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Characters: Juliette Silverton
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Length: Multi Para, Novella
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About me:

The name's Juliette and my story is a bit of a hard one to explian to those who have not seen the things that I have over the years but I will try.

I once had a normal life where I was a vet for small animals and i loved it. I was happy with my boyfriend Nick who is a cop and the only thing I needed to worry about is if someone might shoot him when on the job.

When he found out what he was he kept it from me but then everything changed when I found out the truth and that there are creatures out there that look human unless they choose to show someone their true face and that those like Nick are the only ones that can see them even if they want it or not.

Nick is what is known as a Grimm and he solves crimes of the less natural kind lately. The creatures I spoke of are known as Weasen and in Portland there are many different types both good and evil really.

A lot has happened to me since I found out the truth and now I am different. You see to save Nick and allow him to get his abilities as I grimm I did something that I wasn't sure of and now because of it I am no longer human.

I am what is known as a Hexenbiest which is bascically a witch in some ways just with advanced powers and when angry my face changes to looking like that of a monster in a way. I am the most powerful Wesen to ever live because I had been once human and changed to be this way by unnatural means.

Nick and I are now together and very happy, though we are still trying to figure this all out while helping our friends and those in need. I do have a darker side but I am learning to control it and for now it is under control unless I get angry or those I care for are in danger.

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Jun 19th 2021 - 12:51 AM

Jordan was fighting to keep his powers in check, he didn't them to go off while having an anxiety attack. That would not be good and it might end with him hitting his mom. Or the person he was still sure was his mother that had been brainwashed, though he was going to keep that to himself right now. Just in case it was some weird multiverse thing that Jonathan told him about that their mother told him. This was like he was trapped in an episode of The Twilight Zone or stuck in a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from. Hearing this person, who looked like his mother, sounded like his mother tell him that she didn't know who he was, it stung. Felt like a knife stabbing him in the heart, how could he not know his mother or her know him when they're looking at each other in the face. 

While they hugged, it felt familiar but at the same time different. He couldn't explain it but it was something he needed. It did calm him down a little bit, and if she is not his mother but some weird coincidence look like, where was his mother? He tried to push the thought away, otherwise, he would start to panic again and he wasn't sure if he would be able to control his powers again. Then he would have to explain that to her and he can't let his family secret out. "I haven't heard back from my dad in a while, and my brother, he's my age so he isn't much help. Last I heard from him, he was going to call Grandpa Lane and see if he can get the military to help look for her." He spoke in almost a whisper as he was scared as to what happened to his mother. The thought of Morgan Edge kidnapping her worried him more. 

"Morgan Edge is a creepy jerk. Mom thinks he is creating super-powered people with these special crystal things they found in the old mine." He said as he shrugged his shoulder, he knew it was X-Kryptonite but he didn't want to say that just in case she was one of Edge's people. The thought did cross his mind that maybe Edge got a hold of his mother and he did whatever he was doing on his 'volunteers' to his mother and she now thought she was someone else or being a host for a Kryptonian symbiote.

He smirked a little bit, "I don't think it's you and Nick that has brought strange things to Smallville. My dad said that weird stuff has gone on here since he was a kid. And all this stuff started before you even arrived here. Unless you've been here for over a month?" He asked as he glanced around the street making sure that there wasn't anyone suspicious lurking around and listening in on them. "Thank, thanks for helping me find my mom." He said still not convinced completely that she wasn't his mother that was brainwashed. "I'm sure if I tried to save her alone, my dad would lecture me for hours then ground me forever. So I won't be going rogue on you. I don't think I could rescue my mom by myself." 

Jordan shrugged. "I called everyone that she would have contact with. No one has seen her since yesterday. Except for my brother and dad, they saw her this morning before she disappeared. I hadn't seen her since last night. If I didn't oversleep, I could have at least tried to stop them and got a good look at them. She left everything on the table, so we can't even track her cell. Maybe we should try the mines or the lab place that Chrissy said she saw Mr. Edge taking his subjects to. We can go ask her where that is. Though she might mistake you for my mom too. The way people passing by are looking at you, I think they think you're Lois Lane. More so now since you're standing here with me." 


