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About me:

The name's Zoe Nightshade, you want to know my story? Alright then but don't expect it to be a very happy one.

I was born and lived in Garden of the Hesperides with my sisters the Hesperides. My mother is a sea Nymph and my father is the Titan Atlas, yes the one that was cursed to hold up the sky and he was also the second in command to Cronus. We protected the golden apples of Hara for centuries, but that all changed for me when I met Hercules.

He was charming and sweet and I fell for the Demigod and that was my mistake because after I gave him my most precious gift known as Riptide...yes the one that the Demigod son of Posidon Percy Jackson had. Back then Riptide was a weapon, but I kept it like a hairpin and when I gave it to Hercules he betrayed me and stole one of the golden apples from the tree I was meant to keep safe.

That was the day it all changed for me, I was banished by my own sisters and considerd to be a traitor even by my own mother. That is when I was found by my mistress the godess of hunt Artemis. She took me in and after I vowed to never let myself fall in love and everything else a vow demands I became one of her Huntresses and in time I became her second in command.

Don't let my young looks fool you, I am actually older than 2000 years old and have been serving Artemis with pride. When I first met Thalia the daughter of Zeus I offered her to join us and when she turned me down we became rivals.

My job as a Huntress is to hunt down monsters and destroy them before they hurt any innocent people or even any Demigods foolish enough to try and face them. When I met Percy,Thalia,Bianca,her little brother Nico,Annabeth and Grover for the first time they were fighting off a Manticore.

To those who do not know what a Manticore is you are lucky, they are creatures that are half lion and have the tail of a scorpion that shoots razer sharp spikes from it. Any way back to my story... We helped fight him off but he took Annabeth who foolishly jumped on his back.

When it was all over Artemis herself told us to join them at Camp-Halfblood but not before Bianca took the oath and became a Huntress like me. We didn't want to go to camp and leave her, but she commanded us and so we left with the others and were taken to camp by Artemis's silly brother Apollo.

I then got a prophacy by the Oracle herself telling me that Artemis was in danger. I then gathered those I could and wanted to take one person, but she got sick so I took Bianca a mistake that I will have to live with until the end of my days and most likely even after that.

We all took off on the quest and later on Percy Jackson showed himself to us. At first I was annoyed by this, but then he told us that a monster and skeletal warriors were on the way so I accepted his help and he joined us.

The monster had us all trapped in the science museum and so we had no choice but to fight it. In the end Percy came up with the idea to feed it astronaut food from the Smithsonian gift shop and that got it slowed down enough for my arrows to get through and kill it.

While in the desert, going through Hephaestus' junkyard, a prototype and defective version of Talos attacked us and in that fight Bianca was sadly killed while subduing the automaton. This pains me because she wasn't ready for such a task and yet I took her with us any way. I was hoping that one day she would take my place, but alas that wasn't to be.

We then got to a place where there was a creature that was the creature of legend. It was said that one who is 16 will rise up and kill the monster there for making sure the Titans rise again and Thalia almost gave into this, but in the end she fought it and when Percy gave up what he had to keep the creature and his friend Grover safe I relized that he was nothing like Hercules and decided he could be trusted after all.

To reach Artemis, we were forced to go through The Garden of Hesperides. There I met my sisters who had banished me so long ago. I then woke Ladon. The dragon, after a while, sensed that I wasn't what I used to be and he attacked me. I was able to get away, but I was cut on my side though I kept that fact to myself.

When we finaly found Artemis, she was holding up the sky as she had taken the task from Annabeth who was lying on the ground with a white stripe in her hair. I then told the others that Atlas was my father and after I fought him he wounded me in battle and there for I lost my immortality and was thought to have died on that night.

To this day I am still not sure how I was revived, but somone took me from the sky and brought me back to earth still immortal and still with the abilities I had when I was a huntress. Thalia took my place when I was thought to be dead and this surprises me but I am also glad since she will make a good lieutenant to Artemis.

Well now you have come to know my story, if you wish to know more then come and get to know me though such a task may not be easy at first as I am not a trusting person.

