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Once Upon A Time

Half had grown still as the eagles chased the last of the orc armies back into the depths of the mealworm holes, any remaining forces on foot retreated to the ruins of Dale to help push the filth from the fallen city. Azog had been run through, Bolg had fallen to his 'death', and the line of Durin was dangling -- barely clutching on to dear life. Grief for the fallen began to coat the area like a blanket of depression - but the attention of those mourning would soon be demanded. To the south, a thick cloud of black smoke, riddled with steady red lightening and the loud ominous crack of its thunder began to work its way toward them. This was no ordinary storm. These clouds reached from the skies down to the ground, rushing its way toward them like a typhoon, flooding the lands, splashing up against the mountains and sinking into it's valleys.

Once engulfed into its thick, dangerous-looking mass, all would feel suffocated. Their bodies would feel the tugging and tossing as the curse took them, fogging their minds and claiming the people of middle earth as it's prisoners. Out with the old memories, in with the new, magically appropriated to make sense in the new realm where they would be relocated; safe from Sauron's eventual rule, but also unable to stop him. The enactors of the curse were the first to go, but unlike the others, they embraced the smoke and welcomed the rough ride into a new land where they would have a say in how things were done and how the people related with one another, unlike their home realm.

In Storybrooke, all things had just been bright, sunny, but chilly. Winter had begun, no snow had fallen as of yet, but it would come - eventually. Thanks to the weather it didn't take long before all the towns people noticed the sudden cover of black clouds. Gasps and cries of 'another curse' filled the streets as a panic ensued and everyone ran to find their loved ones. Little did they notice that the cloud had not come for them, but clashed like a wave against the barrier that surrounded the town, creating magical, electrical -like pulses to light up their skies. Their barrier rejected the curse - because there was no space for what it carried. Instead, the smoke cascaded into the area due north of the town line, massing into a giant dome-like cloud for a few moments. Then, it slipped away, leaving in its place, a town with a population just under three hundred. Upon inspection of the north, just over the town line, a sign was posted, just as historic looking as Storybroooke's:




First Age

Galadriel was born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees, before the First Age had even begun. Much of Galadriel's story is confusing, and there are several distinct tales told about her collected in the Unfinished Tales. According to the older account, used in the published Silmarillion, Galadriel was an eager participant and leader in the rebellion of the �oldor and their flight from Valinor due to her desire to one day rule over a patch of Middle-earth herself.

She was eager to see Middle-earth, having heard of it from F�anor, and wanted to rule a realm of her own. She swore no oaths and was in like mind with Fingon, son of Fingolfin.

However, separated from F�anor and his kin, she and her people did not take part in the Kinslaying at Alqualond�. They followed Fingolfin instead and crossed the Helcarax� in the far north.

Once in Beleriand, she lived nominally with one of her brothers, most likely Finrod, but spent much time at the court of Thingol and Melian in Menegroth, where she arrived in FA 52 and was welcomed because of her family relationship to Thingol's brother Olw�, Galadriel's maternal grandfather. She met Celeborn, a kinsman of Thingol, in Doriath. She also traveled to visit her brother, Finrod, in his realm of Nargothrond multiple times. All three of her brothers were killed during various battles in the First Age.

Galadriel became friends with Melian the Maia who wanted to know the cause of the exile of the Noldor. Galadriel only briefly narrated the story, leaving out the death of Finw�, the Kinslaying at Alqualond�, and the burning of the ships at Losgar. She dwelt in Nargothrond with her brother Finrod, and asked him if he would take no wife. But Finrod had taken an oath only for himself, and his beloved was left in Valinor.

She played a relatively insignificant part in the wars of the First Age, as she thought that defeating Morgoth was beyond the power of the Eldar, and when Morgoth was defeated by the coming of the Valar out of the West she, having played no part in the Kinslaying, was offered safe return to Valinor. But Galadriel, being prideful, chose to remain in Middle-earth.

Second Age

Celeborn and Galadriel traveled first to Lindon, where they ruled over a group of Elves as a fiefdom under Gil-galad. Sometime later, they had a daughter, Celebr�an. They moved eastward and established the realm of Eregion, or Hollin, which they ruled under Gil-galad, the High King of the Noldor. Eregion, to the west of the Misty Mountains near Moria, was a prosperous kingdom during this time, and had open trade with the Dwarves. Also, during this time, they made contact with a Nandorin settlement in the valley of the Anduin, later to be known as Lothl�rien. Subsequently, while Celebrimbor now ruled over Eregion, they left Eregion by way of the mines of Khazad-d�m and became the Lord and Lady of Lothl�rien.

