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27 years old
Gatlin, South Carolina
United States

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About me:

The name's Lena Duchannes, you want to know my story? Alright then come and hear what I have to say, I warn you though it's not always a happy one.

When I was a baby my mother Sarafine who just happens to be the most powerful Dark Caster in the world found out that my father John who was a Light Caster was going to take me away from her as protection and so she set the house on fire and left us to die. My powers were strong even then and I made it rain to put out the fire.

From that moment I moved around a lot with my cousin Ridley by my side as we were best friends. I tried to fit in, I really did but no matter how hard I tried people kept pushing me away because they feard the Ravenwood family... my family and that hurt more then anything else.

We were kicked out of so many schools in so many places and when Ridley's 16th Moon came she came to say that she could feel it's pull and we said goodbye on that night. She knew she was going dark and she never wanted to hurt me in any way so she left and I never heard from her again after that.

You see my family has a curse on it that dates all the way back to my great-great-great-great grandmother Genevieve. She had fallen for a man named Ethan Carter Wate and he had left his post in the Civil War to find her. She watched him die on that night and after watching her mother and sisters burn in their own house she couldn't bare to loose him too.

Genevieve was what we call in the Caster world a Thaumaturge who is a Caster that can reanimate life. She tried to use that on him and when it didn't work she turned to the forbidden spell in The Book Of Moons. It worked, but she paid a big price because she was now the first of the Dark Casters in my family and the curse was born.

The curse says that when her descendants get to their 16th Moon they would not be able to choose whether they turn Dark or Light and the choice is made for them.

My uncle Macon then took me to the town of Gatlin where I met the boy of my dreams...litterly by the name of Ethan Wate. He almost ran me over when I had created a strorm and hard rain started to fall on the street I was stuck on. Ethan then took me back to Ravenwood Mannor and we said 'goodbye'.

We met again at school, but when the girls in class started to talk badly about my uncle I lost control and broke all the class windows. I then ran out of there as fast as I could.

Ethan then tracked me down and showed me a locket that he had found that gave us a vision of what started my family curse. We became obsessed with it trying to figure what it all means and in the end we got my aunt Del and my ten year old cosin Ryan to help us find where the Book Of Moons was barried in hopes it had something that could help us in it's pages.

We dug up the grave of Genevieve with her blessing and found the book there. After that I alterd the reality of my aunt and cousin Ryan making them think that they were there to help with a school project and in effect erasing the fact that we found the book from their memories forever.

I also became friends with Ethan's strange but funny friend Link at that time and together we spend the days ignoring all those around us. Link's mother was making it harder on me though as she turned the minds of the mortals against me slowly.

Matters became worse when my cousin and ex best friend Ridley came back into town almost killing Ethan with her powers at dinner when all the family was there. I then kicked her out yelling "Get away from my boyfriend you bitch" and she was knocked out of the house with a strong gust of wind.

After a while Ethan and I became a couple and that made him the outcast of the school in many ways. We shared things with each other and kissed a lot. One time we got so into it that my little cousin Ryan had to get in the way and heal Ethan. She then ran off laughing as Ethan and I looked into each other's eyes.

Macon gave us a fact a while after, telling us that mortals and Casters can not be together without the mortal dying and that caused me to push Ethan away. Ethan and I always had a connection in ways even we didn't understand as we could hear each other's thoughts, see the visions that we shared about the night that started the curse and also felt each other's feelings. What we do is known as Kelting and he is the first mortal that was ever able to do so.

Time passed and as my 16th birthday came closer I could feel the pull of the power and was scared. I shut Ethan out to try and keep him safe. He never gave up on us and when the time came and my mother showed herself stepping out of Link's mother's body we were all shocked. I then fought her and told Ethan to run and get the others.

I am not really sure of all that happened that night, but in the end Sarafine stabbed Ethan killing him to make me dark. Time then froze and Ethan's housekeeper the woman who was like a mother to him after his birth mother died showed up.

Amma the Seer told me that I had stopped time and hidden the moon with my powers and that she would help me revive Ethan. We did so just like Genevieve had but this time it was Macon that paid the price or so I thought.

When that happened I thought that I had killed him and nothing was the same for me. I walked around in his cloths, I locked myself up in the Manor and didn't want to see anyone. Ethan then tried to convince me to come back to school and when he walked in the room I was lying on my ceiling and he pulled me down.

