones in both ears as she looked at you with confusion. “You’re the new neighbor, aren’t you?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “My dad told me that you’re a little crazy.”   “Why? Because I called him out for not letting your mother have a brownie?” You sucked in a deep breath and released it, smiling. “Look, I just came over here to apologize.”   “At one in the morning?”   “I’m sorry, is there a curfew?”   She grinned at your statement, nodding her head. “Yeah, but I don’t follow it.” She shrugged as she let you in. “My parents are asleep, though, so I’d be quiet if I were you.”   “What does your dad do for a living?”   “He’s an accountant,” she answered, “and my mom teaches at the high school. She’s my English teacher.” She shook her hands in the air in mock excitement. “This is a pretty boring family. Literally nothing happens.” And then she cleared her throat as she added, “But my dad has been working later than he used to. I didn’t think anything of it until now.”   You sighed, placing your hands on your hips, but before you could say anything else, there was a soft knock on the door. You turned around to watch her open it and your eyes widened when Marcus was on the other side.   “Hello,” he said, sending the teen a polite, apologetic smile. “I’m here to collect my wife.” He made eye contact with you and gave you that boss look. “Honey.”   You said bye to the teenager and quickly left the house, following Marcus down the porch steps in silence. “I know what you’re thinking.”   “I highly doubt you do,” Pierce declared, continuing to march back towards your house, crossing the street without looking either way.   “Well, if you would just slow down for a second and talk this out-”   He stopped walking the second he touched the sidewalk, turning to look at you with fire in his eyes. “You almost blew our cover.”   “No, I didn’t,” you declared, crossing your arms over your chest. “The dude has been working later than usual. I think we should call up his place of work and-”   “Fine,” he interrupted. “Just make sure you fill me in on the plans before you decide to go knocking on the neighbor’s door at one in the morning.” He made his way back to the house and left you there, sighing.   ---   “This is a fancy place,” you muttered to Marcus, whistling at the art decorations. “Who in their right mind would even buy this kind of stuff? I mean, look. That dude’s just showing his junk to everybody. Sense of dignity, dude.”   “I thought you said he was an accountant.”   “He is,” you declared, a little annoyed. “This is his office.”   You watch him eyeball the naked statue. “Why would an accounting office have such vulgar art?”   “Hello.” You cleared your throat and elbowed Marcus in his side when the woman approached you, a wide smile on her face. “How may I help you two today?”   “Well, we had our neighbors over last night for dinner and my wife said something out of line,” Marcus started, patting your hand as he held onto it tightly. “We missed him this morning, so we figured we might as well try out his place of work.”   “Who’s your neighbor?”   “His name’s Tom,” you said before Marcus could beat you to it, smiling. You gave her Tom’s description since he didn’t give you his last name at all.   “Oh, you mean Tom Parker?” She smiled as you nodded. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but we had to let him go a couple of months ago. It was unfortunate, really.”   “Oh.” You looked up at Marcus as he cleared his throat, thanking the lady before leaving. “Well, that could be a good enough reason to start selling drugs.”   “Dude gets fired from his job, needs the money somehow. Seems legit,” you said. “But it’s still not enough to arrest him. We have to get proof.” You smiled widely as you added, “And I think I know just the way to do it.”   ---   “Are you clear on the plan?” you asked Marcus as he brushed his teeth in the bathroom. “We have to make a scene big enough for Tom to hear it.”   “I’m all caught up,” he assured, exiting the bathroom. “Too bad we have to wait until tomorrow. This floor isn’t as comfortable as it looks.”   You smiled. “Well, he didn’t get home until late. The argument wouldn’t have worked. The daughter confirmed he’s “off” tomorrow, though.”   He groaned as he sat down on his little sleeping bag.   “You know you don’t… have to sleep on the floor, right?” He looked up at you as you climbed into the bed. “I’m just saying. We’re adults, right? It’s not going to get weird.”   He bit the bottom of his lip as you laid down, moaning in over-exaggerating pleasure at the comfiness of the bed. He smiled and shook his head before standing up. He got into the bed, pulling the covers over him and rolling onto his side… not realizing just how close you two actually were.   Neither of you moved, though. His warm, minty breath washed over your face as your heartbeat hammered against your rib-cage. “Hi,” he whispered and you smiled.   “Hello.”   He cleared his throat, his eyes flashing down towards your lips and back up. The movement was so fast that you thought you imagined it.   “Screw it,” you stated before pushing forward, connecting your lips into his. You melted into it, the kiss deepening.   