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NAME: J๏ฟฝtunheimr
NICKNAMES: Jotunheim
UNIVERSE: Earth-616

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The Giants of Jotunheim
The Giants of Jotunheim, also known as the Etins, are enormous superhuman beings, most of whom dwell in the other dimensional realm of Jotunheim, one of the Nine Worlds of Asgardian cosmology. They are the traditional enemies of the gods of Asgard, with whom they have gone to war numerous times over the millennia. Jotunheim is a flat ring-shaped realm with high mountains along its inner edge. It is apparently on its own separate dimensional plane, distinct from Asgard's or Earth's. However, there are interdimensional portals between the mountains of Jotunheim and those of Asgard, permitting easy passage from one realm to the other.

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Other Family:

These days of rage have left their stain on us
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Pummel the world to dust And break all men of blood

Jotunheim is one of the Nine worlds from Norse mythology, the homeland of the Frost Giants, Storm Giants, and Mountain Giants. Joutunheim is the home to the Storm Giants, and the birth place of Loki, the son of Giants, Laufey (father, deceased) and Farbauti (mother). Loki was adopted by Odin after Odin had killed his father as he begged for mercy.

Situated on the middle level of the Norse universe, Jotunheim is separated from Asgard by the river Iving, which never freezes over. It lies in the snowy regions on the outermost shores of the ocean. Mimir's well of wisdom is in Jotunheim, beneath the Midgard root of the ash tree Yggdrasil.

Now we live, in the debris
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King of Jotunheim

Dylann Davis

The only Midgardian Loki will ever love.


Mother of the King


The Empire, which Jotunheim is part of-

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she, detects.



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Maya of Asgard

Dec 28th 2016 - 8:15 PM

She smiled and gave him a huge hug,

Thank ye so much Loki for the beautiful necklace, I be wearing it as ye and thy family rest in mine heart. I to have a gift for thee, the Yule season has been busy for me so sorry I be so late. Tis a new drinking horn I made for thee to make merry. 
Happy Yule dear brother in heart.

 photo image_zpseezxlbjf.jpeg
The Phoenix

Jun 14th 2015 - 11:38 PM

Dylann knew the 'secret' ways to enter Loki's home, the place she came to see as his soul. It was a beautiful place even with it's solemn landscape. At times looking like a home for the broken, if truth be told. A hideaway for old souls, a safe haven to him. With everything that had been going on with her, she'd truly only visited once. But it dawned on her that this would be a home to her. So when she was unable to locate Loki, she figured he'd returned to his icy sanctuary.

Jotunheim was dark, in general. At least every time she'd been present it had been. But there was a luminance to it. For as the light of the stars and moon cast down on the white snow and ice, a path could be seen. Giving off an illuminating aura. She assumed that it was always sunless and dreary in this world, the darkness seemed fitting in her mind. As if it was a place she belonged. It wasn't without it's beauty, that was for sure.

Recalling the last time she'd visited, somehow she'd forgotten the cold. Loki had been with her last time, and she had still been in shock of so many things. But this time....this time she felt the sting. The cold wind whipping at her face. Taking a deep inhale of cold air, as she pulled her jacket tightly around her, she began to walk up the slope.

She wasn't entirely sure what to think when she finally saw him. His coat moving wildly around his legs from the wind, and staring off clearly admiring the specific kind of beauty known as Jotunheim. It was likely he wanted to be alone, or so she had thought. But she couldn't help herself. Maybe she missed him in a sense, and it was this thought that made her bend down, scooping up a handful of snow. Packing it silently into a ball, before chucking it at his back with a playful smirk.
The Phoenix

Mar 25th 2015 - 4:50 PM

It was strange, that someone could mean so much to her in ways that she didn't understand. Dylann had spent her whole life hiding parts of herself, always pretending. Not because she wanted to, but because she had to. She got really good at it too, and if need be, she was an excellent liar. If people knew who she really was, then she would be in danger. Even those who cared about her, like her father, made it a point to acknowledge that she was different. That this was a flaw, because society had been forced to believe it was. Of course her father loved her flawed in genetic make up or not. But Loki didn't act as if she was defected in any kind of way.

