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About me:
Clark Kent aka Kal El was found on May 17, 1966, by Martha and Jonathan Kent. Who witnessed the crush and went to check it out, as they found a spaceship and a little cute, baby indeed. They can't resist so they take him, as they adopt him and raise him as their own naming him Clark Jerome Kent. He grew up as a good kid, just somewhat shy and klutz, without telling him the truth about his origin. Until he was old enough to understand, which confused him as well as excited him. It was that time when they showed him his spaceship which they hid well. Clark continued to study just the same, as he even loved his adopted parents, as if they were his birth parents, as they were the only people he knew. After School he went to college for a bit and as soon as he turned 27 he moved from Smallville, Kansas to Metropolis to start a new life and be what he always wanted to be, a journalist.

His adopted parents supported him, as well as they were rather proud of him. Clark got himself an interview right on his first night in town. The interview didn't end as he hoped before even so the articles he showed to the boss named, Perry White wee good, they weren't good enough for him to get accepted to work in Metropolis but maybe when he got more experience he could land the job. Clark was upset but refused to give up, as he went to an apartment building and got himself an apartment, as he moved in and once inside he called his parents and talked to them for a bit. Clark thought what should he write about, to prove Perry White that he fit to work there. It took time but he figured it and wrote a new fresh article, way better than his high school one and went the next day back. When Clark showed his new article, it definitely impressed Perry White, who hired him on the spot, as he introduced him to Lois. Who at first argued that she works better alone, when Perry tried to make them partners, but eventually she agreed.

That was also around the time that he accepted his other self, and used it to save lives with the suit his mother made him. The news spread about other him, and the world named him superman. Ironically without realizing Lois fell in love with his superman persona. As the two kept working together, and she always called Clack, either Kent or Smallville and very rarely Clark. They went through a lot after that and met many enemies, who Clark stopped as superman as the two eventually got married, right before or after they met some of the people who were from his home planet, who came to help him defeat lord nor, whom they defeated but instead of leaving with them he stayed on earth with Lois. Not long after that His almost wife but not wife, with her husband send them their baby for protection.

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Lena Olsen

May 18th 2020 - 6:13 PM

Lena looks at Clark and Lois. "Nice to meet you both too, and I am sure this place is much more peaceful than back on earth, and I am happy for you both that you are married and have children now that's great, and I am sure my stay here will be grand, But I won't be staying long since I need to get back and deal with things back home now." Lena smiled at them both and at Kara than Kara spoke to Clark. "Clark I told you that I was coming here to bring Lena to show her our planet, I wanted to show her everything since she now knows that I am Supergirl, I don't want to keep anything from her anymore, I feel bad enough that I kept my superhero side a secret from her for so many years, I was lucky that she forgave me like she did." Kara said as she looked at Clark and smiled at him.
SnarkMaster 5000

Apr 19th 2020 - 6:20 PM

 A formal invitation to a Discord based roleplay if you're interested!!
These hard times reached places that have no leniency on bills and
so I got the idea to try to create something fun and simple over a chat.
Its open for all types of comic books and most of us write behind
multiple characters. This Discord group is set up to let you do that too.

So spread the word!! There is a place to write easily on mobile even if
the internet goes down. The fantasy, drama, romance players and so on
have their own mobile place to play. Now comic players do too!
Tell everyone you know that we will still be here!!

Check out the plot, see if you like it at this blog.

And if you do like it feel free to join us!!
Lena Olsen

Apr 2nd 2020 - 10:54 PM

"Hey Clark! Nice to see you again, I wanted to introduce you to my best friend Lena Luthor, I brought her a long along with a few others to see Argo City, I have missed you Clark." Kara said as she smiled than Lena looked at Clark and shook his hand along with Lois's hand than said. "It's a pleasure to meet you both Clark and Lois, And Argo City is a beautiful city, I can see why you love it here so much." Lena said as she smiled at Clark.

SnarkMaster 5000

Oct 22nd 2019 - 6:47 PM

(( OOC -- Hey, sorry this took so long. I was typing it in between all my things at home. ))

Tony Stark Iron Man


Times like these really made Tony Stark hate the office... or to be more specific, the political office.

There were many things that he disliked in his life but as Tony sat at his end of the table with a room full of liberal leaders and pencil pushing officials he grew a bit more exhausted by the minute. Not because of lack of sleep or possibly a hang over like they might think. More rather that Tony found them to be mentally exhausting -- and if they take Tony through another round of Dodge the Twenty Questions then the billionaire might seriously lose it.

