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06/14/2011 09: PM 

My Rules

Here is the way I do things......

*RP is to be in comments unless otherwise told otherwise. 
*oocs are to be in messages. 
*Comments and messages get deleted after I read them.
*I don't RP according to the WWE. Story lines are on my own ideas. 
*Once I am with someone in RP I DO NOT cheat.
*I will not cyber. Basic "They had sex" is fine. Details on kissing and and basic touching is fine.
* I am a para/semi-para. Please give me more then one line to work with.

After reading these please use the words cool beans.


06/14/2011 02: PM 


Really, there are three basic things to keep in mind:

1. Don't steal anything from me. This includes storylines, character information, edits, layouts, whatever.
2. Be literate.
3. Don't nag me for replies.

Now for the specifics.

Castiel is not my creation and I do not claim him to be. That doesn't mean that my edits, posts, layouts, pictures, and what have you are up for the taking. I write everything on this blog (apart from the lyrics; those belong to the respective artists), so do NOT take anything from my profile. I may edit for you, but that's only if you ask really nicely and I like you to begin with.

I cannot stress literacy enough. It's fine when we're talking out of character. You can type however you'd like when we're just goofing off. I know I tend to talk rather stupidly out of character (blame tumblr; I used to speak properly all the time), but in character, I won't accept that. We're all adults here, right? We can handle writing a few paragraphs utilizing proper grammar and nice imagery.

You nag me, I take longer on your reply, plain and simple. I'm sorry that you feel a sense of entitlement, but my attention is split between roleplay, video games, socializing, drinking, and responsibilities. I also have a medical issue at the moment that keeps me from being on and completing things as much as I'd like. You are not my greatest priority, and if you find you cannot wait for a quality reply, you can just delete me outright.

The following are more guidelines than anything else, and are not enforced as strictly as the above.

Crossovers are fine. I'd be happy to make Castiel a naive human for our roleplay if that works better for you, or you can insert your character into the Supernatural verse. I'm flexible.

I tend towards being a novella roleplayer, but I can go down to multi-para or up to mega novella if need be. I'd ask that you not attempt to one-line with me, nor do I really want anything under two paragraphs. I'd prefer around four paragraphs per response, but I do understand that not everyone can manage that every time. As long as you give me at least two paragraphs, I won't complain.

You can bunny Castiel, but you may not godmod him. This means that you cannot write his actions or dialogue, nor can you assume he'd behave in a certain way, no matter how much of an expert you feel you are on Supernatural. However, if they've made arrangements to go somewhere, feel free to set off with Cas in tow. When in doubt, ask me.

I prefer talking to my fellow roleplayers out of character. I suppose it's not that big an issue, but it's considerably more awkward for me to have Cas interacting with your character when I don't even know your name. Again, I understand the need for privacy, so I'm lax when it comes to this. I like being chummy with my connections, though. I mean, you guys are my mains, right? May as well have some conversation.

I'm female in real life. If you've got a problem with girls playing guys, then I guess we won't be roleplaying.

In character drama is a must. I'm not going to roleplay with you if our characters are just going to skip off into the sunset and frequent bars and LOL MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE LOCALS. If you want honey and sugar, look elsewhere.

Out of character drama is a no-no. Once we become friends, I don't mind being your sounding board. Go ahead and tell me when you're upset and need to talk about something that happened in real. That's what friends are for, and I value online friendships just as much as ones I've developed in real life. However, if you're going to criticize any of my life choices, show yourself out. I've had problems in the past with former friends judging me for the things I do in my personal life, so here's a fair warning: In real life, I drink. I smoke. I swear. Do not expect me to be some naive teenager that disapproves of sex before marriage and underage drinking, because I'm warning you right now, I will not tolerate judgment. I'm twenty years old, and I'm fully capable of making my own decisions. I don't judge anyone, so kindly extend the same tolerance to me.

In my headcanon, Cas is Demisexual. In layman's terms, this means he will be asexual until he develops a love for someone. Doesn't that make more sense than him having a definitive orientation? ;}

I SHIP DESTIEL. Kindly refrain from adding me just to get all up on Cas' dick because you think he's irresistible or you like Misha Collins or something. Hah, no.

