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GeneralPersonality: Boo Cat is a free-spirited individual, notable for her fearless attitude and cutesy view on life. She is noticably the most sex-positive character in the entire series. She is all-ways turned on sexually (whether the moment calls for it or not) which has been met with frustration from various other characters. She is always in a state of undress, and makes it a habit to strip down completely when she turns into her werecat form. Whether or not any of this is due to her werecat nature or simply because she believes this herself is never given. Being a cat creature, Boo has a habit of using cat-puns in her dialect, usually doing so in an erotic sense. She is a committed lesbian (or at the very least bi-curious while favoring women), having only persued relationships with other women, though she is prone to flirting with Jon in a comedic fashion.

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:Athletic
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Shop owner, dabbled in Witchcraft
Status: Married
Member Since:April 04, 2018

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About me:
Biography: Boo Cat was transformed into a werecat when she was a young girl. On Halloween night under a full moon she was surrounded in a ceremony by female members of her family and the Cuddly Pride. They ritualistically anointed her body with nine oils to prepare her for the change, then she stood alone facing the orange, autumn moon and felt the spirit of the cat. After the transformation was completed the clan washed her with a ritual cat bath and initiated her into the pride.
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Physical Description: In human form, Boo Cat is a fit, caucasian American woman with short, black hair and green eyes. When she is in her werecat form, her entire body is covered in a slick black fur. She has two pointed cat ears on the top of her head and a long cat tail. Because she "ascended" (came of age and became a werecat) on Halloween night, her body also possesses a bright-orange jack o'lantern face on her chest and paw prints on her palms and feet and she stands at five foot ten inches tall. (178 cm)

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New York Post Office

Feb 16th 2020 13:21

Think of it like the regular postal service delivering a Valentine's card? We initially started this service for people to send out secret Valentine's. To make it possible for people to send anonymous messages to others. Over the years people have started sending out signed messages as well.
New York Post Office

Feb 16th 2020 09:49

Every year we offer a service to send out secret or not so secret Valentine's messages for anyone who wants to send them out. We were asked to deliver this message to you.
New York Post Office

Feb 16th 2020 07:24

To My Purr-fect,Boo.

You cast a spell over me the first time we met. May you continue to weave your special brand of magic in our lives, always.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kitten.


Feb 14th 2020 13:47

To My Purr-fect,Boo. You cast a spell over me the first time we met. May you continue to weave your special brand of magic in our lives, always. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kitten. XXX
Marvin the Martian

Feb 13th 2020 21:53

【  Λ nabolic Terrorist】

Nov 9th 2019 00:49

Okay good because that's my gift to Boo. ♥
【  Λ nabolic Terrorist】

Nov 8th 2019 13:31


Liara ‘Cosmic Freckles’ T’Soni

Oct 20th 2019 09:39

In her almost delirious and exhausted state, the female Thunderian was growing confused in the darkness. She had already determined that she was on an alien world so she knew she had to be cautious, but that caution was feeding the anxiety that Cheetara was experiencing from her current situation and fear had taking over.

She’d managed to keep herself together, tucked up in the back of the cave. Trying to collect herself and find some composure in her pain. The soreness from being swept up from Earth Three and taken by the vortex had started to ease, but the nagging pain from her vision had yet to leave. Her usual calm demeanour was a million miles away in that moment, just like Third Earth and her Kin.

Cheetara resorted to tucking herself in a foetal position at the very back of the cave. The after effects of her vision had truly taken their toll. On occasion the visions had left her physically exhausted for weeks, pretty much bed ridden and helpless. It had been a very long time since she’d had one of the visions away from the safely of her Kin. There was no one to protect her in her current vulnerable state, so hiding and trying to sleep seemed like a sensible choice in the female Thundarian’s mind.

She was drawn from her slumber as she heard someone calling from the mouth of the cave. Feline eyes snapped open wide as she scrambled up onto her hands and knees. Pushing back, she rose unsteadily to her booted feet. She swallowed hard, her head was still dealing from both her vision and arriving on this alien world...which she’d still not been able to investigate. 