Really what do these guys know about what is best to help the world when it comes to supernatural attacks? Their job was here in the office and they weren't even really concerned about the important moral matters. This was all about how much money they needed to fork out to fix all of these affairs. When the battles damage the city how much does it cost to fix it? How much economic growth does it mess up? That's really what all this is about.

For Tony all this was about something else...

The meeting began with the officials reviewing the section of the Sokovia Accords that Tony brought to their attention. It was a process of being patient enough for them to read -- which sucked for the genius-billionaire. He was well known for super fast reading speeds. The human brain when trained could process 100,000 letters per second. Tony liked to call it bullet reading because that was exactly what he did. He had the entire Accord read in less than a minute -- which made it easy to do some work when he wanted to.

Would his family be able to come together again? The group of specially chosen individuals known as the Avengers were considered family to him.... Even Steve, despite the fighting they had at the end of their last investigation. The vintage style flip phone Rogers gave Tony was always on him, burning a hole in his inside suit jacket pocket. At the moment Tony was rereading the letter that was sent in the mail. Amending the accords was the end goal. Where ever Steve was, he hoped he would see the effects of the changes Tony was trying to make. With Pepper standing back by the doorway with the camera crew that were documenting the meeting and her bodyguard, Happy Hogan -- Tony was ready for anything these bastards could throw at him... as soon as the idiots finish reading...

"Mr. Stark, for the record," Thaddeus Ross began as he finished reading the area that was specifically brought to the group's attention. "You came here, having signed the accords previously, with intent to have them amended."

"That is correct," Tony said as he shifted in his seat to tuck the letter away into his jacket again.

"It does seem to be a little late doesn't it? Considering your signing."

"I signed an accord to be allowed accountability, not to remove my American right to freedom of speech. Which, for the record, the Sokovia Accords violates the Constitution at least three times that I can recall off the top of my head."

"Get to the point, Stark."

"Gladly!" For once, Tony was actually serious even with his personality still intact. Times like this it was dangerous to be in the same room with him. Not because he was Iron Man but because he was using his iron will to solve a problem and not brute force. "While I admit, its nice to know who exactly has powers and who doesn't, these Accords directly strip those individuals of any right they have for equal living opportunity. I'm sure the collective group knows that."

"These Accords are built to protect the common people against the potential destruction and life lost due to the weight of these conflicts," Ross said.

"Exactly," Tony said nearly cutting the man off. He reached up and took off his shaded glasses and set them down upon the paperwork in front of him. "And once documented these people would be labelled like dogs with a tracking device that acts more like a pet chip. Yes, I signed because I agree with the fact that we need supervision but these Accords provide no safety to those who have powers at all."

"No, it doesn't," one of the other officials said. A man in his late flurries in a simple black suit and tie who seemed to look more annoyed than anything else. "Because this specific Act was passed to regulate these people of power so that the common person can feel safe. With this Accord in mind the governments of the world will decide how to approach these conflicts."

"That's all one sided, which is where the flaw is that I would like to bring to the table. These Accords require that humans and otherwise that have powers -- or use technology to enhance themselves -- be revealed to the government they live under. Once known they become basically bound down for the entirety of their lives and likely forced into action whenever its decided to do so. Am I right?"

"That's correct, Mr. Stark," Thaddeus Ross said with an exasperated sigh.

"Then tell me... Are we slave drivers now?" Tony asked boldly. Moans and groans grew around the table and the billionaire held up his hand just draw their attention again. "Once revealed these people will be forced to wear trackers and live in a life of restriction. Whether they were born with it or came into the power, it doesn't matter. It could even be the government or military's fault that they have supernatural abilities but that doesn't matter either. They will basically be leashed like dogs by the government. Furthermore, they will only be allowed to act when the government decides to throw them into battle."

"These people will be regulated, because they have to be. They are dangerous because of their powers," Thaddeus said sternly. "Don't forget that you signed these accords."

"Yes, I did -- with my constitutional rights intact. And I fully admit that just in my line of operations I violate at least one little rule in here every day. Technically makes me a criminal, but do you know why you guys don't put me away? Because I pay literally to clean up all of your sh*t."

"Tony..." Pepper's voice came from just behind him. She could sense his anger even before his little explosion and her voice was enough for him to pause to calm down a bit.

"Let me make it clear here, Stark. You pay to clean up after the Avengers," Ross said sharply.

"No, I pay to clean up government operations in which the Avengers defended to the best of their ability. When the primped suits couldn't solve the problem, we did. As a result people were saved. Otherwise what would have happened if we stood down? How many people would have been killed because the military couldn't handle it? Now, you want to try to twist our arms with this? I don't think the political activists have what it takes to make the decision needed to save people when the time comes for action. There's too much concern about damage control--"

"Yes, there is," one of the other officials said, which brought the room to silence. "You're right, Mr. Stark. You do ride on the fine line of these Accords because of your AI systems becoming self aware. As well as your refusal to document what you work on in your work shop."