Jun 8th 2021 - 12:30 AM

This was not the place for Jordan to have a full-on anxiety attack, his mother went missing and now she's standing right in front of him denying who she is. This was not going to be pretty if he didn't calm himself down and his brother wasn't anywhere near him to help him do that. He felt her hand on his shoulder and closed his eyes for a moment, opening them when he heard her speak to him. "Not a heart attack, an anxiety attack. I'll... I'll be fine." He lied, he had to keep it together, or otherwise, his heat vision might decide that that moment was the perfect time to have a mind of its own and go off. He didn't understand it, she looked like his mom, sounded like her, and she was talking about some guy named Nick that she was engaged to. 

He hoped that him showing her the pictures would jar her memory. His first thought was that Morgan Edge had done something to her to make her forget who she was. A frown formed on his face when he saw that she had different pictures on her phone. He allowed her to hug him and he returned it, again hoping that this was some kind of sick joke or she would have memories flood back to her. "My mom is tough. I just want her back. My dad, brother, and I need her." He tried so hard not to let his tears fall. "I bet freaking Morgan Edge kidnapped her. He didn't like her snooping around his business. If he wasn't so shady, she wouldn't be snooping around his business to reveal his dark secrets." He said as he shook his head as he was starting to sound like his mother. 

Jordan nodded "This is Smallville, a lot of weird stuff goes on around here. I don't know if people have seen it and just ignore it or they're that blind not to see anything. I know there's a lot of weird stuff going on." He sighed as he started to finally calm down some. "I got to find her. Please help me." He said as he looked at her pleading. When she agreed he smiled slightly. "I have no idea where to look. I wouldn't be surprised if this is all Mr. Edge's idea. He hates my mom because she knows what he is up to. Not sure if he would tell us anything or not. He has some woman that is strong and can shoot beams from her eyes." He said as he left out the part that he could shoot red beams from his eyes too, as well as hear everything though that power seemed to not want to work all the time. "I hope this Nick guy is tough because Edge is a jerk and he plays dirty." 
Nick Burkhardt

Jun 6th 2021 - 3:50 PM

Nick looked between Juliette and Bud with a rather confused look on his face. He wondered what Bud was talking about, what he was saying. Nick glancef at Juliette and back at Bud as he listened to her once more. As Bud looked between them and sighed as he listened to Juliette. "Home.. it went Kaboom," he said as Nick raisee an eyebrow. "Huh? What home what are you saying? Answer Juliette, she is right. You are making no sense," he said to him as he glanced at Juliette and back at Bud. "My home is gone, .........kaboom. nothing is there,"  Bud said as Nick sighed. "So someone did blow up your home?!" Nick said as Bud nodded. He watched him and whe he did as he spoke and then glanced at Juliette as  he shook his head and looked back at him once more. "They took it all," Bud said as Nick made a face. "Stay away from our fridge. Then take a deep breath and start from the beginning," Nick said. "Ok, I was born to...," Bud started but Nick stopped. "Not that far. Beginning of what you are talking about not of your life, Bud," he said to her. "Oh, maybe you should j....," Bud started only to see the look on Nick's face. "I walked home.. and then....., and  it went...., then," he continued as he wheezed in between so it all came out weird. Nick blinked as he tried to follow what the guy was talking about but he was getting lost rather fast. He looked between Bud and Juliette as he sighed his head. Bud then walked into the fridge again as Nick sighed and pulled him out of there, as he then locked the door. "Will say it again, stay away from there and tell us everything, you sound like a broken phone now or such,"  he said to him as Bud wheezed as he sighed and tried to calm him down.

Nick watched and sighed, as he was getting frustrated and annoyed as he was getting lost by a minute. He then spoke as he glanced at her and back at him as he listened to her.  Nick pointed at her and at Bud in away of saying 'Exactly,'. He like her lookes at Bud with a worried look on his face too, as he also cared for him. Nick  was worried as be too, like her  as he too had a bad feeling about it, even if he  had no idea what was going as well. He wondered what was going on, as Bud seemed scared, pancked. Even more than usual. Like Bud is when things are off, except slightly more if that was possible. Nick looked between Juliette and Bud as he sighed. He waited for Bud to explain the situation as he still had a worried look on his face.

