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About me:

My story is not a simple one, but if you wish to hear it then by all means.

The name I go by is Vanessa, my old name doesn't really matter all that much since I go by this one now.

I was born in The Enchanted Forest, yes I know how it sounds but that is the truth. My mother was a secret witch who lived among the people and used her magic to help them when needed. She was a good witch and always kind hearted as well.

My father? Well that is a long story but basically he was a prince who ran from his father who wanted to force marriage on him.

That prince was the future king Henry and father to Regina, though she wasn't born yet. They lived a good life together until his father found him and forced him to come back with him or watch my mother die.

When he left with her my mother was heart broken but she was pregnant with me at the time and that made her happy.

When I was born my mother saw it as a good omen and called me by my birth name and kept me safe. When Cora married my father and Regina was born my mother did all she could to keep me hidden from the wrath of Cora if she were to ever find out who I was.

I had a good childhood growing up and learned how to fight from the age of 5. I was always teaching myself how to shoot a bow and arrow and eventually when I turned 18 I became the town's huntress and my mother was proud.

I knew that Regina was my half sister when my mother told me and that surprised me but I accepted it eventually.

One day before Regina banished her mother to Wonderland Cora found out about Henry having another family and naturally she didn't take it too kindly.

She used her dark magic to track my mother down while I was out hunting for food. Cora then took my mother's heart out and when I came back she smiled.

She told me that I looked a lot like Regina and in some ways her as well, she told me that if I came back with her to the castle that she would let my mother go, but that was a lie of course and I knew it so when I refused her she crushed my mother's heart leaving her to die in my arms.

I vowed to get revenge on Cora for that one day and with that Cora just laughed and was gone. I cried for a long time holding my mother's body in my hands and that is when I discovered I could do magic because slowly her body became a tree and grew for all to see.

That magic is what got the Dark One's attention and he told me that he could show me how to use my magic and get my revenge. At first I turned him down but then I took his offer and she showed me everything that he knew. Rumple had asked me to kill Cora for him and I went to the castle to find her.

I used the magic to get into the castle and see my father again and when he found out who I was we hugged. I then snuck into Cora's room but heard my mother's voice and felt her hand on my hand and so I left Cora alive and broke my deal with Rumple.

Cora then found out I was there and used her magic to curse me, though things didn't go her way because she accidently put a darkness within me that evolved into something very different and because of that I was able to bond with it but of course it came with a steep price that I had no choice but to pay to make sure those I loved were not harmed.

I used my white magic to get away from Cora and the others and decided to explore new places in hopes to learn new skills in case I would ever need them.

I then left to wonder the realms of the Enchanted Forest and beyond it as well. I met many interesting people along the way and even stayed with Robin Hood for a time as friends of course.

When running from my own sister's anger I met Mulan and she showed me the ways of the sword and how to be a more skilled warrior.

When Regina created her curse I cast a spell of my own and instead of being in town with no memories I found myself in New York and so I invented a new life for myself with no magic and I liked it that way.

I found my way to Storybrooke by accident really because I was out in the woods going hunting for old times sake and there it was.

I stayed hidden away from those under my sister's spell and when the curse was broken and Cora was in town I decided to show myself.

Naturally Cora wanted me dead and so did Regina until she found out I was her sister and then she wanted to get to know me.

The town has been through a lot since then even with Zelena trying to take it over and everything else in the mix.

I am now still in town living with everyone and trying to get to know my sister and help her out whenever she wishes me to do so.

I have both dark and white magic in me and I like it that way, though like I said before I still go by the name Venessa and to those who didn't know me in the Enchanted Forest that is how it will stay.

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Regina Mills

Nov 7th 2020 - 7:40 AM

Regina sighed as she left her place, once she made sure that her son, Henry. Her son, not Emma's as far as Regina was concerned. Once she made sure that her son was fine and safe. She went to take of something before she planned to head back to her place. Regina was happy for the magic coming back but not about people having their memories back. She tried not to think of that at the moment as she believed that it didn't matter much as she would be able to handle it. Regina was sure of that. Positive in fact. Yet, everything in due time, or so she thought and believed. However, she planned to handle one thing at a time, before she did anything else. Regina think that that could wait or at least she hoped so. She believed that she could handle it all, sooner or later or she hoped so, at least. Regina refused to give up on it, no matter what.

