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About me:

Hello all,you wish to know who I am? Well then you need to know who I once was first so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The name was Willow and when I was in high school I was a little pathetic girl who was unsure of herself and in love with my friend Xander,or at least I thought I was at the time any way.

When Buffy came to our school she became my friend and Xnder's as well and we started to hang out and things like that but one day we noticed something weird was going on with her and so I followed her,which almost got me killed by Darla but that isn't the point here.

That is when I found out about Buffy and she told me and Xander as well that she was a Slayer,meant to kill all the things that would try and hurt us and of course it was a bit of a shock to us both but we accepted it in the end.

Since that day a lot happened to us and we started to help Buffy whenever we could by checking the books about the demons or vampires she was to face and that way she would be ready for them.

When miss Chalander came to our class she seemed like a nice enough woman though one day I cought her doing a spell in class when everyone was gone and so I asked her to teach me and so she did so.

When Angelus had killed her I kept practicing it the best way I could and I am also the reason why he became Angel again, though Buffy didn't know it at the time and she killed him sending him to hell...Xander was the reason for that,go figure.

Any way our graduation was basically a big fight for the fate of the world and many died that day but we stayed strong and fought back the big bad as we liked to call it and blew up the school...oops again but hay it was cool.

In collage I still practiced my magic and that is where I met Tara for the first time and we clicked right away. We became friends and helped each other out with our magic and slowly it became more than just a friendship and we fell in love.

It took a while for Tara to get used to everyone, but when she did we all helped Buffy in our own way and over time things seemed to be getting better but then the magic started to get ahold of me and it was like a drug I couldn't let go.

That is when I met Amy again who had become human once more after turning herself into a rat to get away from those who tried to burn us at the stake because of a damned demon...our own parents were the ones doing so,go figure.

Any way Amy and I had a blast together changing people into animals with our magic and not caring how it effected others..oh those were good times really.

When Tara found out she asked me to stop it or she would leave and that was a choice I wasn't ready to make and so we broke up,though later I did a spell to make her forget it all..that was a good trick really.

When my addiction to magic almost got Buffy's sister Dawn killed I vowed to never use it again...one that I kept for a while really up until we had to help Buffy become a super slayer to fight off Adam and it worked with much sucess really and it was fun too.

Glory then came into the picture to try and harm Dawn so I had to use my magic even then but, I had Tara there to try and help me keep myself grounded so to speak and in the end Buffy killed herself to save us all.

The world was having trouble without Buffy so I revived her with my magic,ripping her out of haven so it would seem and taking her back to earth. When she was herself once more she was not really the same and we all felt bad about that.

Tara and I got back together because of the spell I cast on her and things were never better until she found out what I did and everything fell apart again.

Tara left me and didn't come back for a long time after that and the moment we were about to kiss was the worst moment of my life because that is when the bullet from Warren's gun killed her and she died in my arms.

That was the moment I lost myself to the power and the darkness of it all as I went to the magic shop and took in all of the words of all of the spells in the books leaving nothing behind and then went off to seek my revenge on Warren and his friends.

I had found Warren when he tried to run from me and after saving Buffy's life by taking out the bullet in her I used it against him and then in the end I skinned him alive and that felt so very good.

That is when I became what I am now,Dark willow and no longer the pathetic little weakling I was once, but stronger and more angry than ever before.

I had almost killed Buffy and the others when they got in my way to kill the last two brats but then Giles pulled a trick on me making me feel the pains of the world and that made me want to end it. I found the tower that would do so and started to say the spell.

Buffy and the others tried to stop me of course and then Xander started to talk to me about how he loves me and it almost worked but I stopped him from talking and left in my usual purple lightning teleportation way and was gone from there.

I am now darker than ever before and have little emotions if at all really,I am not sure about that one at the moment and I have lost myself comepletly to it and the power that comes with the darkness as well.

Any power that I take from a demon or those of magic I keep for myself and thus my power only grows and my emotions slowly slip away the more I use it and I like it that way. I am a lot stronger now and a whole lot darker so this is me the new and imporved Willow and nothing will ever change that.

You still wish to get to know me? Let's see you try!

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мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Sep 3rd 2023 - 11:41 AM

Buffy really wondered why Giles was there, why he was looking around and if he could honestly let them just live their lives. All she wanted was to help the other slayers to have more support and help than she and Faith had. Neither woman was well adjusted, and though their watchers had done their best, she knew she could do better because she knew what they were going through. The pressure and the horror of the things they saw and did were overwhelming at times, they needed therapy and lessons in how to deal with it all. They needed someone they could trust who had been through the same, and that was Buffy one of the last chosen slayers.

