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"Pavi steals all of the hearts!"
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Ten out of nine will say the Pavi!

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Luigi Largo: He is an abusive, homicidal sociopath who wields a knife at all times. He has a very unstable personality, and he is exceedingly violent. He and Pavi fight nonstop. Amber Sweet: She is spoiled, conceded, and is addicted to Zydrate and surgeries. Though she and Pavi are able to get along quite well, most of the time. Rotti Largo: He is a very bitter person, regarding to his three children as utterly disgusting failures. Marni Wallace: She was to be Rotti�s wife, if Nathan Wallace didn�t come along. Pavi and Marni got along very well, he was constantly coddled by her as a child. Even after Rotti and Marni split up Pavi would sneak out to spend sometime with her and sometimes Nathan, until Rotti found out. Magdelene Defoe: She was the best friend to Marni, and soon became the voice of GeneCo. Pavi had the biggest crush on her as a child and followed her everywhere. He never missed one of her shows, nor any of her rehearsals. He was always there in the front row, with a rose in his hand he picked specially for her.

Your just his worthless brother.


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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Paviche "Pavi" Largo
Verses: Repo! The Genetic Opera, TDC, The Devils Carnival, Horror, Gore, Crime, Gothic.
Playbys: Nivek Ogre
Length: Novella
Genre: Crossover, Gore, Horror, Humor, Movie, Romance,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 01, 2014

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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

Pavi steals all of the hearts!

Paviche Antonio Largo was a boy adored by many people, especially the young girls. Ever since he was just a young boy he had all the pretty young girls wrapped around his finger, no matter the age. But sadly his family never really thought him to be special, nor that bright in their mind he was just Pavi, nothing more. Though Rotti knew his son would never be fit to run GeneCo, in his mind Paviche was far too weak, too na�ve and far too girly and sensitive. Though Paviche never let his fathers views on him bother him much, he did what made himself happy in hopes one day his papa will see just how special he was. Paviche always been a very handsome boy but alas he was cursed with an embarrassing and very noticeable speak impediment. And because poor Pavi had such a noticeable stutter his older brother Luigi would often pick on him because of it, he would pick on poor little Paviche until the boy was in tears. Then only place he truly felt safe was in Mag�s dressing room, there he would often get into her make up, dresses and heels. He had quite the crush on Mag when he was a child, causing him to follow her around GeneCo. When Paviche and Luigi�s mother died, Paviche took the death horribly and locked himself away in his room for the longest time, he really loved his mother (or what he could remember of her.) she meant the world to him, even though he didn�t see her as often as he liked too. Mag was the only one who could convince him to come out of his room. With his mother gone and his father obsessed with his work, Paviche became very lonely. Then a few years later and a new Largo was added to their family, Carmella Largo. Unlike Paviche�s horrible relationship with Luigi, he got along very well with Carmella, they became very close to one another. Though despite the fact that Paviche adored his little sister, he also disliked her slightly since she was a new baby and everyone was fussing over her and not him, he wasn�t the baby any longer. Paviche became isolated and alone, causing him to become quite shy. At one point, however: Paviche decided he had enough of everything. He was growing tired of being made fun of because of his weak and feminine characteristics, heavy stutter and unusually high voice, also the lack of respect and support he was getting from his family. He then began to learn Italian, and after a while he crafted his stutter into a flawless and rather charming Italian accent. Once Paviche learned the language perfectly his father sent him to Italy over the summer to a private school. But�Paviche wasn�t studying as his father assumed he was�. Several ladies and summers in Italy later, Paviche was finally realized to be quite the catch among the GeneCo fans, and the GENterns of course. Paviche was known as the hottest playboy however, he did have a few skeletons in his closet�like most people. Paviche never understood the word �no� being the privileged child he was, and at times he would often take women by force should he not get his way. Most ladies Paviche been with ended up dead before they could be missed but not only the ladies were missing, some their lovely faces were gone as well. Pavi�s obsession with women far exceeded what would be considered a �healthy� level. Many years passed and Paviche was now in his late twenties, that is when he got into a fight with his older brother Luigi, leaving Paviche�s face horribly disfigured. The event was traumatic, not even surgery could fix the damage done. Paviche refuses to speak of the fight with anyone, in fact the only two who know the real story are Paviche and Luigi themselves, and they intend to keep it that way to avoid paparazzi and tabloids. Though on the plus side, Paviche finally found a use for the faces he stole�they became a cover up for his own hideous one.