I tried to be with him again I really did, but when I almost killed him my eyes became Dark Caster gold and I ran off leaving on the bike of the half Incabus and half caster by the name of John Breed.

I did many things I wish I could take back, but it felt so good to just let go and use my powers to make those who annoyed me pay. I felt wild and free with John Breed and Ridley and I never wanted to go back.

When we got to where we were going I was in a comma like state so I hadn't seen Sarafine and the 'father' of all the Blood Incubs Abraham working together. When I came back to myself I didn't know what to do, until Ethan showed up and tried to help me claim myself but I knew the price and couldn't bring myself to do so.

Ridley then came to me and told me to make the choice, her now mortal blue eyes surprised me but she told me to not pay attention. She tried to tell me to be light and that she never was good and that she didn't want to live as a mortal. She then left and I closed my eyes as I made the choice without relizing it.

When I saw Macon alive and with Light Caster green eyes it confused me because for one I thought he was dead and two he was an Incabus himself with black eyes all the years I have known him.

There was a big fight under my 17th Moon and I ended up claiming myself both dark and light. I am the only one of the family who can do this since I am what is known as a Natural, a Caster who is born to be stronger than all the other Casters in the world.

When I claimed myself the moon split in half and the order of things was broken. None of us knew what that meant as Abraham the Blood Incabus and my mother were banished by Macon. The moon slowly repaired it's self after that, but we all knew nothing would be the same from now on.

In the end Ethan and I were back together, but my Dark Caster cousin Larkin was dead as was the Light Caster Auntie Twyla because it was said that if I chose one path or the other that the side I didn't choose would die and so one person from both sides paid the price for me choosing to be both.

Things got really bad when we found out that Link was quarter Incabus because John bit him in the fight and that my choice had put all those I care for in danger.

Later we found out that because Ethan had come back to life too soon his soul was fractured and thus he was loosing a bit of himself every day. I tried to find a way to stop it, but in the end Ethan jumped off the Water tower to his death and I had lost everything.

I cried for days after that and kept saying that Ethan was like Macon had been, only slightly dead and was trying to find a way back to me. I did things that were dangerous because I wanted him back and in the end he came back to me with the help of Ridley even though she had become a Siren and Dark Caster again, but it was a bitter sweet victory. Amma had been sacrificed in his place and took her rightful place among The Great Ones.

Ethan and I can now touch without fear of him getting hurt by me and we are living happily side by side taking one step at a time.

Well now you know my story, come and get to know me if you think you can.

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Feb 17th 2021 - 2:01 PM

The death eaters were on the move, many split up just to keep look out or to keep their guard up. Bellatrix seemed to moving around in the shadows keeping quiet and following random people, at this point it was more for information that dark lord wanted. Bella would stop here and there she could feel someone was just as powerful as she was if not a little more. She then leans against a building keeping quiet seeing she found who it was and was trailing the woman. The crazed woman stayed as quiet as she could waiting for the woman to move again so she could. Bella had heard the little talk that went on and the fact this woman killed whoever threaten her only made Bella smile even more. The woman moved again but keeping out of sight and staying super quiet. Bella smirked and ran through the alley ways making sure she could be heard this time she figured she'll have some fun. She then stopped again and hid and waited but Bella knew to not be a fool as well.
Bella moved to the roof tops so she could see what the woman would do. She happened to check on the others to make sure they weren't slacking off. She seen some asking people about the boy and others asking about what they knew. Bella bites her lower lip and moved along the roof top keeping her eyes on the girl she could tell this girl had something powerful and the dark lord might want to know. She looked to the skies checking for his sign on when to come back or to keep at it. Seeing nothing she went back to keeping an eye on the woman for a bit longer.
แดธแตƒหขแต— สฐแต’แต–แต‰ rooh

Nov 9th 2018 - 5:38 PM

Dear my Love,

Im so sorry for answering you so late. I was really buzy in makin Premades and Stuff for all those ppl which asked me for. Then I had a lot to do in Rl and so on and, now - look it took a matter of time to send you this letter. Hopefully you dont hate me or doesnt want to see me anymore. I already had 2 rps to answer but - you - will always be the first to answer. Well so lets start and let us see what can I tell you more and what we can do, to make this writing getting better - so it turnes out to a Rp?? :)

I only met Silas once and what can I say about him, what I already didnt? Well He was a 2 Face Person - you know - whenever we met, he was kind and tried to tell me or even show me how powerful the dark side is. But sometimes, he tried to keep me away from it, so I can turn to light. Wen he found me he told me some stories about Persons in Family which doesnt understand the meaning of loving and family and .. well it was a little bit weird. After I met my first husband Derek, he broke up all things we build and after all what happend I never saw him again. So I dont know if I should be proud if he is dead or if I should be sad coz he is dead.

