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About me:

This is my tail and I am yet to see how it all ends.... maybe one day I will.

I was born in Sparta the eldest child born to king Leonidas and his queen Gorgo. At first they didn't know what to make of me because I was not a boy,but when they held me in their arms they loved me on the spot and I loved them back.

From the age of 5 I loved to hold swords in my hands and play fight with the other boys. My father saw this and when I turned 10 he trained me in the ways of a Spartan warrior.

My mother didn't like it,but she knew that a queen never questions her king and so she accepted it the best way she could. We lived by the code that a death in battle is a good death.

At the age of 12 I was already the best fighter even among the men and no one could match my skills with the swords or the bow. My father was proud of me and so was my mother.

when my father took his 300 men to battle I wanted to help but he told me I had to stay and keep my mother safe in case they failed and so I did just that.

When news came that all the men including my father were killed,my mother,little brother and I morned his death but also respected him for it.

When the Athen warrior Themistokles came to ask Sparta to join him in the fight I begged my mother to accept but she wasn't going to loose any more than she already had and so she refused.

After a while I tried to convince her to help and in the end it worked. We joined the others in battle and together all of Greece defeted the Persian navy and watched them run from us like rats.

We had lost many in the battle but this was a good victory and eventually even the god king would get what is coming to him.

When I turned 30 Sparta was once again under attack and this time I led the battle for the first time. That was the battle that changed everything for me bcause on that night I was wounded defending our lands.

my mother never left my side and one night when she was asleep an old man came to me,he touched me gently and told me that he would give me a gift and heal me.

The next morning that is exactly what had happened and no one knew how,not even me. This worried me as I remembered what the old man had told me, but then I shook it off as just a dream.

When I trained with the men I started to relize that I couln't be hurt,everytime that a sword would damage me in any way I would heal on the spot as if nothig had been there before.

Eventually it came down to them all fearing me and I was forced to tell my mother what I saw. She then shook her head sadly and took me by the hand telling me that the old man had been Zeus and that he had given me the gift of immortality.

She said I should see it as a good thing and that it is strange because he doesn't always allow to interfere in the ways of men. When I heared this I nodded and told her that if I could not die in battle I was discrasing the code and so I must go.

She begged me not to leave but I told her I have no choice because sooner or later they would rise up against me and I would loose her and my little brother as well. She then nodded and we hugged and I did so with my brother as well touching his face gently and telling him he had to be the one to keep mother safe now and he nodded. that was the last time I ever set eyes on them both.

Over time I travelled the lands of Greece and one day I came to a temple of Zues and yelled for him to show himself. When he did I watched him and asked why he did this to me. He simply said because I showed myself to be a very skilled warrior and that I deserved to be blessed in such a way and then he was gone once more.

I have walked the world for centuries now fighting in any wars that I can and never dying or even having a scratch on me.

I have been called The Immortal Warrior and it is a nickname that I now embrace because they respect me once more under that name.

I have seen empires rise and fall and always been there when Greece needed me the most and now in your more modern world as your tecnology was advanced I fought in most of your known and unknown wars and never really picking a side unless I beleived it to be the right thing.

In your modern world I have decided to use my skills to become a hunter of the things that hide in the shadows, I only kill those who I am sure hurt others for no reason and if I see that they just want to live life I let them be.

I am what I must be and I have come to think that this is not a blessing but a curse.

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Amas Veritas™

Dec 27th 2014 - 3:14 AM

Sally nodded as she thought of Gary onceagain"I was lucky to have loved Twice.. As much as I miss my first husband and had been heart broken when he died, I am glad to have Gary in my Life and I love him Dearly.. My First Husband was great to give me my First two Children and my Second was the one to pick up my shattered pieces"shesimply spoke

She touched her lightly as she looked at her "I'm so sorry to hear that" she offered "I don't know what I'd do without mine so I can't imagine how you might feel but If you need anything I am here" she said sweetly.

Amas Veritas™

Dec 13th 2014 - 6:17 PM

Sally shook her head and smiled "as much as it Hurt, I am much better for it now" she said smiling once again "It hurt so much But now I have someone who loves me Who takes care of me and everything that happened is indeed in the past"

She nodded with a grin as she thought of not only her two children, her unborn children but her Sister as well "I am lucky But in all honesty I don't think Luck has anything to do with it" she offered with a smile.