He pulled back, breaking it before it got any deeper. “You do know I’m your boss, right?”   “Yes.”   You stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he kissed you this time, feeling his hand go onto your waist and pulling you on top of him. You rested your hand on his strong jaw, smiling in the kiss.   The two of you lost yourself underneath the covers.   ---   “Get back in here, Y/N!” Marcus shouted, chasing after you as you walked out of the house. “You’re being ridiculous!”   “Shut up, Marcus!” you snapped, turning back to look at him once you saw Tom peek outside his window. “You’ve never taken my feelings into consideration! And now I come home early to see another woman in your bed!”   “You weren’t supposed to be home yet,” he replied. “Look, Y/N, baby, just come back inside and we can figure this out later.”   “Don’t tell me what to do,” you declared. “Ugh, I can’t believe I gave up drugs for you!”   “Whoa, hey.” You looked over at the man approaching you who was not Tom. “Are you okay?” he asked you, hands up to show that he was coming over in peace.   “Who the hell are you?” Marcus questioned, clearly annoyed at the interruption. His eyes flashed towards Tom’s house, seeing that he was still hiding behind the curtain, looking out.   “My name’s Stewart. I live a couple houses down.” He laughed. “Let me just tell you, you two are very loud.” He cleared his throat when he saw Marcus’s expression. “Hey, miss-”   “Y/N,” you interrupted.   He smiled at you. “It’s obvious you two need a break before you kill each other,” he said, putting a hand on your hip. Marcus cocked an eyebrow as he started pulling you away from him. “Why don’t you just come with me and we can let the big guy cool?”   Marcus stepped forward, opening his mouth to say something. “That’s a great idea,” you said before he got a word in, eyeballing him. “I need some space away from this scum.”   You thought it was odd how quick this dude was to step in at the mention of drugs, so you were going to follow him. Maybe he was looking for some new clients?   “How long have the two of you been married?” he asked as he opened the door for you, smiling when you walked into his house.   “Oh, we’re newlyweds,” you told him. “Got married a couple of months ago and decided to move out here to start a family. Read it was a good neighborhood.”   “Yeah, this neighborhood is great,” he said. “So, he’s cheating on you, huh?”   You clenched your jaw at his words, showing how clearly irritated you were at the fact that Marcus had somebody that wasn’t you in bed with him. It was all just an act, right? “Yeah. I came home to surprise him since I’ve been working a lot lately, but I found his ex in bed with him.”   “Oof,” he stated, shaking his head. “Man, I don’t know why he would cheat on you. He’s gotta be stupid.” He gestured towards the couch and you took a seat. “So, I heard you were into some heavy stuff.”   “Oh, yeah,” you said, embarrassed. “I’m in recovery. I did it for him, but clearly it was a bad idea. I might start up again. I just gotta find a new dealer.”   “Well…” he trailed off as he sat down next to you, a wide smile on his face. “I can get you started back up if you really want. I’m trying to find some new clients.”   “What kind are you selling?”   “The kind that’ll make you forget about your idiot husband,” he assured you, smiling.   “Let’s see what you got.” You returned his smile as he jumped off the couch, disappearing in the other room and coming back with a small bag of white pills. “How much?” you asked as you took the bag from him.   “That first one’s free on one condition,” he said, making you look up at him. You didn’t realize how close he had gotten until you did look up. He was slowly moving his head closer to yours, his lips inches away from yours…   But then he was suddenly gone, picked up off the couch and slammed into the coffee table. You gasped when you looked over to see Marcus standing there, looking down at Stewart. You started to laugh as uniformed officers rushed into the house, arresting the drug dealer.   “What’s so funny?” Pierce asked.   “You saw all of that?” you retorted, grinning.   He crossed his arms over his chest as Stewart was escorted out of the house in cuffs. “Yeah. I had to make sure you were safe.”   “You were jealous.” You laughed even harder as you stood up.   “I was not.”   “Then why didn’t you just point your gun at him?” you asked, nodding to the gun peeking out of his pants. “No, you got jealous and smashed him through the coffee table.”   He rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”   “Marcus Pierce got jealous!” you laughed, shaking your head as you patted him on the shoulder, but he managed to shut you up by smashing his lips into yours. You suddenly lost control of your knees as they collapsed under you, but Marcus held you up with no effort.   “Wow,” Lucifer said when he walked into the house, making Marcus pull away from you. “Looks like somebody got cozy undercover.”   “He also got jealous.”   Lucifer’s lips formed a wide smile at your words, but Marcus threw his hands in the air and marched out of the house before anything else can be said.

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