Thankfully, Willow was being so forthright with Giles, making sure he knew he couldn’t push them around on this. Buffy crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at her Watcher, “Giles, we want to make something amazing here. We could make a school for the slayers that would make a real difference, and we are adults you don’t need to make rules for us!” She was determined that Giles would start listening and not treating them both like they were still teenagers.

Giles let out a sigh, ”Very well, Willow if you are going to be a part of this, I need a reassurance that you will not bring any danger to Buffy or the slayers. I am unwilling to tolerate any of your dark magic here making things errr confusing for the young women who will be learning here. We need them able to learn and grow, but also to go out there and do their jobs without thinking every evil thing needs saving!” Buffy’s eyes widened in shock as she looked over at Willow.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Aug 19th 2023 - 11:36 AM

Buffy had never wanted to be the slayer, she had been chosen and unlike Kendra she had insisted on having her life and living it. She had kept her friends around her, gone on dates and most of the time acted very unlike the chosen slayer. Being the one chosen to protect people from vampires and demons was overwhelming and all consuming and for so long it had been her life. Now, there were other slayers, so why shouldn’t she be selfish and regain her life back, be just a girl again. She knew all too well that the watchers council wanted to keep their control over her, but she was so tired of it maybe teaching could be her chance.

Looking over at Willow, Buffy couldn’t help but remember the last time she had bumped heads with the Watchers council. Back then it had definitely been about control, and she was sure that was all this was now, they didn’t like two women changing the game. History had been changed through them, and now she was not going to give up until things were better for all of the slayers. And she would stand by Willow if they came for her, if they could accept Angel and Spike she didn’t understand why they couldn’t accept Will too.

When the redhead asked about Dawn, she smiled, “She is good, training to be a watcher, and she is a witch too! Believe it or not, you were a big influence on her, and she didn’t stop practicing magic even after you left. It made her more careful in some ways, but she loves it and she is quite powerful thanks to what she was before. I bet she would like to see you again, maybe when we move in here? Right now she is away studying at college if you can believe it!” she said shaking her head unable to believe Dawn was so grown up.

Buffy looked around and smiled as she listened to Willow explaining what she envisioned the school being. It sounded exactly right to her, a school where slayers could learn along with girls like Willow and Dawn who struggled in the usual school system. Life wasn’t easy for supernatural creatures and the idea of bringing them here to learn to function better alongside humans felt right. It was exactly what the world needed and she wasn’t going to back down, it would just be a school for supernatural kids if the watchers council wouldn’t give in.

Then Willow started directing things and working her magic, and before her eyes she could see the bones of her dream coming together. A familiar voice pulled her from her thoughts and turned to see Giles stood in the doorway, “Giles? I missed you, I am making this a school, imagine it you and me running a school for the slayers? We could retire from the front line and have the life we want... please tell me you have come to make up so we can do this?”

Giles sighed and cautiously looked over at Willow, ”The council are willing to talk with you, to negotiate a compromise. Willow, are you planning on being a part of Buffy’s dream? There will need to be a discussion, if you are, some rules?” he said looking around at the people she had with her.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Aug 10th 2023 - 10:53 AM

Buffy had known Willow since her first day in Sunnydale, and yet now she was so different, and that had been sad at first. But as time passed, and now as the two women got to know one another again, she could see that this person was going to become her best friend again. She would never be that light and fluffy old Willow, but she was a new version who already had shown her love for the slayer. Hardly anyone had noticed how downtrodden and depressed Buffy was, but Willow had and she had supported her every decision even when it took her back to the Watchers council.

Their renewed friendship had bought danger to her, and for that Buffy would always feel guilty, but she wouldn’t change anything. As she watched her friend smile and laugh and saw her girlfriend look on her with love, she knew they needed one another. Willow and Buffy were made to be best friends, they had tried to not be, but their lived had bought them back together and she was so thankful of that.

The two of them shared words that showed how deeply they loved and respected one another and Buffy couldn’t help but tear up. “Oh Will! How do you still know me so well? Yes, peace, a peaceful life where I can help others instead of fighting for my life is all I want. I know the Watchers council think I am being selfish, and maybe I am? But honestly, I just don’t want to fight anymore, I want to do more and be more! I am the oldest surviving slayer, and I am so proud of that but I also know I am so tired!” she said pulling a fed up face.

