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05/27/2020 01:26 PM 

breath away.

breath away "I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?"   "You think I’m beautiful? ❞  the light was coming from her eyes. Cheeks warm, a shade of pink coloring them. Never did she think he would consider ANY human being pretty, beautiful…. unless it being one of his close friends. It’s an honor, even though he won’t SCREAM it out to the world, to hear it in secret has Betty’s heart fluttering against her chest. Rocking on her heels, back and forth— giggles as pearly whites show to him.  "Thanks… I.. so are you. I mean— " Way to be smooth Coop? He probably didn’t want to be called that. No male wants to be called BEAUTIFUL? Especially a gang member!  She shakes her head, clearly embarrassed. The blonde chuckles. She’s bashful. Hands clasped behind her back, stepping back to give them space.  " I.. I didn’t mean you’re beautiful. I mean, you are. But like…. guy attractive. HANDSOME. I… " She was smiling against his lips. When they break away; she rests her forehead against his, eyes sealed shut, blissfully taking a moment. She feels beautiful when he tells her that he's there for her no matter what. He always makes her feel that way. Never once does she doubt herself when Jughead takes her hand in his, and the way he looks at her… how can she not feel like the SUN showering down its ray to give the people their sunlight! " I adore you, Jughead Jones. You know what, just to say, to take a girl's breath away. Never knew you could be such a ladies man. " template created for (c) serpentjuliet

