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05/29/2020 11:01 PM 

Prompt: Put Some Clothes On - Illuminare

Revolutionary To anyone else, the little bushy tail would have been a blur as it zoomed past, but Jackson’s senses were supernatural. Not only had he picked up the scent of the fox before shifting, he also knew Davina wasn’t far behind. He watched in amusement as she tumbled down the hill, finally looking up to find her face mere inches from his crotch. It was cute the way she adverted her gaze. He wanted to laugh and say ”eyes up here”, but there was no sense in adding insult to injury. She was already quite flushed. “I can’t help but notice you’re in quite a pre-dic-a-ment. And unfortunately, I don’t have any clothes nearby.” Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the fox peeping around the rock, their eyes locking. He gave a whistle and it came, taking a seat at his feet. “Your ankle doesn’t look so good and you’ve got a few scrapes... You’re probably okay, but just wanna be sure.” Without warning or hesitation, Jackson leaned down to pick her up. He hoisted her over his bare shoulder, gave another whistle for the little fox to follow and headed in the direction of his cabin. The little fox trailed in his wake the whole way there and scampered in the door as soon as he’d opened it to find a place to hide. Gently setting Davina on one of the kitchen chairs, Jackson headed to the bathroom for the first aid kit, finding a pair of jeans along the way. When he returned, he was at least half dressed, even if the barn door was open. Perhaps a little less of a distraction. Turning a chair to face her, he took a seat. “Now, let me see that foot.” template credit.

Iris O'leary

05/29/2020 09:11 PM 


 Drama OOC is not tolerated. However do note that just because I dont want drama doesnt mean I wont stand up for myself, I'll still call you out on your sh*t if it bothers me enough   Please be patient. Sometimes people are busy, unable to answer, or just not in the mood. DO NOT MESSAGE SPAM   Killing another person's character is forbidden, unless all parties involved have discussed and consented. This also applies to placing others' characters in uncomfortable, unwanted situation.   Information known OOC must not be used to your character's advantage in RP. In other words, no meta. Also, do not be absurdly OP, at 12, or at all.   Absolutely no ignoring when someone seriously asks you to stop or to not do something OOC. Respect people's wishes, and be considerate of everyone's feelings, Admins included.   There shall be no OOC sexual advances towards me, it's one thing in character but OOC can cause harm to a person along with make people uncomfortable. remember that rp relationship is NOT connected to real.  Do not god mod my character in any shape or form, respond with what YOUR character is doing. never mine, its a sure fast way to make me lose interest in ever replyingsign that you read it please


05/29/2020 06:56 PM 

OC #2
Current mood:  calm

MonicaAge~ 19Nationality~ AmericanReligion~ NoneEducation~ HighschoolSexuality~ LesbianPositive traits~ Exciting, fun, funny, moving.Negative traits~Shy, quite mean, you just need to let her warm up to you. Height~ 5'5Shape~Average (Boob size- CC. Ass size- Decent. Slim waist and fit.)Eye colour~ One blue one greedNatural hair color~ BlackDyed hair color~ Hot pink


05/29/2020 06:46 PM 

OC #1
Current mood:  betrayed

NicoleAge~17Natonality~ English. (Creature~ Depends on fantasy rp)Religion~ NoneSexuality~ PansexualPositive traits~ Kind, entertaining, smart, brave, energetic, creative.Negative traits~ Sneaky and can be mean if you happen to get on her bad sideHeight~ 5'7Shape~ Average. (This may not be needed but; Decent boob size (DD) and Decent ass with a slim waist (THAT SHOULDNT MATTER)Eye colour~ BlueNatural hair colour~ BrownDied hair colour~ Blood red