"My privacy rights and constitutional right to bear arms. Okay, and?" Tony asked in a sharp breath.

"And there will be no action taken toward amendment until there is coverage for damages."

"What about the personal safety of those with powers? You know there is a college dedicated to educating those with powers because they no longer feel safe among the general population?"

"If you're talking about Xavier's School for the Gifted, we already know about them. And we haven't moved on them yet because their X-Men are fighting against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. We don't know where the Brotherhood are hiding and so the X-Men seem to be the only line of defense. Let them separate themselves, Mr. Stark. That action would be fully welcomed rather than having the Accords amended," Ross said.

That hit a snag in Tony's plans. He knew that the college and the X-Men were currently untouched by the Sokovia Accords mainly because registration at the school was likely tracking enough. The individuals there were being educated as well as trained to control their abilities. Its likely going to change the way their lives work when they finally do track down the Brotherhood of Mutants. The moment that conflict comes to an end the government is going to come breathing down their necks too...

"While we're on the subject, Mr. Stark. Will you be submitting your new AI for documentation?" Ross asked.

"You know the answer on that one. FRIDAY is not for any operations but my own. I'm here to get the answers I need for my work -- which I got. So, I'm done for now," Tony said as he shifted to stand, slipping his glasses back on.

"You called this meeting and you aren't going to finish?" one of the other officials asked.

"Oh, we are finished gentlemen. You made it clear that this is about damage and not the moral rights of the people. FRIDAY, you have a copy of that camera footage?"

"Recorded in real time and archived away, sir," the AI's voice echoed from Tony's suit jacket clip just over the chest pocket.

"Then hold it. Its proof that the United Nations is perfectly fine with violating constitutional rights among other things. I'm not done working on this, guys. We're going to meet again soon," Tony said with a smile as he stepped away with his folder toward where Pepper stood next to Happy by the door.

"Get back here, Stark! You can't expect to walk away after violating the accords right here in a government setting!" Ross said as he shifted to stand. Instantly the other officials started to groan to have him stand down, which Tony looked to each of them. He knew where he stood in the room and what direction to go from here. "You'll be a criminal for violating the accords."

"And who's going to put me away? You? You're lucky I still pay for your sh*t, since I'm the only suit in the room with raw experience in the field. You want to put me away then you might want to count your losses, Rossy." 

With that said, Tony stepped out with Pepper and Happy following. This fight was far from over... and Tony had an idea where to go from here. He knew who would have the most appreciation for his efforts on the radar instead of under it. One thing was for sure -- Anthony "Tony" Stark wouldn't stop until these damn accords were amended and he could have the people he cared about back in his life.

He needed the Avengers back in his life...

In order to get the ball rolling Tony knew that he needed to make sure the government didn't have the means to enforce this law completely. There were two local places that he could start as well. Metropolis and Gotham were both just a couple cities over from where he resided in Manhattan. If the requirement was to gain support from people not affected by the Accords then he could take his tour bus around the state of New York first and then branch out. It was a perfect way to conveniently find himself in Metropolis and Gotham. While there he would just make time off the record to talk to the super heroes and villains that live there.
For the moment Metropolis was first and so Pepper and Happy prepared the tour bus for Stark Industries. They made a formal announcement that they would travel to meet the people. It would be a charity service opportunity. Tony would be hands on, repairing technology for those that bring it to him and as he works he can talk to the people about the changes they would like to see. And he figured that reporters for the Daily Planet would want to set up an interview with him. Stark may be making political movements at the moment but at the end of the day he was still a celebrity. Still the well known Iron Avenger and one of the richest people in the world.
Tony wanted to meet the people but right now he also needed to meet Superman.... but he had to be careful doing it. The tour bus set off on its travels and soon Anthony Edward Stark would be in Metropolis.

SnarkMaster 5000

Oct 13th 2019 - 7:43 PM

_*_*_*_ Out of Character _*_*_*_

I know that it would be hard to believe that Stark is really trying to undo 
the Accords. He was the one that pushed for them in the first place. 
The thing is that there are things written into the Accords that Tony 
doesn't agree with. Things that likely Lois and the Daily Bugle would 
ask about during the interview. If Pepper does get in some kind of 
trouble it would likely be from people likely rioting against Stark. 
So, probably while she is alone with Happy in their car or something.