Nick like Juliette listened as Bud spoke but when he froze he spoke to him in a calming tone, as he tried to calm him, as he eventually were able to. Then like her he listened to him worried and sngry like her. Nick listened to Juliette as he wondsred the same thing. "My h...home, and others, and a near by warehouse. Monroe and his girl were taken, my family too. Some k....killed, and no, humans too," Bud said as Nick looked at him shocked and terrified as well as angry. "Over 100 are dead and over 100 are hurt," Bud continued as Nick stared at him shocked, confused, scared ans angry.  He glanced at Juliette as did Bud. "You don't think what I think, do you Juliette?" Nick asked as Bud looked them confused and scared, as he became his wesen side and then went back to his other side. Nick and Bud looked at Juliette as they listened to her. Then Nick glanced at Bud who looked between him and Juliette. "Both, among o...others," Bud said as Nick tried to calm him down again. "B....B.......Bl.....Black claw?" Bud shook as he asked and nodded. "Oh god," Nick said and shook his head.  "They are back?!" He added and shook his head as Bud whimpered.

Nick tried to calm Bud, despite the fact that he himself was shaken up by the information. "They grubbed Monroe and Rosalee from there," Bud said as Nick covered his face as he shook his head. Nick looked at Juliette as he listened to her as Bud fell on his butt and whimpered. "I heard that there were some odd things but nothing else. So our old friend, the boss, says that he is checking something but haven't heard nothing from him in a while! But that was a different case, I had no idea it was that. You don't think it us connected, do you?" Nick said to her.  "Will do," be then called work as he talked to Hank for a bit and then hanged up. "There was also a horse shoe marks," Bud said from the side as he then mumbled some things that sounded nuts, as Nick glanced at him. "What?" He asked Bud.


May 29th 2021 - 3:48 PM

Jordan stopped midsentence when he heard his 'mom' say "Whoa there kid, take it easy with using the mom word." This confused the young Kent, how could his mother say that to him. He frowned when she said that she wasn't who he was looking for and that she didn't know him. "Did you hit your head? I'm Jordan, your youngest son. I have an older twin brother Jonathan." He said as he held back his emotions, usually, when he got overly emotional he had a panic attack or his powers would go off and he didn't need that to happen in an alley in the middle of town, nor did he need to get a lecture from his father and grounded for causing damage to the town. 

He couldn't understand why his mother was talking about herself in the third person. "Mom, you're scaring me. Fiancee? You're married to a fellow journalist, Clark Kent, my dad. I can prove it." He said as he opened up his cellphone and went to his gallery. He brought up a picture of him with his mother and turned it to show her. "See. That's you and me. And this is you and dad." He said as he swiped to the next picture and showed her. "This is Jonathan, your other son." He continued as he swiped the picture again. Jordan looked at her and hoped that it would spark some memories in her since he didn't know that she wasn't his mother. She looked like Lois, spoke like Lois, everything about her told him that she was his mother. 

Jordan thought about pressing the button and calling his dad to where they were, maybe seeing Clark would jar her memory. He didn't know about other universes or doppelganger. Hell, he didn't even know people could have powers until he found out who his father was and he started to manifest powers himself. "Help me understand this. You have to be my mom, you look and sound just like her. I can't lose her." He said in almost a whisper as he fought back tears. Losing his mother, or his father, or both was something that he didn't want to experience. He leaned against the wall trying to calm himself as he could feel a panic attack coming on. 

May 20th 2021 - 11:37 PM

Jordan was up in his room getting ready to go to school, his brother had already left because he had an early morning meeting with the school counselor. Just as he was about to leave his room he thought he heard someone fighting downstairs. He didn't know who or what could be fighting, his parents rarely argued or got physical with each other. Glancing at the time he realized that he had to hurry, he couldn't be late for school. He needed to grab something quick for breakfast, something he could eat on the way to school and wouldn't make a mess in his father's truck. 