But he should have. This was what left her confused. When they had first met, she sensed he had a strong dislike for humans. Or Midgardians as she learned they were called. But what of Dylann? Was she really so naive as to think he didn't hold some kind of disdain towards her. Maybe he even hated himself for whatever feelings Dylann was bringing out in him. He'd be better off going about his business, he had purpose. The man before her was capable of more than she could ever dream of, morality aside, whatever he did would be extraordinary.

Just as all these thoughts went through her mind she saw something in his eyes. Contemplation. He had not been oblivious to her attempt at covering her emotions. She would have to actually try next time. Of course he would have seen past her, because he saw her for what she was. Even if she tried to hide it, annoying really. She admitted to herself, watching his eyes in return, as he found his words.

She remembered when they met, how scared she had been. Because he was unknown. Something she didn't understand, which was rare. Dylann spent her life observing others, in an effort to understand them. Because when you understood could hurt them before they hurt you. He thought he was a monster, and she believed him. But wasn't everyone? In some way or another, whether it was hidden deep down or shown boldly on the surface.

Obliterate. Claiming your heart. Prove my worth.----These things made Dylann take steps closer to him. He seemed so conflicted, but clearly he had come to some kind of decision, judging by the tone of his voice. She had known when they met, that his offer hadn't been as direct as it appeared. It was like an old story she had heard, a magic genie who granted wishes, but they never turned out as good as they sounded. If she was honest with herself, she knew then in the cornfield he would sooner have killed them all, then really do what she was asking. But, things changed. When, why, or how exactly she wasn't sure.

All of this was too much to take in. She wanted to speak up, to say something because there was so much she needed to say. But all she could do was stand there and watching him speak, a beautiful scene in itself. The way he spoke, and his mannerisms, kept her intently observing. And when it was finished, when the offer was on the table.....still she stared at him. He looked the same, but different. Still very much someone who demanded the eyes attention.

Dylann was stunned to her spot.  She stood there silently at first, but then she let out a sigh, shaking her head. "I don't understand you. I don't....I don't know if this is a good idea. It's not just my war. It's my life. I've lost people. Good people. I've killed good people...." she admitted, her voice breaking slightly.

"But you don't really care about all of that, do you?" she crossed her arms. "You said something about claiming my heart. You can't 'claim' a heart. It's given to you. And my hearts already been given." she said. Her eyes masking slightly what she was saying. In truth, she'd known it for a short while now, that despite whatever choices or actions he might make, she cared for him. Loved him. But her eyes, and stature, implied that she was talking about someone else. A trick in her own right. The real question was whether or not she could manipulate a manipulator.

It had rubbed her the wrong way, that he made her love sound like a bargaining chip. And that was why she wasn't going to make this easy for him. "You want to fight my war beside me.....honorably? Pretending to be a mortal? I don't make bargains about my heart. It's been stomped on one too many times." she confessed, looking back to where the portal that had brought her here once resided. "My war will begin, but if you want to help me, it's going to be just because you want to. For nothing in return." she turned away from him.

Once her back was to him, she gulped. Her face softened, and she closed her eyes. In hope that he took her words as they were meant, but that this didn't sway him in his decision. "I'm ready to go home now." she demanded, still not looking at him. But she felt bad for her slight game.
The Phoenix

Mar 24th 2015 - 7:00 PM

Dylann nodded her understanding, still keeping a watchful eye on 'stinky'. The equivalent of a dog, a very large one albeit. Standing in awe of the beast as Loki brushed the fallen snow from her hair. Blinking with the snap of Loki's fingers, coming out of her thoughts and back to the situation at hand. Tensing up slightly, as the beast loomed over them, ready to follow orders it seemed.

Sniff? She turned her head to Loki with a quick questioning look, but there was really no time for asking questions. Such as why on earth do I want that thing to sniff me? She held her breath, as it got closer and the air seemed to suction around her. Her own blonde hair fluttered around her face, making it almost impossible to see.

Just as she thought she might be pulled over by the sudden suction of wind, she felt Loki's arms enclose around her, holding her in place. Then it all ceased and she swayed on her feet for a moment, blinking as her hair settled back down around her shoulders. Dylann looked to the side, skeptically raising a brow before holding up her hand.