Amas Veritas™

Nov 28th 2014 - 10:35 PM

Sally nodded as she looked at her and spoke "Yes, I can relate. I lost my First Husband to a Curse thankfully Said Curse is no longer in Effect But it was not easy on me our the Girls. I Must say I'm quite Thankful for meeting my new Husband when i did" She offered.

She shook her head as she spoke "Oh I never will. As I said I have known for a long time how important Family is and I will make sure that This new Family is well loved and Well Protected all 4 of the Children and Gary" She sighed dreamily.

Sally had hated Dark Magic too. She was more of a Light Magic person, Still she was curious she wanted to know Why this Curse was created and Who had done it Even if it meant risking her own life.
Amas Veritas™

Nov 14th 2014 - 10:36 PM

Sally nodded as she listened to her with a smile "Oh I Know I have lost quite a few family members in the past and I miss them dearly, I would never want my girls or my Hubby to feel that way"sheretorted.

"I have many children, 4 once its all said and done" she spoke as she patted her belly. "But I think this will be it, don't get me wrong I love them but well I think 4 is the perfect amount" She couldn't ever imagine what her life would be like without her girls nor did she ever want to.

Sally did not care about the weird goings on in the town because her home town had been much worse and she was just as strange as all the other citizens, it had just more or less intrigued her.

The Vampire Abomination

Nov 6th 2014 - 10:11 PM

She's frowning, carefully watching Azira with suspicion, suddenly her eyes become a bit wide at the sight of Azira snarling with a fang filled mouth. Her hearts racing but she stills herself to try and calm down, holds her eyes shut tight for a few seconds. Finally she re-opens them to find that although the fangs and darkness have disappeared, the sight of her still makes her uncomfortable, she feels as though all her secrets are laid bare before this mysterious spartan warrior, she feels small and ashamed. She knows like the voices tell ,that she is an abomination, a filthy beast.

Slowly she glances around the room, tries to ignore the various whispers in the back of her head. "Kill her!" "No! harvest the corpse and eat it! "we are all so hungry! hungry!". "We could scalp that hair and wear it" "little bitch!". Now once more does she lift both hands and tugs on her earlobes,gives a harsh tug and then hears the sound of breaking china as if she has shaken the voices in a bottle.

Her gaze slides toward the window, and it's difficult not be distracted by all that rain, the sight and sound cause a slight shiver of disturbance to crawl coldly down her spine, the sight of the world outside the glass window is so very different and much darker, and it's with a distasteful look upon her weathered face that she watches the skies rot in a muddy color, the mold traveling across the skies. Nausea spins in Mary's stomach as she turns her body to face away from the window, does her best to ignore the sound of that harsh rain against the glass, like fingers and the wrath of monsters crashing to fight their way inside

With a slight incline of her head she says quietly. "I could do with a soup, something nice and hot". as she lets her eyes wander around the kitchen area, some part of her keeps Azira carefully in her line of sight, paranoia whispering what if she's poisoned? can she truly trust this so called benevolent immortal spartan warrior? even with immortality or a gift of a long lived life, one could not be ever so peaceful and kind forever, Mary hates this, the ever constant feeling as if waiting for the other shoe to drop
Amas Veritas™

Nov 1st 2014 - 2:49 AM

Sally nodded as she smiled thinking of her sister caused her to shake her head at times "Honestly, yeah.. She's a bit more Crazy then I am but I love her, My Girls love her and that is all that matters" The fact remained she Loved her Sister dearly even if she had to bail her out a lot of times.

She smiled as she shrugged "trust me I know how my Children are Gifts. I Love them dearly each and every one of them and I do love my Friends as well" she offered she wished this woman had some sort of family, or at least friends who cared for her and if not Sally would love to take her under her wings.

Sally did not like this town, it felt strange to her and it felt quite unsafe. She loved the Citizens but there was something off that had worried her. She felt a Curse one that was stronger then her own Families old Curse and she knew she would need to help break it, she just had no idea how.
The Vampire Abomination

Oct 25th 2014 - 3:13 PM

Slowly she moves her legs off the couch and places them upon the soft carpet, then proceeds to watch her toes curl back and forth into the maroon carpet, every time she moves these toes does the blood squish between her toes,insects crawling around in the carpet. but it's not real,just in her head. With a sigh she crosses her arms and now looks up to watch Azira, only when she does this she see's there's two people at that table.