After stepping off the last step and making his way into the kitchen, he stopped and looked around. His mother was nowhere to be found. "Mom? I'm going to be late for school." He said as he looked around, his green eyes falling on the door being wide open as well as the screen door. Jordan walked out onto the porch and looked around, his father's truck was still in the driveway so he knew she hadn't left the property. After he walked around the farm checking all the spots that he thought his mother would be, even checking every room in the house. "This is odd. Her purse is still here, her keys, her cell, and her beeper thing to call dad. She wouldn't leave without all this stuff. I can't call dad, he's busy saving the world." He muttered to himself as he was wondering where she went.

 He grabbed his mother's cell and slid to open it, going through her contacts he found Chrissy's number and hit the call button. "Hey Lois, please tell me you're on your way." Jordan heard the voice on the other end say. "Ohh, hey Chrissy, this is Jordan. I was calling to see if my mom had talked to you about anything she had to do today? I came downstairs so she can take me to school and she isn't here, doors wide open, all her stuff left behind and dad's truck is still here." He said as he walked around the kitchen, he stopped when he came across the mess on the floor. "I'll have her call you if I find her. She might have forgotten to tell anyone of her plans." He hung up the phone and put her cell back on the table next to her things. He pulled his cell out and sent a text to his dad "Mom is gone. I am going to have to take a rideshare to school. I think something bad happened to her. The doors are open and her stuff is still here, and a mess on the kitchen floor. Find her please." He hit send knowing it may take a little bit for his dad to get to it, he was worried about his mother but he also knew that she was tough and could take care of herself. 

All-day at school he kept checking his phone for updates from his dad, and every text was no sign of her. Jordan was getting worried, this was not like his mother to just disappear on them. After classes and after football practice was done, he grabbed rideshare to head into town. He was going to get to Chrissy and see if she could help him find his mother. After he got out of the car he looked around the small town and hoped he would see find his mother or at least speak to someone that had seen her that day.  Then he saw her. His mom was in town, she was right across the street. 

He chased after the woman that he thought was his mother. Once he rounded the corner he saw her leaning against the wall as if she was waiting for him. "Mom, where have you been all day? I had to take a rideshare to school and Dad has been looking everywhere for you. You had us all worried. What happened?" He asked as he tried to catch his breath after chasing her down.  "I was scared this morning when I got up and the door was wide open and you were gone." He gave her a worried look and waited for her to explain where she had been and what happened. 
Connor "Superboy " Kent

Mar 9th 2021 - 4:21 PM

Cities at night tend to be beautiful, but nothing can compare to floating above them. Seing them from mountain tops, and plane windows does not compare to what you see floating right above them with twinkling lights and noise and using all the other senses to feel it around you. Many have even tried to experience it through daydreaming, and night sleep dreaming.  It doesn't  come close to the real thing.  

Conner Kent, "Superboy  as known by the city papers had been hvering just oyt of eyesight. He did this periodically when he needed to think or jist to take in the city around him or even when he was on duty as a "Superhero." He didn't  feel super, he felt lost, and normal, and he definitely  wasn't a hero yet although he'd been working on the latter. In between  highschool as a senior and working at the "Titans Tower" on weekends. His schedule was full. He was about to give up on anything taking place that night, but his super hearing caught faint sounds of a scuffle. The sounds coming theough were horrible it sounded like, people were dying." He took off in flight, so fast that his clothes ruffled in the wind. Suddenly the sounds stopped and he feared the worst for whatever was happening. He landed just in time to find a pile of bodies and a lady, or rather what he assumed was a woman standing over their freshly dead corpaes still covered in blood. He was speechleas for a moment, his anger threatened  to take hold and his eyes began to go red but he closed them, and cut it off. He took a few steps and folded his arms over his cheat for a moment, and almost did a perfect impression of Clark as he spoke. "Who are you? And what happened here?" He asked.
Nick Burkhardt

Mar 6th 2020 - 11:08 PM

Nick wondered if he was home alone or if the love of his life was there too. Since he didn't see her anywhere he was sure that he probably was. Nick didn't mind being alone but he wished that Juliette was there too. He hoped that she was alright as he looked around just to be sure that he was in fact alone home. Nick then as he hoped that she was home but if not then he hoped to see her later. Assuming she didn't leave him but ge doubted that she would as it didn't seem like her, at least to him it didn't. Nick had no idea for sure but he hoped for the best. He didn't care that she was different, as all he wanted was her, no more nor less, that was for sure aa she was the love of his life, no matter what.