She stopped as she saw someone not too far away. Regina made her way over, as she wondered who was the person. Sheย  refused to let the person stay but also leave, or they might ruin everything for her, like the damn Emma Swann had down. Regina refused to let things be and planned to do everthing that she could to make sure that things went her own, not any other way than her own. She hoped to make sure that what she originally planned would become a reality. Regina had no intention of giving up and let others have good things and for herself to suffer. That was for sure. As it wasn't like her and never will be, she was sure of that. Regina planned to make sure that it would never change, as anything else wasn't an option. Not to her at least. She tried not to think of that, however, as she made her way over to the person or whatever it was that she saw in front of herself. As Regina planned to handle it on her own.

She wondered what Rumple was up to, and whether not he saw what she had seen at the moment. If he had then Regina wondered what he planned to do at the moment. She wondered what he planned to do about it, at that moment. Regina shook her head to her thoughts and tried to think of other things instead of it. At least at the moment, as she hoped that he saw it too and planned to do something about it, as they were in it together. At least as far as Regina was concerned it was the case, anyway. She didn't care so, not much as she planned to do something herself. Yet, if he wanted to handle it too, she wouldn't complain about it.

Regina tried to focus on the moment and only that as she made her way over. She paid a close attention as she did that, or at least she tried to. As Regina tried to figure out what she saw or who she saw. As well as she tried to come up with ways to get rid of the person once and for all, or the object that she saw.ย  Regina planned to get rid of no matter what it was tnat she saw in front of herself at that moment. She made sure that they couldn't by doing a spell that made a force field that no one could cross. That way she could catch whomever or whatever it was that she saw. Even if it was an animal or a person or an object. As Regina refused to let either go. If an object she knew it won't escape but still. Regina doubted that it was an object. Yet, had no idea for sure so she made the spell to be on the safe side. Regina wondered what it was that she saw, as she hoped that she was ready for anytning as she thought but believed that she was. She looked around and over again.

Regina was ready to use her powers, the closer she got to what or who that she had seen. She continued to watch. Regina sighed as she continued to do what she did at that moment.ย  She noticed a movement as she picked her hands up. "Don't move. Turn around slowly,"ย  Regina said and sighed as she waited for a reaction closely. "I know by now you are not an object or an animal, you do know that, don't you?" She said to the person as she watched them as before and just as closely as she did before that. Regina then sighed as she continued to watch the person and wait for a reply, as she wondered what would it be.
Magical Prince

May 29th 2020 - 4:11 PM

Being born from magic, Henry knew nothing about the war that went on between good and evil in the world. All he knew was that his Creator Mother, Regina, was the one who gave him life and then gave him all the love she has in her heart. But he knew about his and his mother's alter ego in another land called Storybrooke, because she told him about all the realms she united together to be able to create the ones they lived in. She told him that since she's the Queen of the realm, that makes him the Prince. Henry was excited to know that, because he became restless after. He ran all around the castle. Drove the castle staff and workers crazy.ย 

One day, while Henry was playing out in the garden, he accidentally shot a fireball from his hand. He was surprised by it. Regina saw that from her bedroom window, then she ran out to the garden. She found a very confused Henry, standing in the center of the garden not knowing what to do with himself. Regina ran up to him and bent down to his level and looked at him. "Henry, I made you out of magic. So you have magic too." She said. Henry looked at his hand, then looked at Regina and grinned. "Cool! Thank you, Creator Mother!" He said, giving her a hug. "Just mom will do." Said Regina. "Okay, mom." Henry said. Regina smiled and nodded. Then she pried his arms off of her and smiled at him sadly. "I can't play with you right now, cause I have other things to tend to. But we can play later." She said. Henry nodded. "Okay, mom."ย  Then Regina walked back towards the castle.ย ย 

Henry watched Regina walk back into the castle. He grinned from ear to ear, as he stared down at his palm.ย Magic. He has Magic! Henry was so excited, he ran out of the garden and out of the castle. He didn't even hear the castle butler calling after him, "Master Henry! Where are you going?" Once Henry was outside, he closed his eyes and held out his palm. He thought about how he created the fire in the garden. Then a fireball formed in the palm of his hand. Henry opened his eyes and stared at the fire in his palm. He smiled. This was so cool! He has magic.ย  Before he could try anything else with his magic, Henry saw someone walking towards the castle. He walked towards her out of curiousity. "Who are you?" Henry asked.ย 
Alex Corvin {M}