During the Second Age, the Maia Annatar, the "Lord of Gifts", guided Celebrimbor and the other �oldor of Eregion in the creation of the Rings of Power. Galadriel took an immediate distrust to Annatar, and it later turned out that this mistrust was justified, as he was finally revealed to be Sauron. It was she who counseled Celebrimbor in the hiding of the rings, and when Eregion was attacked, Galadriel was entrusted with one of the Three Rings of the Elves. Her ring was Nenya, the Ring of Water.

Conscious of Sauron's power, and wishing to thwart it, she did not openly use the powers of her ring as long as the One Ring was in Sauron's hands. However, during the Third Age, when the One Ring was lost, she put it to good use protecting the borders of her realm, for the powers of her ring were protection, preservation, and concealment from evil.

Third Age

Through Celebr�an's wedding to Elrond, Galadriel was the grandmother of Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen.

The tales tell little of Galadriel or of Celeborn during many centuries in the Third Age, but after the formation of the White Council in TA 2463 she put forth her might in opposition of Sauron. She played a pivotal role in the formation of the Council, though her counsel to put Gandalf at its head was not followed. After Sauron was ousted from his fortress of Dol Guldur, L�rien kept vigilance over the region until the time of the War of the Ring.

War of the Ring

During the War of the Ring, Galadriel hosted the Fellowship of the Ring after their escape from the mines of Moria.

Once in Caras Galadhon, Galadriel allowed Frodo and Sam to peer into the Mirror of Galadriel, enabling them to glimpse possible events of the future. She, in turn, was tested when Frodo Baggins later offered to place the One Ring in her keeping. To illustrate what would happen if she accepted, she presented an image of herself corrupted by the ring, declaring, "In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!" In the movie, what she says is different, which is: "In place of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me, and despair!"

Then swiftly she returned to her original form, seemingly smaller and frailer than before, declaring, "I pass the test," refusing the Ring and accepting the fate of diminishing (as the time of the Dominion of Men had come), and returning at last to Valinor. As the Fellowship departed, she gave each member a gift and an Elven cloak, and outfitted the party with boats and supplies. Gimli, in particular, was touched by Galadriel's lordliness and beauty, and asks for one strand of her golden hair as an heirloom of his house; she generously gave him three, which he later set in an impregnable crystal.

Apart from the strands of hair given to Gimli, she gave a Mallorn seed and a small box of earth from her garden to Samwise Gamgee; a green stone set in silver to Aragorn, along with a scabbard for his sword; and a belt each to Boromir, Merry, and Pippin. To Legolas she gave a long, stout bow of the Galadhrim. To Frodo she gave a magical phial, which captured the light of E�rendil's star, without which Frodo and Sam would have been unable to pass through Shelob's lair to complete their quest. After the departure of the Fellowship, Galadriel acted to ensure the success of the quest. It was she who summoned Gwaihir to rescue Gandalf off the peak of Celebdil, and it was she who nursed him back to health, dressing him in white, symbolizing his status as the new leader of the order.

Later, she sent word to Aragorn about the Paths of the Dead, and messages to the Rangers of the North asking for their aid in the War. As Sauron put forth all his power during the end of the War of the Ring, he was aware of the threat of the Elves and their ancient potency, so he sent armies to besiege many of their settlements in the North while simultaneously assailing the major cities of Men and Dwarves. L�rien itself was assaulted three times, but the armies of Dol Guldur were driven back due to the courage of the Elves and the power of Galadriel's Ring.

It is said that the power of her Ring could not be overcome unless Sauron himself would come to do battle. After the fall of Sauron she, with Thranduil of Mirkwood and their elven allies, crossed the Anduin into Dol Guldur, where they tore down its walls and laid bare its pits. She then traveled to Minas Tirith for the wedding of King Aragorn and Lady Arwen, and continued living in L�rien until TA 3021 when she traveled to the Grey Havens and, with the remaining Ring-bearers, took a ship and returned at last to the Undying Lands whence she had come so long ago.


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Nov 22nd 2020 - 10:17 AM

As promised, here are the Gifs.
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or some for your other Characters,
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Have a magical Sundy my Dear.
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Sep 25th 2020 - 12:22 AM

Happy national Love Note Day my dear Friend.


™️мal pяis

Sep 12th 2020 - 3:54 AM

For a brief moment, the sorrow behind Grace’s eyes at his words struck him rather solemnly. He sat there watching the memories of a time in which he did not know flicker across her expression. He idly wondered, silently, if she would be more forthcoming about what happened during that time than his father. He knew the basics, but there were so many gaps that were left to question that he almost considered asking her about this. What did she know that he didn’t? There was a great mystery surrounding that time period. Stories and legends of heroes, what you learned on the surface in history classes and news reports, but he knew, the real story was lost somewhere in between. If he could learn that story, perhaps he would be better equipped to help his father combat and invisible enemy that none of them could see. One that seemed hell-bent on destroying everyone that existed during that time. Including Grace, who was sitting in front of him. He could tell simply by her expression alone and the movie that played silently behind her eyes. He saw the softness and some affectionate sorrow resonate within her expression as she told him that he was truly his father’s son. A half smile tugged at the corner of his lips, but he did not falter. He bowed his head to her slightly in silent gratitude.  It was in that moment that he saw her gaze grow distant, she spoke to him then about fearlessness turning into arrogance. He canted his head for a moment, furrowing his brows in contemplation. His gaze searched her desk that was in front of him. He exhaled a slow breath, glancing back up to her. It was an ominous warning, one that caused a pit to form in his stomach. It was a cold feeling, one that had a bite to it. It was a warning meant for him alone and he meant to keep it in mind. “How am I supposed to combat an enemy that I can’t see?” He inquired of her quietly.

