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    Hello & Welcome. We here at Moonlight Resources offer premades and other resources. We will eventually offer CUSTOM CONTENT as well. I am in the process of learning coding so I will not be offering layouts until I am better aware of all the coding dealing with layouts. When ordering custom content just remember PAID CUSTOM WORK IS OPTIONAL.I DO NOT FORCE ANYONE TO BUY CUSTOM CONTENT AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY CUSTOM CONTENT FROM ME. THERE IS FREE CONTENT YOU CAN USE ISNTEAD.

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    Purple Rain Bomb Squad - Drew
    Please Read the Rules and sign them before taking anything. Thank you!

    Moonlight Resources

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    June 26th, 2019

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    Gender: Female

    Age: 29
    Country: United States

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    November 01, 2017


    04/24/2019 02:21 PM 

    Bomb Squad: bundles

    Bomb Squad's paid cw


    First and foremost do not claim as your own. I put a lot of work into these edits just as i do my free content. Paid work is optional both Mal and I do offer free custom work as well and promos. To request this work from me. Message me with the first line as "bomb squad's paid cw" then let me know which bundle you would like. You are allowed to message me on line xstreetxratx as well to discuss anything or if you simply have a question. 

    Rules under co.

    Single Tons

    Simple: $1
    Layout Graphics: $1
    Extra edited: $2
    Share banners: $2
    ISO Banners: $2
    headliners: $3
    Doorknocker: $3



    * these are default bundles only.

     Bundle 1: $2: 5 defaults w/ name on them

    Bundle 2  $4: 5 extra edited + 5 simple

     Bundle 3 $5: 10 extra edited + 10 simple

    Multi Bundles

    Multi bundle 1 $5: 6 defaults + headliner or Doorknocker

    Multi bundle  2 $10: 10 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner

    Multi bundle  3  $15: 15 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner + share banner

    Multi bundle  4 $17: 20 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner + Share banner + iso banner + layout graphics

    Fill this out please

    Please fill this out for any extra edited, headliner or door knockers. Give as much detail as possible if you want it a specific way.

    Display name:
    Other wording you’d like:
    Any specific images:
    Any specific theme:
    What type of edit:
    Other: List anything specific you want here also feel free to add anything that does not have a place yet. Feel free to reach out so that I can make it as you wish. 



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