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ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Jun 7th 2020 - 4:45 AM

As she ate he watched her from the corner of his eyes. He admired her determination even if he wanted to turn her into his warrior princess. Then again she might just kick his ass repeatedly like Xena often did. Why he was such a glutton for punishment was beyond him. His mind was fractured often going by either Mars or Ares at times and yet this lowly human who had come back from death somehow kept her sense of self perfectly stable. He could see why she had been chosen by the Goddess.

He might’ve been a bumbling fool sometimes but he couldn’t help but keep looking back at her. That confidence in one’s sense of self was something he had craved. He was always given scraps by other gods. Even his title was also Athena’s. His lover also belonged to his hideous brother. What was it about this girl that made her so confident? He conjured a rose which was already dead and wilting and handed it to her gesture of friendship.

The rose was still wilting and partially rotted but it was something he had created for her alone, “You’re wise for such a young one I must admit,” he said with a groan intent on going on an adventure and slowly stealing the warrior from the goddess to forge a new Warrior Princess… if he could just get in the girls head, “Did you even want to come back? I don’t speak of duty but did you want to come back?” He cast aside his bravado for now and simply resigned to allow his curiosity take the helm while she ate.


May 26th 2020 - 9:37 AM

Thank you for sending the friend request!
I would love to start a storyline with you. -smiles;
Feel free to message or comment back if you would like to discuss!
ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Sep 18th 2019 - 7:13 AM


Of course Ares wanted something in return. He had been very curious to the events that had led him to encounter the girl. Sure she like most of her kind seemed stuck in the times she had originally been born in but that was the problem with mortal borne people. They didn’t have quite the same… oomph that gods did. She still talked like a lady in front of a man that knew the Hunters were all but lady like.

Had you been a monster they’d just as soon slice your throat in the middle of the night and ask questions later. For that matter how did he know this wasn’t a set up by Artemis. More often than not he did get along with her but there had been times he ran into conflict with her… like when his followers threw a party in her temple back when Hercules was only a teen.

The God moaned at their predicament. Neither of them trusted each other completely and both were suspicious of the other. “I might be Ares: The Deceiver girl,” he began, “but strategically you bring up a good point. How do I know the same isn’t true of you? Ain’t Jackson and his pals trying to teach you better language to blend in with modern society? More often than not you sound like you’re straight outta Shakespeare.” He rolled his eyes and then resumed eating his food after talking with a full mouth.


ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Sep 4th 2019 - 4:12 PM

His eyes started to glow red with distaste in how she had spoken to him. She might’ve been immortal and a warrior but that didn’t give the child the right to speak to him in this manner. This sounded like she had been tainted by Jackson and this did not impress him. He grit his teeth as he walked with her toward a MacDonald’s where he practically stomped his way though the front door swinging it open so that it slammed so hard that the glass shattered but no one else seemed to notice.

The cashier of course still looked stirred by the creature that had previously rampaged through the area as he awaited Ms. Nightshade’s ability to order food. He was paying so why not let her order her own food. “You eating or are you just disrespectin’ today Nightshade? Cause I ain’t got all day and you? Let’s just say you’re lucky you lived this long actin’ the way you do. You should be more careful out there. If that creature was any indication of your good standings I’d say someone had it out for you.”

 He waited for her to order and then just ordered himself a coke and fries. The meat didn’t quite suffer enough for him to even desire to eat that mortal trash. Once the food was delivered he would finally take a seat staring at the woman. He was still order than her and believed he deserved more respect than what he was given. He was the god of war not the god of peace.


ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Sep 1st 2019 - 9:54 AM

Ares/Mars had been walking towards her and he could tell he noticed her so he had started a very slow clap. Jackson may have proven useful along with his other little friends but this was a daughter of a Titan. Today he wore a leather vest  with a T-Shirt with Uncle Sam on it and the slogan Uncle Sam wants you, low cut Blue Jeans a studded belt and Harley Davidson boots. He wasn't wearing his biker gloves so this indicated he had come on foot.

He took a human form but did not seem to blend well with the humans. Sun glasses covered his eyes to avoid anyone looking directly into them but as he approached the Titan-Spawn there was still a c*cky little smirk on his face. How could Artemis forsake this one? She was a firecracker. Thankfully Chronus wasn't an immediate issue though he did detest the day that bastard would reform. The dust floated into the air as Ares/Mars stopped clapping and held his hand out, catching the dust.