The other person currently sitting on the table with their little legs swinging is her third daughter Ellmira,long blonde hair in big curls that cascade down to the floor, a pair of big blue eyes, and dressed in a cute little blue dress,blue shoes and wearing a big blue bow in her blonde hair.

The sight causes Mary to stand and walk over to the table, for a moment she's simply staring at her daughter, of course to Azira it will look if she's simply staring off into space once more. a small faint smile falls upon Marys face, but then suddenly her eyes become a bit wider, because in the next moment Ellmira has changed, now her hair is gone, a bald burnt head, the dress is torched, the poor little girl is laying dead upon the table from third degree burns,puss and blood drip from the edge of the table.

All the while Azira talks, Mary tries to avoid staring at the corpse of her third daughter, finally she closes her eyes and tells herself 'not there,not there,I her buried decades ago,,she's cold in the ground,dust and bones by this point' the thought makes her cringes and brings a bit of wet to her eyes. But she pulls herself through this.

Azira has just finished her talk of sparta so Mary quickly answers her with a snort. "the gods always meddle in the affairs of those lesser then them, what else have they to do?". she asks with the small quirk of the left eyebrow. "
Dying in battle for those we love to honor them all" she repeats aloud , and slowly bites at her lower lip "Would you like me to try and kill you? immortality can be a lonely experience, every ages and dies, you remember everyone before you, it's hard to be attached.It may seem like it but one day i myself will die of old age. I've killed many people, i could try out many things on you".
The Vampire Abomination

Oct 20th 2014 - 12:54 AM

Lightly running her fingers along the clothes ,with a quick glance to Azira she nods and then scurries up the stairs to use a shower, she's quick, barely 10 minutes tops, and yet she's dashing back down those stairs. Now wearing the stretchy black shorts and black tank top with the old flowery dress over it. obvious upon closer look that she has rubbed her skin red raw from showering so brutally quick, nevertheless she's clean of all the dirt ,blood, and rain from earlier.

With a better glance one can now also see the white streaks that run through her light brown hair, obvious signs of extreme trauma.

Running fingers through her now dry hair, she then proceeds to sit herself upon a couch and curl up in the corner with her bare feet sticking out. "Earlier you mentioned wars, I used to be a general, for my cousin, mostly I fought civil unrest or went against nearby skirmish from other countries trying to test the border strength". frown creeping upon her weary face, quickly adding. "I don't like fighting anymore, so much blood, it's sticky,gets under the nails,".

Crossing her arms now she glances curiously at the various old artworks upon the nearby walls. " The gods being real, it's scary thought, sometimes the voices seem like gods, it's hard to tell the difference, right now I'm sorta clear headed, not swimming in sludge, could be lost again for all I know, this may not even be real". slowly reaching down to pinch her foot. "I cannot tell the difference between real or's so exhausting".

The Vampire Abomination

Oct 18th 2014 - 3:14 AM

For long moments of silence she's just sitting there staring at her now empty glass, the minutes tick by and then finally she's standing up to wander around the house, her fingers gliding along the walls. Those hazel eyes of her glancing around at each artifact, she picks up a sword, then a helmet, finally she stops by a large shield with intricate details,old and worn but obviously well cared for. "I think I had something like this once". brief flashing up using such a shield to crush throats and ribcages bring a shudder down her spine. " a long time ago " she mumbles.

Placing a hand down by her damp robes from the rain brings a slight fronw to her face, a place to clean would be best, yet the thoughts of such things are sluggish, the words wont come right, bad memories a voice echoes.

"you keep saying Zeus? the god? was such a man real? how did he use such powers? spit a thunderbolt out his mouth? that must have been quite uncomfortable".

Amas Veritas™

Oct 17th 2014 - 8:59 PM

Sally nodded as she looked at her with a grin "I can understand that, My Sister feelsthesame way, She couldhavekids but she doesn't Honestly I think she'd rather just play with mine" She frowned looking at the woman in front of her, Knowing it must be terrible to never be able to have children.

She had not been worried that she would never get customers because oddly enough in a few short months she had made friends in this strange town. She smiled politely as she Answered her "Oh I'm not worried, My new friends have told their friends so if anything this place will be bustling just because of word of mouth"

Sally had not been scared in the least bit seeing as she Loved the town and her new Friends, Plus she was a Witch who had Magic, she could help the Citizens but still she could feel the Dark Magic so strongly she worried for some of her friends.

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