So!! Would you like to start or should I?
And do you happen to have a Lois on your list?
I'm trying to find all my Superman connections. Haha!!
SnarkMaster 5000

Oct 13th 2019 - 7:18 PM

_*_*_*_ Out of Character _*_*_*_

And I do have a reason for Tony and Pepper to go to Metropolis.
If you're aware of the whole Captain America: Civil War plot 
I did tip AU following that plot. Tony regretted signing the 
Accords after all the fighting that occurred and so he has been 
making political steps to have the law amended so that the Avengers 
can come home and heroes are not hunted the way they are anymore.

And Tony does seek out Superman for support but with the government
watching him so close he has to be careful with his actions. The last 
thing he wants is yo reveal Superman's identity to the government. 
He's actually trying to stop a full political super take down. 
BUT for the sake of image he and Pepper go to Metropolis to 
evaluate security networking systems around the city and 
also for interviews Lois likely had set up.

If it's easier you could message me on Discord.

Discord: SnarkMaster5000#4935
SnarkMaster 5000

Oct 10th 2019 - 11:32 PM

:-:-: Out of Character :-:-:

YOU!! You are a sight for sore eyes, you know that?
I'm not kidding. I have this huge chunk of my roleplay where 
Tony is going out of his way to meet certain people after the events 
of Captain America: Civil War. Gotham and Metropolis are 
huge for what I have planned. So trust me, you will never be 
without activity from me. So, I really hope to hear from you soon!
Superman is one I've been wanting to roleplay with for s while now!!

Feel free to message me here or on Discord.
Discord: SnarkMaster5000#4935
Lena Olsen

Oct 9th 2019 - 6:21 PM

Lena sighs as she forgot where she was almost like she had Dementia as she looked at Clark and Lois than said. "Forgive me Clark and Lois, I know I must have confused the hell out of you both, Am I alright? No! I am not alright, obviously, I am not alright it's been to long since I last talked to Kara, I forgot that we were going to visit you in Argo, But oh well my bad sorry for confusing you and being completely brain fried! I have so much going on in my life that I totally forgot that Kara was bringing me here to Argo so forgive me if I am a crack head!" Lena said as she was so embarrassed and hid herself turning her back to everyone cause she was so damn embarrassed. Than she turned to listen to Kara speak and say that it was her fault, and Lena looks at her than said. "No Kara, It's not your fault it's mine! I have so much on my mind, and so much on my plate with being President of the United States, and trying to run my own company, and trying to plan a wedding it's no wonder that I have Dementia right now!" Lena said as she looked at everyone than sighed dropping her head shaking her head disgusted, and embarrassed with herself that she totally forgot that Kara was going to have her come to Argo. "Anyway it's great to meet you all sorry for the confusion." Lena said as she sighed.
Lena Olsen

Oct 9th 2019 - 5:38 PM

Lena looked at both Clark and Lois, and smiled than said. "It's a pleasure to meet you both, But how I ended up in your time with Kara and Joh'n Jones is beyond me, But non-the-less, I am happy to meet you both, I have no idea why we are here, I would like to know the samething myself." Lena said as she looked at them both wondering herself why they were in Clark and Lois's time instead of at home in the 31st century.

Aug 8th 2016 - 7:55 PM

Venessa had been through a lot in her life. she had been born in the Enchanted Forest to a prince and a good witch and she had grown up to be a warrior as well as a huntress getting food for the village she was born in and that was her job there.

Things were good in life until Cora Regina's mother showed up and told Venessa to come with her or she will kill her mother. Venessa didn't fall for it and so out of anger Cora crushed her mother's heart in her hand killing her and then left laughing.

Venessa then learned the ways of dark magic to try and get revenge on Cora after she changed her mother's body into a tree. When her half sister Regina did the curse to send everyone to the land with no magic Venessa sent herself there first and made herself a new life there.

She was all around the world now and she found herself in New york and was then was pulled into an alley by 4 men and they watched her "It's not safe here at night alone darling" one of them said and she rolled her eyes to this "Walk away boys" they all laughed as one of them showed her his gun and she smiled "You think that scares me big boys? I have seen worse" she then teleported behind one of them with dark purple smoke and when she showed up she moved her hand and he was on fire.

She then looked at the other three as they attacked and she fought them with martial arts until two of them attacked her from different sides and she just froze them in place like they were frozen in time and she smiled "not nice boys" she then put her hands together as they hit each other and killed each other that way. The third and last one she walked up to and had the wall become like branches and pull him into it as she sighed "I hate having to use dark magic, always so messy" she shook her head slightly and then heard foot steps coming her way.
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