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โ„•๐•š๐•˜๐•™๐•ฅ๐•“๐• ๐•ฃ๐•Ÿ๐•–

09/18/2021 07:49 PM 

Rules of the trade

Summary of Odile/Morgiana:Morgiana was a girl born from her father's experiments. He idolized dark magic, and the Black Fairy, and sought to create the ultimate creature of darkness. By using dark pixie dust, he realized children could harness its power without dying. He made his wife consume the dust during her pregnancy and that resulted in Morgiana's affinity to the dark even at birth. Morgiana, with no speck of light in her heart, grew into an insatiable beast. She'd beg for more darkness. She believed she couldn't live unless she kept her heart black even going as far as killing her father. Before his passing, her father gave her the name Odile1. Age restrictions: This is a 21+ account. There will be dark themes and events not suitable for children. But, do not automatically think erotica. This is not that type of account.2. Triggers: On the topic of dark: I have no triggers, but if you have any let me know and we won't explore those topics. 3. Roleplay Length: I am primarily a multi-para roleplayer. I love banter play on statuses, but I prefer long-winded storylines. 4. Romance: Don't expect some lovesick queen. Odile's only love is the darkness she consumes and the pains she inflicts. 5. Availability: I work Monday - Friday and can get extremely tired after I am done. Do not rush me for replies. Even if I liking things on my timeline or even posting banter, doesn't mean I am ready to roleplay other things. However, I am very active on Discord and prefer it. Timezone: EST (Eastern standard time)Discord: Ask for it


09/18/2021 06:12 PM 

little rules for playing with Riley

1. No Minors:  First and foremost, everyone aged 21+ is welcome. I won't respond with minor roles or anything, because while Riley is cute and innocent most of the time, she can be very sadistic and Riley has a lot of mental problems every now and then that could be disturbing and I write as a writer like detailed, sex and gore scene and so on and Riley can also be brutal, blood and so on must always be reckoned that it is possible. Riley can also be very abusive in her vocabulary.2.To write: The spelling is novel style, I also prefer to play in messenger because of rule 1. I have to say there will be errors with me I am not a perfect writer, I come from another country, otherwise I adapt a little to the scene and towards the other.3. OCC drama:  I'll make it short you have a problem with me or my role that you can't get out of the way friendly block me I'm only here for role play, even if my OOC is friendly, I'm here Riley and don't want any drama.4 Ships: I do multiship, which is not a cheat, Riley is bisexual, but a ship has to develop that means after the first hello we are not a love relationship. I would like to plan a little in advance. Even if we like to write sex, it can't just go after it, like in a porno or something. I want a whole storyline with everyone up and down. I also ask not to rush to answer, it can sometimes take a few days just because riley is cute and something like that doesn't always mean that she is directly interested in one.5. Taking over and determining my role is undesirable. I write my role the same around your handpick, just as I don't want to have an invincible character. Roles live on strengths and weaknesses, whether human roles or supernatural, I don't care whether OC or Canon roles, no matter which one, or independent.6. other things do not force us on and consider that it is not the real life, what Rolle does or says cannot be seen personally in the real, just like real life is always first, who reads and understands it, please accept in the comment. . and  have Fun.


09/18/2021 05:40 PM 




09/18/2021 03:24 PM 

task 231

Whatchamacallit - Ella Mai, Chris BrownBetter luck next time - Kelsea BelleriniHabits of my heart - Jaymes Young


09/18/2021 02:58 PM 

Time heals: a drabble

                Time heals;     Keep putting one foot in front of another.             A divorce from Stevie Nicks after their marriage was shortly lived of course he had hoped again in their seventies, they'd get the dance right apparently not if anyone had asked Lindsey he would have told you he was so passionately in love with Nicks. of course this was a cycle between the two fight and make up, but this one hurt most the only form of communication between the two was between lawyers divorce number two wasn't the same. He didn't ask much from stevie whom had surprised him not even when papers were officially finalised she and Tom petty were together she had slept with him while the pair was on a break. Least to say he hadn't been all thrilled about it when he found out the pair were and item and his three kids wanted nothing to do with him.     "What's that?" Kristen's voice snapped him out of his thoughts he had released three singles from his self titled up coming album. The papers couldn't have been finalised at a better time before a tour, Kristen and himself had been seeing each-other mostly civill at this stage. "The divorce is finalised as of  today" He said softly glancing up at the blonde whom sat on the counter  whom knew the feeling all too well when lindsey sprung the same papers on her less then two and a half years ago, "Oh LB.." Kristen's tone was soft and gentle as she watched the man scan the papers before he put them back into the envelope  glancing up at the blonde. "Kris.. it's fine she's happy Stevie deserves that and it's always been Tom"   Tom Petty really? the closeness didn't surprise him that it happened it had been a numbness to him when he had thought he had been important to Stevie the only man that loved her more than anybody what was her word to that now. "Keep putting one foot in front of the other, LB I know this wasn't something you wanted just got to put one foot in front of the other" the blonde jumped off the counter walking over to the man running her fingers through his grey curly hair. "You'll find someone else that loves you just as much as she once loved you." as reassuring that was to hear it was a reminder.        