He considered it for a moment longer and then softly spoke up to her. “There’s a lot that I don’t know about that time period and what happened within it. You knew my father then.” It was an assumption, because he knew that they had been great friends once upon a time, perhaps they were still were even if they did not speak much of one another to the children. “Maybe you could tell me what really happened in that war. I think that somewhere, in my heart, if I knew what the real story was then I could help him recover from it. Maybe I could put his mind at ease or help him figure out who is here in our town terrorizing the people inside of it.”

He had recognized the pattern as well, that the town elders were being targeted for whatever reason by someone that couldn’t be named. He didn’t know who this person or persons were, but he knew that they were dangerous. They were even deadly, because it was an invisible foe, one that moved inside of the dark. How could you fight an enemy that you couldn’t see? How could he protect his own family if he didn’t have all of the pieces of the puzzles readily available to him. For whatever reason, his father wouldn’t discuss it with either of his children, he preferred to tell them to do as they were told, not as they thought would be best. Even in their adulthood, this was the norm, but it was time for that to end, at least he thought that it should be. It was time that he was able to do more than what he was told, it was time that he protected his father from an assailant that had already taken far too much of the man.

She cautioned him of the dangers of hypnosis and all that came with it, to which he readily agreed. He didn’t trust anyone more than her to do it. She offered him to sit or lay down, but he opted for sitting, of course. He leaned back into the comfortable chair and let out a slow breath, following her instructions implicitly. He had his doubts at first, if it would work at all, but he soon found himself feeling rather drowsy. A relaxing warmth washed through him and he exhaled slowly. When the soothing sound of her voice told him to close his eyes at the count of three, he did so readily. She assured him that he was safe and that no one could hurt him here, that he was in no danger. Another slow breath was exhaled, and he listened to her instructions. She took him back to a night a few weeks ago when his accident happened. In a blink of an eye, he was back on that wintry street. An unsettling feeling drifted around him, almost a second sight – something was wrong, even if he didn’t know what it was. He just knew that something was going to happen. He stood there, watching the flickering of a caution light that was being pushed by the wind rather violently. A howling rushing of wintry snow pushed past him, but he thought that he saw something off in the pitch-black night that was only disturbed by the specks of snow that swirled about him.

He even recalled touching the hilt of his gun for comfort, resting against the side of his running charger. He had this feeling that danger was looming just out of his sight. As he helped Alesea climb into the car, he heard it again, another faint rumbling of an engine. Nothing was there. He spoke to Grace then.

“Someone was there in the shadows.” He confessed to her. “I could feel them, waiting. I couldn’t see them, only faintly hear the engine, but – they were there watching and waiting.” He explained to her how he walked around his car to get inside when the headlights from the truck came on and it sped out of seemingly nowhere toward him, swerving toward the driver’s side of his vehicle in an attempt to hit him as he moved to get inside. He told her how the broken mirror of his car crunched as the vehicles swiped paint. Each detail, he could give her was readily imparted. The truck was white, snow tires, large running lights on its large frame. Though when he got to the part of sliding off of the hood of his car, he paused. Something struck him then, a vision inside of this hypnosis. As the droplet of crimson struck the snow in front of him from his cuts, he paused to look at it upon his fingers, capturing the next one in his fingers. He rubbed them together and when he looked up, for a brief moment, he felt as if he were displaced. The surroundings were different. He moved to explain them to her, the frozen water. Yet, when she asked him about the tag number, he returned to the memory in which he had lived.

In great detail, he described to her the chase. A partial tag number was given to her, but the other part seemed to have been covered or perhaps it was dirty snow. Either way, he couldn’t make it out. He told her about the speeds in which they were traveling and the harrowing way the road turned. They had ran straight onto his father’s land in the wildlife reserve. He told her how he had figured that they were luring them out there, perhaps to even get to Alesea. Just as he reached to call in the chase on the mic, the white truck swerved hard, slinging its large body sideways in the road. He had to use evasive action to keep from hitting the truck and this is what slung them off the road and into the dense tree line. He explained to her how he must have blacked out. The first thing that he remembered when he woke up was pain. He was trying to check on Alesea and calling Tara and dispatch for assistance. He explained to her the large shadow figure that was outside of his car. He told Grace about the details of the tag, Vermont plates. The voice was gruff, and he explained to her about the gunshots and their conversation outside of his car. He told her all that he could recall up until the point that he would be knocked unconscious again. He told her what they looked like and how they were thugs or redneck types; he couldn’t really discern. Yet, they had everything perfectly planned out.