⚡Angel ©

05/29/2020 06:10 PM 

What If Pt. 2

        She looked at his hand and then back at him. He then swallowed and looked at his hand and slid it off the locker. She smiled softly and looked at her combo she reached up and unlocked it, she took her backpack off and unzipped it pulling out the books she needed feeling his eyes on her the whole time. She swallowed and looked up at him. When her eyes met his he turned and opened his locker. He started pulling things out of his pockets. She wanted to scream at him and kiss him all at once. She was so close to him it was making her heart race and her body react. She suddenly got dry mouth and swallowed. She was about to speak when he spoke. His voice made her knees weak.     "So..did you have fun at your family's? Figured you been busy didn't hear from you" he glanced at her.     She tilted her head and raised her brow. Her busy ha..more like he was too busy she opened her mouth then paused thinking and then just nodded choosing her words carefully.     "I was seemed busy I saw you got your car so that's a good you can drive or whatever." She rolled her eyes and watched him.      He was searching his pockets for something and she knew what it was a pen..he forgot a pen as he always did she searched her bag and outstretched her arm at him. He turned and saw it smiling slightly. Just as he was going to grab it..she walked up..Jessica the school whore ..the cheerleader, the tall blonde, the idiot...the girlfriend. She looked at her and Wills gaze was drawn to behind him he turned and smiled nervously..almost like he was caught doing something. But they aren't she wished they were. Jessica gave Angel a hated glare and spoke.     "Oh jesus..thats whats next to*t Will can't get rid of your stalker can you?"     He went to say something but she leaned over to Angel.     "Kid go f*** off can't you take a hint? "  she laughed and rolled her eyes leaning back . He looked at Jessica and was getting pissed.     "Jess-" she cut him off.     "Nobody cares about you can't you see that? You might have tricked him for like 10 years to follow you around but he doesn't need you anymore..Angel.."     Will kept his eyes locked on Jess. Angel stood there listening to what this girl was telling her she looked at Will and he said nothing...she couldnt believe it..he was just there and wasnt stopping her. She dropped the pen and shut her locker door and turned walking down the hallway.     Jessica smirked and looked at Will..     "So..maybe we can ditch class later and you know.." Will gave her a look and turned his head to look back at Angel...he was too late she had already walked away..he swallowed and felt like a giant a**hole. He looked down and saw the pen she had offered him. He bent down and picked it up. He rolled it between his fingers. He turned and walked past Jessica.     "I'm gonna be late for first period" he shrugged holding the pen tightly in his hand. " so are you.."     AP BIOLOGY PERIOD 1     Angel sat down at the lab table and pulled her book out. She opened it and was looking for the page number that was written on the board when she felt him. She looked up and saw him walk in she rolled her eyes and said inwardly. Don't sit here...please sit dont…I need you next to me. she saw the teacher point to the empty chair next to her. He walked over and slowly sat down. He looked at her then back at the board. He paused and then leaned over .     "About what..she said ..its..n-" he said in a low voice. Angel whipped her head to look at him not realizing he was that close to her face. She could feel his breath on her lips and swallowed. She shook her head and gave him a look.     "I'm trying to read...I do want to graduate at some point...its not all about cars and making out .." She shot him another look. "Besides I couldn't give a sh*t what she says anyways...she asked my brother how to spell no Will I dont hold her opinion high at all..but someone with intelligence would know that."     He looked at her and leaned back. He tapped the pen on the table and leaned back in whispering.     "Well if you don't give a sh*t about what she says neather do I." He leaned back and took the paper from the teacher that was handed out. He looked up and smiled . "And just for the record I didn't ask to sit with you. They assumed I wanted too."     She looked up at him and raised her brow.   "Well of course they would have seeing how everyone assumes Im your little stalker...but then what the hell would I know I'm just a kid..and for my record if I was gonna stalk someone it definantly wouldn't be you"     She so lied she would ..she needed him to notice her all the time..but now she was pissed off what was his problem..everything apparently god she wanted to just go home and lock herself in her room. Just him being next to her was making her want to punch him and hold him she hated this ..she wanted to hate him so much but she couldnt.      He looked at her with a sad expression and leaned back in his chair. Did she really think that he thought what Jessica thought was more important than what she thought. That was bullsh*t. He only valued what came out of her lips..and how perfect and kissable the way she chewed on her bottom lip when she was thinking…..wait!!! why was he digressing. Just then he walked in the geek, the dipsh*t, the paper eater, the boyfriend. Brian. He saw him walk up to Angel and whisper something in her ear...his ear it wasn't hers it was his she gave it to him anyway. He was amused at the look on her face. Will locked eyes with him amd chewed on the pen rasing his eyebrows.     "So Bry.. I suppose a congratulations is in finally tied down Angel.. I mean everyone thought it would be me and her but clearly she had other intentions all along.."   He swallowed wanting to get up and deck him. Brian nodded and sat down slowly. Will shook his head and glanced at Angel..her lips were moving she was reading..he could stare at the forever. He only looked up when she shrugged off her coat. His eye got wider and he tilted his head his eyes were drawn to one thing. When did that happen. He leaned forward keeping his gaze and shifted in his chair. He barely noticed when the teacher set some beakers on the tables in front of them. He however did notice that Angel changed over the summer she places that wernt there before. He kept the pen in his mouth and thats when he locked eyes with Brian..Brian noticed too. Except Will could also hear what Brian was thinking. He could feel a deep anger inside him. Noone was supposed to think of Angel like that..he could because he was Will and he was allowed.and boy did he the two months she was gone…..but Brian no..he was never allowed to think of her in that way ever. He bit the pen harder hearing Brians voice in his head and what he wanted to do to her. He glanced at Angel to see if she was even noticing and of course she wasn't she never did notice when he stared at her. He looked back at Brian and when he saw and herd him mention that one word he lost his sh*t. He closed his eyes and a loud shattering happened.     He let out a breath and opened his eyes and looked around all the beakers except the ones in front of them had shattered. He felt her eyes on him amd he looked at her and gave her a grin and shrugged leaning back in his chair.     Angel looked up hearing the glass shatter and turned her head to see Will..she knew he did it..who else would have? She turned to look at Brian panting and trying to wipe off his shirt. She licked her bottom lip and looked back at the book she said in a very low voice that only he could hear.     "We're not supposed to do could get us in trouble.." He looked at her hearing that voice and leaned down whispering against her cheek.     "I don't care." He lingered for a moment and touched a strand of her hair brushing against her face. She looked at him and was in a daze. He smirked and leaned back and nodded at her raising his eyebrows and chewing on the pen. She gave him a look and tried to steady her could he do this to her ..push her away then tease made her body scream at her as she tried to regain control.     He watched her and raised his eyebrow before glancing at Brian..that bastard he was still thinking those thoughts about her he leaned forward grabbing her jacket and started putting it on her she gave him a what the f*** look. He pulled it closed in the front and shot her a look which made her swallow.      She didnt know why but when he shot her that look she knew he was serious about something. She gave him one that showed defeat and turned her head closing her book. Thank god this part of the day was almost over..15 minutes until the bell and then off to the next class. She was just praying that she could get a small break from him. With the feelings of anger and lust running through her head and body she truly needed a break.  

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