Legal Information
NAME: Paviche Antonio Largo
DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 17, 2024
PLACE OF BIRTH: Sanitarium, California
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sanitarium, California

Physical Details
HEIGHT: 6�1�
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: His whole face.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Cella Amello Largo (Deceased)
FATHER: Rotti Largo
SISTER(S): Amber Sweet
BROTHER(S): Luigi Largo
Other Family: Marni Wallace (Step-mother for a time)

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Far too many to count.

Traits: Narcissistic, cocky, arrogant, conceded.
Disorders: Psychotic, narcissistic
Addictions: Sex, stealing faces.
Likes: Reading, Chess, looking fabulous, clothes, make up, girls, boys, sweets.
Dislikes: Luigi, Amber (Sometimes), the word �No�
Quirks: none

EDUCATION Private tutors
OCCUPATION: Poster Boy for Face Implants
JOB DESCRIPTION: He looks pretty for the camera.
EMPLOYER: Rotti Largo (previously) Amber Sweet (currently)
STRENGTHS: His mind.
WEAKNESSES: He is easily offended by stupid things.

I�m only human sometimes I am the King of Disorder.


Paviche�s sexuality: Paviche is bisexual. He prefers women greatly, as he has a very strong obsession with them, but he doesn�t mind the occasional bello to keep him entertained.

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Oct 31st 2021 - 11:06 PM


I hope it is daunting good fun!

xo, Arasil. 

Dec 24th 2020 - 11:35 PM

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Dec 25th 2019 - 2:55 AM

Merry Christmas! 
Have a wonderful day and night, and shine bright like the star you are 🤍
Whether it is with your friends, family, fur family or simply just --you. 
I know not everyone can get into the holiday spirit for many reasons, 
but know /you matter/ and you are noticed. We have no idea which day could be our last, 
so live as if its your last day the best that you can. I'm aware this sounds corny, but I wrote this and sent it to certain people /you/ in particular -- for a very valid reasoning. Much love to you, and again,


From, -Stormie.

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Feb 14th 2019 - 5:01 AM

I hope you have a spooktastic day, 
whether it is with your significant other, friend, or family.
I know, this little greeting more than likely seems cheesy 
or possibly a 'wtf' moment but, I'm sending it anyway ♥
Today is supposed to be a celebration of love, of all sorts. 
So don't let anything make you feel gloomy, and shine 
through anything that may attempt to do so. 

Happy Valentines day! 

From Stormie.
*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Jan 16th 2019 - 8:24 AM

// No worries, you’re fine, trust me! Lol ah, well I’m very glad you are enjoying this story so much! It is very fun! I am enjoying too. Sorry its taken me a bit to respond, but as always, I do the moment I can! //

Time was going to be running thin fast, and soon. They had no choice but to capture one of the living dead, in order to help Pavi’s father somehow figure out a cure immediately. Despite Rotti seemingly come off as a crappy father to her friend, he at least seemed like he was smart enough to possibly put an end to this outbreak, before it was much too late. Stormie would be lying if she said she wasn’t growing irritated with Pavi’s choice of words and his actions that continued as time passed during this situation occurring right before their eyes, literally.  But she was also doing her best to compromise, considering she knew how he was in general. It was just a bit harder than usual, considering the world was slowly beginning to end and started a few hours ago.

