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Characters: Elektra Nachios
Verses: Dare Devil/Elektra
Playbys: Jennifer Garner
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
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About me:

The name's Elektra Natchios but I don't go by my full name anymore that was another life. Oh I see that got your attention,ok then here is my story.

My mother was killed when I was just a little girl and since that day my father moved me from place to place and made sure I had the best education as well as learned all the Martial Arts known to man.

We moved around alot growing up and in the end we lived in New York where my father could do what he needed and I could do what I wanted without being chased by cameras. You see my father was a very ritch man and always doing things he needed to make sure we were both safe.

I then met Matt Murdock the blind Lawyer and after we had a martial arts fight I gave him my name and left back home.

Matt and I met up a lot after that and we fell in love. After one night of passion I left him in the morning and invited him to my father's party leaving it on the pillow.

When he showed up we had a good talk and danced but then I saw my father acting strange so I followed him. That is when I thought I saw Daredevil kill my father and so I left vowing to kill him.

I said goodbye to Matt when we barried my father and then started training myself to kill the one I thought was my father's killer. When I tracked him down we fought and I stabbed him through the shoulder, but when I saw it was Matt I relized that the real killer was known as Bullseye.

When Bullseye showed up I fought him,but in the end he killed me with my own weapon. Matt then got me and watched me die in his arms or so it seemed any way. I left Matt a necklace to let him know I was still alive and then I left after being revived.

I was revived by a blind man known as Master Stick and he showed me all the things I needed to know to be like him. I was full of anger and so he banished me and I was alone in the world again.

That is when I met McCabe who told me how I can use my skills of super speed and seeing glimces of the future. He became my friend and agent and that is when I became Elektra The Red Ghost.

I was an assassin for anyone who paied me, but I also worked a bit for an orginization known as The Hand. When I found out what they really did I left and started to kill those who McCabe thought would be the best pay.

One day I was given the task to kill unknown targets on an island and so I went there waiting to find out who the targets were. That is where I met Abby and her father Mark. I got too close to them and when I found out they were my targets I couldn't kill them.

Insted I helped them and got them to a safe place. I wanted Stick to take care of it, but he refused and so I took them to McCabe but that only got him killed by The Hand.

I later fought out that Abby wasn't what she seemed and was a warrior that both good and evil sides wanted known as the Tressure. Abby was in danger after that and I helped her the best that I could, but then she was killed by one of the Hand's people known as Typhoid.

I took Abby back to my house and thought about what Stick told me and with that I revived her. That is when I became a full master and Abby was free to live her life as The Hand thought her to be dead.

I am now always on the move making sure The Hand doesn't find me to get revenge for killing the son of their leader and betraying them long ago.

Well now you know my story, come and get to know me if you can,but I warn you it will not be easy as I am not a very trusting person.

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Aug 30th 2019 - 4:06 PM

“Yeah I know. I just had a real feeling that this was going to be real easy is all” She said with a smirk. She was taught how to fight by her mom’s friend Nyssa and she told her all them things as well. Mia wasn’t impsulve. She might look so in the ring, but she wasn’t. She had a keen eight for things and could quickly work things out. “I wouldn’t want to end up getting my ass kicked not happened to me yet in ring. “ She said not being co’cky or anything she hadn’t lost a single fight in the ring. She was so good. 

She loved the thrill of a fight. She got off on the adrenaline rush. There was no other rush like it for Mia. She wasn’t ashamed to admit it. She would tell someone if they asked her why she loved fighting. She wouldn’t just got around looking for a fight. Half the time they found her. She liked to keep her fighting to the ring, but when it called for it she would fight outside the ring. Like if she saw someone getting beat up or whatnot. Then she would step in. If there was one thing Mia hated that was people beating up people who didn't deserve it. 

As the fight went on Mia was kinda enjoying this. Fighting with ninjas was always fun even if these ones weren’t what you would call normal. She was still enjoying it. That was probably the high from the night fight still in her. She punched, kicked and even dropped kicked one of them also blocking a few attempts at her. She looked over to Elektra.

She nodded her head as she listened to her. “Okay got it. That’s still some freaky shi’t. I have never seen anything like this before, I thought I had seen it all.” Of course she hadn’t how could she. The only places she had even be too was Star City and once or twice Central City. Mia was still fighting and hadn't noticed that one of them was coming at her with an arrow. She yelped when Elektra grabbed her moving her out of the way of the arrow. “Holy shi’t thank you….” She said watching the guy snap his own neck. Her eyes went wide as he did that. Mia had never seen someone kill themselves like that. She then listened to her talking to the guy. Mia wondered what she was saying. She couldn’t understand her. Since she couldn’t speak Japaness. She sure wasn’t going to ever get used to seeing green smoke like that. 

