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About me:

Hello there, you want to know my story? alright then sit back and enjoy though it is not a happy one for the most part.

I was born under the name Izabel Duchannes to Emmaline Duchannes and to Silas Ravenwood. I was always close to my sister Del and I fell in love with a man named John who was a Caster like me. You see Casters are not mortals,we are born of magic and see the world like no mortal can.

Now back to my story, you see it was not to stay a happy life because my family is cursed. i know most of you think that is was done by a witch or something but actually it's a bit more complexed than started with Genevive Duchannes she was the first of the Dark Casters in our family. She fell in love with a man named Ethan Carter Wate who was a solgier in the cival war. any way they fell in love and he left his post for her but when he got to her he was shot in the back.

Not wanting to loose him she turned to a very powerful and dare I say alive book called the Book Of Moons and tried to revive him after trying with her own powers didn't work. Now the book granted her request for a moment but then it took it's bargen.

Genevive became dark and the book cursed her bloodline so that when we turn 16 we are either claimed for the light or the dark as the book sees fit. The only one that ever overcome that curse was my daughter Lena,though I am still not sure how she did this.

Any way when my 16th moon came I felt the dark power come to me and my own mother shut me out giving me my true name Sarafine. you see every one of us has two names when we are born,one that we are born with and the other for when we get claimed,our true name as it were.

I tried for years to over come my darkness and even moved far away with john to try and fight it. when my daughter was born I felt both love and hate for her as my dark and light side fought within me. John helped me a lot and so I held on.

One day my ancestor Abraham Ravenwood came to me. now something you all need to know about him is that he is what we call a Blood Incabus. A demon that feeds off the blood of mortals and can change them into being like him if he wishes it but their main weakness is the sun. They can bend time and space and fold it so that they can be in one place and show up in another very fast and when they do it makes a hole in the sky for a little bit.

Abraham told me that I shouldn't fight the urges to burn things because it will start to kill me inside and so I started to burn places that wouldn't hurt anyone.

Since then he became a mentor to me and one day he told me that my daughter will have to choose between light and dark but if I embrace the darkness in me I could save her. I foolishly fell for this and when I found out that my husband was going to take out daughter from me I set the place on fire with him and Lena inside...he is the only one that died it seems I underestimaited her powers back then, oh well.

Us Dark Casters have dark golden catlike eyes that sets us apart from the good side of the family and I am the most powerful of all the Dark Casters because like my daughter I am a Natural, which means we are the strongest of all the Casters out there and can control the elements as well as a lot of other things too. In my case I can posses someone if I wish it,like my daughter I can change someone's reality by just making them beleive what I show them in thier minds and much more.

For the years to come after I spend some with Abrahm and others just travalling the world gathering up Dark Casters to work with me. when I finally came back to the town of Gatlin I did so in the body of one of the people in town and I also am the one that killed her boyfriend Ethan's mother and I have no trouble with that really.

I started to get the town to turn against her and that was fun,but then when it came to her Claiming she refused to do so and so I killed her boyfriend Ethan...though she later revived him that little trickster of mine. I am also the one that put the curse on the locket that showed Lena and Ethan the visions of the past.

I tried to make her choose again when she turned 17 but she chose to be both dark and light and that broke the order of the world. the world was coming to an end and the Caster powers going crazy and when I attacked my daughter I started a fire but because the Order was wrong it hit me insted. I tried to cry for help but that no good daughter of mine just watched me burn.

I was then sent to hell litterly suffering blind for a long time because of the Keeper Angelus who is the Keeper of magic but wanted it all for himself. Any way I sacrificed myself to let Ethan kill Angelus and I thought that was the end...I was wrong.

The next thing I knew I was lying on my back in a forest god only knows where and I was very much alive. The order was back and so were my powers. So now I intend to go back to Gatlin and see what has changed and make my daughter pay for not saving me when she had the chance.

Well now you know my story, so come and meet me if you dare!

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Amas Veritas™

Feb 15th 2015 - 3:20 AM

Sally was quite grateful for this woman who she barely knew. She was grateful that she was there and could help her until Gary got there IF he got there in time. She was laying there in the bed breathing heavily ,praying the pain would just go away soon.