Slowly at first, and then finally she just placed her hand down. Giving a gentle pat, awkward at first, but soon enough she found herself treating the beast much like a dog. Listening as Loki went on to speak. In her whole life she'd never felt safe. Ever. There had always been the lingering risk of danger. Someone out to get her. But here Loki was informing her that there were these powerful beings, ready to protect her. For what? Why? Because whatever this was, it was setting her up nicely. That sounded terrible when she thought it, but safety.....that word alone was something she would always strive to accomplish.

But what about, when she wasn't here? Her mind went to her father and Cass, she needed to get back soon. They had a job to do. She smiled at the thought, no, she didn't need the protection, but she was thankful for it. Another kiss, which she returned, with a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

A small laugh came against his lips and she shook her head. "You know you make it really difficult to give complete sentence responses, with kisses like that." she laughed, eying the beast once more. Looking back to Loki. "Thank you. For showing me this place. I know it means a lot to you. My home means a lot to me too." she added, a sadness evident on her face. Her home was destroying itself at this very moment.

"And Stinky's not so bad either...." she added, with a wink to cover up the dark thoughts that threatened to take over her current mood.
The Phoenix

Mar 24th 2015 - 11:17 AM

Dylann couldn't quite explain why she felt so at ease. All her life she'd found it difficult to really get along with people. This had given her a certain reputation. But underneath it all she really was just human. She felt things so strongly, but she never knew how to show this appropriately. So she appeared cold...distant. But not with Loki. Maybe, it was because she saw something familiar in him. And she knew how she herself felt, so she wanted him to feel understood.

While he was making her feel special, through his actions and words. She hoped to do the same. His words hadn't alarmed her, or overwhelmed in the slightest, but they did make her question a few things. All she knew for sure, was she didn't feel out of place here. Which was so strange. When she felt so out of place in her own home land. There was still a purpose for her there though, and she hoped one day she could get rid of the faction system that ruled her life for so long.

But for now, this escape. It was a welcomed event. She smiled at his words, and flashed a grin. "Oh I'll be certain to visit. I mean there is so much one can do for fun here." she laughed. "I bet one can make an amazing snowman." Dylann joked, looking around at the icy scenery. "My best interest?" she repeated his words. "Like a guard?" pondering to herself, she walked along side him.

However, she soon stopped in her tracks, as Loki let out a loud whistle. The pitch made her wince slightly, as she looked around confused. But then, the ground began to tremble and Dylann looked quickly to Loki for some form of reassurance. He didn't seem alarmed, so she relaxed slightly. Still, Dylann didn't much care for surprises. In mortal words, many would say she suffered from PTSD.

It was this, that made Dylann jump backwards, falling on her ass, while staring up at the creature before her. She remained still, while her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Watching as Loki calmly ordered the beast to a dog. Blinking, she turned to stare at Loki with confusion. Slowly she got back to her feet and looked at Loki with awe.

"What...." she started to say....what is it? What was this beast? But she figured it was of this realm. "Stinky...." she said, still processing, what was in front of her. No one would ever believe her about this. "Yeah, don't eat friends. I bet I'm a little too tough for your tastes." Dylann said, but still she kept her distance.
The Phoenix

Mar 23rd 2015 - 10:59 AM

Wary was an understatement when it came to Dylann, but she knew that despite what others might say or think, she wanted Loki to know he wasn't alone. That there was someone who felt the same isolation as he did. It was this feeling and her want to be closer to him, that made her return the kiss so completely. And when their lips parted, for him to speak, she listened intently. People didn't talk like this, where she was from. It felt sincere, as she hung on to every word.

Dylann looked at him and nodded, "I'll always tell you. What I think." she replied. It was the truth, Dylann didn't often have a filter, if she felt wronged in some way, or if something bothered her, she'd make sure everyone knew it. "I don't...." she started, but stopped. Dylann wasn't great with all of this, and there was a lot to be worried about. But still she was perfectly content returning his kiss, as it deepened.

But after a moment, she took a step back, looking to her feet. Because he was making it increasingly hard to think straight. Dylann let out a small laugh, and looked up to him with a soft smile. "Thank You." was all she said.
"For thinking more of me, than I think of myself. It means a lot. And you don't have to prove you're worthy. I know you are. " she replied, thinking that it was her who wasn't exactly. But that wouldn't stop her from showing Loki the parts of her, she often kept hidden. Her heart.

