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GeneralOriginal Lycan Derakas from Myspace since 2005. Please Note all my photos on my account have the URL's of my old Myspace account and I no longer have the originals. The Emperor of Thyrsus has returned, I am in UOA
Heroes My RL father

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Athletic
Religion:Christian - other
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Royal Consular of the DSW
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:December 19, 2012

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About me:
Lycan Derakas a name steeped in mystery, He was a decorated Jedi Knight General with a jedi relic as his sabre "The Tear of the Jedi" a cold bladed blue sabre. It was rumoured he died during Order 66 when his clone troopers turned on him and his padawan took the blaster bolts as he lifted the clones with the force and flung them off the cliff, he ran to her side as she stroked the side of his face and died with a slight smile knowing she had saved her master. Her body disappeared as Lycan took her sabre and let loose a force howl that was heard by other jedi all over the galaxy fighting their own clones, Lycan found other clones and jedi and killed the clones himself his rage growing more and more. With all speed he made his way to Coruscant in a stolen V-wing fighter using the blaster cannons to blast into the temple landing bay and leaping out letting the droid land as he landed and killed several clones with the sabre and a force push that slammed them into the wall, he had arrived just in time to turn to face several clones with their guns tracking a group of jedi masters and knights with some younglings as he stood his ground and faced them the masters escaping to freedom with their knights and younglings. The clones lay dead around him by the time Anakin Skywalker arrived and fought Lycan, he lost a eye in that fight and had it replaced with a cybernetic later when he escaped after causing several cuts to Vader's body and legs as he left in the same fighter and disappeared back to his homeplanet Thyrsus turning it into a fortress and taking the throne that was his fathers deep in thought as he slowly let the rage taking him, he disappeared for upto 30 years, he called his jedi relic sabre "The Executioner". He reappeared over Coruscant in command of a massive Sith fleet pronouncing the return of Lycan Derakas, Royal Consular for the DSW Empire. His former wife Raquel Derakas was killed by his flagship when she tried to kill him. under construction
Who I'd like to meet:
Other family and sith warriors of old

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