Actually, you can call me Superboy... PRIME!!!!!

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Characters: Superboy Prime, Superman Prime, Prime, Kal-El, Clark Kent
Verses: Dc Comics, Crossover, Teen Titans, Villians
Playbys: Tyler Hoechlin
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Gore, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Superboy-Prime was raised on a parallel world dubbed Earth-Prime. He was thought to be a normal child. He was adopted by Jerry and Naomi Kent, who named him Clark, Naomi's maiden name, and after the fictional comic book character in their world. It turned out he really was Kal-El and was teleported to Earth-Prime before the Krypton of this universe was destroyed when its sun Rao went supernova. The Superboy of Earth-Prime left his reality shortly after discovering his new abilities as Halley's Comet passed by activating his Kryptonian powers, while coincidentally dressed as Superman at a Halloween party. In a twist of fate the Earth-One Superman was passing by and saw yet another Superman and asked him to join other heroes in protecting reality itself from the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. His reward, along with Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, Golden Age Superman, Kal-L, and Lois Lane of Earth-Two, was a chance to escape to an apparent heavenly pocket dimension before reality fixed itself after the Crisis. During the "Countdown" adventures the now adult looking Kal-El Prime has started a murderous rampage against all of his other dimensional counterparts and their supporters while searching for Earth-Prime. Kal-El Prime was shown killing the Superman of the Earth-15 dimension and his wife and unborn child. After killing that world's Justice League, Kal-El Prime destroys Earth-15. Returning to his new base of operations, the Source Wall, Kal-El Prime is shown torturing Mr. Mxyzptlk to recreate Earth-Prime using his super-science/magick abilities or at least show him its locale. During his torture, Mxyzptlk reveals to Prime that his aging to adulthood was from him absorbing the cosmic Oan powers of the Guardian that blew himself up to kill Prime. He also tells Kal-El Prime that the cosmic energies will wear off very soon, and then he will turn back into a boy. After he escapes, Prime is angered and gives up on the use of magic to achieve his goals. After finding out about the so called perfect universe which he thinks is his original source universe, Kal-El Prime heads off to the Monitor's satellite headquarters, threatening the brutal Earth-8 Monitor Solomon to help him find this recreated Earth-Prime. Superman-Prime demands to know where this "perfect universe" is. Seeking to manipulate the infinite powered Superman Prime to defeat Monitor's forces against those of Monarch for the Monitors, Solomon sends Kal-El Prime to Earth-51. And as Solomon predetermined, the successfully manipulated Prime flies to the battlefield to challenge Monarch, in order to keep him from destroying Earth-51. Superman-Prime goes into a rage and attacks Monarch, with his cosmic powers seemingly beginning to dissipate. Prime then tears off the chestplate of Monarch's containment armor. The energies inside Monarch's armor are released, resulting in an explosion of quantum energy so massive, it destroys the entire Earth-51 universe.
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ᴛʜʀᴏɴᴇ ᴏғ ʟɪᴇs

Oct 3rd 2021 - 10:56 PM

// Hello! Thanks a lot for accepting my request or sending me a request (I honestly always forget).

I'm writing a variant version of Loki, where he has successfully become King of Earth. If you want to discuss a story, or send a starter or just banter, any of those are fine by me. My messages and comments are open!

Anyways. I hope you are doing good and we can stay in contact! :)
Eye of the Tigress

Apr 19th 2020 - 10:09 PM

Hey there Superboy, Thank you for the accept or request (I can't remember).
I'm Artemis, Artemis Crock.
The verses I write in are Young Justice, The Flash, and Teen Titans. 
Hit me up for a storyline.
Undeniable Chemistry.

Jan 26th 2020 - 10:11 AM

Have a Happy Sunday Boy of Steel

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