He went through all of the scenario that he could recall and in as much detail as she asked of him. And then to his captivity in a cave somewhere in the woods of Middletown. What he could remember, he told Grace freely. He explained to her the scent of the place, the noises that he heard and then there was Mai. The description of her features, he was able to recant them, along with the suspicion that he had had back then. It was someone in her family that had taken him. She loathed him and his family, especially his father and he couldn’t have told Grace why.

Intermingled in the jumbled memories the answer existed. It was her – the girl that he had left as a young boy in the captivity of her abusive relatives. The one that had comforted him within the shadows of night. She was nothing more than a child herself and they had shared those moments easily with one another. A kinship had been formed between them and he had left her there. There, in the now of his memories, he pulled out the truth of this situation. She loathed herself, but she was angry. Mai had told him that Alesea was dead as she held a silver blade to his throat, threatening to kill him as well. The two of them struggled with one another, but he had made her a promise in those moments so long ago. He told Grace about reasoning with her, attempting to help her escape from her situation in spite of all of that as well.  He told Grace about how Mai had stood up to his captors to help him get free once again, after trying to kill him.

Each small detail that he could recall, he gave to her. The tears, the pain, the memories of their childhood, it was all there in fragments and broken pieces that were not visible from sedation or unconsciousness. He even told her of their running through the woods and he told her of them being chased. Right down to the minute details of remembering the two voices on the woods and the mysterious white elk. The voice of the male that had called after the two of them about the darkness already being here and that no light in their world could extinguish it.  Even the desperation at how he had thought Mai had perished out in those woods, how he had tried to save her then. They were the epitome of a love/hate relationship in would seem from what he had explained to her. He remembered carrying her through the woods, making a call to Tara and then the familiar voice that came from nothingness. His name was whispered to him and the soft pleading with an entity that he could not see before the world went hazy.

In those simplest of moments of his memory, he recanted to her how Tara had been there in the woods and helped him back into the car. All that was beyond that was a bit confusing and he seemed rather frustrated with it. This is where he struggled to remember the tragedy of what had happened to them or even to recall Mai’s features. Even as he had explained to her, earlier, of his great need to help her, to free her from the confines of her family that held her captive. Whoever they might be. There had to be some way to reach her -- to help her. And within the depths of him, more than revenge, this is what lingered there.

™️мal pяis

Jul 12th 2020 - 8:00 PM

Others in the town had talked about Grace’s ability to see events that would or could transpire in the future, so much so that he had often wondered how much of it had been true. Even his Father had believed in this ability, to a certain degree. When Leo would inquire upon it, he would be met with a modicum of reluctance and then what appeared to be some manner of sadness that tinged the patriarch’s gaze. He had encouraged Leo to see Grace for the troubles that he had upon going to sleep and resting appropriately and as far back as he could recall he had ‘sessions’ with the renowned therapist. However, he had more or less stopped coming to see her when he came of age. There was no point, after all. Therapy hadn’t helped him remember or sort through anything at all, he had wagered. Only after his last abduction, he was an adult and the fact that he could not remember anything at all that had happened to him left him wondering just how much that she had known or remembered.

She had revealed to him that the first time that he had been abducted it had been in their hometown in Mississippi. He frowned at this knowledge, that would make it more difficult to track down the place that he had been found, which meant that the trail had gone cold there. Of course, he wasn’t entirely surprised by that. However, there was more – he had learned from her that the drugs that had been found in his system were of an unknown concoction and it had been there each time he had disappeared and returned. That meant that whoever had taken him had followed his family from Mississippi to Maine. That also meant that all of his Father’s efforts to make their family invisible, the name changes, the blending in with the ‘natives’ it had all been for naught.

He had to know though, so he asked her about her history with his Father and he watched the smile etch the edge of her features and then sadness reflect within her gaze. It was the same sadness that his Father had when he asked about Grace. There was a quiet sympathy within his gaze and an understanding. The two had shared more than a fast friendship, they had shared something deeper. Perhaps it was a high school romance or something of the sort but given the way that the two of them acted when asked about the other, he could only intuit that it was more than that. It was a love lost. It was the same manner of look that his Father had when he asked about his mother – only it wasn’t as filled with anger and silence. He dropped his chin a fraction of an inch and exhaled gently through half parted lips, “I didn’t mean to intrude, Ms. Grace.” He said to her softly, “I’m sorry about that.”