09/18/2021 01:31 PM 


Name: Juliet ReyesAge: 15-21Date of Birth: December 10Species: WerewolfOccupation: Cafe workerFamily: Mr. & Mrs. Reyes, Erica Reyes(Older Sister)

Bowing Blonde

09/18/2021 01:24 PM 

Tigress joining Task Force X Intro (The Suicide Squad verse)

“Tigress? Who in the f uck is Tigress?” An overweight man asked as he pushed his glasses up to the brim of his nose.“Tigress a.k.a. Artemis Crock. Born into a family of Assassins. Her parents are Sportsmaster and Huntress better known as Lawrence ‘Crusher” Crock and Paula Brooks. Older sister is Jade Nguyen, deadliest Assassin Cheshire.” Amanda Waller’s dry cutthroat blunt tone of voice answered as she drops a folder to the desk then continues, “She was trained to be the perfect soldier by her father when her mother took the fall of a heist gone wrong. Jade left the family leaving Artemis to be trained by her father. Became a hero at age fifteen. Faked her death at age twenty-three to join Black Manta crew on an undercover mission by Aqualad. Back as a hero than three years late, she went rogue joining the Family business. Dated Wally West, the first Kid Flash, graduated from Stanford with a four-point three-grade point average. Her marksmanship is amazing and never misses a target. Master Archer. She’ll be perfect to be second in command with Bloodsport’s Team.” The commander of Belle Reeve stated with her arms folded and walks away with two other people following her.Women Side of Belle ReeveThe blonde Vietnamese woman had a reputation to which other criminals knew well enough about to know not to mess with her. Her heart still pined for Wally West. Artemis blamed herself for Wally's death. The last person stupid enough to mention his name as a joke ended up in the infirmary ward. Yes, she had a few anger issues. Go the f uck figure. Artemis shifted in her bed while she was reading. The Assassin knew her door was opening tunning everyone out. Footsteps clicked onto the marble floor with the women cheering to see their “favorite” person coming through their section of the jail.Amanda Waller walked into the women's cell block barely showing any emotion with Bloodsport, Peacemaker, and two other people that work with Waller followed her to the cell. She stops at the doorway knocking as she purposely disrupts her, “Tigress, glad that you keep your mind active and hope I didn’t disrupt your time reading.” The commander replied being fake.Artemis jumped a little losing her place in her book where she heard the voice she grew up listening to as a pre-teen and rolled her eyes, “F uck.” She said under her breath and tossed her book to her feet. She pulls her left knee up to her chest with her left elbow on top with her head leaning to her left hand, “Oh no, of course not, you didn’t.” The blonde bluntly stated seeing two people she knew behind her.“Good. I have a mission for you, and you’ll be on Bloodsport’s team. Second in command in case something happens to him,” Waller instructed stepping away.The blonde Vietnamese woman gets up from her bed and stretching out a bit before leaving her cell.“You’ve killed? I highly doubt that” Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith commented with a hug.Artemis heard that comment and walks up to him, “I’ve been killing people since I was eight years old. I’ll make your body count look like Child’s Play; don’t f uck with me or you’ll be added to the list.” She threatens him purposely shoving her shoulders to the brunette bodybuilder type man half her size.Robert DuBois was impressed to see the former hero sizing up to Peacemaker and judging that she can handle anything.The former hero walked behind Bloodsport only to be stopped by a fellow female inmate.“Oh, have the mighty have fallen, what in the hell happened to you? You went from villain to hero, to villain, to hero, and now being a full villain,” A dark brunette woman stated taunting Artemis. “Talk about a screw-up in the family tree.” She stated with her arms folded in front of her. Waller, Smith, DuBois, Waller’s two minions, and three guards of Belle Reeve stopped in their tracks. The guards are ready to attack with The Commander in charge holding her arm out to halt the order. Gesturing them to see what the former fallen hero can do. Anger started to boil through Artemis’s veins as she balled her hands in a fist ready to aim. Her gray hues stare at her with no emotions, a dagger stare. “Not to mention you just snapped by killing three ninjas’ cold-blooded. I can’t imagine how your boyfriend felt. Wow, you dated Kid Flash. What was he like in bed? Better than a vibrator?” The brunette inmate commented a fact by mentioning the original protégé of The Flash.The blonde Vietnamese woman gave the female inmate a sharp right hook to her face then kicking her a roundhouse kick landing the woman to the ground. Artemis walked over grabbing the woman’s right hand pulling it hard and her right foot onto the woman’s throat, “Mention his name one more time and I swear to god I break your goddamn arm and I’ll kill you when you least expected, bitch.” Vemon came out of her mouth being serious than bringing the woman’s arm to her knee breaking it in half.The brunette inmate screamed in pain as she pleaded to be forgiven. Amanda had a smirk on her lips knowing she picked the right candidate for the mission. Peacemaker’s eyes widen with fear and a bit of shock. Bloodsport's jaw dropped slightly and mouthed, ‘Woah to himself.“Oh, quit crying like a little bitch, be a strong woman, and take the pain,” Artemis commented with her foot pressing on the woman’s throat. “I studied Biology and the Human Anatomy, so I know what blood vessels and veins to go for if I ever wanted to kill anyone. Besides, I’ll probably be killed here or until either one of you bitches kills me.” She stated the harsh truth than breathing out, “Yeah, I wanted to be a hero, but when you have Assassins, genes coursing your veins, and no matter how many times you try to fight it off. You’ll snap. I know I’ll never see the light of day again or join The Justice League. I accepted my fate, you do yours.” The former hero expressed her experience dropping the broken arm and walking back to the group folded in front of her.“Wanna repeat what you said there?” DuBois sarcastically asked turning to face Smith.“Shut up,” Peacemaker dismissing his question and what he said earlier.Waller turns to the guards, “Put that inmate in the infirmary and sent her back to her cell. As for Ms. Crock, she put her in her place.” She replied letting the former hero off the hook. “Come on, let’s go meet your other teammates.” The commander stated leading the way.Meanwhile somewhere else, Justice League TowerThe ebony-haired Magician had a bad feeling about something and had to make sure no one would be around to see what she was about to do. Zatanna held her hands out, “Nepo eht latrop dna tele m weiv Simetra!” The Magician cast a spell with a visible portal opening to see Artemis, her former best friend is locked up in Belle Reeve and hurting another inmate. This broke her heart because the two women were best friends and tried to bring Artemis to her sense after killing those three ninjas from a mission, but there was nothing she could have done to convince her on getting help but with no luck. Six hours later,A country in South AmericaArtemis was dressed in her infamous alter-ego as Tigress as she checks to see to have all the arrows and tricks arrows that will be needed for the mission. The blonde woman checks to see her crossbow being strong with making sure they don’t break or snap. She sharpens both of her swords for a couple of minutes then putting them back to shoulder blades where the weapons were stored in a holder.“Okay, here we go,” Tigress said to herself under her breath and couldn’t believe that her team consist of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher II, Poka Dot Man, King Shark, and now her. ‘I bet they’re probably getting a kick out of this right now. ’The blonde Assassin thought to herself with her right leg bouncing trying to calm her nerves.FIN or To be Continued…. 