May 3rd 2020 - 5:35 PM

Alex tilted his head as he looked at the picture taking in the colors and shapes "Well if I'm getting it right it's an image. What I'm feeling from it though it makes me feel like this is someone's home. With an amazing view which you're showing with all the colors." He turns his head to look at her. "Where is this?" He pointed at the page. "It's almost like you can feel yourself being transported there."
Alex Corvin {M}

May 2nd 2020 - 6:40 AM

Alex looked her in the eyes as he listened to her explanation of what is different in her world. He studied her expressions and emotions closely. "Do you miss where you came from?" He tilted his head to the side slightly waiting for her answer before replying. "Where would you call home? If it's not this world fully." He scratched above his eyebrow before commenting. "I sometimes miss mine but only for a short time. It always seems like I'm running away from it." He sighs before turning to walk further into the room to see another piece of art. "My children and their own kids are the only reasons I keep going back, but even then I feel nothing but loneliness there. Which I guess is why I always travel to new places, to explore, to hunt." He could see and feel the emotion of the piece of art he was now standing before. This one stood out to him the most. "I like this one. Tell me about it."
Alex Corvin {M}

Apr 25th 2020 - 4:31 AM

Alex watched her closely and noticed the slip of vulnerability when she mentioned her mother and he took note of that. "Well, it's a real talent, to be honest." He smiled looking into her eyes. "It's rare to find real gems like these." He stepped back over to the art taking in another piece. "The arts in my world are not funded as much to keep it alive." He looked over his shoulder at her "I understand what you mean about darkness. If I ever turned evil all those memories of the ones I love would be gone, like amnesia. I would kill anyone who got in my way." He sighed facing her. "My loved ones however like my kids are one thing that keeps me in the light."

He listened to her story about her world and frowned "Seems evil is everywhere, but I guess that's what keeps the balance." He stepped back toward her. "So, what kind of evil do you have if not demons?" He looked her straight in the eye waiting for an answer of what could possibly come his way in the future.
Alex Corvin {M}

Apr 24th 2020 - 2:13 AM

Alex followed her through the alley and to a gallery. Once they got into the building, he started to look around at all the art. He was very curious and took in each piece very carefully. "Is this place yours?" He stepped to the next piece of art and studied it as well keeping his guard up. "These are really good." He looked over his shoulder at her. "Sorry about before but there is one thing you did get wrong, however." He turned to face her. "I was only reading your emotions." He chuckled as he stepped closer to her. "I only get into people's minds when I'm in the heat of battle with them or if I know they are a true threat." He stepped up to her looking her directly in the eye. "I don't really see you as a threat."

He kept looking her straight in the eyes before speaking again "I was only deciphering your emotions." He smirked slightly as he reached forward and picked a piece of lent off her jacket. "You want to hear about my world." He flicked the lent before meeting her eyes again. "It's identical to this one but the magic isn't hibernating. There is a lot of evil that wanders my world. From demons to warlocks, to even monsters roam my world. The mortals have no clue but they also have their own wars happening due to the hate that covers my world."ย 
Alex Corvin {M}

Apr 23rd 2020 - 6:13 PM

Alex listened closely to her still keeping his guard up but the more she spoke the more interested he became. "If your not from this realm, please do tell me where you are from." He tried to keep a serious expression but the twinkle in his eye showed he was amused by this woman. It pushed him to want to know more about her, from who she was to her powers. He could feel the power rolling off her, but he knew it was as powerful as him.

Though since arriving in this world the magic he felt from all over had a different aura then where he was from. It seemed diluted compared to where he came from which lead him to question if each world he's been to is set up differently from others. He ignores the sirens going by not troubling with the crime that has taken place since he was occupied at the moment. His eyes stayed glued to the girl as he read her. "You seem very intriguing." He pushed himself off the wall and stepped closer. "I would really love to know more."
Alex Corvin {M}

Apr 20th 2020 - 2:27 PM

Alex watched as she cleaned up her mess categorizing all that he has seen her do just in case since he didn't know if he could trust the girl or not. As she crossed to one side of the alley to lean against it, he did the same to the other side propping his foot flat against the wall with his arms dangling at his sides as he studied the girl.