Noticing how Sarafine had been more curious and concerned about this dark curse then she was about the twin's birth she looked at her kindly "Go Hel..p The town" She spoke in between breaths "my Husband. should be here soon"

Amas Veritas™

Jan 31st 2015 - 7:32 PM

Sally bit her lip as she felt another contraction, it was then she knew this was no False labor this was the Real thing, She nodded as she looked at Sarafine "Yes I. Know" She said as she breathed "It would appear the twins want out a month early can you Call me an ambulance" She asked feeling her water breaking.

She sighed again as she realized her and Gillian's plan of saving the town would have to wait because the twins waned to be born, more then likely to help aid the town and see things that they wouldn't have seen if they had not been born.

Amas Veritas™

Jan 17th 2015 - 8:07 PM

Sally nodded as she looked at her "It is rather interesting, and I want to help as best as I can" She sighed feeling yet another pain with in her stomach. She was about a Month Shy of her Due date and she was by far not ready for these twins to be born yet so she put it off to be Braxton Hicks contractions, not realizing how wrong she was.


She had decided that her and Gillian would work some sort of spell of their own, One that might make things easier on the citizens of this town but first they needed to look into their crystal Ball so to speak in order to find out what had happened.

Amas Veritas™

Jan 3rd 2015 - 2:33 AM

Sally had dealt with many curses and there was no doubt in her mind that Her and Gillian could break this curse, She knew the two of them were not effected for several reasons and because of that She would do whatever it took to Break the Curse so the madness would end.

She shook her head as she thought a bit "Honestly I'm not sure, I might need to ask my Aunts for help or some of the friends I've made a long the way But I do know I will find away" She admitted.

Amas Veritas™

Dec 20th 2014 - 3:00 AM

Sally shrugged asshelooked at her "One will never know But I intend on fixing whateverthisCurse is, If Mysisterand I can break a family age old Curse I'm sure we can break this one as well" She answered honestly.

"yes" She began "But as I said My Sister and I have our ways of finding the truth and then breaking Curses, in fact I think I will ask my Aunts for the Help as well" She offered.

Amas Veritas™

Dec 6th 2014 - 11:49 PM

Sally nodded as she spoke "I'm sure whoever did this has some very high Magical Powers, I can feel it" she answered honestly seeing as she was a Witch and everything. she bit her lip as sheanswered her "Love is Powerful but Yes I agree it can be Harsh You just have to know when to control your feelings" She answered with a grin thinking of how her and Gary had gotten together.

Amas Veritas™

Nov 28th 2014 - 10:06 PM

Sally nodded as she looked at her smiling in agreement "Yes, Revenge and Perhaps Love or rather lack there of, and as I said that could be pretty much anyone" She sighed knowing that she herself had been miserable when she lost her first husband but Not Miserable enough to create a curse, Mainly because she knew what being Cursed felt like. She nodded once again "that is my Theory anyone, I do believe that someone whoever it was was so hurt by the loss of love that they decided to make everyone else un happy as well.
Amas Veritas™

Nov 14th 2014 - 10:23 PM

Sally smiled as she thought a bit, she had known a few people of this town already and any one of them could have easily created this curse though she Didn't know why or how "I suspect whoever did this was Very High in the Royal Totem Pole back home in Fairy tale Land" She responded.

She chuckled as she looked at Sarafine once again "Honestly People do many things for any given odd reason, In this case from the Curse itself and the way some of these characters are treated Perhaps it stemmed from Jealousy?"

Amas Veritas™

Nov 1st 2014 - 3:54 AM

Sally shrugged and bit her lip "It is interesting but I also wonder what the Price will be in breaking this particular Curse" she replied as she too thought a moment.

She shook her head and answered her "In My Experience it is usually because of the fact that they were Spurned in a Lost love or what not Maybe this is what happened with whoever did this Curse"
Amas Veritas™

Oct 25th 2014 - 8:53 PM

Sally nodded as she spoke in agreement "Honestly us witches often say Every Magic Spell comes with a Price and it's true, The bigger the Curse or Magic Spell the steeper the Price, I just wish knew What this one was" She simply pondered.

She shrugged as she answered her "I want to know what she's like, Why she did it, What makes her tick, As a Witch Most of the time when Spells and Curses happen its because of something someone did in the Past, I'm curious if that is the case here"
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