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About me:

Hello all,you wish to know who I am? Well then you need to know who I once was first so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The name was Willow and when I was in high school I was a little pathetic girl who was unsure of herself and in love with my friend Xander,or at least I thought I was at the time any way.

When Buffy came to our school she became my friend and Xnder's as well and we started to hang out and things like that but one day we noticed something weird was going on with her and so I followed her,which almost got me killed by Darla but that isn't the point here.

That is when I found out about Buffy and she told me and Xander as well that she was a Slayer,meant to kill all the things that would try and hurt us and of course it was a bit of a shock to us both but we accepted it in the end.

Since that day a lot happened to us and we started to help Buffy whenever we could by checking the books about the demons or vampires she was to face and that way she would be ready for them.

When miss Chalander came to our class she seemed like a nice enough woman though one day I cought her doing a spell in class when everyone was gone and so I asked her to teach me and so she did so.

When Angelus had killed her I kept practicing it the best way I could and I am also the reason why he became Angel again, though Buffy didn't know it at the time and she killed him sending him to hell...Xander was the reason for that,go figure.

Any way our graduation was basically a big fight for the fate of the world and many died that day but we stayed strong and fought back the big bad as we liked to call it and blew up the school...oops again but hay it was cool.

In collage I still practiced my magic and that is where I met Tara for the first time and we clicked right away. We became friends and helped each other out with our magic and slowly it became more than just a friendship and we fell in love.

It took a while for Tara to get used to everyone, but when she did we all helped Buffy in our own way and over time things seemed to be getting better but then the magic started to get ahold of me and it was like a drug I couldn't let go.

That is when I met Amy again who had become human once more after turning herself into a rat to get away from those who tried to burn us at the stake because of a damned demon...our own parents were the ones doing so,go figure.

Any way Amy and I had a blast together changing people into animals with our magic and not caring how it effected others..oh those were good times really.

When Tara found out she asked me to stop it or she would leave and that was a choice I wasn't ready to make and so we broke up,though later I did a spell to make her forget it all..that was a good trick really.

When my addiction to magic almost got Buffy's sister Dawn killed I vowed to never use it again...one that I kept for a while really up until we had to help Buffy become a super slayer to fight off Adam and it worked with much sucess really and it was fun too.

Glory then came into the picture to try and harm Dawn so I had to use my magic even then but, I had Tara there to try and help me keep myself grounded so to speak and in the end Buffy killed herself to save us all.

The world was having trouble without Buffy so I revived her with my magic,ripping her out of haven so it would seem and taking her back to earth. When she was herself once more she was not really the same and we all felt bad about that.

Tara and I got back together because of the spell I cast on her and things were never better until she found out what I did and everything fell apart again.

Tara left me and didn't come back for a long time after that and the moment we were about to kiss was the worst moment of my life because that is when the bullet from Warren's gun killed her and she died in my arms.

That was the moment I lost myself to the power and the darkness of it all as I went to the magic shop and took in all of the words of all of the spells in the books leaving nothing behind and then went off to seek my revenge on Warren and his friends.

I had found Warren when he tried to run from me and after saving Buffy's life by taking out the bullet in her I used it against him and then in the end I skinned him alive and that felt so very good.

That is when I became what I am now,Dark willow and no longer the pathetic little weakling I was once, but stronger and more angry than ever before.

I had almost killed Buffy and the others when they got in my way to kill the last two brats but then Giles pulled a trick on me making me feel the pains of the world and that made me want to end it. I found the tower that would do so and started to say the spell.

Buffy and the others tried to stop me of course and then Xander started to talk to me about how he loves me and it almost worked but I stopped him from talking and left in my usual purple lightning teleportation way and was gone from there.

I am now darker than ever before and have little emotions if at all really,I am not sure about that one at the moment and I have lost myself comepletly to it and the power that comes with the darkness as well.

Any power that I take from a demon or those of magic I keep for myself and thus my power only grows and my emotions slowly slip away the more I use it and I like it that way. I am a lot stronger now and a whole lot darker so this is me the new and imporved Willow and nothing will ever change that.

You still wish to get to know me? Let's see you try!

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мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Sep 11th 2021 - 10:37 AM

Buffy felt excited as she sat at Willow’s computer and started to type out a website for local real estate already full of ideas. She knew about the X-Men because of Xander, who often referred to himself as Xand-man, so she knew what she wanted to create. A place where the slayers could come for short periods for training and to be paired up with a Watcher. Maybe in time they could have places like it all over the world, if the council agreed. She knew Giles was in charge and that he would most probably ask questions, but she was like a daughter to him so she knew he would be on her side.

