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25 years old
Thorofare, New Jersey
United States

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December 11 2018

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Darth Vader
Verses: Comic, Star wars Movies, Tv Shows
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comic, Heroes/Villains, Movie, Science Fiction,
Member Since:August 15, 2015

I'm Looking for a list of fully active villain or if any knows of some that are around. I'm Looking for a reason and want to see who we have active in this community. I've already check MOE and looking to expand for more that are in other groups or solo. All inquiries type are welcome just need to know who's around. Thank

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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

NAME: Anakin Skywalker
NICKNAMES: Ani,Darth,Lord Vader
ALIASES: Darth Vader
DATE OF BIRTH: 41-42 years before the Battle Of Yavin

HEIGHT: 2.03 meters
WEIGHT: Enough
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS:burn scarring,prosthetic arms and legs, and a life-support system

Traits: Serious, Quick to anger
Disorders: Quick to anger, overconfident
Addictions: Restoring order to the Empire
Likes: Victory for The Emperor
Dislikes: The Rebels, chaos
Quirks: N/A

MOTHER: Shmi Skywalker
FATHER: Unknown
CHILDREN: Luke Skywalker Leia Skywalker Organa Solo

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Padme Amidalla Skywalker

The background images

The TRUE 'background' image of this layout is the AHS logo on the lower lefthand side. You can replace it, but as to size, just make it something small if you want it to be in the corner as it is here. No larger than 250px height by 500px width should be good, but every monitor will be different.

The secondary background image is the image of Tate. Scroll back up in Like to Meet and you will see backimg div class with the background-img:url() style. The image in this section is 500px width by 500px height.

Control Panel images & Connection Images

All of these images are 150px height by 150px width Header1 Header2 Header3 Header4 Header5 Header6 Header7 Header8 Line 1 of lyrics Line 2 of lyrics Line 3 of lyrics Line 4 of lyrics Line 5 of lyrics Line 6 of lyrics Line 7 of lyrics
Bold Italic Emphasized text
For the below text font classes and all of the headers (1, 2, 3, etc) and lyrics, please note the following: I code for ALL sites. Not every website will allow headers to be placed as h1 etc between < these > brackets. For that reason, I turn them into font classes with a period in front and script them as I have done below. If you are on a website that allows regular header, underline, strong, etc coding, you can just use regular header coding for all of the header, lyric, special text labels OR just leave them as they are. They will work for you either way. SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS LAYOUT FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS AND EXAMPLES.

Bold2 Strong Strike Underline

I have also included the below two special text classes that are fine as is and need no modification on any site. big Small

Connection Name Here

Pics are linked to the user's profile. Make sure to put in their friend ID number.

Each connection table starts with a Table tag(Table with < and > around it) and ends with a page break (BR with < and > around it).

I have separated these full tables with spaces so you can see where one starts and the next begins. If you need more connections, just copy the full table and past it below the last connection table in this section.

This first table has the image on the right side. The second table will have the image on the left side. When you add a table for another connection, be sure to pick what type of table will come next (left or right image).

Connection Name Here


Connection Name Here


Connection Name Here


Connection Name Here


Connection Name Here


Connection Name Here


Star Wars
Star Trek, Comic, Sci/Fi, Fantasy

Multi-para to novella only?

Role play in comments only?

Owe _________ a starter
Owe _________ a comment

Contact Info
AIM: ___________

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Hatred has 829 friends.
Santa 𝕯oom� [MoE]

Ƭhe Ɗreaded ℭyborg ℳoℰ

Masters of Evil


Jean Grey?

Ho Ho Ho

Iron Man (SI)


Chris Steele


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Nov 22nd 2018 17:21

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life.
Enjoy your day and remember I adore you
Ghost of Christmas Future

Nov 22nd 2018 01:43

Here's why I'm thankful for you, Vader-

You're one of the people that come to mind first to me when I think of people who know their character inside and out. When it comes to Vader, your words might as well be scripture. A very happy holiday to you, sir. 

Goddess of Lies

Nov 19th 2018 22:11

Thank you for the add or request.
I am Lady Loki, a reincarnation of Loki himself.
I do hope we can discuss something soon, darling.

Nov 2nd 2018 14:41

There's nothing I can say to you honestly. You lost your hair, your wife, half your skin, your balls aren't even intact. But you know what you do still have? Time...for those replies. NOW GET TO IT, VADER.- ~ ♥
𝒷𝓊𝒷𝒷𝓁𝑒 𝓆𝓊𝑒𝑒𝓃

Jul 17th 2018 10:35

It goes to show that lists usually stay long without one word from another till one breaks.

Let’s not have that happen, shall we?

I appreciate the opportunity to create something with you and look forward to doing so. My inbox is always open or if you wish to, as the surface creatures say, throw me under the bus in a story, I would gladly join. Until then, take care.

Mera of Atlantis.

Jul 16th 2018 23:43

kinda love you,
big fan.
bring me to the stars, sith boy.

Jul 16th 2018 12:30

Use links below to save image.
"Morning, Afternoon, or Evening! Where ever in the world, or in my case, the universe, you may be. Kyle Rayner here, flying by to wish you a good day or good night! Either or! Former Green Lantern, now a White Lantern! Should you wish to discuss a story line and connection or simply chat, let me know! You can reach me via comments, messages, LINE, or Discord. Which will be provided in messages! Stay safe! But at the same time, work hard, play hard! 
Image result for nick bateman gifs
нεαятн σғ ιяση (sωσя∂)

Jun 18th 2018 13:51

I'm going to make you like me. Let's have tea and talk about some possible suit upgrades!!

The Phantom of the opera

Apr 22nd 2018 02:13

thank you for adding me 
Padme Amidala

Apr 6th 2018 00:02

thank you  very  much  for accepting my  request,  i  look forward to  role playing with you  and chatting

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