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Heroes My Brother

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:Christian - other
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Nightsister Lady
Characters: Kelly Ahkna Derakas, Lady Temptress
Verses: Star wars and any other rp
Playbys: Jessica Nigri
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Married
Member Since:December 20, 2012

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About me:
Kelly had a strange life she was born on Thyrsus with Lycan as his twin so feel the things he feels in battle and when danger is close. After Lycan was taken to the Jedi Temple, Kelly's shapeshifter mother took her to Dathomir to be her Nightsister clan. After Order 66 Lycan returned and got her from her clan and took the entire clan with her back to Thyrsus to take the coast fortress overlooking the bay and docks from the mountain now a nightsister fortress, where she rules as Mother and Empress. Her prefered weapons being the force bow and force arrows and her twin sabre daggers. Kelly has a young daughter now Athena Derakas the father is a CoH Sith that married her.
Who I'd like to meet:
just to let many of you know Kelly is a shapeshifter Scarren like her brother.

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Mar 21st 2020 13:34

"Try to flee, but back into the maw."
Hello and welcome to my kingdom of darkness and mischief.
Thank you for accepting the request.
I will now introduce myself.
My name is Malleus Draconia, the son of Maleficent and Susanoo.
I do also go by the name of Taehyung Kim; as I am a part of the boy group known to be Bangtan Sonyeondan, BTS for short. As for my past life, I went by the name of Revan, as I started off as Jedi Padawan then became a Jedi Knight, got turned towards the Dark Side and became Darth Revan, Sith Lord of the Empire; then I became amnesiac and lost every single memory and thus became a Jedi Knight again and saved the galaxy from further destruction under Darth Malak's command.
I do roleplay in the verses of that being Disney, Once Upon a Time, Descendants, Maleficent, Celebrity/Hollywood, Star Wars, Resident Evil, and The Last of Us. Dark Themes are acceptable as well as that being of crossovers, as long as they work and make sense.
I am a literate writer; so I do not accept any one-liners or semi-paragraphs, since I do not find anything of value with them or even that much of an effort towards the response.
I do have a real life outside of the world of roleplaying, so please be patient with me just like I will be with you on replies and what not.
As for getting a storyline or connection across, we can start discussing as soon as you are ready to do so.

Jul 9th 2017 07:40

The NightSisters

When I was monitoring in the fortress, where she rules as Empress and Mother Kelly Scarren. She pledge for me to do as you do, will get it and told her the diversities of the Universe, told her the adventures I had run away from as I fought to support her, specially the power of the darkness though the rituals of death we had as NightSisters an independent sense the DarkSide of the Force we had tribal with along our battles and freedoms.

"Just to let many of you know."

She said forcefully as while holding my chin next to hers

"I'm a shapeshifter Scarren like my brother."

NightSisters gathered pointedly plus a few transported when we're ready to start taking off.

At the Hall of the Knightof Ren

Had tossed the sensor out the ramping doors whoslide openly to my whitely surprisedface, discovering this new energy in the dark side of the force and as much my appearancewasn'tsustainableto the light of the day the warmth ofdeath fulnesscaressed the notion for the machine I worked for, if I was some kind of.....

"Don't call meaSorceress!"

Shouted back angrily towards whatever Snoke is, he was perhaps reading my mind, and the coordinates to the Sith where set in one direction. The Supreme Leader continued with one of his theories and discourses, was disturb after Yoda's insults towards my pride as ifKnowledgeI had. And now this one looking down at me, if itwasn'tfor thechemicalsand the rational egoism who sustained me, was so disgusted looking at thedazzling projection of thispervert ordering me to kill, as if I was one of his serialassassins. For a second my short memory reawaken a memory. I was a Sith to Kylo Ren's Order broad from the death and a brain damage, keptlistening to his discourse fully drugged like if I cared if he was lying or telling me a meaningful true story, we was talking now stuff already about the Last Jedi and then some serious family Issues. Apparentlyfigured out it was part of the ceremonial process to finish the Jedis, one by one, harder out the confrontations.

h, yes, the one who destroyed one of the Artefacts, Four Jedis? On! No? The one known as Four, ah."

Was actually quite bitter to track down the aroma of a Jedi till it's end, if he set down with crossed legs will kill himimmediatelyhow much did I hate that, the smarter than you think it makes you be, sure enough it will finish, there where no feelings left to me. I'm Assaj Ventress the one who appears out the shadows of your worst Nightmares.

Was signalling this meeting had nothing much to start the Engines but for the next flight, nodding, and bowing and all those things to the Leader of the day, Supreme Spiritual, The Emperor, then his grandchild, how I had increasing levels to align though the times who have you staying in for the preliminary agreements, agreements who did not exist till the body was dropped.

Feb 28th 2013 03:49

Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: Reading
νιℓℓαinous qυeen

Jan 10th 2013 17:07


Welcome to my page and thanks so much for the add
request i do hope we become friends and maybe have some
good stories going. I don't want to be a number i understand its highly imposable to get to everyone but i try and temp to do so so please don't feel shy about talking to me my bark is worst then my bite.

Have a lovely day/evening/night hope to hear from you soon

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