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The Colony RPG (LINK)

A truly well planned RPG storyline.
In all of my 20+ years of writing, I've never come across a group as creative and dedicated as this one. It was an absolute joy and something I'll never forget. November 2013 - 2020.

In the future of the zombie apocalypse, long after the fall of Woodbury, there is a colony that exists on the coast of Georgia that the survivors left can inhabit. Richmond Hill was once a military district, now village set in the scenery of a small town with high-rise walls. It was installed by the military for re-population and vaccine efforts, but mainly as protection from the undead outside it's walls. Survivors here play roles in different jobs in order to keep the community going. From Doctors to farmers, each person is required to take part. The Governor runs this small population of people, but it seems his lessons have not been fully learned from that of Woodbury. Here, he still manipulates and blinds the colonists in order for him to stay their reverent leader.

Will you become a functioning member of this newfound society, or fall short of being an appreciated civilian? Will you stand by the Governor in all his treacheries, or turn a blind eye to the injustices before you? Is there a life for you here, or will you be exiled to live amongst the walkers and other outcasts? In Richmond Hill you will rise or you will fall and only so much of this is a fate you can control...
I could hide inside your smile Fade... And curl up around the fang Drained... Wasted away
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Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Horror, Open, Psychological, Undead,
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Zombrian Virus In The Beginning�
Do You Contain the Virus or the Vaccine?

The Zombrian virus has always been there. In every living being, dormant and restrained by our immune system. Through the years, only a few fell prey to it after death, but it was rare. Even-still, precautions had been taken unknown to the general public. In the event of the death of someone whose immune system was incapable of killing any virus, the brainstem would immediately be severed either by the hospital staff or the morgue. However, on occasion, some would be missed in the comfort of their own homes. These were the stories you'd hear on the news; a father killing his wife and children then killing himself. A cannibal tribe. Mass/Serial murderer. All common stories and none were the wiser. Tracks were covered, outbreaks were contained.

But as the population grew, the ability to control the virus without telling the public became nearly impossible. Treatments were created to maintain the symptoms and dormant the cells, putting the patients in remission. They gave it a codename. The public contributed to containing it without even knowing its true form. Funding the science to create a vaccine. CDC researchers used their own children to test their vaccinations out on. Some were successful. The side effects: high tolerance to pain, immune to any viral and bacterial illnesses, migraines and anemia. But they still did not know if it could be transferred to them once the virus was fully developed, none were willing to try.

No one was prepared for the virus to mutate, becoming a super-virus that infected even the healthiest of immune systems. But even then, the true cause of the outbreak was hidden behind the mass of walking dead, killing and changing others with their bite. In actuality - the second, but most common spread of the virus. The mass of numbers hid the deadliest form of it. The most contagious form for the Zombrian virus was contained within their own bodies, fighting desperately to get out.


Legal Information
NAME: Sophie Lynn Grey
ALIASES: Anya or Jade

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Strawberry Blonde
WEIGHT: 120lbs
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Long scar on right hip from dagger, arrowhead puncture scars on right collarbone and shoulder blade, bullet scar on left thigh, multiple needle tracks from her years spent as a lab rat. An odd birthmark on her left wrist.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Deceased
FATHER: Dr. Edwin Grey (MIA)
SISTER(S): Deceased
BROTHER(S): Deceased
Other Family: Cousin (MIA � Looking for Player)

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): James Doyle and Nick Miles

TRAITS: Very guarded, highly sarcastic and paranoid
DISORDERS: Anemic and prone to migraines
LIKES: Suckers, art, sword fighting and sex
DISLIKES: Egotistical pricks and rice
QUIRKS: Not afraid to say it as she sees it. Is comfortable and confident in her own skin. If she's attracted to a guy, she'll let him know but don't expect a commitment out of her.
OOC: Not a smut player. Don't take her likes literally. Unless your writing entertains and inspires me, that play is unlikely to happen. There needs to be a plot and a good storyline going.

EDUCATION Some Medical School
1) First Aid (expert)- Strongest skill from EMT training and several years of experience in the field the apocalypse forced her into
2) Swordsmanship (expert)- A craft she's enjoyed since childhood. One of many perks of being raised in a prominent family.
3) Sharp shooter (moderate)- Years of aiming for the head will do that.
4) Hand to Hand combat (weak) - She's got a mean right hook when she has the surprise factor in her favor but if you come at her with anything stronger she'll likely surrender - she's not stupid.