The Phoenix

Mar 23rd 2015 - 1:45 AM

Now it was her turn to be confused. He'd misunderstood her slightly. She never once thought he'd brought her here to take advantage of her. She just meant that everyone had motives. And lately, if people wanted her close, it was never for good reasons. Flinching when he demanded that she stop talking, Dylann went silent.

"I didn't...." she started, but was cut off short when Loki went on what appeared to be a rant. It didn't make any sense to her, that he would find something within her special. But she was here wasn't she, she'd come here hand in hand with a giant creature with red eyes. That had to say something. She found her self watching him nervously, with an oddly placed smile on her lips, wondering what she could possibly say to calm whatever anger she'd brought out in him.

It wasn't really directed at her, meaning she didn't feel under threat. But she could see she had made him angry. By belittling herself. It was just what life had taught her. Events had made her put up walls, because she had to be tough. Tougher than her enemies, and the only problem was, she had no idea who her enemies were anymore.

Her mouth went dry as he stepped forward, watching his smirk, with her own curiosity. Before she could work up any response, she could feel his breath, and then his lips brushing over her own. Dylann, being Dylann, tended to react passionately to any given situation. She was like a tidal wave when it came to emotions. And now was no different. Dylann softened for a moment, returning the kiss timidly. Entirely unsure how to respond, but then she sighed and reached up to put her hands on the side of his face. Kissing him back completely, placing within the kiss all she wished she was capable of conveying.
The Phoenix

Mar 23rd 2015 - 12:16 AM

No, he wasn't moping. Her eyebrows furrowed with momentary confusion as he went on to explain that he came here to remind himself. Then he moved to cup her face, her head moved back ever so slightly jumpy with the closeness as she was with nearly everyone. She nodded though, that she understood what he meant. Dylann herself had places that would remind her of what she was fighting for. What she was keeping herself from being.

Wisdom, yeah she tended to speak as such. But that was just the Erudite within her, she thought with a shrug. But that thought too, was shut out when he said she was beautiful. She would have laughed if it were not for him slowly inching closer. For a moment she was pretty sure she stopped breathing, and then he dropped his hands and stepped back.

Letting out a breath she began to laugh despite herself. "Beautiful? We'll that's not usually a term people use when talking about me." she confessed. It was in her personality to assume he was toying with her. Cassandra, her best friend. Now she was the beauty. Dylann was a tomboy, type girl. With plain features. And just....nothing really special. So his words amused her.

"Well that's a Shame."she finally said, throwing in a comical shrug. "Why did you bring me here? I'm not so naive as to think you 'a god' really enjoy my company as much as you say. Forgive me for what I'm about to say, but everyone always wants something. And in my's usually to hurt me for some reason or another. Not that I blame them, I'm pretty much a waste of space" she said, closing up by crossing her arms.
The Phoenix

Mar 22nd 2015 - 11:25 PM

ooc: OOhhh awesome :) I made one, it's in my album. Photoshop is so fun isn't it :D
The Phoenix

Mar 22nd 2015 - 11:14 PM

Dylann stopped walking, standing still, as Loki went on to show her this particular place. And went on to talk about where he had been found. Dylann being who she was, knew little about all of this. The people, the worlds. Though she knew Odin was Loki's father figure. The man who had raised Loki and made him into what he was, whether intentional or not.

She could tell in his tone, and the masking emotions displayed on his face that the topic was cause for much problems for him. "War destroys people. Power destroys people." she added. And Odin had power, and so did Loki. Different kinds of power, but power just the same. "This place was destroyed because of war? I'm not saying that as an excuse. I mean sure, Odin did you no favors. But we make our own decisions." she replied. Dylann did sympathize with him though. More than he knew.

"My father, took me from my mother, raised me believing she was dead my whole life. Even let my mother believe I had died when I was born.....but that was to give me a chance at a better life. I don't know you...I mean your story. Your family. I just know sometimes we can't explain things. We just have to live with them, and what our lives make of us, is up to us and us alone." she admitted.

"You're pissed off, that much is clear. And I don't blame you, but do you really come here to mope over it?" she said, before she could stop herself. Dylann talked different then people from here. Once the words were out she wished she could take them back, but she just pursed her lips and averted her eyes from him. Clenching her jaw trying to think of something to say to cover up her insensitivity.

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