Stormeai looked around quick, gathering idea’s within her head that could work out well enough to make this quick and as easy as possible. Zooming her vision in on seeing that rope hanging from the tree near them, the dark haired female quickly retrieved said rope, and handed it to Pavi at once, instructing what was going to be attempted, and what she was almost sure would work out in the end. If he would listen and do as she said, especially as she attempted to make this easier on him, than herself when she had no need to do so but, chose to out of compassion. And a part of her doing it more so due to his father being the key to stopping this, but, both friends had their own self-centered, narcissistic side to which they already knew about each other. And it was a few things that they were able to understand and get along on, considering it would be hypocritical if they didn’t.

Kinking a brow, Stormie crossed her arms for a mere moment while making sure to keep a visual on the walker ahead of them that would be near quite soon. “Pavi, do it. You’re literally doing thee’ most easy part. Suck it up.” Storm said a bit more condescending than meant, but right now was stressful and only slightly making Stormie feel as though she was about to snap.

She sighed “Distract, go in the middle of the ground like three feet up and start. . . I don’t know, dancing? Jumping? Wave your freaking arms and twirl for all I care, just distract the walker away from me, so I can toss this rope around its head” Stormie did her best to explain, and while in the same moment she hooked a circle together big enough to swing and catch over the walking dead’s head, and then stay there to drag along with them back to Pavi’s father. Considering they were running out of time fast, Storm figured this might be the only way to truly push her friend into quickly helping, so they could get this done. “If you don’t help me on this dude, I swear I will push you in front of that walker and let them eat you.” Storm hissed, hands together slightly shaking and staring him in the eyes, more like glaring. “I’m not joking, our lives depend on this right now, you need to get it together just this once, and then hopefully all of this will never happen again.”

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Jun 17th 2018 - 2:43 AM

// Soooo sorry this took forever! Annnd, that I may be a bit rusty! Getting back in the swing of things though as of late, thank goodness. I’m looking forward to where this story ends up. While its intense, it is also quite comical I say x’D //

Stormeai was seriously in distress over the entire situation going down, and how the world around them all took a one eighty within a blink of an eye, quite literally. Especially with Pavi not being so up to par during the whole situation either. Which the female understood to a certain degree, but still, it sucked considering the severe circumstances. Looking over at Pavi and then back at his father Rotti upon her suggestion, hoping that something could get things moving fast, before it was too late to even try anymore.

Nodding her head when Rotti began responding, she stood silent with hazel hues widening slightly at a response she was not expecting to get, especially with Pavi present. God, Stormie hated being in the middle of a parent child dispute of some sort, always feeling extremely uncomfortable if a parent were to compare Storm to a friend of hers in a disrespectful manner to said friend. All the Italian female could do was look over at Pavi a moment, shrugging slightly with a ‘I’m sorry’ type expression, hoping he would know she did not take compliment to Rotti’s words and found them as disrespectful personally. “Uh..ah, thanks, I will – we will, do our best to go ahead and find one immediately” Storm chimed in quick, not wanting to give her good friends father a chance to say anything else that would be cold towards Pavi Largo.

She could tell that comment bothered her friend personally, feeling a little bad about it not knowing how she’d feel if on the receiving end. “C’mon Pav, let’s go get us a flesh eater to bring back to your dad so he can possibly find a cure.” Stormeai urged, tugging on Pavi’s forearm slightly to motion out of the room to exit. Getting in the elevator, then going down and out, Cicca took a deep breath before taking a step outside once again. “Watch my back, I’ll uh- do my best to get one on my own mkay?” Storm kinked a brow, in other words saying /you better do something at least and not make me do everything/.

Stormie did her best to walk fast, yet as silent as possible. Looking all around herself and Pavi, eyes squinting trying to find a walker to somehow capture. “We’ll need a noose of some sort, maybe. Ya’ know, to like throw over their head and maybe just end up dragging them back here” She chuckled a little at that suggestion, not realizing how goofy it really did sound until finishing her sentence. Walking further, the Italian female grabbed a rope that was dangling off of a tree, used for something not good but didn’t care to question it. “Here” Storm made Pavi hold it, forcing him to get in the zone and man up as much as possible for him anyway. After about ten minutes or so, a walker came into sight, Storm’s heart skipping a beat and getting ready. “Alright, so if I’m gonna’ do all I can do capture them on my own as much as possible, then you are gonna’ help lead them toward me kay?” Stormeai explained firmly, lips pursing and brows furrowed waiting for his responses and actions. Hoping this would work out in some way or another for what it was worth in the end.

