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Discord Aislyn#7966


Shae Wolfe


Drake was born in Beacon Hills, amongst the ranks of the Hale family. From a young age he developed a strong bond with his siblings of the three Laura, Cora, and Derek. He held his brother in the highest regard, despite their large age gap, often seeking him out as a play mate and comforter.

Basic Information
Full Name - Drake Shae Wolfe
Pronunciation - D-rake S-hay Wolf
Pet Names - brat, kid, squirt, runt, pup
Signature - fancy cursive
Gender - Male
Gender Role - He's not very macho, more mischievous and playful.
Orientation - Straight
Real Age - 16
Age Appearance - He looks his age, however stubble makes him look a year or two older.
Birthday - October 16th
Birthplace - Beacon Hills
Species - Werewolf
Ethnicity - White
Preferred Hand - Right handed
Facial Type - Round
Eye Color - Sky Blue
Hair Color - Jet black
Hairstyle - Spiked up/unkempt
Skin Tone - Fair with a slight tan.
Body Type - Athletic
Build Lean, strong runner, agile with boyish features stil lingering.
Height - 5"8
Weight - 150
Facial Hair - Very thin, but dark. He is still debating if he likes it or not.
Shoe Size (Self Explanatory)
Birthmarks/scars - Claw marks on the back of his neck.
Distinguishing Features - Striking blue eyes and jet back hair
Health - A little too healthy, his adoptive family is vegetarian and so he craves meat. Hide your fridge.
Energy - He's always in the mood to rough house or go for a run, but man does the kid love his sleep.
Memory - The trauma from the fire has caused him to bury most of his childhood memories deep in his mind, but he remembers Derek and especially Peter.
Senses - As keen as a wolf's.
Allergies - None
Handicaps - Sensitive scars on the back of his neck which an awaken his wolf if stimulated.
Medication - Powerful pain killers to dull his pre shifts. These are sharp pains he has as the full moon approaches, which can cause him to collapse. He usually sleeps the majority of the day due to a large dosage, but the closer the moon gets, the faster his body will burn through it. He will eventually wake up and have to face the pain of a full wolf shift. )
Phobias - He has severe separation anxiety, due to being apart from Derek for so long. He is especially frantic when in his wolf form, often curling up in a corner or pacing and whining nonstop. .)
Addictions - Chewing on Derek's wallet.
Mental Disorders - He does have trauma due to his past, which stunted his wolf form physically and also causes him to have agonizing shifts.


When it comes to his bond with Derek, Drake often finds that the two of them couldn't be more opposite. Derek can be a bit of a grouch while his kid brother is genuinely kind for the most part.

Derek tends to train to keep in shape, working out to keep his body in top form, while Drake would rather use a more natural method. It's not uncommon for him to jump on Derek's back out of no where to start a scuffle and more often then not. This leads to the two using their wolf forms and rough housing.

Though once Drake has had his fill of play, he tends to settle down and like the overgrown pup he is, settle in for a nap.

Who I'd like to meet:

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