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01/11/2017 10:29 PM 


After spending quite sometime being exiled from his race, Androus had finally regained his wings and been restored to full power by the eldest and most powerful of his race, The Watchers. Oh how the enochian fire-bird couldn't feel much more relieved, to be back into the fold. Sure it was a very long journey in getting his memories and powers back. Hell, him and his older brother Napier, literally had to go against the Watcher's council, to achieve all of this. But in the end, it was all worth it and the eldest enochi had finally realized that the events that led to Androus's exile. Wasn't fully the younger fire-bird's fault. In fact, though him and Napier broke every rule of theirs, The Watcher's had finally come to forgive the two brothers and due to what went on, Androus finally gain their full respect and deemed as a true hero. Something that Androus had always tried to prove to them, ever since he was that little fledgling. That had a very hard time, controlling his emotions and powers. More so, then any other known enochi. Being deemed as a runt of the liter. A runt that would never amount to anything. Though no matter how he had managed to show them wrong, over countless and countless times again. As he got older. They, the Watchers never did fully trust him. In fact, they thought he was so weak-minded. That they feared, he would become quickly more suggestable to the ancient virus that had plagued their kind for so long. A virus that could be transmitted very rapidly, by a mere scratch or bite. Only those very rare few, who managed to die from it, were seen as the very lucky ones. Seeing as death was seen as a better outcome, no question. Instead of being reduced, to such a horrendous and tragic fate. A plague that they all simply referred to as The Taint. A sickness that turned an enochi into a darnochi, a walking fire-bird of the living dead. Birds surrounded into black and blue flames, whose main ability was to control the forces of the undead and just overall, cause havoc to the universe. Having no remorse, for innocent lives. Selfish monsters, that deserved to be eliminated at all costs and stopped from spreading the plague even further. If such a thing could truly be avoided. Though Androus showed them all wrong and because of this, he was finally back to where he belonged all along. Something he couldn't fully achieve without the help of his older brother, Napier of course.

So the mischievous fire-bird decided to finally go out and celebrate, the regaining of his eno-status. So to speak. Now that he finally had a little free time, to himself. While his older brother Napier, was busy, helping the Watcher's with something. Something that the Watcher's gave him the option, of going on or not, if Androus so wanted to. But kindly, Androus declined. Which the Watcher's respected fully. Understanding that Androus, just wanted to relax and knew he deserved a huge break. Considering, everything he had just went through. Hell, Napier deserved a huge break too. Seeing as all he did to help Androus gain his full memories and some of his powers. But the older-brother happily asked for another mission to go on. Much to Androus's slight annoyance. Though it didn't come much to a huge surprise to Androus. He knew how much of a hard worker Napier was. Which was why he was seen, as one of the most respected warriors throughout the entire eno-realm. So it didn't really bother him, all that much. Seeing as how much time, he had recently with his brother. He knew that they would meet back up, once the particular mission of his. Was all set and done. Besides, there was things Androus wanted to do. He wanted to go back to the mortal realm and stretch out his wings, so to speak and put some of his powers back into practice. He just hoped, he wasn't too rusty. Since he had been stripped of them, for so long now. He doubted that though. Seeing as his mind was well-focused and just as clear, as it had been way before his exile, had ever taken place. "Ah it's so good to feel whole again," Androus thought to himself as he got off the ground, having been in a knelt and bowed stance. Seeing as he and his big brother had just got done, with a summonce meeting with the Watchers. Which was why he, he was in the center of the Watcher's court room, now. The same area, he had been throughout the many aspects of his life. The same place, where he was ordered to be placed in exile. A place that always did, give him the f***ing creeps. Which caused a deep trickle, to trickle down his human meat suit's spine. Seeming to seep through, to his true flaming-incoperarl essence itself, which caused him to shiver, in the now pitch black room. That seemed to have no floor or a ceiling for that matter. A blank space, that went with no start or no end. Despite the millions, of different size torches,  scattered through out the area. Androus had always found this place, so horrifying especially in this state. Which was why if, he knew he and his race had the capability of being able to sleep. He would be having many nightmares. For years and years to come. So wanting to get out of here, as quickly as possible. Androus didn't hesitate any longer and finally, set himself forth to release himself from this place.
But not before, disguising his human vessel. Seeing as the company he was about to surround himself with. Not that it really mattered, seeing as even if he was in his current human form. Nobody would still know who his true identity was. Along as he didn't reveal any sign of it to anyone there and kept his fiery-wings tucked in and magically sealed from anyone seeing them. Which he had no doubt that he wouldn't be able to do so. Seeing as he had centauries upon centauries worth of experience, of keeping his true self hidden from view. Even from fellow Enochi themselves and far as he knew, not even the Watcher's knew of his alter-ego. He lived. The alter-ego of the Egyptian god Set (or Seth), himself. An identity and form, he had taken as his own. Shortly after, he had taken the life of the original mischievous Set, by an ancient dagger. A dagger, that Androus still had in his grasp, but kept secured some place else for safe keeping. In a pocket dimension, in particular. Where Androus kept a lot of his belongings and personal collection of magical artifacts. A pocket dimension, that only he knew and had access to. A place that could be accessed, no matter where Androus was in the universe. No matter what time period he was in even. Seeing as the pocket dimension, he had assured would exist somewhere else, somewhere outside the fabrics of time and space itself. Oh if only the Watcher's knew of his little secret. They would pitch a fit no doubt. Especially seeing as his alter-ego was part of a pantheon of Egyptian deities. Seeing as all pagan dieties in general, where seen as enemies to all of eno-kind and rightfully so.