09/18/2021 12:55 PM 

task 235

Ingridients   Dark rum Coconut rum Pineapple juice Lime juice Grenadine Ice Directions  The icy texture makes it that much more fun to sip. The beachy vibe of a Bahama Mama pairs perfectly with a blender drink. It’s easier to drink slower than a drink served up on the rocks. A tropical drink served on the rocks always gone too fast! (You can polish off a Blue Hawaiian in nothing flat.) It’s easy to make 4 drinks at once. Blend up a big frozen pitcher of a Bahama Mama’s for a crowd!


09/18/2021 12:31 PM 

task 233

1.) Flip flops or Bare feet2.) Cocktails or Smoothies 3.) Sunrise or Sunset 4.) Ocean or Pool5.) Atv or Bicycle6.) Pineapple or Coconut7.) Vacation or Staycation8.) Party or Relax9.) Ice cream or Iced Coffee10.) Snorkel or Surf 11.) Cool air or Poolside12.) Cruise ship or Flight13.) Bonfire or Barbecue14.) Sunnies or Hat15.) Watermelon or Strawberry16.) Lemonade or Sweet tea17.) Beach or Mountains 18.) Sleep in late or Get up early19.) Airbnb or Hotel20.) Local street food or Fancy restaurant21.) Backpackers or Resort22.) Oceanfront villa or Cozy cabin23.) Hot air balloon or Helicopter ride 24.) Have a plan or Go with the flow25.) Rooftop party or Beach party26.) Stargazing or Movie night27.) Warm Summer night or Early Summer morning28.) Dolphins or Sharks29.) Facial massage or Back massage30.) Nude beach or Clothed beach 


