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This is how I know my mother and our friends that stood by us!
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About me:

My mother Sam became pregnant with me when she was 18 years old, or so she told me any way and because of this she was kicked out of the house by my adopted grandmother, Patricia Arias. I moved with my mother to National City when she received a new job. Due to us moving, we spent Christmas at a truck stop and spent the night in a motel that smelled like moth balls. However, despite the negative side of the trip, I affectionately called it my best Christmas since I got to spend it with my mother.

When we went to the Supergirl statue unveiling, that is when I ran into Alex Danvers, my mother then asked me to apologize and I did. Alex accepted and I ran off, excited to see the statue.

However, there was an attack at the unveiling, and a metal bar fell on top of me in the process. I screamed for help, and my mother, frantic and desperate to save me, was able to some how lift the bar off, later putting it down as a rush of adrenaline.

Sometime following, my mother cooked the two of us breakfast, before driving me to school.

Partway through the day, I claimed to another student that my mother had superpowers, but being called a liar, I punched the girl in the face,which by the way felt damned good but I will never tell my mother that of course but they called my mother to the school for it, go figure.

Back at home, mom asked me why I did that, and I began to grow frustrated, because mom just refused what was oviously true..she had powers.

After the fight with mom I went to a cafรฉ and ordered a slice of pizza and a drink. While there, Psi the Metahuman launched an attack outside, which caused me to text my mom back with my location saying that I was in danger.

I then walked straight into the street, where the majority of the fight was. When my mom arrived and hugged me a wrecking ball almost crushed us but we were saved by supergirl, not what I had expected to happen but still even if I won't tell mom about this it was exciting.

Following the ordeal, we recovered in the back of an ambulance, and talked about what had just happened. Alex Danvers recognized me, and the we talked about my name, and the fact that a ruby is the strongest gemstone - only second to a diamond.

Alex told me that Ruby's can bounce back from anything, and that cheered me up. After Alex left, I admitted to mom that I wanted her to be a superhero in order to only have to save people and spend time with me, rather than working. Mom promised that she'd always make time for me after that, a promise she only at times was able to keep but still those are moments that I charish looking back at them now. I had a soccer game later that week which my mother attended and cheered me on from the sidelines. I scored a goal and excitedly asked mom if she had seen it, and mom of course at the time lied to me telling me it was amazing.

The next day at L-Corp, I was doing her homework on the floor of my mother's office. I told mom that I finished my homework, and asked mom if we could work on my song.

Mom then asked about my French project and she was surprised to learn that I had finished it.

She apologized for being so busy but she promised to work on it later. This upset me of course, and I was about to say something until a man entered the room and informed mom of a problem with the merger, mom had to handle it as usual, I watched my mother leave, disappointed and upset.

I ran to the bathroom that night after I heard my mother shouting and I found her curled up on the bathroom floor in fear, and naturally I asked if she was okay.

The next day, mom dropped me off at school and when I asked her what happened the night before when she was in the bathroom. Mom stated that it was just a bad dream, but I told her she had been awake at the time.

Mom then told me that it was a migraine and that it was time to get out of the car, we exchanged "I love you" before I climbed out very much confused and unsure what to think about it all, I was then greeted by Luke, who asked me if she finished my math homework last night.

I nodded, and he nervously stated that he couldn't get through it. I offered to help him since there was time before the bell rang, and he gratefully agreed.

Seconds later, he stopped moving and collapsed on the ground shaking. I shouted for her mother to help, and mom quickly ran over to help while calling 911. I repeated to Luke that he would be okay, scared for my friend.

I went to get my things later on because I was going to sleep over at my friend's house, later on I asked mom if Luke was going to be okay, and mom assured me that Luke was going to be fine.

I told my mom that I liked my friends Lena,Alex and Kara, and mom told me that she liked them too - but liked me more. I then pointed out a hole in my mother's shirt, which mom found weird but we then said goodnight to each other and left it alone.

Mom prepared dinner for me, I then asked my mother if she was okay, as she was acting strangely, mom assured me that she was fine, and told me to set the table since dinner would be ready soon.

I did as my mother asked, and then asked her if she could watch a movie after dinner if she finished all of her homework but mom told me that she had to go back to work and that I would have dinner at Tess' that night. I was naturally upset by this cause at the time I had no idea what was going on, god looking back at it now I wished I had seen it sooner maybe then I could have stopped her from becoming Reign,but I am getting ahead of myself here so back to the story.