Glancing over at Willow she was pleased to see a smile on her face, she already seemed more relaxed and trusting of Buffy. Maybe she hadn’t been wrong to think maybe they could reignite their friendship again? Sighing she looked back at the screen, seven properties already bookmarked, “You want to come with me to look at them? I mean I know you have the whole badass witch thing going for you, but you were made to watch all the X-men movies too, so you get what I want?”

Just a couple of hours later, Buffy and Willow met up with the estate agent who was going to take them to the properties. The woman smiled a lot and reminded Buffy of Jenny Calendar, a memory that was both painful and bittersweet. Climbing into the back seat beside Willow they headed towards the property, not saying much other than they wanted to make their own school for gifted children. Not exactly true but about as close to it that they could go considering it was going to be a slayer school.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Aug 28th 2021 - 11:43 AM

That first time together had been a lot, almost overwhelming because they had not just re-established their connection, they had created unlimited slayers. That fact alone made them stronger, but as Willow had stated the girls were untrained, and it would take time to make anything that could be a school for them. Buffy now had so much money she could buy her perfect home and make it just right for her and Dawn.

But she had never been selfish and as Willow said they were untrained she knew what she had to do. Looking over at her friend she smiled, “Do you have a computer here? I wonder if there are any stately homes or mansions for sale? Maybe I could buy somewhere we could turn into a sort of school? If I own it and not the Watcher’s council then I could use it however I wanted…I could be in charge and really help them!”

She suddenly felt excited, the thought of a home had felt so amazing, but maybe she could live in the school? She glanced over at Willow and shrugged, “You think it could work? A home for me and Dawn where we could have slayers come for training?” The idea felt so real and so right that she bobbed a little in her seat before smiling over at her friend, the seed of the idea starting to grow.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Aug 9th 2021 - 11:43 AM

Buffy was starting to understand this new Willow, and if she was honest, she liked her a lot. She was just like Buffy, strong and unapologetic for that, she believed in standing up for her people and so did the slayer. Maybe one day that would leave them on opposing sides, but for now she would be happy to just accept everything she could get from her. Their friendship might not be everything it was, but it was enough for the slayer to never want to lose her.

She sighed as Willow admitted she would never leave, but she would fight if they forced her to. Buffy knew they wouldn’t make it easy and that would leave her in the middle, how could she stand and fight Willow knowing she had done nothing to deserve it? Glancing over at her friend she had to admit she wasn’t exactly being the big bad they usually fought, and she couldn’t think of any time she had. Well apart from the day Tara had died, and Willow had tried to take everyone on because she was so hellbent on revenge. But Buffy really couldn’t blame her for that, they all missed Tara, Buffy included who had been her best friend.

Looking up she shrugged, “Look I know this might seem like it will never work, and I am sure it feels that way to both of us. But I will fight for you, I will tell them what I have seen I mean sure you have things here I usually kill; but they have stayed away. They have been respectful just as you have, surely that’s enough for me to know this isn’t some big bad’s attempt to kill and take over! I mean I couldn’t take you all on, yet here I am safe and bowling! I will try Will I promise.” She said reaching out and giving her friend’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

The topic of her mother was never an easy one for Buffy, but she smiled softly as Willow said she would bring her back if she could. Shrugging she let out a breath, “Oh trust me I know, but I don’t want some shadow of my mom, I just want to remember her as she was. Thank you though, I am excited to find somewhere nice to stay maybe somewhere I can feel is home and be happy in? I would like that, like you have here!”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Jul 12th 2021 - 11:50 AM

There had been a time when the idea of not having Willow in her life had felt like an alien concept. Not that she had ever taken her for granted, more that the two of them had become inseparable almost from the moment they had met. They were always together at school, slaying together, studying together and even going to the Bronze together. Buffy even leant Willow her power when she had needed it for a spell, but then she had become addicted to magic and it felt like everything between them changed. Buffy struggled to trust her friend, and though they lived together it almost felt like they were in different universes, but she had still loved her.

Then Tara had been murdered, and it felt like the world came to a standstill, Buffy had wanted to mourn one of her best friends. Instead, she and her group of friends had to face down an angry and grieving Willow who was hopped up on dark magic and looking for revenge. At the time, Buffy and everyone who knew Willow, had thought the only way to make things right again would be to change the redhead back to who she used to be.

