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[Birthname] Zed Necrodopolis.
[Name Meaning] First the Lord's righteousness Last Death In Greek
[Date of Birth] October 27, 2004.
[Age] 17 years old.
[Species] Zombie
[Place of Birth] A Hospital
[Current Residence] Seabrook
[Education] Seabrook High, Mountain College
[Occupation] Football Player
[Living Arrangements] His House
[Transportation] walking
[Criminal Record] None
[Medical History] Cant Swallow Like Most People Its Hard

[Zodia Sign] Scorpio
[Zodiac Traits] strong, enigmatic, independent, passionate, private, secretive, .
[Likes | Dislikes] Football And Being Accepted| Z Patrol Being Outcasted By The Humans
[Drink | Drugs | Smoke] No| No | No
[Habits] None
[Fears] not being accepted
[Other Traits] Protective

[Hair Color] Green.
[Eye Color] brown with dead eyes.
[Height | Weight] 6'3" | 1.19 lbs.
[Skin Color] Pale.
[Ethnicity] Zombie.
[Body Type] Fit.
[Physical Description] Zed is s pale skin zombie with red circles around his eyes that are known as dead eyes, he has green hair that was originally brown hes been a zombie since the outbreak and born one

[Parents] Wendy
[Siblings] Zoey (Biological) Wyatt Willa And Wynter Zach
[Other Family Members] A-lan Skylar Bucky Wilma Whitney and Willow Braxton Brooklyn
[Children] Zora Zuri Zander
[Pets] None
[Close Friends] Wyatt (Former Enemy) Willa (Forner Enemy) Wynter (Former Enemy) skylar (Former Crush) Addison (Finaceé) Khloe (Sister In Law)

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Status:In a relationship
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Football Captain
Characters: Zed
Verses: Zombies
Playbys: Milo
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Cartoon, Celebrity, Comedy,
Member Since:May 19, 2024

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About me:


