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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Darth Vader
Verses: Comic, Star wars Movies, Tv Shows
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comic, Heroes/Villains, Movie, Science Fiction,
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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

NAME: Anakin Skywalker
NICKNAMES: Ani,Darth,Lord Vader
ALIASES: Darth Vader
DATE OF BIRTH: 41-42 years before the Battle Of Yavin

HEIGHT: 2.03 meters
WEIGHT: Enough
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS:burn scarring,prosthetic arms and legs, and a life-support system

Traits: Serious, Quick to anger
Disorders: Quick to anger, overconfident
Addictions: Restoring order to the Empire
Likes: Victory for The Emperor
Dislikes: The Rebels, chaos
Quirks: N/A

MOTHER: Shmi Skywalker
FATHER: Unknown
CHILDREN: Luke Skywalker Leia Skywalker Organa Solo

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Padme Amidalla Skywalker

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Star Wars
Star Trek, Comic, Sci/Fi, Fantasy

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Tales of Barsoom

Feb 21st 2019 13:53

| Coruscant, Core Worlds |

It all happened so fast. The bomb. The Avengers turning into Skrulls. J'onn getting attacked. The Jeddak and Jed being taken. Dejah, Tardos, and Mors were all roughed up a bit during the struggle to escape. She was barely awake; seeing visions of a black figure slaughtering her captors. And then, holding her and placing her on the ground.

Princess Dejah-- It seems our fated meeting has occurred earlier than expected--
Welcome to Coruscant--

Dejah Thoris gazed upward, gasping at the powerful black knight that had just rescued her. She had never seen such an aggressive show of raw power. The princess struggled to rise to her feet, holding onto the wall and surveying the scene around them. Dejah was alone with her savior. "Thank you... I had no idea what I was going to do. The ambush happened so suddenly; no one knew how to react. Oh no... my father and grandfather! J'onn! Where are they? Is everyone okay? I need to find them, I need to--". The princess felt a sudden rush of blood to her head. She held it with one hand and her crown fell off, clanging onto the floor; and as her eyes rolled back, she fell forward into her hero.


"We must find my daughter!", Mors Kajak shouted. He and his father Tardos were rescued from their Skrull captors by an elite group of storm troopers. After 


Feb 13th 2019 22:49

Everyone gets a sweet treat on this day.

Happy Valentine's day!



〔o, hunter〕!

Jan 7th 2019 14:15

I would love to write with you, whenever you get the chance.  Just tell me, and I can tell you about my character.  However, just so you know, my character is sci-fi fantasy.  He's a Star War's OC, so.  However, I kind of do my own thing with him. Hopefully that isn't to much of  a problem?  I adore your character, and the fact that you accepted me is, just amazing. It's rather hard to find good writers around here.  At least to me it is.  Have discord?  I do if that would make things easier.  Oh, and in-case you are wondering, I'm not playing the Winter Soldier.  Just want to make sure that is clear, sorry if that disappointed you!   
Fear Alma again

Jan 4th 2019 21:24

Replying soon.

Jan 2nd 2019 14:54

//Hey thanks for accepting care for a rp?

Dec 30th 2018 20:15


Dec 20th 2018 19:09

Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath that I'm a stick it out 'til the end

Merry Christmas ♥ 

Thank you for being an amazing part of my life.


Dec 17th 2018 11:57


Everything in Ben Solo’s life felt as if it were based on lies, and now? Now it seeped into the new life he’d created for himself as, Kylo Ren. The Sith, The Jedi, Snoke, Kylo may not have handled things maturely all the time, but he wasn’t a fool. In the end he did kill his true enemy, Snoke. Understanding himself, who he truly was had proved difficult over the years, only one thing kept him moving forward, Vader. The boys grandfather never betrayed him, never left him, and always guided him when he needed it. The realization that, Snoke did not create the force bond between he and Rey, both confused and gave hope to Kylo, something he was sure his grandfather would not be most pleased about, but controlling a force bond was seemingly impossible, and Ren was sure he didn’t want to, not even if he could.

The Past

The events leading up to the burning of the Jedi Temple were severely misconstrued. Ben, a faithful student of his uncle and Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, trained as hard, if not harder than any Jedi belonging to the sacred place. Luke, however, knowing that Vader was Ben’s grandfather, could feel the raw power of Vader inside of Ben, instead of helping him harness it, he feared it. It drove him mad with suspicion, paranoia, when he stepped into Ben’s sleeping chambers on that fateful night and looked inside the young boys mind, he couldn’t see past his own ego enough to know that the pain and destruction that he saw, the dark rising in Ben, wasn’t something that Ben asked for, it was something that Snoke had placed there and had been feeding for some time. Ben could have been swayed, could have remained in the light, of only his Jedi Master hadn’t turned on him, but he did.

Waking to a green illumination of his Uncle’s light saber, Ben knew, he knew. Luke couldn’t say anything to change his mind. Upon finding out that Vader was his grandfather things had changed. They changed even more when Luke sent him on his own mission for self discovery a few years before the temple burning. On that journey, he’d met a man named Snoke, whom spoke highly of Vader and of the dark side, telling Ben he belonged there. The boy shook it off as he tended to do when he didn’t want to believe something that he knew was fate, and even though he couldn’t fully turn from the light, his heart had already gone to the dark. It offered him more, Snoke offered him more, something close to his heart, a connection to, Vader. So enraged by his Master’s betrayal of him, Ben brought the hut he was sleeping in down on him, believing he’d killed the man. His rampage continued throughout the night as he watched everything burn much to his satisfaction, and in the burnt ruble, something called to him. Kicking some debris out of the way, there it was, slightly melted, hot to the touch, calling to him from the sacred ground of the former Jedi temple, Darth Vader’s Mask.


Snoke. Hard on the newly reformed Ben Solo, now calling himself, Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren. The Jedi who’d come with him the night he’d burnt down the temple were part of those knights and they were loyal. Kylo didn’t care much about that, what he did care about was impressing, Snoke, everything he did was for that mongoloid of a man. Kylo wanted, needed approval, he’d never admit that, although it was written all over his boyish features. The quiver of his chin, the lost look in his eyes, the anger when he destroyed things with his light saber, his only solace a room where he kept Vader’s mask, where Vader came to him as a force ghost. He may have died, Anakin Skywalker, but his force ghost, Vader, remained behind, guiding him. 

Steps to the Future

“Give me purpose.” He spoke to the half deformed, melted mask. “Show me the way, Grandfather. I fear I have lost it, and I do not want to disappoint you.” Kylo spoke softly in his deep baritone. Kneeling before the infamous mask of the most feared man in the galaxy. He needed his guidance once again, needed acceptance, needed someone who could keep him on his path. It wasn’t as if his mother and father had tried enough to do that, they’d sensed the Vader in him and sent him off to train with Luke, hoping, praying that the light side of the force would help him, but it didn’t, and in the end, Luke pushed him right into Snoke’s grand plan, and right into what Vader had started so long ago.


Nov 22nd 2018 17:21

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life.
Enjoy your day and remember I adore you

Nov 2nd 2018 14:41

There's nothing I can say to you honestly. You lost your hair, your wife, half your skin, your balls aren't even intact. But you know what you do still have? Time...for those replies. NOW GET TO IT, VADER.- ~ ♥
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