What he did next was a bit more bizarre as he would eat the dust as if it were food. It was a tactical decision on his part as the daughters of Ares did not need to die a pointless death by more creatures from the realms of mythology if he could help it. He didn't care much about everyone else but his own kids dying at the hands of something like a monster would be embarrassing to him given so many had survived worse.

"Zoe f***ing Nightshade," He said in as non-threateningly as he could, "What brings you to this sh*t hole? Don't tell me Artemis wants to use Jackson again. I can't stand that little asshole. He thinks because he's a son of the Big Three that he can talk to me any way he wants. I've killed for less. You look hungry. How about I get you something to eat and you tell me what you're doing in such a dangerous place eh?"

You could call him Ares the deceiver but most called him either Ares, Mars, or War. Hercules had quite a few names for him too but he wouldn't dare utter them in front of a mortal child lest his mother give him grief when he got back to Olympus. He extended a hand in friendship rather than manipulation for now having seen a Hunter piqued his interest. Word hadn't gotten back to him that she was no longer with the Hunters yet.

Jul 21st 2019 - 10:01 PM

It was a relief not to have to hide his goat legs behind a pair of thick pants, and walk around using his crutches all of the time. Ever since Percy had found out the truth about him being a satyr, he only had to disguise his true form when helping on quests out in the world past Camp Half-Blood. After his help on Percy's quest to retrieve Zeus' master lightning bot and to save Percy's mother, Zeus had granted Grover his horns, making him a senior protector. His friendship with Luke had diminished the moment that it became known that Luke was the one who had stolen the lightning bolt, but he knew that the one that had been hurt the most by Luke's betrayal had been Annabeth. She wouldn't admit it, but she had been close with Luke ever since she had met him, Thalia, and Grover on their way to Camp Half-Blood, and his betrayal meant that he had broken a promise with her. A promise that they were always going to be family.

Thalia's tree being poisoned had sent the entire camp into a state of panic. Dozens of demigods were itching to go on a quest in order to try and stop Luke, and become the hero of the camp. The only ones not begging for quests were the one that had already joined over on Luke's side, though their new allegiance hadn't become known to any of the campers, Chiron, or Mr. D, yet. Annabeth had been searching all day for a way to cure Thalia's tree when she stumbled across the answer, a very dangerous answer, for her but especially dangerous for a satyr. To find and retrieve The Golden Fleece from Circe Land that was located in the Sea of Monsters. To the regular mere mortals, it was just referred to as the Bermuda Triangle, but it was equally as dangerous to them as it was to demigods and other creatures.

No satyr had ever survived going after the Golden Fleece, a point that Mr. D had emphasized to him when he and Annabeth had tried to pitch the idea for the quest. Grover made sure to fire back with the fact that he hadn't totally been on board with this plan either, but quickly added in that he was willing to do it for the good of the camp, even though he hated that he was going along with the idea. Annabeth was persistent, however, and it was nearly impossible to tell her no. It felt like it had been forever before everyone had shown up to save him and get the Fleece. He finally revealed his true nature to Polyphemus, causing the cyclops to get angrier, and they had barely escaped with the Fleece before having it stolen by Luke, with his monsters and demigods in tow. They were tied up and forced to watch as Luke placed the fleece onto Kronos' sarcophagus, reviving him. Percy cut their ropes and Kronos had swallowed Grover and Luke as they fought to send every last piece of him back into the sarcophagus. They finally defeated him, but Annabeth was killed by one of Luke's monsters, only being revived by the power of the fleece. It worked after all, that meant good news for Thalia's tree, which Clarisse had placed the fleece onto, the campers and everyone watching as the barrier was restored around the camp.

They had soon met the Hunters of Artemis, the leader of them being Zoe Nightshade. They had learned that her father was one of the titans, and this came as a shock to everyone. Despite her, very obvious, hatred towards men, Zoe had been killed while sacrificing herself to save everyone else. 