Zed introduces himself and talks about life in Zombietown. He also introduces his Mother, Wendy Lykensen, and his younger sister, Zoey Necrodopolis. His big dream is to join the football team when he gets transferred to Seabrook High School and is optimistic that things are going to be better for zombies. On his first day, he sees a beautiful human girl with blonde hair entering the school and he's immediately smitten with her. Zed is disappointed that he and his fellow zombies are going to take classes in the basement. Even though Principal Lee told the zombies to stay put, Zed quietly sneaks out the door and heads to football tryouts. He accidentally bumps his foot into a magazine stand and calls attention to himself. This frightens a student, who pulls a Z-Alert and all the students start to panic. Zed tries to reassure them everything is okay but he ends up getting chased by a group of male athletes and takes shelter in a zombie safe room. He suddenly notices that someone else entered the safe room after him and hides behind a column of stacked boxes. To his surprise, it 's the girl he had seen earlier. The two begin a friendly conversation and tell each other about their goals for the school year. Zed introduces himself to the girl and learns her name: Addison Wells. However, when the lights go on, Addison is horrified to see that Zed is a zombie and punches him in the face. Addison immediately apologizes and explains that her parents had always told her that zombies are "disgusting dead-eye freaks", but says that Zed isn't hideous at all and he accepts the apology. Their moment is cut short when Addison's Brother and Seabrook cheer captain Bucky Wells and his minions, the Acey's, barge into the safe room. Bucky threatens Zed to stay away from her. Zed eventually makes it to football tryouts, but the coach tells him he didn't make the team due to him being a zombie. He talks about what happened to him to his childhood best friend/Crush Skylar, who gives negative feedback that football is stupid and that cheerleaders are monsters, indicating that she doesn't approve of Addison, when he reveals that he has feelings for her. Later that night, Zed hears a commotion outside and goes out to investigate, with his Mom following behind, asking if things are alright. Zed is stunned to Addison and her new friend, Brittney, hiding and holding a carton of eggs. When his mom asks if anyone is there, Zed lies to cover for Addison. He heads back inside the house, before giving Addison a disappointed look. The next day while entering the basement, he talks to Benjamin Zambi about what happened and thought that Addison was different and was "The One" but states that cheerleaders are all terrible. Addison soon after arrives in the basement and Zed asks her what she's doing. The reason Addison came was to apologize for what happened the night before and that her brother is a jerk to zombies and she'll make sure that Bucky won't see them talking, restoring Zed's trust in her. Even though Skylar declines Addison's invitation to come to the pep rally later in the day, Zed states that they'll think about it. Zed decides to accept Addison's invitation and he, along with his friends and a reluctant Skylar, attend the pep rally. Zed and the others, besides Skylar, are enjoying the pep rally until Bucky and the cheerleaders release the "spirit sticks", which are sparklers used to scare the zombies.Skylar whose biggest fear is fire, starts to panic but Zed tries to assure her that things are alright. Nevertheless, Skylar pushes him and escapes through the bleachers, causing Zed's Z-Band to go unstable. Zed tries to stop Benjamin, who inadvertently scares the cheerleaders including the three who had launched Addison into the air for an aerial trick. Zed, noticing this, runs down the bleachers, pushes through a few linebackers, and catches Addison, impressing her and the football coach. Zed is pulled aside for a private conversation with Coach and Principal Lee, thinking he's in trouble at first, but finds out that Coach wants to include him on the football team. Zed is elated about the news, but he can only do it if his fellow zombies are fully integrated. With Coach's support, Principal Lee decides to let the zombie students eat in the cafeteria and once Zed helps win more games, the other demands will be included and Zed agrees. The next day, Zed and the other zombies are allowed to eat in the school's cafeteria for the very first time. He catches a glimpse of Addison, who is sitting with Brittany and the other cheerleaders, who gives him a smile. He later calls her name and waves to her, which stuns everyone. Addison walks over and tries to welcome them in zombie tongue (even though she's not good at speaking it). Before Addison can thank him for the day before, the Acey's drag her away. After seeing Addison having a tense conversation with the Acey's, Zed feels sorry for her and decides to follow her with the apple rose that Benjamin made for her. Zed finds Addison in the hallway and gives her the apple. Addison apologizes for not being able to sit with him at lunch. The two walk together and share how hard it is to fit in a town like Seabrook, although Zed finds it hard to believe that Addison has trouble fitting in, because to him, she's perfect. Addison reveals to Zed that she wears a wig and that her real hair is white. After hearing other people in the hallway, Zed takes her hand and the two run off to the zombie safe room where they first met. It is here where the two perform Someday.

"I'm Zed and yeah...I'm a zombie." "We are Monsters." (to Addison) "It's beautiful...you're beautiful." "I'm not a monster, I'm a zombie." "Progess, we're making progress." "Addison!" (Barks like a dog to his little sister, Zoey) "Ruff, ruff!" "Trust me." (to Addison) "I love you too...to the end of the universe." "Were someday can be today." .


“Someday This Could Be Ordinary”