It suddenly dawned on Cheetara that she couldn’t understand the language that the person had called out in! She frowned and glanced down at her gauntlet. The translater device that Panthro had designed must have got damaged. Unbeknownst to Cheetara, her breathing had become quite audible through her nostrils. Panic was gripping her, she was not her calm self...she was quite frantic. Bracing herself she waited, listening hard as her amber eyes pierced through the darkness.

Liara ‘Cosmic Freckles’ T’Soni

Oct 15th 2019 11:17

It all happened so quickly. One moment she had been in the Thunder Tank with Panthro and the next she’d been whisked away from Third Earth.

The day had started out like any other. Banter had been exchanged over breakfast with Lion O, Tygra, Panthro, WilyKit, WilyKat, Lynx-O, Bengali, Pumyra and Snarf. The breakfast had been a good one, eggs and Lathyn Hog, there had been the usual debate of who was to do the washing up and it had been decided that Kit, Kat and Lion O would do it between them. 

Panthro has asked Cheetara to take the Thunder Tank out with him. As she had a spare hour before she needed to sit down with Kit, Kat and Lion O, she’d agreed. “Only an hour though,” Cheetara smiled at Panthro. “I have to tutor the Kits and Lion O on a short while. We need to keep the memory of Thundera alive, so our peoples history is important, as is Lion O’s lineage.”

That was why, the Thunder Tank was currently eating its way across some of the more barren and hostile land of Third Earth. “Going down that mountain side really put the Tank through its paces-“ Cheetara called across to Panthro above the roar of the Thunder Tank. He was only sat beside her, but the roar of the engine was loud as it was pushed to its limits. 

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake. Cheetara’s amber eyes widened and a clawed hand gripped the armrest. 

“Hold on, Cheetara!” Panthro’s deep voice instructed, his tone calm despite the fact that they appeared to be in the middle of an earthquake. Cheetara quirked an eyebrow, she didn’t need telling twice! It was in that instant that the sky darkened and a swirling vortex appeared above them, reaching across Third Earth, as far as the eye could see. As the world darkened beneath the anomaly, static like lightning splintered through the swirling clouds.

“Panthro! We need to get back to the Lair!” Cheetara pointed out the obvious, she could feel the drag of the vortex on the Tank, pulling it closer. Her mane of hair whipped around her head, grit was blown in their faces as a forceable wind snatched her up out of her seat. She felt the strong hand of Panthro graze her booted ankle as she was swept up into the vortex. “Panthro!”...


She was in a cave, of that she was certain. Wincing, she pressed her brow to the ground as she squeezed her eyes shut. She didn’t feel well, not at all. Her head felt like it was in a vice and her bones aches. Rising up to her knees, her palms flat against the ground, Cheetara opened her feline eyes and looked around the dark cave. Some light filtered in from the entrance and her pupils widened to wide discs, so that the amber was barely visible. The air smelt different...she wasn’t in Third Earth anymore...

Struggling to her feet, Cheetara braced a hand against the cave wall. She was so sore and she had to admit, she was scared too. 

A familiar tingling swept through the Thundarian, and she lent her back against the wall. “Not a vision, not now.” She growled lowly, feeling the tingle build to a burn. She ground her teeth together, trying to bite back the sound of pain that begged to be released from her lips. Visions always took there toll on Cheetara, the others Thundarians viewed it as a gift, she viewed it as a curse. Capable of rendering her weak as a kitten for days, the visions were a burden for her.

This vision brought answers though...

The vortex. Third Earth. Lion O. Panthro in the Thunder Tank. The Lair. Her family. It was a vision of the recent past. The vortex, it had touched all of them. None had been spared! They were here though, somewhere. Somewhere in this alien world her Kin were also lost and confused, in pain and in possible danger!

As the vision left her, Cheetara slumped to the ground. Back still pressed against the rocky wall of the cave, her brow bumped against her knees that she’d drew up to her chest. Her body trembled with the aftershock of the vision, aching all the more now. A single helpless sob sounded and echoed around the cave, “My family...”

OOC NOTE: I am working on the theory that Cheetara doesn’t speak the languages of Earth. She does have a communications device, but it is going to be currently out of action, damaged from the vortex.


Sep 26th 2019 01:11

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