Even Androus couldn't stand them, well most of them. Which was why, Androus got such a major thrill in being able to find a way to fool them all, as well as others. Even the most highest of gods, had no idea of the truth, of his little secret. Because if they did, if they knew, that he wasn't the real Set. If they could nearly taste, the smell of fire-bird on his lips. His little witness protection program, as he liked to call it. Would be over and he would be screwed and not in the fun kinky sense of the word either. So as he looked around the empty void, one last time. Making sure there was no watcher or enochi in general in sight, he blinked his eyes a few times as they glowed pure red as he felt a wave of fire glowed through out his face and body, as he felt a sand-storm start to begin, as it gusted around him, lifting him a few feet off the ground. As he felt his body start to burn, he felt the sand storm, pull each and every direction of his human vessel. Causing him to grimace and screech out in pain, which quickly came to transfigure into a voice that was not his own, but to of the Egyptian diety, he was currently transforming into. His body reshaping itself, his clothes and skin changing color, growing taller and better built. It was if, his body was turning into a fiery-sandstorm. Oh wait.. it kind of was.

You would think after all this time of transforming, to take on the identity of his alter-ego. He would get use to the extreme pain, but truth be told, he never could. No matter how hard he tried. Though he knew the pain was worth it, even if only to thrill his own sick and twisted amusement. As he felt himself, be pulled back to the ground. He felt the pain finally start to slow down, the sandstorm quickly dyeing down, into nothingness. His face no longer burning, with Egyptian fire. Which didn't really bother him. In fact it didn't bother him at all. Seeing as he was a being of flames anyways. No, what really brought him great pain was the sandstorm itself. Oh how it always made him feel uneasy and brought forth, such drastic pain.  Pain, he swore one day would serious damage to him or nearly kill him in the process, if not actually kill him. But he thought the later, was just of course, him overreacting. Which he was known to do, quite often. So it wasn't that much of a surprise. As the pain finally drew down, Androus.. er or in this case, "Set" opened his eyes revealing the pupils to be pure red, except for the center which glowed a bright white.

Now built, his skin nice and paleish grey, now standing six-feet tall, the enochi turned egyptian diety couldn't help but let out a low chuckle of amusement. He scratched the back of his now bald head, as he snapped his fingers with his free hand, summoning his long staff to his grasp. In a gust of sand, which gave a slight after effect, of a fiery glow. As he immediately, dug his nails into the handle of the staff. "Time to have some fun!," He snickered in his newfound, low pitch tone of voice. As he held out his hand and flicked it ever so slightly, revealing a swirling portal. "It's show time!" As his voice echoed through out the empty void, he walked through the portal. Before The Watcher's even had the chance to come back and discover the secret, he had been hiding for so long. A secret only his brother knew. Due to all those times, they had both posed as gods together. Gaining human followers throughout the ancient times, just for the hell of it. Shortly after he  had stepped through the portal, he looked behind him and with another quick flip of his wrist, he deactivated the portal and caused it to fade away instantly. As quite a bit of the crowd, supernatural beings, all of various walks of life, shout out of his name. Well the name of the being he was posing as in particular. Flashing a smile, at some as he walked through the area. With his staff, never leaving the ground. As if, he was using it as some sort of cane or walking stick.

This place he was in, was a night club of sorts. Exclusively for beings of the supernatural variety, creatures that were more or less seen as vicious and of the evil verity. Werewolves, vampires, djinns, other pagan gods etc. An area that no Enochi would dare to inhabit or known about for that matter. Besides an enochi like him anyways. He was the only Enochi, that didn't really mind being in the same company as other pagans, or lesser beings that weren't powerful as him. To Androus, it was all part of the role, of Set he was portraying. Who was far more ruthless then he ever could be. Though they did both, have a few similarities. Such as loving to use their abilities to pull tricks on humans and other beings. Which was why Androus had decided, to take him on as a separate identity, in the first place. As well as to keep tabs, on Set's pantheon and other pagan gods. Just in case, they ever talked of anything enochi related. Just in case, they tried to launch an attack on the fire-birds. But much to his surprise, they never did. Sure they talked sh*t, about the enochi from time and time again. But nothing too serious came out of it. Hell, most of them seemed to fear them. As he scratched the chest plate, of his crimson armor. He made his way over to the bar, and flashed a wink at the female bartender. A twenty-year old appearing witch. Who seemed to know exactly what he wanted, due to how many times he had been there and usually ordered the same type of drink. Seeing as she immediately started to pour him a glass and hand the green liquid to him, followed by a seductive wink his way. "Here you go Set," The witch whispered softly, as she set the drink in front of him. Androus simply nodded his head and flashed her a bright smile, as he picked up the glass, with his hand and gave it a few sips, before twirling his rotatable seat, to get a better eye on the dance floor. As the night club's music, pumped through out the entire club. Set found himself, looking from being to being. Trying to find his first victim of the night, that he could use to satisfy his twisted desires. "Now to find the perfect person, to manipulate and trap within one of my pocket worlds." Androus thought to himself, as he roared another devious sounding chuckle. Starting to get a little impatient. Wanting to so badly, to have some fun. so desperate to satisfy the inner trickster that resided from within. But for now, as he waited. He decided to relax as, he tipped his head back, as he swallowed the rest of the drink's contents. Which immediately, refilled itself. Which was always to be expected. Just one of the many perks, why he loved this place. Not to mention, he always got his drinks here, for free. Due to him being seen, as one of the most ancient beings here. Hell, the way he looked really stood out. Especially seeing as he was one of the tallest beings here, if not the tallest. In this space, he truly felt at home. In this place, he truly felt like a full-fledged god. "Now who to pick.."


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