Head Prat

05/27/2020 12:54 PM 

Percy Weasley: A character study

1) Describe your characters first love: Penelope Clearwater was Percy’s first girlfriend as well as his first love. While at Hogwarts she seemed like the perfect person to him, someone who saw him for who he was and understood him. When Penelope showed interest in him, Percy was genuinely taken by surprise. He dove head first into the relationship, poured everything into only to end up burned by Penelope in a series of cheating incidents and mass manipulation to control him. Their relationship was extremely toxic with Penelope gaslighting Percy and twisting the way he viewed his family and later on, though they were no longer dating, her words stuck with him making it easier for him to walk away from his family. Penelope caused him to close off to the idea of love for a long period of his life.   2) What frightens your character: Boggarts. Percy is someone who doesn’t like to acknowledge his deeper fears. He had faced three boggarts in his life and each encounter ended badly for him. The first was when he was at Hogwarts and learning how to defeat a boggart. His fear then was being a disappointment to his parents and was unable to change the boggart form of his parents telling him that they never wanted him in class. The second time he faced a boggart was while he was estranged from his family. He saw his father dead, looking as he had in Mungo’s after being attacked and Percy stayed nights at the Ministry to escape the boggart he couldn't defeat that was now residing in his flat. The third boggart he had faced was after a drinking spell where he saw his parents disowning him by actually burning him off the family tree and Fred who was dead. Again, he was unable to beat the boggart (more down to the alcohol) and injured his friend.  3) How does your character communicate: Percy is forthright when he speaks but he knows when to talk and when to listen. While he doesn’t have a problem telling off those younger than him - or in a position below him, Percy keeps his comments to himself when it comes to those that are more powerful than him, like Fudge and Umbridge. He has been known to break from that, for instance when he lost his temper on his father and Percy told him exactly what he thought he was doing wrong and the danger he was putting their family in. As he became older, Percy became less of a push over by those above him and spoke his mind more often.  4) What was your characters childhood like: Growing up in the Weasley house was a struggle for Percy for many reasons. He never felt unloved or neglected but he did feel invisible. Being the middle child of seven, Percy was often the one who was pushed aside. He had always been self sufficient, more from his own choice by learning if he wanted something he had to do it himself and not rely on his family for it. Another reason it was a struggle was down to the fact that Percy was an extremely studious person who enjoyed his silence. The Burrow was always packed and full of noise to the point Percy couldn’t hear himself think. He was also the one all the Weasley siblings picked on and mocked, making it hard for him to feel like he was one of them.  5) What is your characters favorite treat to themselves: Percy is a minimalist at heart and doesn’t find clutter useful, it’s actually rather annoying and collects dust but a new high quality quill is the only way Percy really likes to indulge in. To Percy, there is nothing better than fresh ink and a new quill to begin a project with. After his first pay from the Ministry, Percy bought himself an expensive Fwooper quill and keeps it protectivly stored away. He does have preferences in quills for certain uses.  6) How does your character handle stress: Percy is very level headed in stressful situations. They are his element and he feels most at home when the stress around him is high. He assumes an authority like attitude and takes charge, like in his final year at Hogwarts when Sirius Black was breaking in. He knows how much it annoys others, especially his siblings but when trouble rises he has always been expected to take charge and when he hasn't, Percy was pushed into the position.   7) Describe something your character is reluctant for others to know: That during his estrangement he missed his family terribly. While he initially left on his own accord due to his father not agreeing with him and once again siding with Harry, Percy quickly saw the error in his ways. It was only reinforced after his father was nearly killed and Percy secretly went to visit him. While Percy wanted to return to the Burrow he sacrificed a relationship with his family in order to keep his own tabs on the Ministry and warn his family if they were ever in danger.  8) Describe something your character is passionate about: Percy is passionate about Quidditch. While he can’t play the sport to save his life, unlike all his other siblings, it is one of the few things he finds enjoyable that doesn’t involve work or studies. He finds joy in knowing the rules of the game and making calls before the referee. Matches are also the only time where Percy has been known to break character and join in with the noise around him, screaming and shouting insulting things to the opposing team. His family saw a different side to him when they attended the Quidditch World Cup, Percy egging on Bulgaria supporters in his excitement.   9) What does your character find comfort in: His Christmas jumpers from his mum. They were the one thing that reminded him during the worst of times that they still remembered him. When he got one the first Christmas he was estranged from his family Percy had sent it back without opening it, knowing if he had he would have kept it. When he finally came back to the Weasley’s, it warmed his heart that all his sweaters were still there waiting for him that his mum knitted while he was gone.  10) What kind of music does your character like: Percy is fond of orchestra music though does enjoy bands like the Weird Sisters. He felt that by liking orchestra and opera music that it somehow made him more mature and that adults would like him better. His taste of music branched out over the years due to friendships he formed and maintained.  11) Quickest way to anger your character: Percy usually has his anger kept in check, preferring that others don’t see anything other than perfection with him. Even when he is the focus of pranks and bullying, Percy maintains his composure, much to others annoyance. The few times his composure had slipped it boiled down to a direct attack against his family that Percy didn't tolerate. For Percy, anyone could say what they wanted about him but once they brought in other family members that was when he showed what people deemed his 'true Weasley' side.  12) What was the best thing in your characters life: When he was chosen out of all the others at the Ministry to go with Crouch to the Tri-Wizard tournament. While he was chosen not because of his skills but rather his lack of questioning orders, it was still a prideful moment for him. It crushed Percy that while he was beyond thrilled to be chosen the rest of his family didn't seem to be proud of him or think ot was anything special.  13) What would your character give their life for: While many would speculate he would give his life for his work, Percy would only give his life for his family. While he doesn’t give off the impression, Percy does care deeply for them and worked to protect them despite everything he knew it was costing him and how much they hurt him. Family was everything to the Weasley's and pushed on them since they were little and it did stick with Percy even if it didn't appear so.  14) What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character: Gnoming the garden. It was a regular occurrence at the burrow and for Percy it allowed him an outlet for his anger. It was also one of the few times he got along with Fred and George, the three laughing and trying to see who could throw the gnome the furthest to who would get bitten first.  15) Does your character have a nickname? If so, how did they get it: Percy has quite a few nicknames. Most notably is Perce, which he never understood because it wasn’t really any shorter than Percy. Nicknames like Prat, Pinhead and Head Prat were deemed by Fred and George who jinxed his prefect and head boy badge to say. There was also Weatherby by Barty Crouch who couldn’t remember his name, something that Percy’s sibling’s never let him live down.  16) Who does your character consider a role model: Percy’s biggest role model is his father. While Percy and his father don’t normally see eye to eye on many things, growing up Percy wanted to be just like his father. Arthur had a fun way to view things and until Percy attended Hogwarts where his dad was mocked, Percy believed his dad had the coolest job in the Ministry. Percy wanted approval from his father more than anything.  17) What is your characters hobby: Stargazing is one of Percy’s favorite hobbies. It was something he did with Ginny when they were younger, Percy often pointing out constellations and telling her everything he knew about space and the universe from the books he read. It was something that stayed with him throughout his life, Percy often looking up to the sky when he felt lonely or afraid. Once as his siblings began having children, Percy would tell them all about the stars above and the myths that came with them. Rose was one of the only nieces and nephews that took an interest.  18) Describe your characters worst enemy: Percy really is his own worst enemy. His pride clouds his judgement and often lands him in hot water. He is willing to step on people to get what he wants, and sacrifice things like love and family for a job at the Ministry. His own lack of affection caused a lot of strife in his relationships, not just with Penelope but his family as well.  19) What does your character do when they wake up: Percy has a solid morning routine that he had since young. He is more of an early bird and when living at the burrow was up before any of his other siblings. In that time he liked to sit and read in the quiet of the house, often with something warm to drink.  20) A memory of your character they wish they could erase: There are many memories that he wished he could erase but the main one is that no one in his family attended his trial when he got backlash after Crouch was murdered and Fudge tried to pin the blame on him. To Percy, if that never happened things would have turned out differently and probably never would have left the Burrow to begin with. That one moment drowned him in loneliness and made his fear of not being a Weasley - or being replaced by Harry, a reality since they helped Harry and attended his trial.