As she continued to speak, Alex studied her body language and using his empath gift read her feelings. So many emotions rolled of her which made her more like an open book to him. His lips pressed together once she was done talking before he answered any of her questions. "Well, firstly they don't know about it because magic seems to be hibernating here." He folded his arms across his chest. "Secondly I understand that balance between good and evil. I've battled it myself many times in the past. Usually, it's my loved ones who keep good. Having any form of love seems to always keep the darkness hidden away."

Alex's face turned down after the mention of his loved ones. The latest memories rolled around in his head and the sudden divorce he didn't want, played through his mind once more. He suddenly shook himself realizing where he was and with whom letting his guard back up. With a sigh, he answered "I'm not from this world actually even though it looks almost identical to mine. It seems some things are different." He glanced down to the opening of the alley just as sirens to an ambulance drove by. He's found himself battling not just the outside world around him these days since the darkness from within has been threatening to take him over again. He knew what it would mean for people if that was to happen.
Alex Corvin {M}

Apr 20th 2020 - 12:51 PM

Alex had spent several years perfecting his time-traveling ability as he chased a powerful demon who got his power from Lucifer himself. The demon didn't like that after their first fight that Alex had bested him almost killing him before he got c*cky and threatened Alex's loved ones and bloodline.ย  He had opened a portal leading to Alex had no clue where at the time so he chased after him.ย 

For several years Alex chased the evil man through time killing anyone the demon recruited to help him in his hunt. During that time his family was moving on and growing up without him there to see it. When Alex finally won the final battle saving his loved ones from parishing as well as his own bloodline in return he used the knowledge he gained to create a portal back to what he was hoping would be the time and place he had originally left from.ย 

Alex was so wrong when he came out on the other side his kids were adults with kids and grandkids of their own. Some had bond their powers to live normal lives while others chased evil like he once did learning it all without him. His family and wife welcomed him back with open arms happy to see him home but they lived their lives without him for so long trying to pick up where he left off didn't work at all and before long Alex was always sitting at home alone miserable. So he turned to what he knew best and set off hunting again except this time he decided to travel to other worlds and dimensions using what he learned about making portals.

Alex had ended up in a world where the magic he could feel was in a slumbering state. Very little made itself known in the world which caused a very boring adventure, but that didn't stop Alex from exploring the world and facing a mortal kind of enemy amongst thugs, criminals, rapists, and killers.ย 

He had ended up in this world's version of New York where he was patrolling the streets for anyone who needed help. As he walked passed a bar he felt it the emotion from a predator. Four guys were walking opposite him and the gleeful emotion of the hunt was coming off them in streams. He knew they were up to no good so followed at a distance. He watched as they ganged up on a new prey a young girl who from the emotions he felt rolling off her he knew she wasn't just another damsel and that possibly the hunters were about to become the hunted.ย 

As he reached the opening of the alley he watched from a distance his body half shielded by the alley wall. He stood and watched it all unfold as the woman tore into the four men. Her magic was different from his but he could still feel it, sense it in a way that gained his interest since it was the first time since being in this world that he felt something like that. When she took out the last man, Alex moved closer smirking at her comment "Well dark magic always is messy." He stopped in front of her looking around at what was left three bodies lying motionless on the ground. "Though you did leave a mess for anyone to find." His eyes landed back on her smirk still in place "Hmm, so what do we have here? I'll admit this is the first time since entering this world that I've felt a strong magical force other than just mortals."
Morgan Pym

Mar 13th 2020 - 7:10 PM

Morgan grew up as a good kid and had somewhat of a good life, even if not the greatest but he dreamed to have even better life. Heย  never imagined his life changing the way that they have, that was for sure. The day he met and fell in love with a young woman named Katrina everything changed, at least for Morgan it did.ย  He was too shy too talk to her, not to mention it was against the law. Morgan was a monk and it was all he knew. He didn't hate it but he didn't want to give up on love either. Katrina however, tried to get him to talk as he eventually did. The two began to spend time together. Before Morgan knew itย  he was committing the worst sin possible, even if he didn't mean to. However, he realized that he wanted to be with her. Morgan did punish himself but gave in, as the other monks andย  ones above them were pissed at him and call him names when he suggested ideas. He was frustrated but at the same time he realized that he wasn't into being a monk anymore. Morgan felt like being with Katrina is the only thing he wanted.