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Mar 25th 2018 - 7:55 PM

|| Aha, you couldn’t have said that any much better xD! Yeah, it really is a win win for him when it comes down to it, well, in situations such as those that is! Haha ||

Stormie certainly didn’t foresee these events happening in her life this soon, but at least deep down she had always been prepared for it. Just considering how it all began, was quite weird. The only real honest hope there was at this point in time, was Pavi’s father Rotti, the only family that has created cures for pretty much every and anything. If a cure could not be founded for this outbreak, then the entire world would surely be doomed to no return within an instant.

Cicca followed her friend quickly to his father’s domain, to see if by somehow, the man would be able to cook something up before time ran out to do so. Pavi was wreck, Stormie could see it and hear in his voice. In all honesty, it was a surprise he was the last one standing thus far, not to mean, he was just so delicate and not as rowdy like she herself was when it came to situations such as these especially. Storm would like to think she had a big helping factor in helping keep him alive. Upon arriving to Pavi’s dad’s office, she remained quite until given room to chime in.

She watched while her good friend’s father coughed harshly into his napkin, from afar she in fact saw the blood come from out his body, which was quite sad and couldn’t imagine how that reflected on Pavi in that moment. Stormie stood straight, walking forward listening closely. Her brows furrowed in response to hearing how Rotti Largo spoke to his last standing child, it was cruel, unlike what Storm was used to when it came to a father being there for their child. How come? She dare not to ask, but would always hold that curiosity within. It wasn’t her business though of course, and asking her friend would more than likely just bring him pain in the end. Maybe, maybe not though.

Stormeai became silent once Rotti pretty much demanded for both her and Pavi to stay there until further notice, that a cure was being looked into. Though, they simply couldn’t just stay in there awaiting for what may never happen. At least Stormie certainly could not, she’d go nuts. So, she pondered hard and fast. “Well, um, sir” She cleared her throat, getting an idea formed inside of her brain. ‘With all due respect, I understand that you are working on a cure to end what is currently happening, though, either way it’ll become time consuming” Stormie continued, leaning against the table slightly. “Wouldn’t it be eaiser, if maybe I brought you one of the infected? So then, tests or some kind of experiment can be made, in order to figure out just the right cure more quickly?” Storm asked sincerely, and it was a valid question after all. She looked to the side over at Pavi, wondering if perhaps he would agree as well to this. Would his father say yes? And if he did, would he more than likely tell Pavi to man up and go out there with her to catch one of the undead? The first person that came to mind was the girl Shiloh she had remembered Rotti wanted before the outbreak, either as a trade or hell, she may be infected or upon seeing it personally, perhaps Rotti would kick everything into high gear quicker than he naturally would. Something had to be done either way, and Stormeai was only trying to help make it happen before she became one of the undead’s fresh grounded beef.

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Jan 1st 2018 - 10:48 PM

| Yer' welcome! Aha right? Sounds about correct lol xD. Alright then! :D. Ha thank ya, I'm sure we can do some random a/ss funny, yet serious things with this story for sure xP Yeah, I can see what you mean with that as well. I feel like Rotti just might do a cure though for his benefit, or do the other dx |

Stormeai did her best to remain as calm as could be, but this situation continued growing intense by the moments. She did not see this coming today by a long shot, but there was no time to go and wish for things to be different, hope they would, all there was time to do was run and figure out what the hell to do, and /fast/. The Italian female ran after Pavi, making sure he didn't get too far away from her, figuring out where to run to his father in hopes of him being able to fix all of this. It was a 50/50 though, which made things all the more an emotional wreck.