Serrated blades of your bated breath have made a monster in the house of death... punctured, deflated the snakes in your veins evacuated & slithered away are you sure you still want to play this evil little game?
Living Incubator

Sophie Lynn Grey, born June 24th to the highly renowned Dr. Edwin Grey. A scientist given most credit to a breakthrough in cancer research. Leading a team in the breakdown and study of the Zombrian Virus to find a cure. A confidential study that only the highest security clearances knew about. His youngest daughter Sophie, was one of the first human guinea pigs to be vaccinated. A process that started in the womb and was implemented every three months for the first half of her life. The incubating stage being the most significant level of development.

As Sophie aged, her immune system grew stronger, killing all viral and bacterial infections efficiently before affecting the host. She was incapable of becoming ill after her tenth birthday. Though with every breakthrough, there were setbacks: Sophie developed a high tolerance to physical pain making it difficult for her to even realize she'd been hurt. Only the most intense pain could be felt, which by then could do significant damage. She experienced migraines so severe they caused vertigo and extreme dizziness making it hard for her to focus. Lastly: anemia, when she bled she did so significantly. Her blood is thin and can be difficult to clot.

Sophie always knew she was different but she never realized what her reason for living was. She had been born for only one purpose; as an incubator for the vaccine. There were several more like her but in unknown locations that none were willing to share and never documented for fear of losing funding. The incubators older than her were slowly dying out, losing the battle to the virus when purposely injected with the live cells to test the resilience. She was slowly advancing in the line without even knowing it.

At home, she was the black sheep, the outcast and hellion in an otherwise prestige family. Never quite fitting in. Sophie hadn't known she was only part of the family to hide her true identity. When her immunity changed and her abilities became more obvious, she was taken below ground to remain forever with a lab for a home. Given a number, she wasn't given the decency of a name anymore. Never saying no, she tried to be everything her father wanted...until the pain became too much and her will to live overcame her need to always please. No longer telling herself or believing that one day he would love her. Escaping the cruelty of the lab, she now tries to conquer the world above which proves more difficult than ever dreamed. Sometimes the simplicity of her cell seemed an easier option over navigating complicated, human emotions.

(to be continued�)

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Nov 30th 2023 - 1:56 PM

Well, actually I came to see if you'd like to discuss a connection/storyline. I can give you more info on Micah if you're game. She can fit into pretty much any apocalyptic/dystopian verse and I've kept her current location flexible as well. Feel free to reply here or in messages, whichever is better for you is fine with me. I also have discord if that's easier. I'll drop it at the bottom. Hope to hear from you soon!

Discord:  blodreina13

soldier on.

Jul 15th 2016 - 9:30 PM

It hurt like a bitch but it wasn't nothing Hannah wasn't used to. So instead of laying there and complaining about it she would get up and try her best to take care of everyone else. Since there was only one person left she was thankful that Sophie took the lead. She would worry about making sure that they had everything. Who knew how long they would have before more people came. They would have a lot more than a bullet wound to worry about if they were caught here as more than five men would show up.

Shrugging those thoughts out of her head Hannah would glance up as she heard Sophie yell out that everything was clear. She would take a deep breath and step away from the wall and out into the open. She trusted Sophie, so she didn't have to worry about her missing someone and getting someone killed. The brunette never had that problem when she was still in The Colony. God how she missed that place. A place that would never be again. She pushed those thoughts out of her head. She couldn't think about that. It already broke her and made her unstable. Thankfully now all she was -- was cold.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just get the hell out of here."�

With that said Hannah would go silent and glance back at the other jeep. She had a feeling that she would want her to take it. It would be easier to have two vehicles anyway just in case something happened to one of them.�

Taking the radio from Sophie she would simply nod her head. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." With that said Hannah would make her way to the jeep, working first to pull the radio. That didn't take her long and she would simply toss it to the ground once done. Afterwards Hannah would turn her attention back to Sophie when she brought up her name now being Jade. She couldn't blame her for not wanting to be remembered as Sophie. She would simply nod her head. "Jade it shall be.. see you at the finish line." With that said she would get in the jeep, putting the radio in the passenger seat just in case Sophie or Abby needed to get in contact with her.