I'm actually extremely nice out of character. SO, UM, LET'S TALK. :}

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/13/2011 06: PM 


Many birthday Wishes to our members which are like family. On your special day you will receive something special from the Owners. As well as a group chat with the rest of us. Many Birthday wishes to our family! :D

Courtlynn Oranges

06/13/2011 10: PM 

My roleplay story :')
Current mood:  adored

HOWDYY O.O IT'S COURTLYNN ORANGES!! Okay so I decided to write my whole roleplay story on here! All these facts are true as to what I can remember. You don't have to read it but it'll be very touching and moving to your heart lollll! Okay here goes, let's see if I can even remember it all.

2006- So I just kind of figured out what roleplay even was. I had my real life myspace and well I was going through some personal things with my home life so I was always in my room on the computer and I realized it was dumb because there was really nothing to do on the computer. So I decided to make another myspace account and use a weird name. I think my name was Madison. Idk if I had a lastname yet but yeah. I used a random sitemodel photo and just started adding random celebrities that I loved. I came accross a few Vanessa Hudgens roleplayers and their profiles said they were roleplayers. So I messaged one girl and asked her what a roleplayer was. She said you just make up a name and chose a face and meet different people everyday and act out scenes and have fun! And make your profile look cute and pictures look cute. So I took her advice and I did all that. My name was still Madison. I never really got into roleplay then, I actually thought it was pretty stupid. So I never came back. I didn't delete my account so I still had my second one.

2007- It wasn't until like the end of 2007 that I came back to roleplay. I was bored one day and I decided to log onto the Madison account. It was probably November or December of 07. I logged on and I saw a few friend requests and a few comments. They were all from roleplayers. So I decided to give roleplay another try. I changed my name to Chloe Monroe. That was my official very first roleplay name. And that's when I made my profile background oranges, it all began there. I roleplayed Vanessa Hudgens. I talked to some random people and it was very fun, but I wasn't convinced to stay since my real life was pretty good then. When I came back from winter break it was..

2008- My life wasn't very good or exciting so I went on back to roleplay. Still using Chloe Monroe as my name. Sometime in that month of January I met my very first roleplay best friend. We still talk today but not as much as of course in 2008. Her name was Haley. I forgot her last name :| But she was my backbone. We talked everyday after school on myspace and we made jokes together and had tons of pictures in an album haha. Soon we realized that school was taking over our time on roleplay so we decided to text. If we weren't on myspace talking, we were texting. She suddenly became a very good friend in real life too. We related to each other. We got our first boyfriends together and it was a lot of fun! My first boyfriend his name was Drake. I still miss him. He was very cute. We then broke up a month or two later, but it was still fun to have a boyfriend. By then it was March and I decided to change my name to Jazzylynn Oranges. That's when I officially became Miss Oranges! And of course it matched my oranges background I already had! Towards the end of that schoolyear I never really had much friends in real life so I put all my troubles to roleplay and made great friends. In May I got a new boyfriend named Niko Anderson. Right there was the beginning of amazingness and saddness. I miss him so much </3. When school let out I had more time to spend with him since he was in California time he was 3 hours behind me. So I would stay up late talking to him and Haley on that Chatzy thing! I also made 2 other new friends named Brianna and Faith. All 4 of us were called the FANTASTIC 4! Court, Bri, Fay, Kay. Haley changed her name to Kayley so that's who Kay was haha. They were my best friends and it was starting of summer. We all talked on the chatzy to talk in a group and it was so much fun. I also go to talk to Niko at late nights and he amazed me in so many ways and told me all these things that I couldn't even believe you could hear through roleplay. I loved him. Then one day, the day that changed everything for me on roleplay. He told me he would be on later that night since he was going to an end of the year school party. I waited for him. He never showed up. I waited for another week and he still never showed online. Then I was going to Key West for vacation for a week so maybe by then he would be online. This was before I had internet on my phone so I just texted Kayley(Haley) the whole time on vacation and asked her to check his profile for me to see if he showed up. But he never did. I came back from vacation heartbroken. I figured since he'd been gone for a few weeks that he wasn't coming back so I decided to set my status as single again and it was all over. I also changed my name to Courtlynn Oranges. That was the first time I have ever used Courtlynn. And everyone knows me by Courtlynn. It was the beginning of summer and I was already sad. I started to make a lot of new friends. Thankfully I had my fantastic 4. Until Bri decided to leave us. She said she was leaving roleplay for good because she grew up. So now it was 3. Faith kind of left and came back a lot. I still do not know where she is and I would love to kind her again. I miss her. I made a lot of new friends that summer. Sometime around that point someone messaged me saying if I was Niko's girfriend. I said yes. She said "Hi I'm his step sister and I just wanted to let you know that he was in a car accident the night he went out with his friends." I was in shock and couldn't believe it. I talked to her for a day or so and realized that Niko was really gone, for good forever. RIP Niko Anderson. At that moment I realized that love can be taken away from me at all points in my life and that was one of them. I was sad and cried for hours about it and I prayed to God to ask him to say hello for me. I know he's up there looking down on me, I miss you Niko. By around the end of June to the beginning of July I met the most amazing guy in the world. His name was Caine Black. He was my best guy friend. We talked for hours on myspace and aim. We stayed up until 6am talking on aim until he had to go to work haha. He was incredible. He was like another Niko for me. He said things that were inspirational to my heart. He cared about me and loved me. I still don't know where he is, but if he's out there I miss him. I miss you Jeremy. I think that was how you spelled your name haha but I miss you. He was my friend for that whole summer and got me through my hard times I was going through. I also still had Kayley. We were always on and off though since she always changed her name a billion times. We stopped texting. We only texted every once in a while. I also had a boyfriend that summer, his name was Jake Yellow. We dated most of the summer but I broke up with him because he only signed on 5 minutes each day which was not okay for me lol. Besides I was totally in love with Caine. The end of summer around August, Caine told me he was leaving roleplay and going to take a break. He said he would come back in the near future and we will meet again. That has yet to happen but I am still hoping and waiting. I think I cried for an hour when he told me he was leaving :( I was so sad. I decided to leave myself. Since I would be a sophomore then I figured it was good for me to leave and not get so attached to this place. Boy was I wrong.