It was only half true. He did mean to intrude, at least a little bit, but what he didn’t mean to do was hurt her in any shape or form. He just wanted to know – besides the fact that Grace was married now, what had happened between he two. Though, he supposed, it was before his time and perhaps it was not his business, but he had a sense that there was so much more that the two of them weren’t saying that held more clues to this secret than naught. So he meandered onto more obvious topics that a therapist might now. What kidnappers desired and why they would pick the same target over and over. He landed upon her answer rather abruptly. Something that his father desired perhaps, and he was the bait to get it. That placed both of the Forrest children in imminent danger even in their adulthood, obviously. What was it that his Father owned that they wanted bad enough to kidnap the town’s Sheriff or to stalk a family for that many years – to kill his mother even? He swallowed hard and settled back into his seat, rather sinking into it as he racked his brain for the answers that he knew wouldn’t come. He was lucky that he could remember his own name, it was this strange concoction of what the hell, most days and it simply became the normal for him. Only it wasn’t normal for anyone – or it shouldn’t have been. Maybe whatever drugs they used on him caused him to forget who they were out of necessity for their own survival.

It wasn’t until Grace mentioned the burying of a child and the pain that it causes a parent that he took pause once more. He noticed the moisture that had built within her gaze and he immediately leaned forward to study her. He had only vaguely heard details about her daughter and it was mostly rumors and gossip throughout town. She had been kidnapped too, at some point, by some unknown faction and she had not returned. Had she been killed? Swallowing hard, he counted himself lucky that he had managed to escape – most likely through the help of a faceless and nameless female that he could not place in his mind. Someone that needed his help that he could not reach – a faint tugging on the corners of his soul – somewhere, she was out there, and she was counting on him. And he had let her down time and time again.  He reached forward and gently settled his fingers upon her forearm, attempting to offer her some comfort. He didn’t know exactly what was in her mind, but the entire of the room seemed to hang heavily with the emotion that she had felt. A frown etched over his lips and he could have apologized for the memory that she had, but he did not. He simply made a vow to himself, in the silence of this place, that if they were the same people that had taken him and his mother away from him, that he would find them. He would put an end to the incessant suffering that the people in this town had been plagued with for so very long. Unfortunately, it made sense to him then that looking over their shoulder had also become the normal routine. It wasn’t right and people shouldn’t be living like this. Hell, most of the town didn’t, why should they?

As she continued with her tale about his Father and the faceless forms of the enemy, he realized that the two of them spoke a lot of alike about a time that he could not remember. He had been trained for these enemies to come and he had been trained to defend himself and his sister. How then, had they gotten the drop on him so easily? Was it a friend of the family that was worming their way in? How were they getting close? He didn’t know. She went on to speak to him about how his Father used to be and he vaguely knew this – somewhere in the depths of him, it seemed to warm him. They had all been innocent at some point, they had all been happy, but those days in the light were too short lived, he had wagered. What he wouldn’t give to be able to see his Father and Grace within those days once again. He considered this as he listened to her tale. She spoke up about his Father going to war to see to it that their future children would not suffer the same hate that they had felt. He blinked slightly and stared hard at her for a moment. A sense of knowing drifted through him then – he understood. Their children and he half smiled, though it was not of mirth or joy. It was more of sadness on their behalf. The war had changed them all, the elders of this town. He shook his head slightly, but he understood. He had seen the ghosts in his father’s own gaze more than once and he looked upon the very same ones in Grace’s eyes now. What could he tell her to comfort her? She tried to do the same for him, to offer him some comfort and as she spoke to him about his mother’s death not being the fault of any but the kidnappers, he frowned faintly.

“Maybe.” He answered her, his voice soft. “Maybe we’ve all suffered enough at the hands of an oppressor that we can’t see, but can see us clearly, Ms. Grace.” He smirked for a second, before lifting his gaze slowly up toward her, studying the expression on her face, “Maybe they’ve done us a great favor, because we – your children, we’ve been brought up like warriors, haven’t we? Soldiers that have been trained to look into the darkness and see what everyone else cannot. I’m not afraid of these people. I want to know who they are so that I can stop them from ever hurting any of us again. You and Dad included.”

His sister included. All of them, it didn’t matter. These people needed to be stopped. It is why he was here, speaking with her now, because she could give him the answers that his Father couldn’t or wouldn’t give to him. Silence settled around the two of them and she peered upon him thoughtfully. She was considering the options of hypnosis and what it would mean to him. That he would have to trust her implicitly with his life. He offered her a faint smile, “Next to my Father and Tara. I can’t think of anyone that I trust more, Ms. Grace.”