Both Italian's ran to the elevator, Stormie following Pavi's lead as quickly as possible. A part of her felt slightly bad having to kill both of his siblings whom turned into flesh eating monsters, not knowing how it would affect Pavi in the end, hoping he'd understand for what it was worth. "All your dad has to do is figure it out, and then maybe this all can freaking stop before its far too late" Storm said through heavy breathing, sweat coating her face, heart hammering up into her throat.

Upon arrival to Pavi's dad's office, Storm saw the repo men standing before his father Rotti, and then once the older man yelled at his son, and motioned for both to sit, Stormie did just that instantly. Sure, she was only slightly nervous due to her friends' father's actions, how he sounded, but she still had hope of him finding a cure, or knowing what to do for the most part at least. "Sir. You must have a cure I hope" Storm said in a panicked whisper, turning her head to look at Pavi that looked a hot mess. "Just breathe amico.." Stormie said as kindly as she could to her fellow Italian friend.

*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Dec 18th 2017 - 4:52 AM

[Awh, you're too kind! Yours are as well though! Right? Ahahaha. Well, I suppose we'll have to find out. It would totally suck to have a cure, and then it go bad after all is good because Pavi messes up or something lmfao. Stormie would wanna kick his ass for sure x'D If you have anything you'd like to add, do let me know! And I'm so sorry yet again, for such a long wait. Also sorry if this reply was sorta' slow! I thought you'd want to portray Rotti the most considering you are writing his son after all xD Damn, it makes me wonder how he'd react if something like this actually did go down. You know? xD Anyway, here you goooo. ]

Stormeai didn't intentionally want to kill Pavi's siblings, but there was no way around it now that there was a zombie outbreak coming forth. Sure, it felt damn good to not only beat the sh*t out of Luigi, but end his life as well in the end. Of course, Stormie would never confess such thoughts running throughout her mind to Pavi. Although, her Italian friend didn't seem as upset as she was expecting, so that was certainly a plus for her conscience.

Cicca quickly gripped onto Largo, yanking him forward so they could head to his father at once, unable to waste any time. She could only hope that Mr. Largo could somehow find a cure, but Storm had a backup plan being made in her head as they sprinted. She /always/ had a backup plan even if things looked promising. If she didn't, how else would things get done the way they should in order to survive in the end? They got to the GenCo doors, Stormeai looking to the side listening while Pavi responded to all she had expressed. "Good" She nodded, now just needing her friend to lead the way to his father's study considering she had only been inside the place one time.

When Pavi's sister Amber came about in zombie form, Stormie had to act fast and that she did. Ms. Sweet was taken out just like Luigi, and Storm watched when her surely dead corpse went to the ground entirely lifeless. Looking up, Stormie could see that took a different affect upon Pavi, and a part of her felt a little guilty. But, she could only hope he'd understand in the end and not end up growing hate towards her for having to do the hard stuff, that a lot of people wouldn't do. "I..I'm sorry Pav" Storm said sympathetically, nodding her head and then returned to gripping his wrist. "C'mon, we gotta' go dude, we gotta get to your dad" She said as kindly as she could.

Stormeai had the two begin running inside, locking the doors behind and headed up to where his father was supposed to be. "Alright, considering your dad is pretty sick right now, will you be able to help him if he needs it?" Storm asked seriously, taking a moment to stand still and look at Pavi seriously. "We must get something to take out whatever the hell has happened to the human race, and I know as well as probably everyone else too, that your dad is the only hope right now to try and do so" Stormie explained, nodding her head, making sure Pavi understood everything and wouldn't' second guess. "Don't tell him about Luigi and Amber right away, we need him totally focused on figuring out something for this madness, sound good?" Storm urged, hoping she made sense and didn't confuse her friend who would more than likely have some sort of PTSD after this all in the future.
*( ѕнιтѕ creeĸ )*