09/18/2021 12:30 PM 

task 234

Slytherin Captain

09/18/2021 12:12 PM 

21 Questions

Flint 1) What is your character’s favorite physical activity? Sports; Quidditch, muggle football and rugby. Marcus also starts his day off by going for a run 2.) What is your character’s favorite weather? Mild weather. He doesn’t like the heat or the cold, the in-between being the perfect blend for him.  3) What is your character’s favorite season? Autumn. Not only is the weather perfect but it's also the start of the quidditch season. 4) What is your character’s least favorite season? Winter because he is stuck indoors and there isn’t much sunlight 5) Is your character a morning person, a night owl, or something else? He’s a mid-day person. He loves to sleep and struggles with getting up and goes to bed as soon as he can. Mid-day is when he is most alert and active 6) A stranger makes a crude comment to your character. How do they react? Depends on the comment. Marcus spent most of his years growing up being called names and having horrible things said to him. Comments geared at him, he lets them go or replies with sarcasm. If the comment is about his family or someone he cares about he will go on the attack; verbally and physically 7) What is your character’s favorite beverage? Butterbeer.  8) Does your character know how to swim? No. With water, Marcus will only go in until his feet no longer touch. Any water he cannot see the bottom of he won’t go near (which is most) because it sets off his claustrophobia  9) It’s the first day of truly good weather that your character has seen this year. How do they react? He would be annoying until he got to go outside and it would be a battle to get him back in. He’d spend the day flying 10) What is your character’s last nightmare? Everything that he was made to do under the imperius curse. Still being fully conscious and aware of what he was doing but unable to stop any of it stuck with Marcus. The nightmares are never clear reenactments of anything, just twisted images and screams or him being trapped 11) What was your character’s last pleasant dream? Aside from nightmares post-war, Marcus doesn’t recall any dreams 12) How would your character’s parents describe them? Both would say he was a failure and a disgrace to the Flint name. A traitor and worthless 13) What is your character’s worst fear? Confined spaces. Marcus is highly claustrophobic and cannot stand even the thought of being trapped and when he is, he will have panic attacks 14) One of your character’s parents said something that they’ll never forget. What words will always echo in their ears? That he was only born so his father’s engagement would fall apart and his parents could get married. Bethany told him that they planned to get rid of him after he was born if he was a girl. 15) What is your character’s favorite color to wear? Black. He is very boring and a minimalist when it comes to clothing choices 16) From your POV, what’s your character’s worst flaw? His self-hatred. It feeds into his anger and makes him believe what people say about him. It also kept him closed off to people and experiences because he forced himself into solitude 17) From your POV, what’s your character’s greatest strength? His quick thinking. Marcus is very quick on his feet because he’s already planned for the situation and created multiple paths to solving it.  18) Is your character an introvert or an extrovert? A massive introvert 19) What method of transportation does your character use? Broom or Apparition. He did learn how to drive a muggle motorcycle but prefers safer methods 20) How do your character feel about sex? It’s enjoyable but also no one's business except who he is with. It isn’t something he associates with being in love or only doing when in love because if he did he’d only have been with one person and not the small handful. Being very kept to himself, he never slept around and had a few one-night stands during his first year in the quidditch league, though he learned quickly from horror stories from other players to avoid one-night stands with fans. 21) Has your character ever deliberately set out to emotionally hurt someone? Yes. Marcus can be extremely vindictive and caculates where to strike. He doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about it because when he sets out to deliberately hurt someone it is often very deserved.  

๐“˜๐“ฌ๐“ฎ, ๐“˜๐“ฌ๐“ฎ, แต‡แตƒแต‡สธ

09/17/2021 10:33 PM 


MAINLINE: THE FIFTH ELEMENT.Stays relatively canonical to the Disney interpretation of the original story of the Snow Queen, which now sees her become the fifth elemental spirit.AU: CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY.Simply put, what if Elsa was a Lin-Kuei? I'd imagine she'd be trained to embrace her powers by the current Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang, instead of being fearful of them, thus becoming a very powerful cryomancer in her own right. The verse as of me typing this is extremely dead, I know, but I thought it'd be a fun option to have after seeing cosplay of her as part of Sub-Zero's clan.AU: THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE YOU.Elsa was born a Mutant. She was isolated from the rest of the world. In truth, this was only because her parents thought it to be a good idea at the time, so she wouldn't be made to feel like an outcast for her abilities, especially if word got out that she accidentally froze her sister during playtime as children. Unfortunately it backfired, and only led her to be even more afraid of her powers. Later, she is saught out by none other than Xavier and Logan to join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. No real royalty here, as this is intended to be a slightly more modern take on Elsa to better fit the comics.AU: IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR, AWAY. . .The concept of an evil Elsa, as it was for the original script of Frozen, now fitted for Star Wars. May also have her as a Jedi, or a "grey" character. Most of the fanart I've seen is her as Sith though.AU/MAINLINE(?): IT'S LIKE A FAIRYTALE.Self-explanatory. Elsa's in Storybrooke. You've seen the show. Has a question mark because I'm not quite sure if it'd fit mainline or AU, even though ABC's owned by Disney.

Hauntingly Good.