Mia watched the fight going on. She knew it wasn’t gonna be over anytime soon which she was okay with. As long as she didn't end up with an arrow to the back. Which would have been so funny if she died by arrow since that was her dad’s weapon of choice. “Damn they sound kinda scary, how have you got on their shi’t list if that's what it is? She asked as she went back to fighting. She kicked and punched one of them who seemed able to to block Mia’s punched. “Shi’t just go green would you” She said looking over to Elektra.

Jul 14th 2019 - 11:30 AM

Mia nodded. “That is so true. They think they are so big till you have to actually fight. You can tell they are green well a deep green I would say” She chuckled lightly. “At least we won’t break a sweat with them, and be out of here quick smart” She said with a grin. 

Mia kinda lived for this. She was so much like her dad. It was weird how she was when she had never met him. He was taken when she was a baby. She had his fight in her. Nyssa would say to her she had her dad’s heart when they would train together. She loved it. She would pretend for her mother’s sake that she didn’t like it too much. She didn’t want  her to get hurt. In truth Mia felt close to Oliver whenever she was fighting or training. It might sound stupid it made since to her and that was all that mattered.

It wasn’t that long till the match was over. Mia was right they were so green it was like taking candy from a baby. She could hear them moaning about the fact they got put into the ring with two fighters that were so out of their league. Mia couldn’t help laugh walking away with her winnings. ‘All’s fair in fight and fight’ She thought. 

Walking out into the middle of a fight. This was even better. Mia was on the high and these idiots were giving her an even bigger one. Ok she had no idea what they were or why they wanted Elektra. Mia didn’t care all she knew was that her teammate was out numbered it wasn’t a fair fight in her eyes. So that was one of the reasons she was stepping in. 

Mia was in her fight stance. She looked over to her and gave her a little nod. “Noted jump like feck if I kill one. Wait they are toxic?” She said as she one of them came at her. She raised her right leg into the air and fly kicked him in the gut. “They aren’t humans are they?” She asked as she was kicking the ninja. “Damn. I’m not sure I would want to meet the boss if these are just foot soldiers.” She said still fighting. Even though she knew they could go poof if she killed one. She was rather enjoying herself. “That all you go?” She laughed ducking out of the way of one of them.  

Apr 24th 2019 - 6:32 AM

Mia laughed as she nodded her head slightly. “Totally agree. It's all about the fight not showing off like a peac/ock. Then their asses are on the ground and tapping out like a little bitch.” She grinned looking over to the woman in red. “Don’t worry I am not like them. I have never tapped out” She smirked as they went to fight the others team and Mia knew that this was going to be over before it even started. 

It was such an easy fight. The others weren't what you would call fighters. Not like Mia or Elektra. Mia’s years of training with Nyass would prove to be really helpful. That was the main reason that she never lost. She was league of assassins trained from the age of four from the daughter of the demon’s head Ra's al Ghu. Who Mia’s dad Oliver killed years before Mia was born. He was to become the next  Ra's al Ghu,but didn’t do it. He picked Mia’s mom and his family. 

After the fight was over, and of course they had won. Mia went and got changed. She was leaving counting the money she won from the fight. “That will do us a for a few days.” She said to herself when her cell buzzed. It was a text from James. ‘Babe where the hell are you? Your phone off. Call or text we’re worried’ She smiled as she shook her head knowing it was just James that was worried about her. ‘I was fighting cage fight got some money. Bringing food back. See you soon.’ She text back and put her cell back into her pocket. 

She shook her head as she could see the fight going on with Elektra and some weird looking dudes. She wasn’t about to walk away from that. She wasn’t that kind of girl. Sure she wasn’t a hero or anything she just hated seeing someone outnumbered by men. She rolled her up her sleeves and walked over to the fight. 

Mia looked at Elektra shaking her head. “Hey we’re teammates we’re still at the building so therefore you are my still my teammate.” She smirked. “I think I can handle myself. I have been trained by someone who is kinda more scary than these idiots” She said raising her eyebrows looking toward the ninjas. She hadn’t even seen people like this before. But she wasn’t gonna back down now. She would fight as much as she could and help Elektra.  She got into her fight stance ready to attack anyone that came at her. 