Nov 5th 2017 - 11:54 PM

[Well, I'm very glad ya do! I try my very best each time I reply, but of course :D. I can just imagine all this sh*t going down in the GenCo world, ha ha ha. Which makes me think, what if Rotti does get a cure together, helps make it to where a zombie out break doesnt' hit the entire world and puts things back to normal. Then, he passes away like in the movie, Pavi somehow gets GenCo and accidentally messes up, making it to where the zombie outbreak returns, but this time there will be no cure able to be formed. At least not with him and Genco. JUST A RANDOM thought I had after getting done with this. It's okay if not, it does sound a bit of a far stretch xD After all, I'm pretty sure Shiloh would have to do die somehow, if we were to go canon and have it where she got it instead of Pavi. Lol I'll stop rambling now about this and we can plot later whenever the time arises.]

Stormeai was at a loss with everything happening, especially since in this situation she was pretty much flying solo. Sure, Pavi was a good friend of her's and all, but as of right now he really didn't seem to attempt in remotely trying to make things better, or help out with figuring what to do next. That was Pavi though, its not like Storm expected him to be the brightest of the bunch considering his different persona and just being different in general. She ignored his whining, considering he was going to have a lot of things go down quite soon to really have something to whine about. In her opinion, he was going to have to live and then learn, hopefully not the hard way. If this Largo wasn't her friend, she more than likely would've just let him stay behind and meet his own fate or, perhaps grow up rather quickly within seconds. For now, she would help him do so in a more safer situation where a walking dead wouldn't without a doubt kill him before he even had the chance to try.

One thing lead to another, and within moments Stormie had her blade in her hand and stuck it deeply within Luigi's head, twisting to make sure it ripped apart his brain just right so there was no returning from it, until his for sure lifeless corpse fell right to the ground leaving the thudding sound echo in their space. A deep breath escaped her lips, slightly grinning from this, feeling an adrenline rush and from there on out, she knew that this for the most part would be a piece of cake when they'd encounter more people dying and coming back as a zombie.

Taking Pavi's arm, she lead them to start running at once to his father, in high hopes the older man would know what to do before his own demise would take that chance away for good. Stormie could only that whenever he did pass on, that it wouldn't be where this virus still remained. Or else, how would Pavi take it having to stab or shoot his dad in the head to make sure he stayed dead, and didn't wake up as the walking dead like his older brother just did?

Continuing their sprint turned into full on running, she listened to him question about being able to finally take over the family business basically. It didn't surprise the Italian female that he'd be asking such a thing, during such times. She rolled her eyes, getting closer and closer to GenCo, looking to the side a quick second seeing a couple people far away who looked just as Luigi did, proving to her that this indeed was the start of a zombie apocalypse. Should Storm tell Pavi? Maybe later after speaking with his dad. "I guess Pav's, but I'm assuming you'll need to wait until your dad isn't around" Stormie said, finally getting to the door of Genco, stopping for a few moments panting to catch her breath back. "Sh*t" She grumbled, out of breath, out of her mind right about now. "First things first though, lets get your dad to figure out how the hell to make all of this stop. And then you can worry about getting GenCo, alright?" Storm told, looking at Pavi in the eye's very seriously, showing that she was meaning business and would grow angry if it wasn't taken serious.

Right before anything else could be said or done, Pavi and Luigi's sister Amber, came out of nowhere from behind, and indeed a zombie as well. Stormeai gasped out, taking hold of Pavi's forearm and yanking him with all the strength she had in her - forward, almost causing him to fall down on accident. In impulse, considering a now zombiefied Amber was lunging toward both Italian's, Stormie had no choice but to charge forward, knock Amber's walking dead corpse down and do the same thing she did to Luigi, shove the knife she held within her right hand right into her skull, turning it to make sure her brain got cut just right until the entire corpse went limp. "F*** f***, sh*t...sh*t" Storm huffed in a panic, slowly getting to her feet panting and walking backwards to stand near Pavi, not knowing what the hell his reaction was going to be, or how he was going to feel. It all happened so damn fast, it was as if watching a movie on faster forward, unable to see the entire picture of it all, except for bits and parts flashing before one's eye.

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