09/17/2021 10:16 PM 

waverly Hills Sanatorium

-History- Waverly Hills Sanatorium sits on land that was originally purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. Major Hays was in need of a school for his daughters to attend, so he started a one room school house that was located on Pages Lane. He hired a woman named Lizzie Lee Harris to teach at the school. Her love for the tiny school in addition to her fondness for Scott’s “Waverley Novels”, prompted her to name the little school house, “Waverley School.” Major Hays liked the name, and chose to name his property “Waverley Hill.” The Board of Tuberculosis Hospital kept the name after purchasing the land and opening the Sanatorium.   Originally, Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a two-story frame building, with a hipped roof and half timbering. Construction on this building began in 1908, and opened for business on July 26, 1910. The building was designed to safely accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients. At the time, tuberculosis was a very serious disease. People who were afflicted with tuberculosis were isolated from the general public and placed in an area where they could rest, stay calm, and have plenty of fresh air. Sanatoriums were built on high hills surrounded by peaceful woods to create a serene atmosphere to help the patients recover.   Tuberculosis was becoming an epidemic in Valley Station, Pleasure Ridge Park, and other parts of Jefferson County in Kentucky. The little TB clinic was filled with more than 140 people, and it was obvious that a much larger hospital was needed to treat those afflicted with the condition. Because tuberculosis was so extremely contagious and at epidemic proportions, those living with it could not be allowed to live and exist among the general population. It was not known at the time that tuberculosis was an airborne disease. Waverly Hills was a self-contained community. A city in and of itself, complete with it’s own zip code.   Waverly Hills had it’s own post office, water treatment facility, grew it’s own fruits and vegetables, raised it’s own meat for slaughter and maintained many of the other necessities of everyday life. Everyone at Waverly – patients, nurses, doctors and other employees had to say ‘goodbye’ to everything they knew on the outside world. Once you went to Waverly Hills, you became a permanent resident “on the hill.” Oddly enough, despite that fact, many patients received visits from loved ones on visiting day. When the visit was over, the visitors left Waverly and ventured back out into the community.    The massive, collegiate, gothic style Sanatorium that you see in the 1926 photo (above), remains standing on Waverly Hill, today. It could accommodate at least 400 + patients and was considered one of the most modern and well equipped facilities at the time. Construction of this Sanatorium began in March 1924 and opened for business on October 17, 1926. The facility served as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961, when the discovery of an antibiotic that successfully treated and cured TB rendered the facility obsolete. It was closed down and quarantined, then renovated. In 1962, the building reopened as WoodHaven Medical Services, a geriatric facility. WoodHaven Medical was closed by the state in 1981. There are many different ghost sightings throughout the whole sanatorium, one of the most famous ones is the doppelganger. It is said if you happen to come across it, it means death is just around the corner for you.-The fifth floor and roof-The fifth floor was where the staff would take children to play, some of it opens up onto the roof and there for a time was a tiny little playground. The staff figured this would bring some happiness to the children that had to live there.The ghost sightings include child laughter, and some have even seen little children running around. Security had even tried being brave and stayed the night, sleeping in tents to disprove the claims. Only to be awoken by the laughter and someone playing with the tent, they didn't stay for much longer after that.-Jumpes or Pushed-There is a story about another nurse that became pregnant out of wedlock, she went up to the roof. Now one know's if she jumped because of the shame it would have brought her or if someone had pushed her, some think the doctor that got her pregnant was the one that did it.People report seeing a spirit of a nurse walking around the rooftop.-Room 502-Legend goes there was a nurse in the hospital that had fallen in love and ended up getting pregnant, this was out of wedlock and in that time was a big no no. Out of fear of being out cast and the shame she brought to herself, she hung herself outside room 502.People reported seeing the ghost around room 502, and if a pregnant woman was around would become rather ill without knowing why.-The Elevators-It's rumored that a homeless many would make this place home, many year's after the door closes. During one night he either fell or was pushed down the elevators to his death.Now there are reports of seeing a homeless man and his dog wondering around in the hallways near where he was found.-Death Tunnel-While the sanatorium was up and running, alot of patients would sadly pass away. The doctor's had a tunnel build from the sanatorium and all the way down the hill, this way the bodies wouldn't be seen as it traveled down to the trains the off to the funeral homes. The doctor's figured this was those that were still living wouldn't have to see all the death because of tuberculosis.The 'death tunel' Has many ghostly sightings, from full bodied apparitions to voices in the tunnel, there's even claims of footsteps that could be hear when no one is down there or moving.-children spirits-At the sanatrium the patients rang from all ages, sadly some where children. There isn't an exact number of those that passed.The famous child spirit is 'Timmy' he's been spotted some many times on the third floor, he likes to run around and play with ghost hunters or even those that would visit. People would bring toys for the spirit, timmy's favorite is a little blue ball. It has been captured to be moving on camera, and other's would toss the ball for it to stop in weird places.           