2009- I took a long break and came back just over winter break and the year turned 2009. I was still Courtlynn Oranges. But I had to make a lot of new friends because all of mine left. I met so many new friends instantly. They weren't best friends though just close ones. I was on and off of roleplay until summer started. It was June. I saw a bulletin and I decided to answer the guy's problem. I answered it and we became best friends. His name was Noah Jonas. We talked for hours on roleplay. He became one of those guys that you thought was your best friend but you also had feelings for too. That's what happened to me. One day Haley came back into my life too and I was so happy! Idk what her name was but it was definatley Haley it was her my very first rp best friend! That summer was the best for me. I made a lot of new friends such as Charlotte Bonker and her boyfriend Ryan were my close friends. I am still friends with Charlotte today we talk on our rl facebooks same with Haley and I. During that summer I changed my name a few times. To Katarina Oranges. People probably know me by that name too I had that name most of the summer. Then I changed it to Serendipity Fate for a while. I decided to take a break from my oranges last name. But people still knew it was me and it was kind of hard to hide from anyone so I went back to Courtlynn Oranges. I also had a boyfriend named Austin but most people would know him as Johnny Rocket. We dated for a few weeks and he was nice and cool we also talked a long time on aim and had late nights on aim and we texted each other through aim on our phones whenever we weren't online, he was adorable. But it never worked out so we just broke up and stayed friends. By July or so I met this guy named Dylan. He was sweet and funny and cute. We became best friends quickly. He was amazing. We talked everyday and it was great! We started dating. He always made my day with his sarcasm. I also changed my name to Shelby Oranges at some point during that time. By the end of summer Dylan said he wouldn't come online all the time anymore. I said the same thing. We still decided to be together and make it work. When school started I think I changed my name back to Courtlynn Oranges. I never changed my name again after that point. I realized I would always be little Courtie Oranges hahah. Anyway around September or October Dylan and I broke up. He never signed on again after our break up. I was upset but I figured maybe that was my chance to leave roleplay. So I did.

2010- I came back again of course during winter break again! Hahaha and the year changed to 2010. I was still good friends with Charlotte Bonker and a few other people like Noah and Haley and Juno Maddie, Silly Maddie, Delaney Maine, Popitin Blassin, Pace Lyric, and Cait Moya. I also had a few other friends that surprisingly still remembered me. Roleplay was starting to get slow and weird and annoying. By the summer of 2010 everyone had moved on and deleted or went over to facebook. So I decided to go to facebook. I went to facebook and met my old friends I found Juno Maddie, Noah, and Haley! It was the best! As my senior year started I decided to deactivate my account for the year and now...