STATUS:Wife|| SINCE: I Met Her

WORDS Addison Wells is Zed's Girl as well as the girl of his dreams. He first sees Addison walking into Seabrook High with all the other humans and he immediately falls in love with her. They officially meet in the Zombie Safe Room after he causes an alarm to go off. They begin a friendly conversation about their goals for the school year and introduce themselves to each other. However, when the lights come back on, Addison sees that Zed is a zombie, screams, and punches him in the face. She immediately apologizes and explains how her parents taught her that zombies were “disgusting, dead-eyed freaks,” but he “[wasn’t] hideous at all.” However, their moment gets cut off when Bucky Wells, Addison’s Brother and Seabrook High’s cheerleading captain, barges in the safe room, along with the Acey’s, and drags her away. Later, when talking to Skylar and Benjamin Zambi, Zed mentions that Addison might like him, much to Skylar disgust. Later that night, when Zed goes outside his house to check on a noise, he sees her again with her Bestfriend Brittany, holding a carton of eggs. Realizing what she was doing, he’s visibly shocked. However, when Zed’s Mother comes out to ask if everything was alright and if there was anybody outside, Zed says no, covering for her. After giving a disappointed look, he goes back inside. The next day, Zed relays the story of what happened last night to his friends. He shows how disappointed he was of Addison, because before he thought that she was “different,” and “the one.” Immediately after, Addison appears in the basement where the zombie students have school. When Zed asks why she’s there, she apologizes for the night before, explaining that Bucky made her do it because it was part of cheer initiation. Addison then invites him and his friends to the pep rally, and after Skylar’s immediate rejection, Zed tells Addison that they’ll think about it. Zed and the other zombies arrive at the pep rally and everything seems to be going smoothly, until Bucky and a few other cheerleaders use sparklers in their performance. Benjamin, who is afraid of fire, gets scared and runs toward a few cheerleaders who had just tossed Addison into the air for an aerial trick. Seeing this, Zed rushes over while his Z-Band is unstable, and catches her as she plummets to the ground. The next day, when zombies are allowed to eat in the cafeteria, Addison catches his eye and he smiles at her. Later, Zed calls out to her from his table and waves to her, which shocks everyone, but goes unnoticed by Addison as she walks over. When Addison leaves the cafeteria, Zed follows her into the hallway and hands her the flower Benjamin had made for her. Addison apologizes for it being able to sit with him and his friends at lunch and thanks him for saving her at the pep rally. Zed talks about how if his playing on the football team goes well, zombies will be more accepted. Addison then states how hard it is to fit in a town like Seabrook. Zed asks how she would know how that feels, because to him, she’s perfect. Addison reveals that she wears a wig, making Zed the first one outside of her family to know about her real hair. When a few students start coming into the hallway, Zed grabs Addison’s hand and runs into the Zombie Safe Room where they first met. The two perform “Someday,” where they dance and flirt with each other. After the first football game that Zed wins, Addison runs up to him and says that he was amazing and hugs him. As the weeks go by, Zed wins more football games and Addison is more isolated from him by the Acey's and Bucky. As a result the two barely see each other, but quickly start using notes to communicate. One day, Zed gives Benjamina note to give to Addison, telling her to meet him at the barrier that night. She arrives and Zed takes her hand and leads her into Zombietown. Zed takes Addison to a Zombie Mash where they dance, have fun, and even Skylar starts to warm up to Addison. Later that night, Zed takes her on a walk through a zombie light garden where the two sing “Someday - Ballad.” At the end of the song, they find themselves in an embrace and Zed notices a lock of Addison’s real hair outside of her wig. When he inspects it, Addison, fearing rejection, hastily covers it. Zed tells her that it’s beautiful. They gaze at each other, and Zed says that she is beautiful. The two almost kiss, but then the Zombie Patrol arrives and Zed runs off. The next day at school, Zed rushes to Addison and apologizes for running off. Addison reveals that her parents won’t let her cheer anymore unless they meet him. Zed quickly realizes that her parents won’t accept him because he’s a zombie. He apologizes for making things difficult for Addison, but she tells him he’s done nothing wrong. She just wishes she could flip a switch and change everything. This gives Zed the motivation to break his z-band. Later, after his z-band makes him look human, Zed goes to Addison’s house to take her to the homecoming game. They stop at an ice cream shop and the two have fun on their date. However, Addison tells him that changing himself is not right. At the homecoming game, the Acey’s hack Zed’s z-band, causing him to turn full zombie and attack the crowd. Zed is taken away and Addison tries to help him, but he tells her that it’s better if they’re not together, leaving them both heartbroken. Addison removes her wig, revealing her natural white hair to the stunned school. Zed smiles and stares dreamily at her as he’s taken away. Later, when Zed and Benjamin go to stop Skylar from sabotaging the cheer competition, Addison shows up and tries to encourage her. Zed is quick to remind Addison that that isn’t who she is and later joins her during the final performance (Fired Up - Competition). It’s implied that the two tell each other “I love you” in zombie tongue, “gar gargiza.” At the end of the movie, they are finally allowed to be together.