Mar 15th 2019 - 7:45 AM

Mia wondered about the woman standing next to her. She could tell that she was a fighter. Just from how she was standing and her outfit well that was something. Mia just wore her combats and vest top when she was fighting. She wasn’t into the suits kinda thing. The blonde simply nodded her head, and grinned when Elektra said who she was. She had a feeling that this was gonna be a fun night.

She shook her head a little as she listened to her. “Well that’s good you can. I have seen some come into the ring and think they can. Then seconds later they are down.” She said as she looked at her teammate. Mia still didn’t like this tag team thing. She was better on her own, but she was in need of the cash. Plus needing to let off some steam best way to. Mia was going to say something else when the bell ran. She grinned and rubbed her hands together.

Mia watched one of the woman coming at her. She got into a fighting stance. She ducked out of the way of the woman’s punch. Mia got low down and side swiped kicked her to the ground. She quickly kicked her in her side. The woman got to her feet fast and tried once again to punch Mia. She got there first and punch her in the face. Then kicking her in the ribs knocking her down once again. “Stay down this time” She said as pressed her foot to her neck. The other woman tapped out as Mia was choking her.  She grinned as she looked over  to Elektra, she knew that they had just won. 

Mia got out of the ring and went to the locker room and got changed. She never took a shower there. To many wanted to get her and that wasn’t a good idea for her. She got changed back into her black top and grabbed her leather jacket and cell. She seen she had texts from both James and Conner. They were wanting to know where she was. She text back ‘getting food be back soon’ She knew that they would know what she meant. 

She walked out the building. She could hear what sounded like a fight going on. She went to see what was going on. “Shi/t” She said as Mia could see that Elektra was fighting with ninjas. Mia had heard of ninjas before but she had never seen them this close up. She watched as Elektra was getting in some good kicks and such. She was really impressed with how she was doing. Then they moved to another place. Mia had a feeling it was so to stop anyone getting hurt. 

Mia put her winnings into the side pocket of her jacket and went to fall them. Sure she didn’t know this woman, but she was her teammate and they won. So Mia was gonna go and help her. She rolled up the sleeves of her jacket and walked over beside Elektra. “Need a little help with these idiots?” She asked as she knew fine well that she was able to do this, but Mia felt like she owed her. “I owe you one for back there in the ring” She grinned as she got into a fight stance. 

Mar 5th 2019 - 12:11 PM

Beep, beep. Mia’s phone sounded it was a text. She went and grabbed her cell and read the message. ‘Blackstar fight tonight. You are in a tag team with Red Ghost. 20:00 dockside. Normal place. Big payout.’ She sighed as she put her cell down. “Gah a tag team… I hate fighting with others. This red ghost better be good.” She said looking at the time it was 18:12 she had a little time before she had to go to dockside. 

She sat on her bed and crossed her legs placing both of her hands onto her knees closing her eyes beginning to meditate. She would do this before she would go to do her fights. It helped her clear her mind. And right now she needed it. All the rumors about her mother Felicity Smoak being dead was eating at her. Mia hated to lie, but her mom said to her before the explosion that ‘killed her'. She wasn’t to tell a soul about what her mom was doing, and get out of Star City. Mia thought that was just mother being paranoid. All of Mia’s life Felicity was paranoid. She didn’t know that it was real and someone was trying to kill Felicity. 

Mia finished her meditation getting off her bed. The young woman grabbed her leather jacket putting it on. Then grabbed her cell phone and shoved it into her back pocket. She left her hideout she didn’t have a place to stay to many people were after her. She thought it best to stay under the radar. She did pick up a few things from her mom that way. She walked out of the building and started to walk.

She got her cell out and checked the time. It was 19:00. “Enough time, to get there and get ready.” She said as she walked towards dockside. It didn’t take her that long to reach there. She could hear the crowds they were all revved up just how Mia liked it. Made it much better for her. “BLACKSTAR” A guy called as she walked into the building. She laughed a little and gave him a wave. He must have been a fan of hers. She still wasn’t used to this ‘fan’ thing.

Mia walked to the back where the changing rooms were. She went to her locker and opened it. Taking her jacket off and getting her cell she put them both into the locker. She then took out a white tank top putting it down taking off the shirt she was wearing throwing it into the locker. Mia put on her tank top. “Up next BLACKSTAR AND HER TEAMMATE RED GHOST” Was called out. “Blackstar that’s you up good luck” A guy said as Mia made her way out of the locker room. 