She explained to him the process and that she believed that they would find his memories that were locked away. For him, that would be enough to go through whatever inherent risks that there might be. It would be enough to keep him pushing forward through this process. She stated that she could try to pull out the emotions as well and he studied her for a long moment. He had, quite honestly, figured that with the memories would come the emotions, but there was also a part of him that felt like he had already been living through the emotions without the memories, if that made much sense. The mind was a tricky thing, but he was willing to do whatever she asked of him if it meant getting to the bottom of this mystery.  Perhaps, it would help them both heal, because if she could intuit the names or faces of his kidnappers then – maybe it would lead to her daughter’s own captors.

He offered her a gentle smile then and leaned forward once more. Daring to reach across he desk, he grasped her fingers lightly and offered them a soft squeeze of reassurance. “I would be a fool to trust anybody else, Ms. Grace. Of course, I wouldn’t.”

He would rather known than not. The important details could not only lead him to his kidnappers, but to the girl that he had dreamed about – the one that he couldn’t help when he was younger. “I trust you and I’m ready to begin when you are. Also, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate this, Ms. Grace. You have no idea.”

He meant it sincerely, after all. He was confident in her abilities and hopeful in his own, perhaps together they could solve this mystery.
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Jun 27th 2020 - 2:16 AM

It was the strangest thing, hearing about your life almost as if you were a third party to it. Sitting in the chair of Grace’s office and listening to her telling him about the kidnappings that had happened in his life, he couldn’t help but struggle to go back and have any memories about what had happened. More than hearing her words, he listened to the annunciation behind the syllables and he watched the expressions crawl over her features as she told him the story. The pain behind her eyes was very visible to him and he could almost feel the panic and chaos that the adults had felt in his absence. Especially his father, because he had known him more intimately than he had known his mother, unfortunately. It was revealed that it was ten days before he was released, and he had stumbled out of the woods speaking about needing to go back for someone.

This struck him almost as hard as if she had hit him fully in the gut. He exhaled slowly and the nagging feeling that he had earlier about his dreams were just validated by her. Someone was out there; he had left someone behind. The void that was within the pit of his stomach only grew deeper. He felt rather sick then, but he swallowed it down. Studying her, his brows furrowed together gently. She stated that it was evident that they had intended to release him, and he couldn’t help but think about the dream that he had experienced. The girl in his dream had to be the one to help free him, right? But where in the woods did he come out of, there had to be a clue there. So when Grace paused in her retelling of the story, he paused and studied her.

“Do you remember where it was that they found me?” He asked her rather simply, “What part of time? Who found me there? What kind of drugs, if you know?” Maybe he would have to find his medical records and read up on them.

That was without the most obvious question. Who kidnaps a five-year-old and why? He studied her, hoping that she might have an answer for that. “You’ve known my Father for a long time, haven’t you?” He asked her, knowing that the two had been very good friends for a long while. Even if he didn’t know all of the particulars of their relationship, he had known that they were or had been close at some point. “What is it about him that would cause some unknown person to kidnap his son? For what reason?”

And almost as if it couldn’t get any worse, it did. She spoke again of his next kidnapping, but there was something else there. He saw sorrow crawl across her features and something akin to regret. He watched her as she smoothed out her outfit and he exhaled gently. He reminded himself to ask her about it. “Are you alright, Ms. Grace?”

He told the brief story of his mother and how she had been gravely wounded by the time his Father had showed up. As careful as his Father had been his entire life, why hadn’t he been more careful then? Did his mother not listen to his Father or what had happened? He didn’t know, but he desperately wanted to know what had happened. What it translated into was that he was responsible, indirectly, for his mother’s death. He frowned and leaned back heavily into his seat and stared at her blankly for a moment as his mind raced. All of those years ago they had taken him and now as an adult they did the same thing. That didn’t make much sense to him.

“So, what’s your theory?” He asked her a bit absently, “Why are they after me specifically?” It was more of using her as a sounding board now. He exhaled faintly and blinked a little, looking at Grace fully then, but almost as if he still were staring through her. “Do you know where I was found the second time? Was it anywhere near the same as the first?”

He blinked slightly, feeling rather distant actually. “I can’t remember any of the details. Even though you’re telling me, I have no memory of it. At all.”

He stared at her for a moment longer, if hypnosis would work, he was willing to try it. He was willing to try almost anything.
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Jun 17th 2020 - 2:21 PM

Andúnië Elessar
Princess of - Gondor
Daughter of King Aragorn and Lady Arwen
Sweet and wholesome as Apple Pie. *laughs*

multi-para & novella writer
looking for active and friendly Writers!
this page was established June 11th 2020

Good Morning--Good Afternoon--Good Evening my Friend.
Andúnië Elessar is my Name, but you can call me An.
It`s much more easier if you ask me.
I want to thank you,
for accepting me,
and for being my Friend.
It is a pleasure for me meeting you.
How are you on that wonderful sunny Day?

Since I am not a Friend of long Intros,
I will do my best,
to keep it short.