But now Buffy’s perspective had changed, life was hard enough without leaving Willow out here alone with ghosts, demons, vampires and werewolves as friends. She would certainly lose her humanity completely if she didn’t have friends to keep her grounded in who she was. Buffy knew this all too well from when she had run away, she hadn’t felt herself again until she came home and reunited with the people she loved.

Bowling with Willow felt so normal, and yet feeling the creatures around them reminded her how much things had changed. She looked over at her friend and nodded, “I think you might be right Will; I wish you weren’t, but it makes sense. The Watcher’s will never allow you to just have a bunch of…creatures around, will you leave?” She asked hating to think of losing Willow but know she probably would, and she didn’t know if she could cope with that.

Sighing she sat back in her seat and watched her friend get up and bowl, “Yeah, I think we could find somewhere really nice with that money, thank you again Will. It’s hard not having a place to call home, I wish we could have saved the furniture or something from the old house, but most of all I miss having pictures of mom around you know? Giles will wonder where I got the money, but I’ll just tell him I robbed a bank, or you know did odd jobs and saved up! It will be hard without you around again; I wish we could all come to a compromise.”
{DMS} Spike

Jul 4th 2021 - 9:14 PM

Spike had heard about Tara, though he wasn’t really around at the time of it. He was busy with his own thing in his crypt room, sleeping because it had been during the day it had occurred. He had woken up that night hearing that Willow had as he’d call it gone off the deep end.

He was out looking around that night, looking for someone to fee upon. Finding a vagrant that had killed his family. Taking his blood killing him. Tending to target people like that more often. But he wasn’t choosy either.

He was wandering the streets after feeding. Looking for something to do now. Dropping in to the Bronze to see what is going on that night getting a drink of whiskey drinking from it while watching others dancing.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Jul 1st 2021 - 11:24 AM

Bowling with Willow felt normal, like nothing had changed, reminding Buffy of so many nights out and fun times with her friends. But the truth was everything had changed, right now it felt nice, but Buffy knew they couldn’t ignore their differences forever. Willow usually played this game with ghosts and banshees, and Buffy usually sent them back to hell where she thought they belonged! She could feel their energies around her, like spiders crawling on her skin, and she knew everything told her to fight them. But she didn’t want to, she wanted to know more about Willow and the people around her, she wanted to understand why Willow preferred this to what she had before.

Buffy looked over to her friend, “I am glad they are loyal; I am sure it isn’t like with me and Xand, but I always wanted to see you happy. Now I know you said you don’t feel emotions and that is fine, but still you wouldn’t stay this way if you didn’t like it or wasn’t happy. So I just wanted to say I am glad you found that, you always were too awesome to just be a normal girl!” she said thinking back to when they had first met when Buffy moved to Sunnydale.

A smile spread across her lips as Willow pointed out she could afford a home of her own now, “Will! We need to get house hunting! I’d love a house like the one we had in Sunnydale; mom had such a great taste. Plus, then maybe Dawn could come stay with me, now she has finished college? You have no idea how much you have helped me thank you so much!” she said hugging her friend without a thought just being thankful for her.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Jun 17th 2021 - 10:41 AM

Buffy liked chatting with Willow again, this felt like a chance for them to move forwards with their friendship again. But talking about Jenny Calendar bought back so many bad memories, and when Willow said it wasn’t Buffy’s fault, she forced a smile. “I know he killed her because of who her family was, but a part of me will always feel like he did it the way he did just to hurt us all. If she hadn’t known us maybe he wouldn’t have known who she was? Maybe she would have been safe…” she said with a sad shrug of her shoulders.

Buffy cheered up at the talk of bowling and just being normal for a change, she only wished Xander would come and hang out with them too. She followed Willow through the magical and very impressive house and to the full-on bowling alley. She paused in the doorway and her mouth dropped open, “Seriously? You had the coolest space built in your home! Who do you usually play with? I noticed you have some Wolves and Vamps in your group I bet they love hanging out here!” She picked out a pink ball and they set up the game, Buffy went first and almost got all the pins down, which she did next time. Taking a seat, she watched Willow step up to bowl and sat back starting to relax, “It was pretty cool watching everyone stand up for you, like they were totally on your side, I am glad you have that.”