“ Now Let Me Introduce You To My Friend Skylar”

Skylar Wells

STATUS:Bestfriend (Former Crush) || SINCE: Childhood Bestfriends

WORDS Skylar is one of Zed's best friends. Skylar is always pushing him to be better and do what’s right for his people. In the beginning, Skylar tries to dissuade Zed from pursuing a relationship with her sister Addison Wells because “cheerleaders are all terrible” and she doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Skylar helps Zed hack his z-band so he can win the football games. Zed stops her from sabotaging the cheer competition so she doesn’t get in trouble, and is quick to remind her that her actions won’t solve anything. The two show to have Different personalities, with Skylar wanting immediate action to make zombies equal to humans, while Zed is more comfortable with waiting things out and not cause a scene and make things worse for zombies. Despite this and their different views on humans, they have each other's backs and they’re a good team. When Zed saw skylar falling for the werewolf Wyatt he got extremely protective the fact he was in fear of loosing Skylar to the werewolf boy he even claimed he wasn't threatened but later he was. The fight with her proved it and when she went missing he wanted to zombie out on wyatt (sorry Wyatt she was his first!) he was very over protective even though he wanted Addison. Something in Zed made him think if Skylar left what happened is even though he was being shared by Skylar with her sister Zed still felt his protectiveness it didnt hit him until the one who said “I will never cheer” cheered when the handsome wolf boy joined their school. “They arent in to cheer your in him them” to which zed actually felt bad for saying but he was protecting Skylar so when addison and the others wanted to go find her zed said “i gotta apologize to skylar first i gotta find her first thou” after following through the forbidden Forrest he and skylar had different ideas. The zombie and zombie werewolf duo was being pulled apart, zed felt threatened only because that was his bestfriend and he knew her since they was kids so he was only protective of her but learned maybe she was right all along even though her mixed feelings were acting up Zed had to learn to let go. After Skylar Let Him Go Zed Understood Knowing Shes Got Zach but knowing zach is gonna take care of her zed is never gonna let go of being her bestfriend ever they have a strong bond no one gonna break them apart from being bestfriends ,

“I Was Wrong Werewolves Do Belong”

Wyatt Lykensen

STATUS:Relationship || SINCE: He Came To to Seabrook

WORDS Wyatt and Zed are at first enemies but they become friends later on and zed helps wyatt along with zoey to get skylar the reason for him not wanting To Let Her Go But zed was jealous over wyatt knowing skylar all his life it was hard for zed to accept the fact skylar was growing up and Leaving to go off with wyatt she couldnt let his bestfriend go he later found out skylar was in love with Wyatt and he learned to accept that but knowing shes finally let him go he smiled and is extremely happy for her

”Me Ruff Ruff”


STATUS: Sister || SINCE:She Was Born

WORDS Zoey is Zed's younger sister, and he is shown to have good relationship with her. He also acts like a dog in front of Zoey sometimes, possibly to keep her happy because of not having one, but later she got a pet dog from Addison.

“This Years Gonna Be Different”


STATUS:Mother (Wendy)|| SINCE: She Came Back To Seabrook And Adopted him and Zoey after his real mom died and his father left after a while zed finally sees she has been there all along for him he is finally able to have to have a mother he always wanted


“Without Your Moonstone Your Human?”


STATUS:Friends || SINCE: She Came To Seabrook

WORDS Willa was once not accepting him or skylar until she saw that they were just like them and she gave zed a chance. He and willa share the same thoughts Sometimes but zed was only protective of skylar cause he didnt wanna let her go
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