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Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

"you can call me Mace"


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May 21st, 2019

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March 31, 2016


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"The truth is, Bella. I didn't kill humans that hurt people because I thought it was some way of making good out of a bad situation. I killed humans that hurt people because I was a human that hurt people. I've done things you couldn't dream of in your worst nightmares. Until Carlisle found me, I took pleasure in killing anyone who stood before me. Big, small, man, woman, it didn't matter. Their warm blood seeping onto my steady hands made me feel more content than I can explain. There was nothing I-"

"Edward, stop!"I immediately connected to Isabella's wide horrified eyes. Perhaps I've said too much. I stood up with as much ease as I could muster and watched in fascination as she cowered away from me with the movement. Carlisle warned me this would happen and yet I couldn't find it in myself to lie to this human. She was much too pure and innocent to face the darkness which dwelled within me. From the years I've spent studying the human mind, I was sure one day she would forget this conversation ever took place or push it so far back into the recesses of her mind that it would have no reason to cross through her consciousness. A coping mechanism. Or just plain ignorance to the fact that something could exist outside of their little day to day lives. No matter. She reacted like everyone else had. I didn't have to read her mind to know she was just as disgusted as the others had been. Except Carlisle, of course. For some reason I'll never understand, that man took pity on me instead. Fool. If he had been human, he would have been dead for it.

Leaning forward gently, so as not to frighten the human, I let my breath fan out across the small distance between our faces and looked into her wide chocolate brown eyes. "Isabella," I whispered quietly. "It would be best if you calm down right now. Your elevated heart rate isn't helping you in the slightest. It's making the blood rush through your veins like waves in the ocean. There's nothing I can hear more strongly than that at the moment." 

In a span of seconds, her breathing evened out and her pulse quieted. In the meantime, I contemplated the idea of compelling her to forget the conversation itself or my entire existence. Truth be told, I didn't want to do either. The fact that I would not see Isabella again outside of this day had nothing to do with her disgust for me. More so, I simply did not want to impose this world on her. If she somehow corrected her reaction towards me on her own, I would not live with myself in corrupting this child. For that was exactly what she was, for all intents and purposes. She knew nothing of the world or its darkness yet here I was practically tossing it into her lap. No, that would not do. I decided upon the only logical thing to do. 

"Isabella, you're going to fall asleep now. It's been a very long day for you. When you wake up in the morning, you'll question a strange dream you had but come to find out the more you try to remember, the more you forget." Settling into the chair, I watched as she yawned adorably. Tomorrow, I would break up with her properly and ask my family if they'd like to move on. They wouldn't, of course. They were much too attached to this place, not that I could blame them. Ah, well. Isabella and I had only been on a few dates, after all. No harm, no foul. I'm sure the human would agree. Her lack of self esteem would surely agree that it was only a matter of time, in any case. 

Once she was asleep, I quietly slipped out of her room through the window and walked towards the manor at a human pace. Isabella knowing of vampires because of her shape-shifting friends on the reservation had made her intriguing, having her mind shut off to me had made her irresistible, but those terrified eyes would plague my mind until the end of time. I was sure of it. After all, a vampire never forgets. For the first time since I've awoken in this new form, I began to question the sanity of it all. Who could have predicted that this chain of events would lead me off the beaten path in a dreary town such as Forks. It was all so strange in fact, that I hadn't even picked up on the person following me down said path. Turning full circle, I saw no one. Now sneaking up on a vampire I would say is pretty much impossible, yet here we are in that exact situation. 

I called out in a theatrical, sing along voice, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" 


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