Sighing she couldn’t believe where they were, “This is pretty incredible Will, I mean we used to talk about our dream houses as kids and look you actually made it happen! I don’t even have a house; I just move from motel room to motel room. I know this will sound insane, but I’m kinda jealous you got everything, I know Faith went bad and made a mess of her life, but sometimes I wonder. I mean I would never just walk away but look where always doing the right thing has got me! I have nothing, then again I guess neither has Faith!” she said with a light laugh.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Jun 7th 2021 - 9:54 AM

Buffy was so thankful for Willow and the fact that they had stood up to the Council, it had been hard to go against Giles. He had been like a father to her almost from the start, and to now see him so set against her and what she saw as the way forward hurt. But she did trust him, and she knew as long as she stood up to him and was honest with her feelings then she couldn’t go wrong. Sighing she felt overwhelmed, thankful and worried all very conflicting and difficult emotions at best.

At least Willow had a way to cheer her up, checking her bank account she looked over at Willow in wide-eyed wonder. “Will, I could literally buy a house with this much money, are you serious? Thank you, you know next time I lose a fight I might go to the hospital instead of asking Xand to stitch me up!” She smiled over at her friend thankful they had reconnected and were taking the time to rebuild their friendship. She knew it would never be the same because they were both so different, but that wasn’t a bad thing.

Speaking of Jenny Calendar was still difficult, Buffy felt responsible for her death because Angelus had done it to spite her. Still, she was more than her death, and Buffy smiled, “She was an incredible teacher, was she your first female crush? I know she helped you so much not only with Angelus, but also as a fellow witch. I wonder what she would have thought of your new look?” she said teasing Willow about her now dark black hair and dark clothing.

Standing up she looked at her friend, “Shall we try bowling? You always used to beat me, now I don’t want you or the house cheating so you win at least give me a chance!” She said with a smile, but something bothered Buffy, where did she get all the power for these spells. She had created all the slayers as if it were no trouble, and the money…something just felt off like Willow was keeping something from her.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

May 20th 2021 - 1:01 PM

Buffy glanced over at her friend, neither of the women had ever liked them that had been clear from when they had come to question them all. Memories of that day and how she had practically fired them reminded her that they had the last laugh. Once again, she was sat waiting for them to make the next move, once again she thought she had freed herself and yet she was still chained to them. Willow was right, they didn’t have the right to put everything on her alone, she needed the power to be passed on. Together she and Willow and done that, but she wondered if it would free her.

The Redhead said she could easily give her as much money as she wanted, and the slayer turned to look at her with the biggest grin. “Seriously? I mean seriously you can do that. I mean obviously you can just look at this place…but you know I think I deserve more money!” She giggled and looked over at her friend, she was so thankful they had reconnected.

She nodded, “Yeah I spend a lot of my free time practicing too, I was always proud of you learning to be a witch. You were talented right from the start, it was amazing to seeyou just find what you were meant to be doing, even if your mom did try and burn you at the stake!” she laughed “But a bowling ally and a movie theatre, guess we will be having some fun times here huh?” she smiled and nudged her friend.

Sighing she looked over at her, “You know you’re kinda amazing Will, you always were and honestly? I should have seen you were worth so much more than you ever were before, I should have known because you were the best of the Scoobies. Though that I always knew that much at least…I’m sorry I didn’t try and make you happier Will, but I promise that’s going to change. You and me have been through enough we deserve to be happy.”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Apr 27th 2021 - 10:40 AM

Buffy knew her friend was right, the Watcher’s council still held her future in their hands and that was not going to change. Sighing she looked over at her friend, “That council made the first Slayer, they created her to destroy without her consent. Still she fought and she did all she could to make sure that people were safe, none of the slayers before lived as long as me. I just want a life; I want to do more than patrol and wait for whatever monster will eventually kill me!” She let out a frustrated sigh, but she was starting to wonder if she wanted to give them a choice at all.

As Willow asked what she wanted to do she looked over at her friend, “Right now? I kinda want to go shopping, but that will have to wait until the end of the month because right now I am living for payday! I swear if my plan does come together, I am going to make sure the girls get paid, it always felt wrong to me that I had to work and slay I barely get any rest!”

Sitting back in her chair she looked at her friend, “What do you do for fun these days? I mean back before you loved reading and pizza and old movie nights…something tells me those are not so fun now. So, what do you and your friends do for fun? I mean don’t tell me its all just destroying and killing? There must be more to this house of yours than just being for protection, right?

She just wanted to know her friend better again, to build on what they had before and to make sure that everything between them was equal. They were so different, from how they wore their hair, to how they dressed, but they were the same age. And even if one of them was working for the Watcher’s council and the other was an enemy of them she knew that could change. It had for so many of her friends over the years and look at them now, Spike, Anya, Angel had all become allies.
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