09/17/2021 09:09 PM 

Hush Intro post

Hush   attn: everyone / Intro post. His feet were hurting. Every bit of him was actually hurting. Tyler Lockwood, spoiled rich boy jock, was actually a resident at the Whitmore College Hospital doing something actually worthwhile in his life. He could attribute some of the fact that he was able to actually function properly on his feet as a resident because he was a werewolf. It wasn’t like his mentor was actually a witch who had hidden her powers away in a knife or anything in the past. “Naahhh…” He told himself with a handsome smirk. He steeled himself for another day of lunacy in the emergency room on the college campus that was just outside the Mystic Falls city limits.He was wearing his scrubs with a white coat tossed around his muscular frame. He was inherently a werewolf so he did feel a bit overdressed at any given time. When he was back home for a rare weekend off, Tyler didn’t hesitate to run around naked. THAT however, was a story for another time. He grinned to himself as he crossed the threshold into the Emergency Room nurses station. “Doctor Lockwood, I trust you had a good nap?” The nurse was this cute little redhead that often liked to bat her eyelashes at the dark young scion of a founding family of Mystic Falls.Tyler pulled a chart into his hands after noticing that he’d had a patient assigned to him already considering that he was back on call again. He started to smile despite the five o’clock shadow on his chin. “As well as can be expected.” He told her with a sly wink as he took the chart in hand. He knew that they all talked about him being the most eligible bachelor doctor on staff. He didn’t care. He had already had the best and he let her slip through his fingers. No one ever gets a second chance at something that comes along once in a lifetime.~*~The young woman laying there on the bed looked as though she’d seen better days. “What’s the problem Miss Jackson?” Tyler asked while still looking at the chart. The young lady laying on the cot was a pretty brunette with big brown eyes. Her eyes were red rimmed from obviously crying. She looked absolutely terrible. Tyler pulled out a penlight and started to check for her pupils' reaction to the light.The answer came from her roommate, another brunette that had actually jumped visibly when Tyler had entered the room. Her roommate had actually dozed off briefly because of lack of sleep. “She can’t talk. She can’t speak. Nothing. Oh she’s breathing and stuff. But she can’t talk.” The roommate looked exhausted when Tyler looked in her direction after checking out the girl on the cot.“What do you mean she can’t talk?” Tyler looked back to the girl who had huge tears running down her cheeks. He could see her lips moving but nothing was coming out of them. “Open your mouth as wide as you can.” Tyler used a tongue depressor and a light to look down her throat. Everything looked normal. “I can’t see any reason why you can’t talk.” He had a perplexed look on his face. He pulled out his pen and started to jot down a few notes. “I want to get an ultrasound of your throat. That should be able to tell us if anything is happening down there that I can’t see from here.” He took the chart in hand and headed toward the door.“Doc! Wait!” The roommate called. She pointed toward the patient that was visibly agitated. “She wants to tell you something.”Tyler saw how upset the young lady was. He pulled out a pen and handed her a piece of paper from his lab coat pocket. “Okay. What’s up?” He asked her. She looked as though she was about to burst into tears again because of the frustration of not being able to speak. He watched as she started to scribble something on the page.THE GENTLEMEN ARE COMING.Tyler took the paper and wrinkled his brow. “The Gentlemen?” He asked curiously. Was this a joke? Was it some kind of campus prank going on that he didn’t know about? He met the earnest gaze of the young woman who could not utter a sound. It was eerie even for a young man who was actually a werewolf learning to control his own changes from month to month. Tyler pondered it a bit longer before he walked back out of the room where he’d left the girl and her roommate.He made his way back toward the Nurse’s Station to urder the ultrasound scan. He overheard some of his colleagues talking. This bout of silence that had afflicted his patient was spreading like wildfire over the entire campus. He needed to check in with his friends. This sounded like a mystery that was right up their alley.Tyler sent out a mass text to his friends list. Everyone who was even remotely close to Tyler would get this message.TEXT:Check in time, guys. Some crazy crap is going on here at the ER. Please let me know if you’re okay. We need to talk. - T.He hit send and pocketed his phone again once he got confirmation that it was successful in going out to everyone. He wasn’t going to be able to get away to speak to any of them. It would be easier for them to come and see him. Judging by the state of the ER here at the hospital, this place was quickly becoming ground zero. He was in for a long night.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