Later, mom packed her bags and planned to go on a trip to find more out about who she was. She said goodbye to me, and left her a check for takeout. I was concerned about my mother even back then and asked if everything was okay, and why she couldn't go with her.

Mom stated that she had to do this on her own, and asked to hold my hand. She asked if I could feel it, and so I stated that I could feel her pulse.

Mom told me that I was her heart, and everything she was doing was for me. She then promised me that she would explain everything later.

I was awakened the next morning by my mother who was suffering from nightmares and when I went into my mother's room to check on her and asked about why she didn't wake me up when she returned from her trip.

For some reason mom had no memories of the trip, and was unsure what I was talking about. Mom was surprised that she had slept in, but then we ran to the kitchen excited to make banana and blueberry pancakes.

We then attended Kara Danvers's Christmas party later that night, and I bonded with Alex after Alex revealed to me the she knew Supergirl. I asked her questions while we sat on the couch, and even back then we bonded really well, a connection that has only gotten stronger over the years, but again I am getting ahead of myself here.

The next day, Christmas Eve, I entered my mothers office and asked her if it was time to go because I was hungry and had eaten all the chips at L-Corp, but my mother told me that she had to stay and that she had called someone come to pick me up, I became angry at this and I snapped at her and started to leave.

Mom called me back into the office and apologized for the late night. She then reminded me of a previous Christmas, before she gave me her present early, which was a necklace of the Supergirl symbol,which I never took off even to this very day.

On Christmas Day, I rushed down excited that it was Christmas morning and called for her mother,but I found mom looking out of the window, and as I called after her ,mom turned around quickly which I have to admit scared the hell out of me because she acted like a totally different person at the time.

Several days later, we were attacking each other with nerf guns, which results in mom accidentally breaking a picture and when she was cleaning it up I left for school.

My mother and I along with Kara visited Alex who was in a cast after her encounter with Reign, and that is when mom found out that the one that was meant to watch me on that day couldn't make it, but Alex volunteered to look after me due to her unable to go to work.

Alex and I bonded even more on that day, when Alex received a text from Maggie, her ex-fiance, when I saw alex's reaction I gave her some advice and then told her that I was being cyber-bullied by a girl from school.

Not allowing that to continue, Alex and I left for the girl's house Alex pretended to be an F.B.I. Agent and tricked the girl into believing that would be sent to juvi, the girl immediately apologized and promised she wouldn't do it again.

Alex and I then returned to Alex's apartment and found Maggie's passport and placed it in a letter to be sent to Maggie. Alex thanked me for being there for her stating that she didn't know how she would have been able to get through it without me.

When mom returned she thanked Alex for looking after me, in which Alex joked about how I was a nightmare which mom agreed to in order to continue teasing me and after that mom told me to go wait outside and I said goodbye to Alex.

When mom was with Lena trying to figure out a way to stop Reign from taking over my mother made sure I stayed some place she didn't know of and told me that she was in the hopsital and had to be there for a while and that was the last I heard of her at the time because I had no idea she had become Reign.

They were able to stop Reign in the end with the Black Kryptonite but sadly my happy ending wasn't to last because my moter started to have nightmares again and eventually in the end Reign took over completely as it should have been if I wasn't born.

Many years have past since that day and many more things happened over the time to me but I grew up eventually graduaiting school and going to collage as well at the age of 17.

When I turned 18 though my powers started to show themselves and ya one could say that scared the hell out of me but I reached out to Alex not knowing who else to tell and she got me to meet with Supergirl and together we trained my powers until I got the hand of them.

Alex then brought me to the DEO headquarters because Reign had attacked me and I wasn't ready to face her just yet and it was there that Alex trained me how to fight,Winn tought me about cracking codes and John tought me how to be a good leader just by watching how he handled things.

In my time Reign had destroyed almost everything in her path and I was helping Kara fight them under the alias Sphix, oh ya one more thing I forgot to mention when I use my powers my eyes become gold in color much like Pestilence had yellow eyes and I wear a mask as well and my voice is deeper much like with my mother when she is Reign.

I was sent to the past by the others to try and get my mother to fight Reign before it's too late, I just hope that I can do that without running into my younger self and finally see my mother free of the control that monster has over her.

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Lena Luthor.