When Willow agreed to help fix up the building she wanted to hug her again but held back, “You have no idea how much this means to me! Maybe once it is all done up perfectly like a dream for the council, books everywhere and dark wood with dorms upstairs they will change their minds? I want to live here, I want a place where I can have a home it’s been so long since I have had that. But even if I end up being a retired slayer in a massive house, I know I will be so much happier!”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

May 20th 2023 - 10:58 AM

Buffy had stopped dreaming the day she had been chosen as the slayer, from that moment she had felt that her life would be limited. But as each birthday had passed, her hope had blossomed, bringing with it the idea of making all potentials into actual slayers. If she could do that, then maybe she could delegate the fight, and have an actual life again. She hadn’t voiced the idea, she hadn’t thought it was even a chance... but then Willow, someone Buffy had thought was lost from her life, had seen what she needed and made it happen. It had felt like a weight lifted from her shoulders, but the Watcher’s council had not felt the same way at all. Now, she had the perfect place to make a safe place for them to train, and yet she was frustrated that nobody would listen.

Sighing, she felt like a failure, she had created the slayers that were now protecting the world, but nobody trusted her enough to listen. When she hugged Willow and she tensed, she felt like her one remaining ally was gone as well. But then her friend explained and she felt a wave of relief that made her smile for the first time in days.

Listening to Willow she started to feel like maybe her dream wasn’t as dead as she had thought, maybe she just needed to be patient. That was something she had never been good at, and she knew it often led her to walking away when she should wait and be patient. Chewing her bottom lip she looked around and honestly felt like crying, “You are amazing do you know that? I was so set on giving up on this, or trying to do it all myself and you managed to turn it all around. Thank you so much, I am just so lucky to have you in my life again!”

As Willow offered to make the house into a school for her, she felt her tears prick her eyes and sniffed before thinking about Xander. He wasn’t answering her calls at the moment, and she knew he was hurt that she was talking to Willow again. Sighing she returned her attention to Willow, “I would love if you could help me please? Xander can do the place up when things come and attack... but I think this project might just be too much!”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

May 6th 2023 - 11:05 AM

The idea of a war was terrifying, Buffy never wanted anyone to fight for a cause in her name or against her. She was the chosen slayer, but she also knew she was part of an army of potential slayers who followed what the Watcher’s council said like they were in the military. The girls who fought for them were trained to not ask questions and to go for who and what their guardians told them, but then Buffy had never really fallen into line. At first, that had come between her and Giles, but in time they had become like father and daughter, which was why this all hurt more than if it was anyone else.

She felt Willow tense as she hugged her and stepped back with a shy look on her face, she sometimes forgot that it wasn’t the Willow she had known. Sighing she ran her fingers through her blonde hair and hoped she hadn’t upset her friend. Thankfully, Willow seemed to understand her, and just carried on the conversation as if she hadn’t just hugged her.

Shaking her head, Buffy sat down, “I know, there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid it now, especially if talking to you didn’t seem to change his mind! I just don’t want anyone to die, I don’t want any of this.... I just wanted to have a life that wasn’t centred around putting my life on the line. I bought this house hoping it could be a school to help the slayers instead of just letting them go out there and die against some demon or vampire! Maybe I should just go back to being the chosen one again, I am just being selfish!”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Mar 4th 2023 - 11:26 AM

Willow had always been the person to cheer her up, and yet as she arrived at the building Buffy wanted to make into a school, she felt nervous. The place was hardly like she had imagined in fact other than two make shift rooms and a working bathroom it was the same as when they had looked around. With no help, she had a feeling it would take years to set up and that was probably what the new Watcher’s council was counting on. Giles knew her well, she didn’t have the attention span to wait and see the project through, it was a dastardly scheme.

But this dark version of her best friend had come with others, and was cheerfully offering to make the school perfect with a click of her fingers. Either that or to help with the vampires and monsters who were her companions, and it meant so much to her she didn’t know what to say. Feeling choked up, she didn’t care about what anyone thought she just wrapped her arms around her best friend and hugged her. “Thank you so much! I hate that Giles and the others are being so stubborn, I am not going to give up though!”

Stepping back she looked at the thrifted cheap sofa and broken coffee table and knew she wanted more, she wanted a beautiful place to teach and research in. “If you help me you know you will have to be involved... maybe even your people could help? There has to be a way without a war, you might be right that we can’t avoid it, but I hope you are wrong. Please make yourselves at home, and tell me how we can make this place better?”
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Oct 29th 2022 - 10:11 AM

Buffy couldn’t help but feel nervous to go to Giles and tell him about this building she had bought. He would guess who had given her the money and probably refuse anything to do with it. But this was something she wanted very badly, to be able to help the girls who came after and to hopefully change how they were treated. A whole school dedicated to helping slayers and maybe watchers to be who they were meant to be was important to her, and now she had a fight to get them to listen.

Still, it was all hers now and she was determined to have a life for herself no matter what they said or tried to ruin. She was tired of fighting every day, and of having no dreams or wants other than to survive to her next birthday. Buffy was worth more than that, and now she had her chance, so she said goodbye to Willow and headed to see Giles who was less than happy to hear her news. The argument went on for days, with the watchers and slayers who were there to watch Willow now taking Giles’ side against her.