Miracle Prodigy

09/17/2021 06:14 PM 

Drab - Bermuda Vacation

The ocean had always been a source of mystery and intrigue. For as long as the young girl could remember she had been fascinated by the many myths and legends that surrounded the world’s largest bodies of water. From tales of mermaids and massive megalodon sharks to ships and planes that disappeared beneath the waves, from unknown aircraft in the skies above to people who had disappeared without a trace. She had been fascinated with the legends of sunken treasure and hidden cities, myths of massive monsters hiding in the deepest and darkest parts of the oceans. Tales of spectral ships sailing silently through the waves, causing misfortune to all who saw them were particular favorites of hers. From the time she was very young, Stella had read everything she ever could about the oceans. She studied the real as well as the mystical. She read up on the reefs and known wildlife that called the dark waters home, she would study about the delicate coral systems and plant life, read about the thermal vents in the deepest parts of the ocean and how the different marine animals interacted with one another. She was always surprised to hear stories about dolphins saving unsuspecting swimmers or ship-wreck victims from sharks, or just how smart dolphins and killer whales truly were. Her favorite things to study, besides the paranormal, were the Great Barrier Reef and the Mariana Trench. She found them absolutely fascinating. Her love of the ocean and the real and paranormal secrets it held had always been fueled by her family. Books on marine life and ocean ecosystems were her birthday presents. Books pertaining to the paranormal myths, mysteries, and legends that surrounded the oceans were her presents for Christmas. Trips to different nautical museums all around the country were her gifts for doing well in school. While her parents knew there was a chance she would grow out of this fascination as she got older, they didn’t have a problem with supporting it for as long as they could.  Her love for the mysteries of the ocean never faded, though. It only grew stronger and stronger as she was able to read more mature material on it and learn about the advancements of marine science and biology in recent years. When she began earning the chance to study with scientists and actually get hands-on learning while aboard their ships, her parents realized this love their daughter had for the ocean would never fade. It was possibly this realization that led to them preparing for one of the biggest surprises they had ever done. Keeping the secret was hard, as their beloved daughter was nearly as skilled at detecting lies as her mother. They saved, planned, and prepared for months, making sure every last detail had fallen into place. On the day of Stella’s eighteenth birthday the family made a trip to a local aquarium and celebrated by eating cake in one of the dining rooms. The walls were made of glass and the lights were dimmed, the light reflecting in from the water on the other side of the glass casted the room in a dim blue hue. They ate and laughed as sharks and other marine life swam around them, some curiously watching while others just passed by without another glance. It was odd but the teen didn’t mind, she found it relaxing. As the family finished up and left the aquarium, the parents surprised their daughter with one last gift… An all-expenses paid four-month cruise to Bermuda. To say the teen was excited would be a massive understatement… Her family wouldn’t have been surprised if astronauts on the moon could hear the scream of excitement. They all knew the trip would be a long one, but it was an amazing opportunity for their daughter so in the end, they knew it was a great decision. The weeks leading up to the departure date were spent preparing and going over lists. A list of things to take, a list of places to see, a list of things to buy as gifts for her family, a list of activities to do, a list of how much she could spend at each port before she went broke… She had lists for everything. Everything was planned out to the smallest of details. She wanted to make sure that nothing was forgotten and that she did as much as she could to really enjoy the trip. When the day arrived the young teen was up at four AM, packing. She packed, checked, unpacked, checked, and repacked her luggage for hours before her parents managed to convince her that she had everything on her lists and they were finally able to leave the house. The drive down to the dock was filled with a nervous-excited energy. Her anxiety was attempting to take control but she refused to let it… She wanted to get out on the ocean, to actually see the mysteries for herself and experience the magic the deep waters held. Even if she didn’t encounter anything paranormal, just being out on the ocean was a treat in itself. As she got ready to board the ship she promised her family that she would call and text every week, to send pictures from every port and to keep in touch during the long trip.  Day after day, week after week, port after port… Stella did just as she had promised. She sent her family pictures of her scuba diving, proudly standing next to massive fish reeled in during her deep sea fishing attempts, and of herself exploring cities near the ports they stopped in. Each picture sent back was accompanied with one or two paragraphs describing the events that led up to the picture, as well as what she had done that day. As much fun as she was having on the trip, though, there was a part of her that was beginning to miss her family. Thoughts of having the ship turn around or of catching a plane at one of the ports they stopped in kept filling her head. She wanted her family, the endless ocean waves were making her long for the beach trips she shared with her sister… The only thing that kept her from catching a plane or turning the ship around was the fact that her family had spent a lot of money on this trip for her. She knew ending it short would probably upset them or make them feel like it had all been a waste, and she would have rather died then make them feel that way, so she forced herself to continue on. Per her evening routine, Stella called her father and smiled when he picked up the phone. He could tell something was bothering her by the way she talked but she played it off as being slightly seasick and asked how the family was doing. She spent an hour talking to him, then an hour talking with each member of the family individually. She laughed at things they had done while she was away and told them stories of her own adventures. When she finished speaking to her sister, she promised to call again the next week before she hung up and placed her phone on the table beside her bed. As she settled into her blankets she heard the distant sounds of thunder somewhere outside the ship, but she wasn’t worried. The ship had safely sailed through many storms during the first half of the four-month cruise, so she was confident that the captain would be able to safely get them to their final port destination.  