LåñÐ Ö£ †hê ÐåmñêÐ RþG

05/27/2020 10:41 PM 

Audition Form

Audition FormPlease fill out this form and send in a message for owner consideration  Are you now a part of any other RPG? If so, which one and are they comfortable with you auditioning for, and possibly joining, another RPG?   How long have you been roleplaying?   Do you have any other accounts? (You do not have to provide a link to other accounts if you are not auditioning with them, this will not affect your audition)   What is the name of the character you are auditioning for?   Is your character OC (original character), AU (alternate universe), cannon, or other?   What length are you comfortable writing? (One liners, semi para, para, multi para, or novella)   How often are you available to write? Please keep in mind that we do require at least one group response every two weeks.   Do you have or can you get Discord? Discord is also required to be a member.   Please provide a sample of your writing. The sample must be at least 3 paragraphs (regardless of what you would normally write), each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences. Third-person is preferred, but not required Please copy and paste this form in a message by going to ourprofile and clicking 'Message' at the top. Thank you for takingthe time to audition for Land Of The Damned.


05/27/2020 09:37 PM 

Troubled Waters.

Preface:  I rather like the concept of the gods being larger than mortals like in Percy Jacksong and Gods of Egypt (colletive booing).  Sort of adds to the gods being above mortals idea.  This is just a little piece I threw together.  Enjoy.   "Shrouded in mist and from man's memory lost, there was an island…"Amphitrite's island, her vacation home and secret getaway. She gave it no name and no name did it need. Only one other being knew exactly its location and he, faithful friend, sat among the stars now to regard god and mortal from higher than on high. When her philandering, now estranged husband angered her or when she just needed to be alone, the sea goddess sought the sanctuary of this island paradise. Amphitrite would bask on its hot sands from dawn to dusk, drinking in the sunshine and happy song of the seabirds. And at night she would walk the shoreline by moonlight. It was paradise.This night was not like most nights, however. A foul tempest battered her secret hideaway. Damn you, Poseidon! The pair had fought after she again caught him dallying with the water nymphs. He must still be in a mood. It didn't matter, rage away! She was the sea personified! A little temper tantrum didn't bother her! Standing on the shore, Amphitrite was unbothered by the whitecapped waves as they crashed upon the shore of her precious beach. In her mind, she was matching wills with the sea king. And pushing back with her own storm. (Long distance fighting with hurricanes was definitely the best kind of fighting.) The whole Mediterranean was being battered by the quarreling. At what point, Amphitrite wondered, would anyone from the pantheon intervene?Through the veil of pelting rain, the goddess spotted something. A ship battled the choppy waves, doing all it could to simply stay afloat. Poor mortals. It was a bad time to be at sea. Stirred by compassion, Amphitrite walked into the ocean. Though the wind raged about her, not a hair stirred out of place as she moved through the dark waters of the open ocean. Standing over the bobbing ship, the goddess tenderly scooped up the struggling vessel. Casting a scornful gaze across the sea, as if she had had nothing to do with these men's plight, Amphitrite brought the ship to a sheltered bay on her island. Sensing their fates had shifted, sailors cautiously peered out from bellow deck. Of all the things they expected to see, a goddess was certainly not among them. Even in those times, actually laying eyes upon the divine was quite rare. Cherish this moment, lads. It will be soon but a myth you share in the taverns after your seafaring days have passed. 

𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐲 𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐧𝐬.

05/27/2020 08:01 PM 

study: companies.

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