So, Buffy did what she always did when she felt upset or pushed out and she left, moving into the old house. Amazon was a big help in getting two of the rooms together, one to live in and the other to sleep in. But she would never be able to be a teacher of slayers without someone being on her side. Curled up in her room she called Willow, hoping she would be able to help her figure out this mess.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Oct 22nd 2022 - 10:51 AM

Buffy knew Willow was powerful, but when she flicked her hands and instantly the surroundings changed, she was awed. There were slayers walking the corridor, Faith and her teaching, Watchers helping. It felt like such a positive place to learn, and she felt right then that she had made the right decision. She couldn’t keep being the Chosen One, she was worth more than just putting her life on the line time after time. Buffy wanted more from life, and this was her chance to make that happen.

Smiling and looked up at Willow as the spell fell away and listened as she spoke, “Thank you Will. We have been through so much and we have both made mistakes, we have both changed. Now I just want to move forward without assuming things or thinking I know everything.” Turning she smiled at the agent and started to fill in the paperwork no longer worrying about what anyone else thought.

The two friends stepped outside of the new building and Buffy pulled her phone from her back pocket handing it to Will, “Take a picture of me outside? I want to send it to Giles, maybe if he sees how much you have helped me help the slayers his attitude will change?” Stepping back, she posed in front of the door with a proud smile, this was the start of a new age for the slayers. No more would the Watcher’s council be in charge of them, but a slayer would, and they would be happier because of it.
мσηѕтєяѕ ηιgнтмαяє

Oct 3rd 2022 - 11:54 AM

Buffy knew she was being hopeful, and she also knew things were not going to go as she had wanted. As she looked around the room, she knew this home would probably never become a slayer school, and if it did it wouldn’t be run by her. She was the chosen one, and though she and Willow had made the potentials into slayers, she would always be the one they would look to. She would be the one called to save the world, she couldn’t retire, and she couldn’t have her best friend back, no matter how much she wanted things to be different.

Letting out a soft sigh, Buffy looked over at the dark version of Willow and listened as she explained she wasn’t the same. Nodding she smiled, though it didn’t meet her eyes, “ I know Will, I know you aren’t her and we aren’t best friends. But it doesn’t mean I am not on your side; I have not been attacked once or seen any problems since being with you today. But they won’t listen to me – no matter how much I wish they would…”

Her voice trailed off and she once again looked around the room, “I hope this place becomes somewhere safe for the new slayers to be and to train. There are so many ideas in my head, and I wonder if any of them will happen.” Buffy shrugged and looked over at Willow, “I guess they will want me out saving the world though, that won’t change, will it? I don’t know what to do, I just know I don’t want to be the one girl in all the world anymore, and I don’t want you to be made out to be the enemy!”
•Tara Maclay• Lesbian • Witch

Oct 2nd 2022 - 2:31 PM

*The one thing that Tara didn't tolerate much for was Willow abusing her magic, but the morning they both got up and dressed after deciding to give things another try, I mean how could she not? she loved Willow since the first wiccan group they were both in. while they were busy with bake sales that had nothing to do with what they were and when willow spoke up about it, she knew from that moment that she loved her but Tara was quiet, she didn't speak. her dirty blonde hair hung low and covered her blue eyes when she bent her head down. they've come a long way since then and now, Tara sighed a bit. she knew Willow was back at it again.*

*all these thoughts ran through her mind when the sound of a distant gunfire went off and struck her through her heart. she collapsed but from a distant could hear willow calling out to her to come back. no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't. there was a blinding light pulling her in. she used her arm to shield her eyes. the light was filled with warmth and love all the more, willow's voice was getting further and further away.that was until...  she felt her soul being snapped back and falling fast. everything went from the warmth and light to complete darkness and chaos. it wasn't long before Tara took a sudden gasp of air. willow had finished healing her but when her eyes adjusted? she looked at willow for the first time. her hair was jet blac like her eyes and veins, she couldn't move but she a cracle in her voice and she cried.*

"Willow? w-what have you done? you're not my willow!"

*she almost screamed out but the pain from being shot was starting to set in. since she hadn't died that long, she was still warm to the touch and she had full use of her limbs. she was sitting up and looked in horror into willow's eyes.*

"No! you promised not to use anymore black magic! willow! how could you?!"

*Tara's voice was filled with anger and frustration even though willow saved her life again at what cost to her own? she was in fear of her life but her friends too because she knew the lure of magic as dark as she used had consequences like anything else. grateful to be alive but now she had a bigger problem; how to get her willow back not thid dark willow she's become.*
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