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Nomes Beauty

10/13/2011 04: PM 

Delilah Anderson

Name: Delilah Charlotte AndersonNicknames: None YetAge: UnknownDate Of Birth: UnknownGender: FemaleHeight: 5"0Weight: 90 Lbs.Body Type: CurvyRace: Vampire/PriestessHair: BrownEyes: GreenSkin: PaleStatus: SingleOrientation: BiChildren: AngelicFather: Alexander AndersonMother: Fledgling Of Alucards KadjiOld Lovers: Alucard, Sephiroth (Was Husband And Father Of Angelic)Bio: Coming Soon

Nomes Beauty

10/13/2011 03: PM 

Black Widow And Kaida

Name: Black WidowNicknames: Widow, The ReaperAge: EighteenDate Of Birth: UnknownGender: FemaleHeight: 5'0Weight: Ninety PoundsBody Type: Thin And CurvyRace: Spider Turned HumanHair: Crimson/BlackEyes: Crimson/BlackSkin: PaleTattoos/Markings: A Spider Mark In her EyeAbility/Talent: Not Much Is Know About Widow, She Is That Of A Mystery, The Spider In Her Eye Allows Her To Bring Out Any Spider She Wants. She Is Adept At Making Poisons And Skilled At Throwing Poisoned Needles She Made From Her Spiders Venom.Personality: She Is Cold, sadistic, Non Caring, Collected.Status: SingleSexual orientation: StraightStuff You Need To Know: Black Widow Was Artificially Created As An Experiment, She Was Once A Black Widow But Was Forced Human As The Scientist Wanted To Create The Most Perfect Weapon. She Was Just A Little Girl When She Could No Longer Take It Anymore And Went Crazy, Her Eye Burst Forth Thousands Of Spiders And Killed The Scientists Where She Escaped. She Wondered The Streets Till A Rich Husband And Wife Found Her And Adopted Her Giving Her A New Name. Later In Life She Was Forced To Watch Her Family be Killed By Unknown People, And Swore That She Will Soon Get Revenge.Name: Kaida ArmelleNicknames: Princess, DragonAge: UnknownDate Of Birth: UnknownGender: FemaleHeight: 4"11Weight: 70 Lbs.Body Type: CurvyRace: Human/DragonHair: BlueishEyes: PurpleSkin: PaleAbility(If Demon)/Talent:Her Talents Are Singing, DancingHer Powers Are Dragon Magic, Controlling Dragons, Summoning DragonsPersonality:Shy, QuietStatus: SingleSexual orientation: StraightMother: Doesn't MatterFather: Doesn't MatterFamily To Her: The DragonsHistory:Kaida Was Born To A King And Queen Of The Kingdom Of Lavithian, A Power Hungry Kingdom Who Had Heard Of The Legend Of Every Thousand Years A Princess Being Born Who Can Control Dragons. The Baby Would be Born With A Dragon Tattoo On Her Shoulder, Well Kaida Was Born With That tattoo And The Parents Were Over joyed At The Fact They Could Become Even More Powerful. What They Forgot To Listen To During The Reading Of The Legend About The Dragon Princess, Which Was That She Would Grow Up To Control The Dragon, They Thinking That She Was To Be Offered For Death Went To The Cave Of The Dragons And Offered Her To Them Exposing Her Tattoo. The King Of Dragons Looked At Them Then At The Baby With The Dragon Tattoo, He Took the Baby And Handed It To The Queen Who Started To Take Care Of Kaida. The King Of Dragons Refused To Give Back The Child And Told Them That They had Been Denied Their Powers And Their Aid, The Queen And King Went Back To The Kingdom Empty Handed. Kaida On The Other Hand Had Grown Into A Beautiful Young Women Who Was A Kind Ruler Never Taking Advantage Of The Dragons, She Loved To Explore And Had Her Own Dragon That She Would Ride.