Nick spoke to Budd as they talked and when Juliette walked into the kitchen too he glanced at her and back at Budd. "Budd can you please stop going around the bush and speak," he said and sighed. "I had no idea if anyone was hete but the door was open so I could go in," Budd continued to explain. "We got that already, stop tepeating yourself ans say it," Nick said and sighed. "There was a poof," Budd said. Nick glanced at Juliette and back at Budd with a raised eyebrow. "What poof? Where was a poof?" He asked not sure how to react to that. "Always danger," Budd said. "I am sorty Budd but I can't follow. I think it is safe to say that my girlfriend, soon to be fiance' can't follow either! What are you talking about? What exactly are you trying to say here?" Nick said with a raised eyebrow. "You are worrying us Budd just out with it as Juliette said," he added. "There was a...," Budd started saying and opened the fridge door looking through things. "Yeah poof we got ya about it. But what Poof? Where? What happened? Breath and tell us, and please, get out ot our fridge," Nick said and sighed as he shook his head as he watched Budd. "There was so much ......," Budd continued as he still looked inside the fridge. Nick watched him confused and glanced at Juliette, then back at Budd. "What? And leave the fridge alone," he said and shook his head to that. Nick was very confused.

Budd hot something out of the fridge and closed it as he ate it before Nick or anyone said anything about it. Nick took the glass of water from Juliette and drank from it as he watched Budd take a glass of water from her too and drink it. He waited for him to explain. He had no clue what Budd was trying to say as he wondered if Juliette got what Budd tried to say but wasn't sure one way or another but had a feeling that she might have not understood him either. "Budd, what's going on? What brings you here? And please no more fridge raiding or poofs just say it, without blabbing some weird confusing things, if you don't mind," Nick said and then he sipped more from his drink. He then waited for Budd to speak again, as he wondered what would ge say and what was going on.

Budd looked between them. Nick looked at Budd and then Juliette, after that he looked back at Budd. "As Juliette said. So relax, take a deep breath and talk already," he said. "Yeah, Budd, I mean I know that," Budd said. "Go on Budd," Nick said as Budd didn't speak again after that. "Budd, you are just standing there. Talk," Nick said frustrated but not angry. "It was,...," Budd started. "No more poofs or such, just say it," Nick said. "It is a mess," Budd said. "What is? Buddy we don't understand you at all. Just out with it," Nick said and sighed. "We can't help unless we know the problem," he added. "Red," Budd said. "Sorry?! What red?" Nick asked with a raised eyebrow. "Blood," Budd replied. "Huh? What does that has to do with anything?" Nick asked as he realised something or thought that he did. "Someone got hurt? Killed? Who?" He asked. "Many," Budd replied. "Many what? Hurt or killed?" Nick asked. "Many. Both," Budd said. Nick looked at him confused and terrified as he glanced at Juliette and back at Budd. "Who?" Nick asked. "Wesen, many," Budd said. Nick looked between them as Budd looked between and Juliette scared as hell. Which didn't surprise Nick at all. "You know who is behind that?" He asked as Budd shook his head. "Wait, poof as in explosion?" Nick asked as he figured it outband as Budd nodded he realized that his theory was right. "Your family?" Nick asked as Budd shrugged. "I don't know," was all that he said as Nick sighed and put his hand on his shoulder to help him feek better or at least know that he wasn't alone.
Nick Burkhardt

May 30th 2019 - 2:05 PM

Nick parked his car by his and Juliette's home. He got out and walked towards the door as he got the keys and then he opened the door. Once Nick did that he walked inside. As soon as he got inside he locked the door and looked around himself lost in thoughts. "Juliette, are you home?" Nick called out as he looked around himself. He tried to find his girlfriend as he hoped that she was alright. Nick truly missed the love of his life. He didn't want anyone else but her. Nick hoped that she knew that as he believed that she did. He tried not to think about that, as he thought of other things instead. Nick hoped that she was home but if she wasn't home he planned to wait until she came back. He didn't mind waiting. 