2011- I just recently came back and I am so glad I did. It's been a long journey with all of you. And I know that I have talked to you all at least once in my life. I miss the old roleplay when people made photoshopped pics and people made hate sites about people. Now the hate sites weren't cool but still. I am still mad at whoever made my hate site that was just weird and pathetic but it's ok I forgive you. I miss everyone and everything. I miss how it all used to be. But I can't look back now. I just have to remember the awesome memories that I will cherrish for a long time :)

If you ever knew me or are one of these people I mentioned in my story and you would like to reunite with me, please feel free to speak up and talk to me! Or if you were one of my close friends whom I never mentioned still speak up and talk to me! I will most likely remember you :) Here are some other sites to contact me on you can find me on my rp facebook obviously my name is Courtlynn Oranges on there haha and you can ask me for my rl facebook if you would like to be friends with me on there. You can follow me on my tumblr page at

Chris Steele

06/11/2011 01: AM 

Character History (Volume Five: Redemption)


Post Season 3/Pre-Season 4: With everything over with, Chris goes to take care of another problem, Arthur Petrelli. Chris arrives at Pinehearst and faces off against Arthur. Arthur quickly steals all of Chris' powers, again. Using a gun he brought with him, Chris quickly takes out his uncle before Arthur can do anything to stop him.

Going back to New York, and trying to live a normal life, Chris is approached by Major General Jack O'Neill. Jack, who has been following on what's been going on, invites Chris to join a special program. After giving it some thought, Chris leaves, not saying where he has gone.

Chris joins a top secret program, known as Stargate Command. While he's with Stargate Command, Chris comes across a watch that attaches itself upon his wrist. Unable to get the watch off his wrist, he soon learns that the watch contains various abilities, like flight, super speed, and sound manipulation. Because of this, Chris is soon ordered by Jack O'Neill, who unbeknownst to Chris, is working along side the new, government funded Company, to investigate and come into contact with evolved humans.

Approximately five weeks later, Chris is back at Stargate Command where he runs into Mohinder, who has been working for the program. Mohinder explains that they've come up with a new formula, based off of Kathryn's DNA. Getting injected with the new formula, Chris regains his ability and absorbs Mohinder's enhanced strength. Saying goodbye to Mohinder and joining the new Company, Chris leaves and begins gaining new abilities.

Shortly after leaving Cheyenne Mountain, Chris meets up with Mark Stevens. The two discuss his ability and after duplicating it, he heads to California to get Claire's ability. However, before he does, Chris meets up with Adam Park, a mysterious young man. Learning the truth and grabbing two of Adam's abilities, Chris leaves, but not before his inner hollow takes over and does some damage to nearby buildings.

Traveling to Virginia, Chris meets Claire, and finds a body. Investigating, the two find out that the body was a victim of an animal attack. Meeting Annie, Claire's hyper roommate, Chris warns her that something will happen soon. Taking Claire's ability, Chris leaves. On his way back East, Chris meets Erik T. Metzger, and gains his teleportation ability. After doing some training with Erik, the two part ways.

Going back home to New York City, Chris gets a message from Elle Bishop, who he heard was dead. Saving her life and taking her in. During this time, he takes her ability and sometime later, he leaves, promising that he will be back. Going up to D.C., he meets with Nathan Petrelli and during their meeting, tries to take Nathan's ability of flight. However, he instead takes on Sylar's intuitive aptitude and telekinetic abilities. Chris also takes a part of Sylar's subconscious.

After giving in and activating Sylar's intuitive aptitude, Chris gets the "hunger" and begins going on a killing spree, taking on the name, Kelevra (Jewish, meaning bad dog), killing at least one person and taking their abilities. Shortly afterwards, he begins a mission to get Sylar's subconscious out of his mind and back into his own body. He first goes to his aunt, Angela Petrelli, and attempts to gain the information by threatening her. Angela outwits him and Chris confesses to what he's done. Learning of Nathan's actual demise and the plan to make Sylar think that he is Nathan, Chris and Angela strike a deal. In exchange for his silence and non interference, Angela will help Chris keep his secret, a secret.

Season 4: Season Four starts out with Chris "investigating" the death of Vera Johnson, an elderly woman with the ability to manipulate plants, and his second victim. In a routine check-in, Chris meets Juliet Bishop, Elle's twin sister. Learning that she has telepathy, he decides to go back on Angela's plan, for the most part, and use Juliet to get Sylar's subconscious back in his own mind. However, Chris and Juliet fall in love and start dating.

Hearing about a carnival of evolved humans from Noah Bennet, Chris travels to the carnival and meets Samuel Sullivan, the leader of the carnival. After learning that Samuel can help him control the hunger and get rid of Sylar's subconscious, Chris decides to join his "family". In exchange for doing so and being able to live in the city, Chris agrees to bring others to the carnival in hopes that they'll join.