In the morning when she awoke, the teen found that the ship had indeed docked at the Bermuda port. She wasted no time. She quickly changed into a bikini, grabbed her sandals and a towel, then rushed off the ship and onto the famous pink-sand beach. It was just as beautiful as she had heard and she couldn’t resist snapping a picture of herself lounging on the pink sand before sending it off to her sister with a caption saying “Wish you were here”. Stella spent an hour suntanning, an hour swimming, an hour surfing, then an hour diving beneath the waters before she returned to the ship. She showered, changed, and grabbed her wallet before leaving the ship once more. She met up with some other passengers and walked with them into the nearest city for some shopping, sight-seeing, and fine-dining. Stella had grown close with a few of the other passengers and they had become like her family while she was on this cruise. They all talked about their shared passion for the ocean and she told them about her fascination with the paranormal and unexplained mysteries that surrounded the many different oceans. She told them some of her theories and listened to their own, they compared notes and sometimes got into heated debates but things would always go back to normal within a few minutes. She couldn’t help but feel like the passengers were a real family. Several hours passed before the group returned to the ship, laughing and discussing the daily haul from their shared shopping trip. The sound of the horn told them that their time in Bermuda was up, so they all boarded quickly and returned to their own cabins. Stella tried to call her family to tell them about the trip but found her calls went unanswered. While this mildly worried her, she figured they were out on a mission and would call her later.  Wave after wave, cloud after cloud, mile after mile and day after day… The return trip seemed to pass in a very similar manner to the first trip. Stella found herself diving beneath the waves, exploring the deep, fishing the deep waters and reeling in massive catches, writing journal entries and taking pictures. She couldn’t explain it but… She had a feeling that they were just living the same set of days, as if they were a movie scene put on repeat. She talked to the passengers but no one else seemed to feel like anything was off, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling. Was she just going crazy? Was her mind playing tricks on her? Was her anxiety so far out of control that she was just getting paranoid? Were they really stuck in a loop? She wasn’t sure… What she was sure of, though, was that something was not right. Per her nightly routine she tried to call her family, but the sound of endless ringing only added to the growing sense of dread. Sometimes her calls would go unanswered, sometimes they were picked up by a voicemail system, and sometimes there was a soft ‘Hello?’ but the voice did not belong to anyone in her family. She knew they wouldn’t just up and move or change their phone numbers without telling her first so this worried her. She tried to send a text but got a “failure to deliver” message every time. Stranger still was the fact that there were a couple of times where she would check her phone and find that the date was years into the future, or sometimes years into the past. While that was odd, she blamed it on the lack of satellite signal and faulty gps location. The ship stopped at a few more ports during the return trip and the young woman busied herself with finding more gifts for her loved ones, or exploring. She had also been marking days off on a calendar and, finally, the end of the trip was in sight. The moon had gone to bed on the final night and with the rising of the sun the next day, the teen stood at the very front of the ship with her bags packed and slung over her shoulder, a wide smile on her face. In the distance, through the morning fog, she could make out the New York City skyline. The unmistakable tall buildings gleaming in the sun, promising her safety and security at last. She was bursting with excitement, as were the passengers that had begun to gather around her. They were all excited to return home to their loved ones, excited to see familiar faces after such a long time away, excited to sleep in their own beds and watch movies. As the ship neared the dock, passing cargo ships and fishing vessels, Stella noticed how the people on these vessels would look at the ship in shock or point and whisper to their neighbors. Her excitement faded and she began to get the feeling again that something was not right… She couldn’t shake it but the way people were staring at the ship made her feel very uneasy. Finally the ship docked at the original port and the passengers were allowed to depart. Slowly they all made it from the ship onto the dock and moved to the area where their families should have been waiting. One-by-one the passengers all realized that their families were nowhere in sight, this only deepened the sense of dread as emerald eyes scanned the empty space, looking for a family that was not there. Finally someone found a newspaper in the trash and rushed to show the rest of the passengers, when the paper got to Stella she felt her heart sink into her stomach. “This… Can’t be right…” She muttered in shock as she stared at the bold headline, which shared the same date as when the ship had reached Bermuda:    August 14th, 2013 - BERMUDA CRUISE SHIP STILL MISSING  The blonde quickly dropped the paper and pulled her phone out. The date on her phone now read October 25, 2028. If that paper was right… No. It couldn’t be! The teen quickly dialed her father’s number, fear and dread filling every fiber of her being. Other passengers had gathered around her, some were listening to her and some were simply staring in shock at the newspaper. She didn’t care. She didn’t care if they were listening or staring. Every ring felt like an eternity but finally, after only four rings, there was a click on the other line followed by… “Hello?” Her throat clenched tight and she felt her mouth go dry. Tears began to sting the edges of her eyes. Her father… She would know that strong tone anywhere. As he repeated the “Hello” she finally felt her words come back and she couldn’t stop the tears as they began to fall.  “Dad…” Silence. It might have only been a few seconds but it felt like eternity. “Stella?! Honey, where have you been?!” “I… I don’t know. Dad, I’m at the dock… The paper… It has to be wrong…” “Stella, sweetheart… You’ve been missing for fifteen years. Stay put, I’m coming to get you.”  As the phone clicked off the teen felt as though she had been hit with a freight train. Her arm feel to her side as the shock took hold once more. She thought back to the odd feelings she had gotten on the ship, how it had felt like they had been trapped in a loop for days on end, how nothing had seemed right to her… She had thought it odd at the time but hadn’t worried about it. Now… Now she was terrified. For the first time in her life she was afraid of the ocean. Mentally retracing their location, she realized they had been sailing through the Bermuda Triangle the day before they had successfully arrived at the port of Bermuda. Their ship… All of them… They had all gone missing inside the Bermuda Triangle. She stood there with her bags, staring in shock at the paper still on the ground. She could faintly hear the other passengers calling their own family members and hear the shock in their voices as they were told the truth as well and made their own realizations. Her body felt heavy and numb. Her head, her mind, was spinning a mile a minute trying to make sense of it all. Her eyes were fixed on the paper on the ground, now covered in a mess of footprints. She was in shock. It was only when she felt two familiar hands gripping her shoulders that she finally snapped out of her shock. Tear-filled eyes shifted slowly up to the familiar ones of her fathers which held tears of their own. “…” She muttered, her body starting to shake as the shock wore off and her anxiety and fear took hold. The supersoldier quickly pulled his daughter into a tight embrace as the two sank to the ground, crying together as she realized this was all really happening and he realized his daughter was alive and safe.  She would never board another vessel bound for Bermuda, ever again.

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