Hannah would start the jeep up before taking off and following behind Sophie. She would worry about her wound later. Not that it really mattered anymore. It was numb now -- a good thing for her. Then again sometimes the pain would remind her that she was still alive. As much as she didn't want to be. She was just too damn stubborn to end her life. Sure it would make the suffering go away and she could see Dalton again -- but it wasn't worth it. Not until she took revenge on every last person she could find that she believed deserved it. Like John Connor. Someone she hadn't seen in a long time. But she always thought about him. He probably wasn't even alive anymore but that didn't matter to the crossbow wielding brunette.�

She also thought about that other bitch that was with The Governor and then with John Connor -- Kate. She deserved to die. And knowing her she was probably still alive. Using someone else to stay alive. No. She couldn't do that to herself. Besides Dalton wouldn't want her to end her life. She reached down to the necklace still around her neck, caressing it and looking up in the rear view mirror. She couldn't even recognize herself anymore. At least she had �a bit of normalcy now. She wasn't alone and she was able to find Sophie and Abby. Even if they were both different now as well.
soldier on.

Jun 28th 2016 - 1:57 PM

Hannah would take in a deep breath as she had her back pressed against the wall. She would glance down at Abby for a few seconds. She couldn't get over how big she looked now. When she was a little girl she was terrified of everything. Not that she could have blamed her. Now she was completely different. Shrugging those thoughts out of her head she would go to look out the window before her eyes landed on Sophie who was running over with a box full of parts. At least she managed to get whatever they came here for.

"That would be good. I'm sure they have some good stuff in the back too." Hannah would respond to what Sophie said. When she told her to cover her she would do just that. She would move and aim, firing off an arrow. It would hit her target in the hand. That way he would yell out in pain and catch the attention of the others still alive for a few seconds.�

Thankfully Sophie took the chance that Hannah gave her and moved behind the tool chest. Thankfully it was a big tool chest so if she was careful she wouldn't get killed. Hannah would reach around and grab another arrow, moving away from the door for a few seconds as the bullets went flying past her. Thankfully Sophie took that time to take out two men. Which meant they only had two more men to take care of.

The brunette watched as Sophie was basically pinned behind the tool box. Hearing her question she would aim, glancing around. She would fire off her arrow killing one of the men. What she hadn't accounted for was the other male aiming on Hannah so quickly. He shot at her and it hit her in the arm, sending her falling to the ground. Thankfully it only grazed her but it still hurt like a bitch. Growling out slightly she would reach over and grab one of the arrows that had fallen to the ground, looking up at Abby who was ready to move over to her. She shook her head. "No.. I'm okay." With that said she would get up on her knees.�

"Only one son of a bitch left!"

Hannah would yell out to let Sophie know before staying silent too long and letting her believe Hannah was dead. She pulled herself up to her feet, ignoring the pain that came with it. This was no where near the worst that she had gone through in the past. It was just going to be annoying.
soldier on.

Jun 26th 2016 - 8:49 PM

"Take your time. I'll shout if anyone shows up."

With that said the brunette would go silent and turn her attention back to the door. It was too silent out there. Part of her wished that something would go wrong. That somebody would jump out of hiding. She didn't like surprises so she would rather deal with the problem now instead of waiting for them to show up.�

Hannah would glance back at Sophie and Abby every once in a while. It was good to see them still alive and surviving this new world. It saddened her though that she wasn't able to save Dalton. He was always in the grips of death. Finally she wasn't able to pull him back to her. She frowned as she thought about him, reaching up and grabbing her necklace. She shook her head, looking out the window again. There was no reason for her to start thinking about Dalton right now. All it would do was distract her.

It thankfully didn't take long for Sophie and Abby to find everything they were looking for. By all the parts they were grabbing Hannah was surprised that the jeep was still running. If they hadn't found this it probably wouldn't have gone for much longer. She was just about to turn and glance back at them when her eyes landed on another SUV type truck. She tensed up as they came to a quick stop. Probably after realizing that someone else was in there that wasn't supposed to.

"You might want to hurry!"�

Was all Hannah would say as she watched four people getting out of the vehicle. One was still behind the steering wheel. Five against three. She had went up against more just on her own. Still, she cursed under her breath as her eyes landed on the gun. She ducked out of the way just as they started firing on them. If Abby had been too close she would have pulled her out of the way with her. She might be older but Hannah didn't want to see anything happen to the girl.

"Four on foot.. one driver!" Hannah would yell out to answer Sophie's question. The glass on the door had already shattered so it gave her the perfect chance to fire back. She would move out in front of the door just long enough to get a view. The next second once she had her target she was letting go of the line and sending the arrow flying. It pierced the males heart and sent him to his death. He'd come back if his friends weren't smart.