When she got sick he tried to get the ones he was loyal to, to save her but they refused to work with science as they trusted god and god didn't want to save her. They didn't even allow him toย  use science ever as it was against god, at least it was as far as they were concerned. Morgan got so angry that he turned his back on them, instead of praying to god who seemed to ignore him, at least as far as he was concerned and prayed to the devil. He made a deal with him, to save Katrina, not realizing that everything he did was exactly as Lucifer planned. Lucifer heard Morgan and cured Katrina, as Morgan traveled around with Katrina as they spend a lot of time together. When they got married it was Lucifer who married them, and not anyone else. Morgan and Katrina had an amazing 10 years together but then she got sick again but this time she died permanatly. As he fought the devil about it, only to realize that the deal was 10 years not longer, as by there ready burned the statue of god. Lucifer suggested him a new deal, instead of taking his soul he would make him a collector as Morgan agreed. As the devil put a demon in him and he began to collect souls for him since.

It's years later that Morgan gained trust in humanity again. But for a while there he turned his back on humanity and god. Yet, meeting Maya, unknown to him a raincernation of Katrina, changed him. Instead of coming to meet his clients to let them know that they got 48 hours to get redemtion or he would take their souls and then coming back later to taken him, he decided to offer Lucifer a new deal where he helped his clients to get salvation, as the devil accepted it. Some people he saved but unfortunately not all. Morgan got a place for Maya, right where he lived as he took care of her when he could. The two got close and eventually became a couple. They most couples they too had problems but they made up for those. Morgan was grateful to a client of his for secrificing his own life to save Maya, as there was no other way to save his soul but that way the guy went to heaven not hell.

When Morgan found out that Maya made a deal with Lucifer, was the day she found out the truth about him, she freaked out as did he but for her. She asked to be put on a timer even it 10 years hasn't passed yet, as Morgan helped save her. By then Maya died but the devil brought her back. Morgan helped her save herself. Since then she helped him with his clients when she could. When Morgan left Vencouver, Canada to a different place because of a client she came with him. That day was no different. Morgan spent time with Maya as Lucifer called and gave him a new name, a client name. He even let them leave town. Which they did. They packed and left to New York, America. They got a hotel room as they unpacked, then Morgan went to meet a client and she stayed behind to wait for him, meanwhile she tried to have funย  alone. While she hoped for the best as did he. It took him a while to find the clien but Morgan eventually did. He talked to the client who called him mental and run away.

The woman run away screaming 'Devil Wishiper wanted to secrifice her', which was a lie but she clearly didn't see it that way. She definitely didn't get how serious it as, which was bad, for her and Morgan knew that. Truth be told he didn't blameย  her as it did sound crazy and all but he was only surprised by her reaction due to what she had said. Morgan watched her and sighed as he continued to walk. He rolled is eyes to the way she reacted and such. Morgan thought that she was nuts, then again he could tell that he wasn't the only one. Which definitely didn't surprise him. That was ridicolous or so he thought and believed. As in her behavier but he let it be, for the time being. Morgan hoped that she would eventually understand how serious it was.ย  He believed that she would, even it he had no idea for sure. Morgan just hoped for the best as he continued to walk.ย  He tried to relax as the client literally pissed him off, even if to some degree he understood the client but still.

Morgan passed by someone right after the client already run by screaming her nonesense. He wasn't sure what to think. As Morgan got there he could still hear and see the crazy client of his. He looked at the person and shook his head. "She is drunk. People tried to stop her but some people kust don't listen and that is what you get," Morgan said to her and showedย  a finger to his mouth to show that the person was drunk. "I tried to talk to her, as a person and that is what happened," he said a few minutes later. "I have no idea where she got that nonesense, but it is a nonesense after all, isn't it?" Morgan said as the last part was a rhytorical question. "I tried to be sure she was alright and well you saw what happened, and still do I am sure," he said and pointed to the woman with his head. Morgan wondered if the person buy it or not. He hoped so or he feared what might happen othdrwise, as he tried not to think of that. Morgan watched the person closely as he wondered how the person would react to all of it. He looked around and back at the person, as he still waited.
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