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Let Live MCRP

Jun 12th 2020 00:28

It relieved Malcolm to know that Octavian was happy. All he ever wanted was Octavian to be happy and satisfied. "...If I fight you on it sometimes, just... don't be discouraged." Malcolm was not used to being this vulnerable, but... if it was Octavian, he would try his hardest. "You are special... to me, at least, you are." Malcolm turned his face just as a blush colored his cheeks. After that, Malcolm downed the rest of the cheap wine, making a sour expression at the taste. After a while, Theo got tired and so Malcolm put him in the stroller he'd brought with him for this exact purpose. Not soon after, the food was ready to eat. Malcolm served Octavian a plate and only grabbed a little for himself. He pushed the food around mostly, taking small bites. 
Let Live MCRP

Jun 12th 2020 00:20

Katherine smiled her sweet smile and moved as close to William as possible. "I worried that you might not like me entering your space." Her fingers never ceased running through his hair, as it seemed to calm him. Gently, Katherine nuzzled into his chest, her eyes closing against the feeling of warmth and safety. "I hope it's not you who regret's this." As long as William wanted her there, she would remain. Whatever he gave her, she would take. She loved him endlessly. "I love you, Will. More than you know..." she moved back just enough to crane her neck, her lips gently brushing over his. When she pulled away, her face was flushed. "Good night, love." 
Let Live MCRP

Jun 11th 2020 23:03

Malcolm was watching Octavian as he watched Theo. Despite having told him a small detail of his life, Octavian didn't look too thrilled. The expression he wore was somber, and Malcolm wondered if he had said something wrong. "You did," Malcolm started softly. "You knew me better than most. And... I want you to know all of me, eventually." It hadn't been easy on Octavian, being with someone like Malcolm, who never cared to divulge details about his life. But Malcolm had been alone for most of his life. There had been no one to confide in. "I know that me being here, trying... it doesn't change the fact that I should have done this sooner."
Let Live MCRP

Jun 11th 2020 22:54

When William stepped out of the bathroom, Katherine's heart skipped a beat. Will's hair was ink black and obviously wet. It stuck to his alabaster skin, ruvets of water sliding down the back of his neck and into his white shirt. It had occured to Katherine that William wasn't used to sleeping like this--hot and fully clothed. She felt bad that she was taking over so much of his life. "It is quite comfortable. I've never slept in a bed like this." she admitted bashfully. Luxury was never something Katherine thought about. It had always been about necessity. Once William was close enough, Katherine wrapped her arm around the back of his neck to bring his head down to hers. "You will fall ill if you don't dry your hair properly." Her finger's sifted through the wet locks. 
Let Live MCRP

May 24th 2020 02:04

Malcolm listened to him as he poured two glasses of wine for them. Octavian's curiosity was something that Malcolm loved about him. His brain was an amazing place. The need to know everything was an insatiable thing with him, and Malcolm loved it... just not so much when it was him in the hot seat. "...I grew up in a small hut, with no clothes or shoes or food." He said softly as he walked back to Octavian, handing him the glass. "I would steal things from any merchant who wasn't paying close enough attention, just to feed myself..." as Malcolm talked he had this far away look in his eyes. "And as I grew up, I vowed I would never go back to living like that. I would make myself strong, and powerful enough to never want for anything." Malcolm looked at Theo, a small smile on his face. "And he won't want. He'll have everything."
Let Live MCRP

May 24th 2020 01:50

Katherine watched him leave, frowning a bit. William had seemed a little distracted. She wondered idly if something had happened at the docks today. Worse than detectives coming snooping around? As she waited for him to finish bathing, she got into bed. It was very luxurious and soft, probably the softest she had ever laid on. "Ah, this is heaven..." she said as she sank into it. As she got comfortable, it finally hit her. This... this was going to be her and William's shared bedroom. She... lived here. This was her life now, and she wasn't even sure how she had gotten here. She was just some poor girl from England, who happened to be madly in love with the top gangster of the land. 
Let Live MCRP

May 24th 2020 01:37

"Ah, yes. That would be nice." Malcolm got up from the floor, ready to pour a drink so that it wouldn't be so awkward. "Im good with wine. You said you liked that now, right? Red? White? Moscato?" Malcolm was not used to having casual conversation with Octavian, as they'd been separated for two years. He.. wanted to work on this, on being able to talk with him about everything, like they used to. Malcolm paused in his movement, watching Octavian, who seemed to be watching him back. "... do you wanna ask something? You look inquisitive. And... I did promise to try."
Let Live MCRP

May 24th 2020 00:44

Katherine was quick about the bath, as she didn't have to wash her hair. As soon as she had dressed, she was coming out of the bathroom. She had even gone as far as to refill the tub for William so it would be hot. "Are you okay?" William was sitting on the bed-- their bed-- looking worried. He had brow lines from them being furrowed much too long. Slowly, Katherine approached him, hands rising to touch his face. Her fingers lightly smoothed the lines, rubbing in a soothing motion. "Careful. If you keep making that face, it'll get stuck like that." Her arms slipped around his neck, bringing him in to hold him. 
Let Live MCRP

May 24th 2020 00:38

Malcolm's entire face flushed, but it wasn't from embarrassment like Tavy's was. No, instead he was pleased. Octavian had missed him... maybe just as much as Malcolm had. It was moments like this, where Malcolm desperately wished that he could just reach across the floor, too grab hold of his hand. But... he couldn't. He just couldn't bring himself to touch him. Instead of focusing on how awkward this all was, he watched Catsby approach Theo. After a few sniffs, he gently licked the baby's fingers. Catsby seemed to decide that Theo was fine and went to curl up right next to him. Theo was a good boy and didn't try to grab the cat, although he did love grabbing Malcolm by the hair whenever he could. 
Let Live MCRP

May 19th 2020 04:27

"It is part of being an adult. You're tired all the time, and life seems to throw things at you... but you made time." Malcolm flushed and averted his gaze. He whispered softly, "I miss... missed you. I don't think it's right to say, but..." he shrugged helplessly. Malcolm had hoped that Octavian would want to see him again after the last time. There had been so much to take in, and none of it was exactly positive. "I thought I had scared you off, honestly. I was so sure of it." He was fidgeting with a tiny tear in his jeans, not wanting to see Octavian's reaction, unless he didn't feel the same. 
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