Hannah would move back out of harms way as they fired at her once again. "One down.. four to go." She whispered to herself. She took in a deep breath, pulling another arrow out of her quiver.�
soldier on.

Jun 26th 2016 - 5:19 PM

Sophie definitely wasn't like how she remembered her. Sure she was still bossy like she used to be. But other than that things had changed a lot. Then again Hannah wasn't like she used to be when they all lived in Richmond Hill. She had been so stupid back then. Thinking that things would be okay no matter what. As long as she had Dalton beside her nothing would go wrong. She was so damn stupid back then.�

Shrugging those thoughts out of her head the brunette would look around once they came to a stop. She would jump out of the jeep, grabbing an arrow and preparing herself for the worst. Nothing was ever easy in this new world. Something as simple as getting gas was impossible these days. They were lucky that there was gasoline left in this world anymore though. So she really shouldn't complain anymore. Shrugging those thoughts out of her head yet again Hannah would take a few steps forward, wondering what all Sophie needed for the jeep.�

Hannah was happy that nobody was inside. But that didn't mean that they were in the clear yet. Hearing what Sophie said she would take a few steps forward, her bow up and ready to take down anyone that would be a threat. She had a gun that was tucked securely in the waist of her jeans but she didn't like using her gun. It was nearly on the impossible side to find bullets anymore. Clearing her throat she would glance over at Sophie before finally speaking again.�

"Hopefully we can get in and out. Let's just get whatever is needed and get out of here."�

With that said Hannah would make her way over to the door, not needing to open it as she could see out the window. She would glance both ways down the road and not see anyone. Again that didn't mean anything anymore. They could be all out there ready for them to get further into the garage before attacking them. They would pick the wrong people to mess with though. Hannah sighed before turning again and glancing around. It was quiet, nobody had came in yet. She would start to move towards the back to see if anyone was hiding in the back. If they were Hannah would bring them out into the public area so they could decide what to do. She would rather not deal with anyone.

"Do you need any help finding these parts?"�

With that question she would turn her attention back to Sophie. It was hard to hold a conversation with someone she used to know so well. She had no idea if that was because of her or if it was because of Sophie. It was probably both of them. She just didn't know what to say anymore. Clearing her throat she would just glance around the building yet again. At least this would keep her busy.
soldier on.

Jun 25th 2016 - 10:54 PM

Never in a thousand years did Hannah expect to run into Sophie. She had thought her to be dead -- just like Abby. And yet here they both were standing in front of her. She would stand there frozen, unsure on what to do. Part of her wanted to leap at the girl and hug her just to remember what it felt like. The other part of her wanted to run for the hills. It had been such a long time since she had been around someone. And being around people she cared about never ended well. Eventually she would have to kill them or watch them get killed. Things she didn't want to go through anymore.�

Before she could say anything else Sophie was speaking again. Always so bossy. She could remember that from Richmond Hill. Shaking those thoughts out of her head she would slowly lower her hand that had earlier wanted to rise with her bow. She made her way over to the jeep, her eyes landing on Abby yet again. Four years really did her good. She didn't look like the same scared girl anymore.�

"I never thought I'd see you guys out here."�

Was all she would say before getting into the back. She would hold onto the side before glancing around. She knew that more people would show up. There were only two peacekeepers there. And they hardly ever ran in less than a group of five. She would pull an arrow out of her quiver, glancing around. She would be ready to strike if she had to.�

There were so many questions Hannah wanted to ask them. She wanted to know if anyone else survived. She had no idea if they had found Doyle or anyone else. The last time she saw him was back at District 8 when he didn't exactly remember everything. She shrugged those thoughts out of her head. She didn't want to think about the painful times.�

"How long have you guys been together?" Hannah would finally question, wanting to fill the air with conversation. Something she had long forgotten about. She wanted to know more, see if they had been together for a while now or not.
soldier on.

Jun 25th 2016 - 10:20 PM

Thankfully it seemed that Hannah wouldn't have to do much more effort wise. They seemed like they knew what to do. Even if they were in a bad situation just seconds ago. Things could change in a split second in this world. She would let go of the male and move to the side as Sophie started speaking to him. That way she could do whatever she needed. They had a garage here. She was hoping that they would have food around here. Even something simple would be okay with her. She was so tired of eating nuts. It didn't give her the energy she needed anymore.