After meeting with Samuel and Lydia, Chris is tasked with bringing Sylar to the carnival. Also getting a picture message on his cell phone from Samantha Miller, he goes to Baltimore, Maryland and meets an amnesic Sylar. On the run from the Baltimore Police, Chris gains a couple more of Sylar's abilities, and the two travel to the carnival, where Samuel welcomes them home. Entering the carnival, Chris gives Sylar part of his memory and part of his consciousness, although his half-brother needs some more work, being conflicted with Nathan's memories. While Sylar sleeps, Chris leaves on another assignment.

Supposedly feeling regretful and overwhelmed, Chris decides to talk to Peter, in hopes that his cousin could help him cope and control the hunger. Hearing that Peter and Noah Bennet was ambushed by a speedster, he is also there to make sure Peter is alright. Finding out that Peter has the man, Edgar's super speed ability, Chris offers Peter to absorb his teleportation ability. Peter refuses and tells Chris about a carnival in which Edgar works for. Deciding to go, Peter runs them over there, and Chris snatches Peter's super speed ability beforehand. The two split up and Peter tells him not to do anything Sylar-like.

While "searching" for Edgar, Chris meets up with Samuel once more and tells him that Peter's there. Intending to bring Peter to Samuel, the man is surprised when Samuel meets up with them after he finds Peter. Chris introduces the two and tells his cousin that he's joined Samuel's "family", and only brought him here so he could join as well. Peter, clearly upset at what happens, leaves angrily. About to go after his cousin, Chris is stopped by Samuel, who tells him to go talk to his mother. Chris is surprised to see his mother, who is still alive and well. Kathryn explains that she faked her death in order to hide from the government. She met Arnold at the carnival and decided to stay. However, with the Arnold's death, Kathryn feels an empty void. She then tells her son that his ability is flawed and imperfect. Using her ability, she corrects it. Kathryn also tells Chris that his other half-brother, Steven Steele is at the carnival as well and that Chris should see him before he leaves.

Meeting up with his brother, Chris and Steven catch up briefly. Steven shows his brother that he can manipulate energy and Chris duplicates the ability, ditching his electric manipulation ability. As he's about to leave, Chris meets up with Hiro Nakamura. Surprised that Hiro's at the carnival, he learns what Samuel did, with Charlie and all. Duplicating Hiro's ability and ditching the teleportation ability, Chris vows to help out Hiro, but not right now. Before he leaves, Hiro tells Chris where he put Mohinder Suresh at.

Leaving Steven, his mother, and the carnival, Chris about to go search for Sylar when Juliet tells him that she's pregnant confirming it with a visit to the doctor's, the two spend one last night together before Chris leaves. Deciding to go get help, Chris meets Matt Parkman for the first time and learns that Sylar's consciousness is inside Matt's head. Offering to transfer the consciousness into his own body, Matt refuses, and tells Chris that he'll deal with Sylar himself. As a parting gift, Matt allows Chris to duplicate his telepathy, getting rid of telekinesis.

Getting an invitation to the carnival with Juliet, the two go there and thanks to Lydia, they learn that they are having twins. On his way out to get an engagement ring, Chris decides to visit Peter, who is mourning over Nathan's death. Going to the hospital, he stops a potential hostage situation. Learning from Steven that his mother is sick, Chris convinces Peter to go and heal his mother. The three travel back to the carnival, and Peter heals Kathryn. Afterwards, he and Peter talk about the carnival and Samuel. While talking, Chris remembers what Mohinder told him, that Samuel's power is amplified by having other evolved humans around him. Realizing his mistake, Chris promises to leave the carnival. Before taking Peter back, he partially corrects Peter's ability, allowing his cousin to hold onto more abilities, but not a lot. Taking Peter back, Chris decides to try to stop Samuel, but needs help.

Finding out that Noah Bennet and Edgar are working together, as well as Peter and a newly reformed Sylar, along with Hiro and Ando, Chris decides to join up with Peter and Sylar, along with helping Noah Bennet. While on the day of Samuel's "big show", Chris attempts to turn some of the other carnies against Samuel, who with the help of Noah Bennet and a brain washed Eli, convince the carnies to leave. Once done, he, Peter and Sylar are about to leave. However, before they do, they Chris witness Claire showing her ability to the world.

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