Grover had been out in the city, using his crutches and had his goat legs covered up as well as his horns. He sighed to himself, that was when he heard crashing noise and he followed the sound to see a manticore being destroyed. That wasn't the strangest thing he'd seen that day, it was who was doing the destroying of the manticore. When her bow and arrows and armor had disappeared, he called out loud enough for her to hear him. "Zoe..." He exclaimed in shock as he ran up to her. "How are you alive?" He asked, or a better question, why was she alive? He didn't ask that one though.
мadaм devιl

Mar 22nd 2019 - 1:34 AM

Cruella had her eyes on the woman she was still on the phone and Cruella knew there was no new souls that had come through. Cruella finished with her phone call and finally looked away seeing she was waiting on her car and she would worry about the new person later. It wasn’t long before her car was ready and being pulled around. Once in her car she drove off to the mayors office seeing Hades had given her  the role after Cora had failed to do so. Cruella now in the office sitting behind the desk looking over stack of papers and folders, and couldn’t help but wonder who or why they were there. Cruella looked through everything till she reached a folder that was there, she opened it and seen it was a picture of that woman she had seen earlier. She leans back in the chair then put the picture down and reads through the paperwork that was with it. Once done she leans back in her chair thinking but seeing she wasn’t to bothered by it. She closed the folder and went on to her day with the work that had to do.

Hades yes hardly left the underworld but for some reason he was leaving more often then normal. Cruella was now moving around the office pen in her hand with a stack of papers she had to sign off on. She read and signed once done. Finally she got to the end. Setting the papers down, Cruella made her way to the window and looked out it and looked around, the day seem like it was never ending kind of day. Rolling her eyes she moved back to her chair and sits there. She grabbed her phone and looked over it seeing she had a missed text and surprised it was from Hades asking if anything new was going on. Cruella of course she couldn’t lie seeing the fates told him everything. She replied to his text with “someone new in town don’t know who.” Then pressed the send. Once she was done with that she put her phone down and looked around the office seeing she had gotten a lot done.

Getting up again she leaves the office and made her way out side and to her car once more. Cruella heads to the diner enters and makes her way to a table. She took a seat and was given a menu and she started looked it over. As she was looking at she happened to looked up and around just she could and she could see people talking about something. What she could careless at times.

мadaм devιl

Jun 4th 2018 - 3:44 PM

Cruella was making her way to the diner seeing she had some things she needed to do, but she also wanted something to eat before hand. She heads inside and found a seat at the back of the place and sits down. She puts in her order then pulls out her phone and checked over her messages seeing Hades wasn’t in the underworld at the moment. She answered most of them then leans back in the seat seeing she was annoyed, and the numbers of new souls coming in was just crazy. Her order had came and she started eating and every now and again she would look up and look out the window feeling like someone was there but seen no one.

After eating she paid then made her way out of the diner and made her way down the road seeing she had s few places to stop and her car needed to be picked up as well. She walked down the road and looked around seeing people looked as if they seen something they have never did before, rolling her eyes she made her way down to the place her car was and heads in.

Once inside she started talking to the man that takes care of her car, while talking she had been keeping Hades informed about what was going in the town seeing he was always busy with whatever. As she waited for them to finish up on her car she happen to look out the window and seen someone she had never seen before.

✗ ѕoи of нeяmes

Nov 8th 2016 - 12:15 AM

"I am alright with speaking with my dad, it's no longer such a big deal to me." He said, that wasn't entirely true but he was working on changing from his old ways. Eventually, he would have to forgive Hermes. He just wasn't so sure that the day for him to do so would really be any time soon. It was a work in progress.

Looking over at her, "We can just go to where the post office is in the city. He's there quite often, being the messenger god and all." He thought about how they were teaming up, despite their lack of trust in each other. "So, we really are at a moment of truce, then?" He questioned curiously.
✗ ѕoи of нeяmes

Jul 25th 2016 - 4:23 PM

"I have an idea of where to start. As much as I hate to admit it, it might be our best option to take." He said, his lips curving downwards into a frown as he looked at her. He wasn't sure whether she would understand who he was referring to.

Continuing forward, he kept his voice light and almost a whisper. He knew the effect of saying their names had on the gods and goddesses, but it didn't matter. "We can go to see Hermes, he would be the easiest one to find." He said, his shoulders shrugged a bit.
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