Her hand twitched as the male tried to fight against the unknown female. She was ready to kill him if needed. But it seemed like she knew what she was going to do. After she got the information out of him she killed him. Smart. She would have done the same.

Hearing the name Abby brought to mind someone Hannah hadn't thought about in a long time. The last time she had seen her was in District 8 she believed. They had gone to District 4 to try and get their friends back. Boy how she missed those days now. She would do anything to go back to when the undead over powered the living. At least then she knew what to expect out of the dead. The living was harder to deal with. She shrugged those thoughts out of her head as she listened to the female speak. She founded familiar but she thought nothing of it.

That was until the female said her name. She tensed, turning back to the girl before her.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?"�

She could feel the urge to raise the bow yet again but she refrained from it. She may not know who she was but something told her she didn't have to worry about her attacking. Hannah did save her life -- but that wasn't why. She knew her. And she wasn't attacking her. Wasn't that a good thing?�

Shrugging all those thoughts out of her head Hannah would turn her attention from the female who said her name to the younger girl. Who were they and why did they look so familiar? Certainly the name Abby was just a coincidence. She was certain the little girl she knew back from the Colony was dead now. She couldn't even remember who was with her after Hannah was forced into that dome.�
soldier on.

Jun 25th 2016 - 9:43 PM

Playing with the necklace around her neck, Hannah stood there in the middle of the road. She glanced around, doing a complete 360 before a frown started to pull on her lips. She had a bad feeling about this place already. She wasn't going to stay long. There weren't many people out and about. It was something that she preferred. She had been alone for such a long time now. She had gotten used to the silence. No matter how much she wanted to admit that.�

The dead weren't so bad to deal with anymore. They were so far between now that she was almost surprised when she came across the dead. That didn't really help the world out though. The living were greedy -- and the new world wasn't any better than the old world. People took whatever they wanted, killing whoever wouldn't give in. Hannah could no longer remember how many people she had killed. The hardest kill she had to do was Dalton -- the only one that mattered in her life. A group of survivors found Dalton before he could hide with her. They tortured him, putting him on a stake to burn. It was brutal and Hannah wasn't able to save him. He asked for mercy and that was what she gave him. She then killed everyone who had a part in it.�

That was the day Hannah stopped caring about who she killed.

Hannah made her way closer towards the market area. She would do an once over and hopefully find something to eat. It had been a few days since she had something more than a few nuts. Needless to say her energy was quickly starting to drain. She would stop as she got to the door, glancing around once again. The few peacekeepers she saw were no longer out in the open. Something Hannah didn't like. She knew how they could be.�

"Looks like I'll be taking more than just that rifle."

The brunette made her way through the door, her eyes quickly taking in the scene before her. She saw two women, one who looked like a child. She didn't look at her long enough to realize who she was. The girl on the ground she couldn't see since she was on the ground.�

It took Hannah a split second to pull an arrow out and aim her re-curve bow. She hit the male in the back. It wasn't a fatal hit. She didn't want that. She made her way over, waiting for him to turn to see who hit him. She would grip her bow with both hands, swinging hard. She hit him in the face hard enough to send him flying back and onto the ground.�

"That's not how you treat someone."�

With that said Hannah would pull another arrow out, aiming it at the males face. The look in her eyes hopefully told him she had no problem killing him. He wasn't her kill though. It was up to the female on the ground on what she wanted to happen to him. But if he gave her any grief she would kill him. It would just be another kill under her belt.�

Without looking back at the female who was hopefully getting up off the ground now she would start to speak. "What do you want me to do with him?" With that asked she would go silent.
soldier on.

Feb 12th 2014 - 2:13 PM

Hearing Sophie scream only panicked Hannah. She had just found out that she was in a coffin underground. Thank god it was shallow so Hannah would be able to dig her up. But still. She knew that if Sophie stayed down there too long it wouldn't be a good thing. And her screaming could also bring guards to see what was going on. It just meant that Hannah had to move quick.�

"I'm here. I got free so I'm going to get you out of here. Just keep talking so I can see where you are okay? Just don't talk too loudly. Don't want anyone to come in here.." That wouldn't be a good thing. She wasn't even sure who had put them down here. Well she knew that it had to deal with The Governor. She just didn't know who was the ones putting them down there. Probably Martinez and some other new guards who would do anything for him.