She made her way to the ring. Her heart started to race the thrill of the fight was starting to build in her. She cracked her knuckles as she got into the ring she seen a woman standing at one side of the ring. Mia made her way over to her. “Red?” She asked not saying her full name. “Blackstar guess we’re teammates. Hope you can fight? I'm the female champion around here” She said not to be bitchy or anything. She wasn’t just saying. Mia needed to money from the win. She was running low and need to buy food for herself, her boyfriend James and Connor. 

“Are you ready for this? These two should be easy to take down.” She said as she pointed to the other team. “Who should start? Me or you?” Mia asked as she looked at Elektra. Mia did notice that Elektra looked like she was a fighter. She could tell from how she looked. She was badass looking in her outfit. Mia was liking this pairing and had a feeling that they were gonna make easy work of the fools. 
Luna Zione/Vigilante In The Making

Nov 5th 2017 - 10:45 AM

"Yeah, too soon. I get ya. My apologies. Got caught up in the moment here with the sweet reunion and all. I do apologize." She adds sincerely as she watches Elektra take in Matt as he gets the drinks. She could tell that her friend had a deep love for this man. Just as he had for Elektra also. It was sweet to her and she was more than happy to experience something sweet, sincere, genuine, and hopeful for once.
Luna Zione/Vigilante In The Making

Apr 21st 2017 - 10:26 PM

She takes in Elektra's delight as she watches Matt. She can clearly tell and feel the love, care, and passion that she has for him. This made her happy as she watches it unfold before her eyes. To see her friend happy made her happy. Her eyes widen both impressed and in a playful manner as Elektra agrees with her on Matt as well as adds more to the equation of his mystery. "Sexy by nature. A true and legit seeker of justice inside and outside of the courtroom. You two are going to make some beautiful babies together. Not to mention some seriously kick ass kiddos." She sweetly and sincerely adds to her friend in a complimentary manner towards them both.
Luna Zione/Vigilante In The Making

Mar 14th 2017 - 11:54 AM

Luna smirks at Matt's polite response before he removes his hands from her face. "There is actually a better way for me to 'see', but we'll have to wait until the weather is a bit more appropriate." Matt adds as Luna c*cks her head in curiosity towards this. She sensed that it was something between he and Elektra and didn't press the issue further. "I look forward with intrigue on that one, sir." She responds with kindly as she turns to see Elektra smiling in thought of her own. Luna herself smiles at this scene as she sees her friend with a true and sincere smile upon her face. She appears happy and at ease right now and she loved that for her. Luna makes her way over to her as Matt makes his way into the kitchen. "Could I interest you ladies in something to drink?" He asks them as Luna turns to see him making his way around the kitchen seemingly fine. She takes this scene in impressed as she leans closer to Elektra. "You got yourself a hottie here, E. Well done, girl." She playfully adds to her friend as she gently nudges her side. "I may take a water. Only if it isn't any trouble of course." Luna adds politely.
Luna Zione/Vigilante In The Making

Mar 7th 2017 - 6:08 PM

She listens to the two of them converse. Feeling bad for interrupting their moment and maybe making it more awkward than it had to be. But she couldn't help herself. For she wanted to be there for her friend. She felt like Elektra knew this. She hoped she did anyway. For she wanted to help her, just as Elektra had done for her. "It's interesting meeting you as well, Mr. Murdock." She politely adds as she approaches the two now. Sucking in her lips as she studies him for a moment. Unsure of how to make a better introduction with him. She decides to cautiously reach for his hand. Taking it into her own as she shakes it in an introductory manner before she uses her other hand to take him by the wrist and release his hand from her other while gently pressing his palm to her cheek. Allowing him to use his fingers to feel her face out to get a better visual, should he want to. "Does this help at all?" She asks politely yet nervously.
Luna Zione/Vigilante In The Making

Feb 17th 2017 - 10:34 PM

"My apologies, sir. My name is Luna. You could say the three of us run within the same group. I didn't mean to intrude nor intervene. I just couldn't help myself. I was worried and concerned. I wanted to make sure that Elektra was in good hands. That all was right." She adds as Elektra takes the matter into her own hands and moves forward towards Matt. Taking the leap and guiding her lips to his as the two touch lips for the first time in what surely feels like forever for the two. She remains silent now as she takes in the moment briefly. A soft smile upon her face as she turns to give the two the privacy that they need in this precious moment.
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