And I love how you talk about Ethan. Well sometimes I think, Sam is my Wayward- even if he thinks it isnt so. Okay, yeah we both cant make the things that you and ethan do like Kelting. But we know what each other is thinking or what each other is feeling even without saying a word. He was all time my Best friend all over time. Sometimes he said - We remember him of Ross and Rachel from friends- what is yeah.. a little cute .. anyway.

I would be so happy to see you and hope to getting knowing each other better. Well, it could be that after a while you will known my kids Tiana and Lucas, too. But at first, I think its better to see us and learn more from each other, should we? So hope you have a great big and cool Weekend. Kisses and big Hugs- Last Hope


แดธแตƒหขแต— สฐแต’แต–แต‰ rooh

Oct 16th 2018 - 12:29 PM

My dear sweet Lena,ย 

I was pretty amazed as I get your letter today. You couldnt belive it. Well for me it was like, getting you knowing a little bit better. I love to see, that you found the love of your life - Ethan. And im really happy about it. Hopefully he is your Wayward. I met Sam, when I was .. 18 ? well, Im a light Caster and I met Silas. What can I tell you about Silas? Have you ever met him? I hope not. Anyway.. Sam thought I was in trouble and helped me, as I tried to get away from him. Silas left and from that day on, I stayed in Touch with him. We spoke and became friends. Well like I told you before, we are like Luke and Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls. I would propably say, hes my best friend. So you went to College? Which one? and what are you studying? Well I loved to make photos, so I choose to be a photographer :) And like I told you before, if you want some real cool photos of yourself. I will make it.. It would be so a pleasure to me.ย 

Im sorry, for Larken and grate aunt Talola, I only known them from stories - which where told by aunt Daphne when we met, a frew years ago. I wished I had met them. But let me tell you one thing, they didnt died without any reason, they fought for you, and for that life you now living. So be thankful.ย 

Well when we have our Home in Daytona, I will let you know and you should come to visit us. If you want to, you can bring ethan with you.ย 

And Hey, Love your letter :)

Kisses and Hugs

แดธแตƒหขแต— สฐแต’แต–แต‰ rooh

Oct 16th 2018 - 6:35 AM

Dear Lena

Im so sorry what happend with my last Comment. In Fact - I just think that rp.me sometimes hates me. So I still hope, this letter will get you and you can see it on your Comments. If not - go to hell - rp me xDย 
So heres what I wrote you the last time, which never arrived you -.- Im so sorry for that. So here we go :ย 

Dear sweet little Lena,ย 

I write you this letter, because I dont know how to write a starter. In fact I hope we can turn from letters to rp so we get to know each other better as we could. So here I am, and here is something about my life. Sweet Lena, I was so happy to found out, that there wasnt only my two Kids and me arround. And I ever hoped, that sometimes I will find my family. The only thing I ever known is, that my human dad was always right, after my biological mom left and never came back, I will find my way and found out what I am. And after Aunt Daphnes letter, which arrived me when I was 15, everything was surreal. I never heard something about Casters and then there was a lot of and I was a part of it. Sometimes I felt like Clary Fray in Shadowhunters. And then I heard about you and our ... OMG I cant say you what to say about it. I mean, I found a part of my family. I part of my, even whe havent the same - Storyline in that way. But a half of us is the same - I hope you do understand.
So what can I tell about me- so you get to know me better? Well. I married in 2014 Derek Morgan who left in 2015 after the born our daughter Tiana. He never came back and so we got divorced. After a hole time in 2017 I met another man which I fall in love and we went married in Ocotber 2017. But after the born our Babyboy in November, I decided to get divorced to marry his best "girl" friend and so , I went back to the one I known since 5 years, His name is Sam Winchester and after all I can say we are like Luke and Lorelai in Gilmore girls. We ar best friends, but even more - I would say, we are soulmates.ย 
Well I work as a photographer so if you want some Pics let me know okay? and well we will move on to DAytona Beach and by there a house or something. But lets see what the future brings.ย 

So if you want to stay in touch, please let me know I would be very happy about it

Kisses and Hugs

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