Hannah got down on her hands and knees where she thought Sophie was before she started to dig. She could only use her hands. So right now she was just ignoring the pain going through her hands. She was sore, but she didn't care. Hannah had to get Sophie out of there and then they could try to get free.�

About that time was when Hannah heard somebody coming. She didn't have time to get back to the wall. She was panicked now. She glanced up when the door opened, hearing the male say hey. It was one of the newer guards. Thankfully he was smaller so she might be able to take him out if she was careful. She stood up just around the same time he started to run towards her. When he connected with her, the two of them were shoved back against the wall. She groaned out in pain from the impact, but she wasn't about to give up yet.�

Bringing her leg up she kneed him as hard as she could between the legs. Hannah was thankful that it brought his head down, so she was able to knee him in the face. It took him to the ground, since he probably wasn't expecting it. She climbed on top of him before grabbing the gun that he pulled out. Now they were both struggling with a gun. Something Hannah didn't like the idea of. She saw that it was a silencer, so if she was to get the�upper hand�she could kill him without any other guards knowing anything. Sophie would be�able to hear it but that was it.�

The gun went off twice, both of the bullets going into the wall, barely missing Hannah. She was able to finally get the upper hand, and she shot him in the gut with the gun. He wasn't the first guy she had ever killed, but it never got any easier. She jumped off of him before she aimed the gun and shot him once in the head to give him a quick death. Her entire body was shaking now from everything that just happened.

"Sophie.. I'm okay. I'm getting you out of here." Hannah called out before she got back down on her hands and knees. This time she used the end of the gun that she would hold onto to dig. This time it was going much faster. She hit the coffin with the gun after several minutes. Thank god it wasn't deep at all. She grinned happily before she started to pull some of the dirt off of the coffin. She then opened the coffin up, grabbing Sophie to help her get out of there. "Come on. We got to go quickly. I don't know how long it'll take before they realize the guard is out."
soldier on.

Feb 7th 2014 - 5:17 PM

Groaning, the brunette slowly opened her eyes before glancing around. It was dark in there, too dark. She blinked while glancing around waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. When she tried to move her hands she found out that both of them were bound to the wall. She had a little bit of leeway, but not much. It caused Hannah to panic, not understanding what was happening or why she was there. Her arm was sore since she probably fell on it when she was attacked last night.�

Bringing her hands up as far as she could, she bent down until her hands reached her face. She pushed her hair out of her face so she could try and see better. She was still in a panic stage, but rage was starting to set in. Who the hell did they think they were to do something like this!?�

"You can't just keep me down here!! People will look!"�

Hannah screamed that at the top of her lungs. She didn't think anyone would come looking for her. She was just saying anything that she could at this moment. She struggled against the ropes, only causing her wrists to get sore from the tugging. Just about that time was when she heard something like banging, before hearing someone yelling for help. She could have sworn that sounded like Sophie. But where was she? She struggled more against her ropes ignoring the pain.�

When she heard her name being whispered, she instantly knew that it was Sophie. She had to be somewhere in the same room. Her eyes just hadn't adjusted well enough yet. "Sophie!? Where.. Where are you!?" She called out loud enough for her to hear her. Well at least she hoped so. "I'm tied to some kind of wall. I can't move much." She felt like if she explained where she was that maybe Sophie could see her. She didn't know that she was underground in a coffin. In the room they had dug two holes. They were in the process of making another coffin for Hannah, that's why she hadn't been placed underground yet. If Hannah was able to get free she could get the bit of dirt off of Sophie's coffin and save her. She just had to find all of that stuff out first and how to get free.

Her eyes widened as she felt the cold piece of metal hitting across her stomach when her shirt lifted from the struggling. Her belt buckle. It wasn't anything special, but if Hannah could get it off she might be able to cut through the ropes with it. It would be better than trying to pull herself free. Hannah moved her hands down to her pants, thankfully able to reach. They probably didn't realize she had this belt buckle on, that or they didn't think she would think of this. She was smart when she had to be. She pulled her belt off with shaky hands, pulling the belt buckle off.�

"Keep talking to me Sophie.. Please." She called out since Sophie went silent after saying her name. She wanted to make sure that Sophie was okay. Besides it would help her to not be so panicked. Once she got the belt buckle off she started to slide it across the rope as hard as she could. She managed to cut her fingers a few times because of it, but finally her hand was free. Her brother would always yell at her for wearing that damn buckle when they were in Woodbury, now months..maybe even years later she was thankful for wearing it. She dropped the belt buckle before pulling her other hand free. She bent back over to grab the belt buckle, before she slowly moved out in front of her.�
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