My whole Life I lived in Lothlórien,
with my beloved great Grand Parents
Lady Galdriel and Lord Celeborn.
I had to do that,
because I am special,
I have some Fire in me,
which need to be handled.
I needed to learn to handle that.
I got teached a lot about Nature, Creatures, Languages and of course different Weapons.
There is a beautiful white Warg, I can call mine, which became a good Friend and Companion,
but about that, you will read in my Starter.
Since War once more is on the Way, to destroy our beautiful Middle Earth,
my great Grand Parents decided to send me back Home, back to Gondor to help and well..
I wont to say to much.

If you are interested in talking about a Sl,
I would love hearing back from you.

I wish you a beautiful Day.

Andúnië Elessar

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May 31st 2020 - 2:28 AM

There was a great deal of anxiety that came with the knowing that he was going to be hypnotized, however if there was even a chance that it would work, then he had to try it, didn’t he? On his way back to Grace’s office he came to grips with it. It was going to be a good thing, he hoped. He exhaled a slow breath and opened the door to her office. He rested in the lobby easily and began to go through some paperwork while he was waiting on Grace to be ready.  He trusted her, of course he did. She had been close to his family for all of his life, except his Father didn’t speak much of her of their past together. Though, he had known that there was something that existed there. He just didn’t think to ask more of it, because it seemed like it was his Father’s personal business. They were good friends and that is about all that he knew of it.

She came out of her back office and addressed him, and he placed the files away into their respectable places.  She offered him a drink and he politely declined. Maybe he would take her up on it afterward. Though, she peered at him and asked him if he wanted to ask her any questions before they got started on their session. He leaned back for a moment into his chair, after settling his papers down next to him. What did he want to know exactly? The truth was, he wanted to know everything. He wanted to know what happened, who had done it, and why it had happened. He didn’t know if she had those answers, but he had to ask. He exhaled a slow breath from between his half-parted lips and titled his head gently. He studied her for a second, his brows furrowed. He had never been hypnotized before, so he wasn’t quite sure if it would taint his own memories or not – if they were there at all.

He offered her a faint smile, “I guess that I just want to know what happened. What you remember about the incidents. How I reacted to it. If I said anything about where they had taken me, who had been there, or just anything. My Father doesn’t speak of it – at all. He says nothing about where my Mother died. I know that something happened, I just don’t know anything else about it.”

He looked at her almost hopefully, but that wasn’t quite fair to her, was it? He didn’t know if she knew much about it at all. Though, she was close with his Father. It almost seemed like those in that same social circle knew more about the tragedy than he, himself did. He exhaled and leaned forward to rest his elbows against his knees, lifting his gaze to peer upon the features of her face.

“I believe whoever took me this last time, I think that they had something to do with what happened to my Mother. They are looking for something, but I don’t know what it could be or why. I need to figure it out, before they make another move. I have to stop them before they hurt anyone else. I guess that’s what I’m looking for. Just a direction to go. I have this horrible feeling that they’re about to make a move, a big one. That something terrible is going to happen.”
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May 21st 2020 - 2:40 AM

He had made a joke about perhaps the two of them shared some sort of psychic connection and he felt her peer thoughtfully into his eyes. It was more than just a searching for answers, she was searching for something more. Something that wasn’t readily available on the surface. She was searching his soul and he readily let her, he had nothing to hide from her – she was the last person that he would seek to keep anything from. Not that he could, if he had tried. He had learned a long time ago, that it did little good for you to try to keep anything from Grace Goldbloom. He had been around her quite a bit as a child, or as often as his Father would allow him to be. He even struggled to remember those moments as he sat here now, watching the expressions flit over her features. He couldn’t help but notice the moisture that gathered in her eyes and he tilted his head slightly, furrowing his brows. A dull ache expanded to the tips of his fingers, sorrowful for her and the strangest thing was, he couldn’t have said why.

He wanted to ask her about it, to pry a little bit deeper, because there was something there that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Something important lingered within the shadows of his mind. A hazy bit of memory that he struggled to come to grips with.  She offered him a two-hour slot in the afternoon and he readily agreed to it, more than grateful that she would take that much time with him on such short notice. It really was some kind of miracle, he deduced. Though, when he mentioned to her that he would like to go over what they had talked about in his younger years, he saw the concern flash over her features.  She asked him if he did not remember and he canted his head slightly, studying the cerulean hues.

“Truly. I do not, Ms. Grace.” His voice was strained, somewhat irritated with his inability to do so, but there was concern there was well. He knew that it was not normal, but he did not know what had caused it. He wanted to divulge more with her, but his memories ran on short cycles. It was the strangest thing. She came to kneel in front of him and he sat forward slightly. It was not like her to do such things, but he could he feel the fret and concern for him coming off of her in waves. She reached her fingers up and gently brushed his cheek, then cupped it. He studied her in turn, but there was a strange manner of comfort in this motion. As if the piece of a puzzle had suddenly fallen into place. As if she had comforted him in such a way all of his life. He exhaled a soft breath and held her gaze, trying to read her expressions, even if he leaned into her touch a fraction of an inch. The last person he recalled doing such a thing for him was his mother, but that was a vague and fading memory as well.