ᵉᵐᵖᵗʸ ❦ habit

10/13/2011 06: PM 

Rules of the land

I am the ORIGINAL Madeline Annabelle Petrova {✖ρuяe-∂esiяe!}on I have been on under this name since 10/10/11 and on or myspace in general since 2009. I also do not claim to N.D She is a talented and beautiful Actoress but I am just me. Letting you all know now that through roleplay I will act very much like I want to , but in OOC i will be regular Me. ALL PICTURES UP CURRENTLY IN ALBUMS WERE MADE By ME! It took time and energy into making them so please don't take without asking. They are all labeled and have hidden labels. Besides i have the originals. I think I should be able to tell. Otherwise they will be from a premade site[I will tag to let you know]STEAL AND YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW WHAT I WILL DO TO YOU . . .A Roleplayer:Many people Ask what a Roleplayer is, and here is our answer. A roleplayer is a person creating an imaginary character and bringing it to life through playwrights. You are in a way the person you are roleplaying on, One World, and Sitemodel.if you have gotten this far put,the best gif. of C.Reed or your playby that you can find.Type of Roleplayer:I am strictly a Paragraph, Multi-Paragraph, and Novella rp. One liners can be boring and suck the fun out of roleplaying. A minimum for one paragraph is 5-8 sentences and hopefully you can go well over that. The more you put into the description and your lines itself, gives the person you are roleplaying with more to go on then just one line. If I get bored, I am sorry but don't expect a reply.I will,However, Give you one warning.When given said warning, you will be asked to Please re-write your starter or reply.Also I DO NOT want a starter to be sent to me UNLESS we have talked about a storyline.SPARKLES:Many of the roleplayers today roleplay as vampires. Those hot, smexii people who like Ian Sommerhalder make us drool. Now we all know there are different ways to describe vampires and we in general, don't see how sparkles fit into it? No offense to the Twilight Saga roleplayers but when you roleplay with myself  can you please cut the sparkles out. It would really help out a lot and co-inside with the other vampire roleplayers who are mainly from Buffy, Sooky, TVD, VA, and HON; just to name a few.Perspectives:I would like to ask you to either roleplay in First or Second Perspective. Please do not jump from, "I walked along..." to "the road as she looked up at the night sky." It gets to the point of annoying and I seriously don't like it. [Go along with whatever perspective your starter person sent initially.]Grammer:Spell check is our favorite button! I am not a grammer Nazi but try to be proficient. We all are not perfect but don't overdo the miss spells.I have dyslexia{yes you hear this alot,but i have had it for all my life, I deal with it and as you see I do not let it get to bad when I write} so I know mistakes happen. If you have read this far put,Your best quote that you think i will like.Mature Content:First and foremost I am a Mature RP. Which means blood, violence,sex, and curse words will be used. However when it comes to roleplaying Sex, that is an individual right. I will read your rules, and be respectful toward them. If you have a love intrest already . . .  I ain't anyone's hoe. I do belive that if I am with a guy I need to be faithful to him.Yes this is how I feel in roleplay and real life.Cheating is cheating.even if it is just a storyline!Though if I am taken in real life I will have Ana date on here.This is roleplay Not real life!Profile Help:I really hope you all respect me enough to not steal anything off of my page. It took a whole lot of frickin work to get it... perfectly perfect in every way lol. If you see something you like, message me or comment me. I may help you find it or if I like you make you one similar. But please don't take advantage. Cause I can be a bitch when i need to be.Yes at the Momment my WHole layout{Picutres to} came from a premade site the link is on my page.Roleplay Face:I am one of those people who dislike duplicate roleplay faces in family. Meaning I rarely roleplay with a N.D rp face . The only exceptions are Twins/Triplets and Dopplegangers and sometimes if your storyline is good. Base to base situations. Finally:After you completed reading the information above please sign below with "Beauty is as pure as its true intent." It has a ring to it doesn't it ;D I may have a lot of rules for some of you but roleplay has slacked off a lot and I for one would like to have more fun. So send some love, and I will see you soon.Also do not sign with "read and understood." make it intresting but do put your name and displayname at the bottomThanks,Anastasia PetrovaA.K.A Pure Desire

Nomes Beauty

10/13/2011 05: PM 

Another Animal Character

Name: ArtemisAge: UnknownDate Of Birth: UnknownGender: FemaleRace: Goddess LionessPride: NonePride Status: NoneFur: Yellow And Green, With Star Dust Coating Her PeltEyes: Greyish GreenMarkings: A Moon On Her ForeheadAbility/Talent: She Is Able To Shift The Moon, Control The Stars, She Is Better At Night And Able To Actually Take Down Lots Of Enemies Without Effort When Full Moon, It Also Gives Her Destructible Powers. Personality: She is Shy And Also Self Confident, Kind-Hearted, And She Is Also A Very Dangerous Person If You Cross Her She Will Kill You.Status: SingleMate: NoneSexual orientation: StraightStuff You Need To Know: Artemis Is Goddess Of The Moon, Night And Stars, She Is Very Powerful But Is Also Very Kind. Her Sister Hera Hated Her So Chased Her Off Of Mount Olympia, When She Left She Wondered Into Some Lands. She Does Not Know Anyone And Is Usually Sleeping In The Day Time Since She Is Very Weak And Tired In The Sun. 

Nomes Beauty

10/13/2011 02: PM 

Cresentia And Kokuei
Current mood:  adored

Name: Crescentia Age: 2 Years Breed: Husky Fur Color: Dark Purple/Grey Eye Color: Violet Mate:None Family Mother:Unknown Father:Unknown Bio/History: Crescentia Had Lived On The Outskirts Of The Town In Nome Alaska, She Was Once A Pure White Husky But Then Her Old Owner Had Experimented On her And Turned Her A Purple Color While Changing Her Eye Color To. After That Had Happened She Had Left Her Owner Running Away And Living On her Own, Hiding From The Other Animals As They Always Seemed To make Fun Of Her For Being Different. Soon She Decided To Travel And So No Off She Had Went, She Has A Distrust Of Humans But At The Same Time Is looking For A Owner Who Would Take Care Of Her Or At Least A Mate Who Can Love Her For Her. Name: Kokuei Nicknames: Kitten, Kitty, Kit Kat, Hime, Princess Age: Teenager Date Of Birth: February Fourteenth Gender: Female Race: Lioness Pride: Pridelanders Pride Status: Princess Fur: Rainbow Eyes: Light Blue And Purple Markings: Moon Breaking Into Stars On Her Head, Tribal Heart On Her Shoulder, And A Music Heart On Her Right Eye Ability/Talent: She Is Really Good At Hunting And Fighting. Personality: She Is Calm And Shy, Sweet, Kind-Hearted, Unselfish, But Also Very Emotional At Times Because Of What She Is, But If She Has To She Can Be Mean, And A Fighter. Family: Mom: Kiara Dad: Kovu Grandfather: Simba Grandmother: Nala Status: Single Mate: None Sexual orientation: Straight Stuff You Need To Know: Kokuei Isn't A Normal Color, She Is A Rainbow Colored Lioness With Weird Markings. She Didn't Know Who Her Family Is But Knew She Came From The Pride Lands, She Got Stolen As A Cub By Hunters Who Sold Her To Scientists Who Worked In A Lab In Africa, For Her Growing Up Years They Experimented With Colors On Fur, After Some Time She Managed To Escape, But The Colors Stayed And So Did The Markings They Put On Her. She Thinks Of Herself As A Freak, Although It Wasn't Her Fault, And After Some Time She Found Her Way Back To The Pridelands, And Found Her Real Family.

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