Nick walked into the kitchen as he waited for her to reply. He jumped as soon as he walked in as he saw movement only to realize it was bud. Nick put his hand to his hear and breathed deeply. "Bud, you scared me. Where is Juliette and what are you doing here?" He said and turned around as he heard something behind him. "Juliette, there you are," Nick said as he saw his girlfriend. He looked between the two of them and sighed. "Juliette, what is Bud doing here? Did you invite him over? It's ok if you did. I just didn't know that he was coming over that's all, " he said as he continued to look between them. Nick had no idea what to think or how to react. He walked over to Juliette and kissed her as he glanced at Bud and then back at her, as he waited for a reply as he wondered what would it be. Nick definitely didn't expect to see Bud, especially not in their kitchen. 

Bud jumped same time Nick did when he saw him and then just tried to figure out what to say, even if they were friends.  He just gave Nick and Juliette a smile as he laughed a nervous laugh. "I . .. hey Nick, hey Juliette, "Bud said as Nick picked up an eyebrow. He then looked between Bud and Juliette as he laughed a bit at Bud's reaction. "Relax, Bud. I am not mad but next time make sure that we know that you are coming! Which reminds me, how in the world did you get in if none of us let you in?" Nick said confused. " I. . I. .. , well funny story .. .. the door j. .. just burst open, " Bud said to both Nick and Juliette.  " Huh? Sorry what? Why are you stuttering?" Nick asked Bud as he watched him and then glanced to Juliette and back to Bud  with an amused as well as confused look on his face. 

"Doors don't just do it. What is it really Bud?" Nick asked as Bud just looked between the two of them and jumped. Nick just picked up an eyebrow. "We aren't going to hurt you. You can tell us everything, you know that Bud," he said as he watched the guy. Bud just stood there and watched them not sure what to say. Nick glanced at Juliette once more of back to Bud as he waited for a reply. "He is acting weird, doesn't he? Even more than usual," Nick whispered to Juliette. 
‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

May 13th 2019 - 12:35 PM

Sanaya had enough about her to blush just a little as Juliette paid her a compliment, she waved her hand dismissively. “Bless you, but a lot of magic went into making me look this way, you’re all natural.” She smiled, chuckling a little as Juliette took her hand and started to lead her through the shopping precinct.

Shopping, even after all these years, was still a mystery and a bafflement to Sanaya. She’d never really understood the concept of retail therapy until her latest rebirth. The body that she had found herself in had a passion for fashion and Sanaya found herself making bold fashion choices that she didn’t fully understand. Once upon a time she’d have never been caught dead in fishnets!

At the unexpected invite to the eventual wedding, Sanaya’s eyes widened, she’d not anticipated that at all! “Are you sure? I mean...thank you, but you’ve only just met me...and Nick never has...” in truth, Sanaya has never been to a wedding and the prospect was an exciting one. It was strange, as old as she was, there was still so much that she’d never found time to enjoy.

‘Guardian Of The Darkmoon Legacy’

Mar 1st 2019 - 12:16 PM

Sanaya stood at the entrance to the mall, her leaf green eyes followed the hustle and bustle around her in mild fascination. Of course, the magic wielder had been shopping before, but humans never failed to interest her. She loved to watch people, to witness how they interacted with each other. Watching groups of friends chatting and laughing, a group of girls making eyes at a group of boys, parents and children. For some reason, I’m a shopping mall, the flow of life was lively. People seemed to come alive in this environment and she never fully understand why.

Sunshine bouncing off a distinctive head of red hair caught Sanaya’s attention and she turned her eyes towards the approaching Juliette. Sanaya raised her hand in greeting and smiled as she started to make her way over to her new friend. She imagined that Juliette had many a friend to go in shopping trips with, so there was probably nothing particularly exciting about the day ahead, but Sanaya was more than enthusiastic for the both of them.

Turning slightly, she linked her arm through Juliette’s as she fell into step with her. “Good morning.” She smiled breezily, “You look nice.” She complimented as they made their way through the entrance. “Did you have a nice evening with Nick when he got in from ‘work’?” She asked with a smile, always curious of how others lived, her own relationship being something of an enigma.

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