She withdrew her hand from him, and he watched her as if she were attempting to rid herself of a strange sensation. Perhaps she had picked up on what he had been feeling all of this time. As if he were sleeping when he was wide awake. It was almost like being lost – reality was happening around you, but it was a strange displacement. As if time were not linear. It almost felt like being hunted. He frowned slightly and resolved himself to ask her about it later. She asked for forgiveness from him and he shook his head.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for, Ms. Grace.” He said to her, his voice an octave lower than it had been before, “I would appreciate any help that you’re able to give me.”

He stood up with her and walked along with her to the front doors. Sliding the note into his pocket, he peered upon as she spoke up to him, “I will.” He offered her a smile, “I will see you soon.”

In between the hours that he had left her office and returned to it, he had managed to get a bit of work done, but not much in the way of rest. He had gone home and talked a little bit to his Father, but he did not mention seeing Grace or going back into the office. That was something that, as an adult, he didn’t figure was privy to his Father’s ever watchful eye. Then again, he figured that he would find out soon enough. He would probably even try to talk to Grace about it.

It wasn’t something that overly concerned him. His father had been overprotective of both of his kids for as long back as both of their memories went. For all of their lives and for good reason. He stepped back into her office a few minutes before his appointment time and took a seat in the waiting room. He flipped through documents that he had brought with him. Lab results from the attacks earlier on, searching through the databanks and DNA records to see if they could come up with any new leads.  He didn’t mind waiting, it was nice to have a break – and it was good to think without the chaos of the town eating away at him. For a quaint little town in Maine, they were always up to their necks in some kind of interesting happenings. It broke up the monotony, truth be told.
™️мal pяis

May 17th 2020 - 3:20 AM

Perfectly normal to seek out and draw parallels. He thought about that statement for a good long moment before he answered her. Maybe that were true, but how can you draw parallels to a story that you had never even heard of in a place that you did not know logically, but instinctively? She was trying to make him feel better and that truly had a warming affect on him. She was a kind woman, but he had known that – from instinct when he was a child. He hadn’t been back to see her in quiet some time. Not since he had become an adult, not truly. When he was younger, after the abductions, he had routine visits to come and see Ms. Grace.

She brought him back to reality by telling him that his was human. He arched a brow thoughtfully, that didn’t seem quiet right. Something about it clicked within his head and he decided to be quiet on the matter, but most days he walked around feeling as if he were walking around wide awake in a dream. The world kept moving and it turned too fast for his taste. The people here felt artificial and he found himself seeking out some kind of connection with anyone. The moment that he felt that he had to explore it for what it was worth. He needed to know what was happening and if they had any inkling of feeling the same way that he did. Yet, for the sake of not worrying his Father or his sister, he often didn’t say anything. He busied himself with the mundane task of day to day life. He had a lot to keep up with here in town, that much was true.

He took the offered pen and wrote down the name of it. There was no author on it, which he arched his brow. He slid both back to her. “Well I might ask to make some photocopies of it if I can’t find it.” He cracked a half smile at Grace, “Maybe you’re reading it and through some weird psychic connection you’re filtering it into my dreams.” He teased her, obviously joking, attempting to make light of a situation that was not humorous. One had to laugh to keep from crying, no doubt.

She glanced to her watch and he was keenly aware of the time as well. He did not want to hold her up. He studied her for a long moment as she offered him several different options for their next session. “Tara’s holding down the fort for me today. I will check back in with you this afternoon, if that’s all right.”

He had no doubt that she would say that it would be, but before he left, he studied her for a second, scooting forward to the edge of the seat. “When I do come in for my next appointment, Ms. Grace. I wonder if you could tell me what my first few sessions with you were like. I know that my Father brought me here after … the death of my mother. I’d like to know what you do, if you don’t mind.”

He knew that it was asking a lot but given that he couldn’t remember. He wanted to pick her brain to see what she recalled. Grace was renowned for having a sharp memory. She could recall things that most others could not and was very intuitive. He was somewhat grateful that she had offered to see him later on. The only other person in this town that he knew of that might be able to help him lived off the beaten path in the woods by herself. People in town talked like she was crazy, and he had seen her around from time to time. She was always kind to him, polite even. She kept to herself and did not bother them and though rumors had been shod off back and forth about psychic abilities and such, he couldn’t help but wonder. At this point, he was willing to try whatever it took.

Standing up from his seat, he offered her a warm smile. “Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I guess I will see you later this afternoon, Ms. Grace.”
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