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Candice Manson! New profile as I was deleted|I am an original character with dark/crime/mafia themes I do fit into most verses but beware I am a bitch and I will insult you. No time wasters I am here to write.

29 years old
Manchester, Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

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September 18 2020

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:


Name: Candice Mason:
Aka: Screwed, Candy, C:
Age: 29:
Born: Russia:
Current residence: California
Smoke, Drink, Drugs: Yes, YES and YES
Eyes: Brown:
Hair: Black:
Height: Small okay!
Weight: I am not answering that
Nationality: Originally, I’m Irish but I was born in Russia
Ethnicity:White, Too white
Occupation:Mafia Queen
Species: Human


Status: It’s complicated
Partner: Again it’s complicated
Children: No
Parents: Mother: Maria (Dead) Father: Tomas (Dead) Step-Father: Eddie (dead)
Siblings: None that I know of


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Aug 27th 2020 - 3:41 AM

[Drunk Text]


Jul 9th 2020 - 2:21 AM

Your secret is safe with me.
I'm alright....now.
Thank you for checking on me.
[-owes that very overdue reply-]
Julian Moretti

Jun 14th 2020 - 9:06 AM

Looking like that, I have no doubt someone is pouring far more than your drinks. 

Back from Mexico. The life of an outlaw is like a soldier. Glad to know you missed me. 
Julian Moretti

Apr 9th 2020 - 12:41 PM

As I recall it, you're the bar tender. But since you're keeping count and the number is unfair, I'll take it upon myself to pour the first one. Pick your poison.

Apr 6th 2020 - 7:05 PM

     For only being, his second night infiltrating the inner workings of Niks’ gang. Nate was thrown headfirst into a ruthless leader’s demonstration of power. Nate felt the cold air pierce easily thru his button up, Nate shook it off and forced his attention to the center of the gathering.  “well looks like were in for a show tonight” nate couldn’t help but focus his eyes on the woman that seemed to draw all the attention to her. He could hear Nik almost toying with her, wanting to draw a reaction from her.
     Her face showed no signs of emotions,  “well boys looks like we got a tough one”  Nate said, jokingly showing his shoulder onto the guy standing close to him. Nate not knowing who the woman was or what her roll was in this crime world. Nate felt his phone buzz, in his pocket. Reaching for it he froze, in slow motion he could see the butt of niks gun make contact with her face. Nate reached for his gun, freezing mid way. Remembering he had to remain undercover. He grabbed his phone and headed to the back of the crowd. “Sammy, things are heating up. How long do I have to continue this….?” Nate stopped mid sentence when he heard a shot being fired.  “ i gotta go Sammy, looks like we got a dead body.”  Nate, said giving Sammy his partner a quick update.
    Nate rushed to the front of the crowd forgetting, who he needs to be be. There he witnessed a body on the floor. Nate turned a bit to watch a smile form on niks face, then a laugh escaped those evil lips. Nate wanting to protect and serve, had to stop himself. Come on nate, remember your task. Nates thoughts were all over the place. Sure, he was an experienced detective . Undercover work was never his favorite thing to be volunteered for. Nate had to force himself to focus on the situation, taking mental pictures as to who was all in attendance to this spectacle. His eyes stopped on her, taking in her expression. Nate followed behind her as, she walked away.  “excuse me, miss….” Nate said, reaching out. Gently grasping at her elbow.
scíєncє σf dєductíσn

Mar 10th 2020 - 10:24 AM

Honestly Sherlock was hoping that he would find a case worthy of his mind and talents and lately that hasnt been the case of interest that is. Petty small things that even the dumbest person could solve it.. generally speaking. So, getting the call to come in and question someone was at least something to do. Hailing a cab he took it to where he was meeting the suspect. The consulting detective really hoped this wouldnt be dull for he needed some excitement. Yes, being able to use his mind, and probably put down someone did make him feel better as strange and odd as that sounded. Once he arrived he was told what was known about the person that was taken into custody.

Hearing what she said he figured it was a perfect time to make his entrance. “ I assure you Mr. Clause has nothing to do with this. “ he said in sarcastic tone but to be honest that was his normal demeanor. Looking over the rather thin case file he had something in his other hand. Two cups off coffee one for himself one for her. “ Coffee?” he offered as he placed the tray on the table. As he did this he was reading her. Body language, her features, her hands everything that could give him a clue. “ Well that is interesting.” he muttered to himself as he circled her as he gave her a once over and sat down. Taking a coffee he started to sip it as he gestured for her to sit down.

This could go two ways: Prove to be very exciting and worth while or two a complete waste of time. Sherlock had a tendency to get bored rather easily. So he was really hoping she was a murder or at least someone who had killed before.

“So, did they tell you why you were arrested?” he asked he was curious if she would tell him the truth or would she try and lie to him. Most that tried to deceive so him he could call them out on it and not in a good way. He didnt give his name just yet. For he was unsure if she had heard of him. If she did she may try and flatter him to convince him that she was innocent though that wouldnt have worked. As he waited for her to sit down, he was getting a nagging feeling that this would be interesting and that was making his day already.

нero нaιr(Hiatus)

Feb 8th 2020 - 5:48 PM

Omg you cute bean!!!

I'm glad I could make you laugh you always make me laugh too 😂 even if you hate my cake choice and you're wrong for doing so. XD 
Much love, stefans writer 

Jan 29th 2020 - 8:55 AM


Dec 24th 2019 - 6:38 PM

you are so cute in your elf hat. 😭

Dec 24th 2019 - 4:23 PM

Merry Christma

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.
Enjoy the treats.

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