Jan 26th 2020 20:22

"Mhm, And what about people like me Ruby? who end up suffering all the time? And with this new universe that has been made, Lex is a Paragon, and he was the Paragon of truth, and he told me the truth every question that I asked him he had no choice but to tell the truth, So maybe I am making a deal with the devil, But at least someone is giving me some attention around here lately I have been feeling like I don't exist like I don't mean nothing anymore, And now that Lex is back, I feel like I am seeing a new man before me, who does nothing but tell the truth, Even if it means he tells the truth about certain superheroes!" Lena said as part of her still felt betrayed by Supergirl, and she didn't have a whole lot of trust in her or anyone anymore the only one she really trusted anymore was herself. "Besides I don't have a whole lot of trust yet in Lex either." Lena said.
Lena Luthor.

Jan 26th 2020 03:36

Hugs her back. "I really hope your right Ruby, Oh and by the way, I am working with my brother Lex Luthor." Lena said as she than looked at her than turned to look out her window, The Crisis took a real tole on her.
แดฌหกโฑแถœแต‰ แดตโฟ แดณแต’แต—สฐแตƒแต

Jan 6th 2020 11:26

(Sorry it's short)

Of course, Alice was watching the whole thing from a window inside one of the buildings. She laughs and moves away from the window flipping around her folding blade. โ€œHow many heroes do we need in this stupid town?!โ€ As she threw her knife at a printed out bat signal on her wall with a dartboard behind it.

One of the men in her gang retrieved the blade and handed it to her. โ€œShe seemed like she was just defending herself, Boss.โ€ The man said handing Alice the blade. Alice rolled her eyes annoyingly and punched him in the face. โ€œDonโ€™t you think I didnโ€™t know that, Idiot!โ€ She snapped back.

โ€œIโ€™m going to introduce myself. See you later boys.โ€ She said as she walked off with her bat and made her way down to the clothing store where Ruby came out of. She stood away with distance at first. Then cursed when the young woman moved into a crowd. She hated crowds and started to yell at people to get out of her way. Soon she caught up and moved her bat in front of the young woman. ย 

โ€œYou know dear. You just canโ€™t go around attacking people's goons and think youโ€™re going to get away with it.โ€ She stepped in front of her now. โ€œThe name is Alice. We have enough annoying heroes in this place.โ€

Lena Luthor.

Dec 9th 2019 00:30

"Yeah I know you said that before Ruby, and Yeah I know that James loves me I haven't forgotten, But lately I am having doubts." She said as she looked at her.
Lena Luthor.

Nov 9th 2019 18:45

"Ruby, I have been more than patient with James, and I will always be patient with James, I just don't like the fact that I am being left to do everything, I had to give up CATCO because I couldn't handle it, I had to give up being President of the United States because I couldn't handle it all by myself, I have been more than patient with everyone Ruby, and I haven't stopped being patient, I am just tired of being left alone, and feeling alone, I want to marry James more than anything in this world, and I still feel that way, But I don't want to feel alone either." Lena said as she sighed than got her wedding dress, and everything she needed, and left her home to go get married to James.
Lena Luthor.

Nov 8th 2019 21:03

Lena was sitting at her desk eating her lunch or at least trying too along with drinking some burbon in a glass as she listened to Ruby say she was there as a friend than Lena said. "Do I need a friend Ruby? I think I need more than friends." Lena said as she sighed hugging Ruby back hearing her say that everything was going to be alright. "How can you promise that things are going to be alright?" Lena asked as she looked at her.
Lena Luthor.

Nov 6th 2019 06:46

Lena had been in her condo for days wanting to be alone, She was suspose to marry Jimmy a week ago cause he asked her, and when the day of the wedding was suspose to happen no one showed up, Lena just wanted to be left alone she was upset and felt upset to the point where she didn't want to socialize with anyone when she heard the knock on her door she sighed and walked to the door and opened it than said. "What is it Ruby? I'm not really in the mood for social time with anyone." Lena said as she let her in.
Lena Luthor.

Oct 28th 2019 09:15

Lena went home that night walking down the street nothing happened to her and nothing would ever happen to her again, Once she got home, She had a glass of red wine and just sat alone on the couch thinking.
Lena Luthor.

Oct 21st 2019 20:17

Lena was in her lab working on something while having a glass of wine as she thought about things and had a lot on her mind as she was working.
Lena Luthor.

Oct 15th 2019 16:04

"I was glad to be able to help raise you Ruby, and I am glad to have you too in my life, and your welcome for everything." Lena said as she smiled at her.
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