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A Jedi seeks knowledge and enlightenment; peace and harmony. Together the Jedi strive for peace and are an order dedicated to protecting the galaxy from evil and injustice.

37 years old
Coruscant , California
United States

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April 23 2020

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The fall and rise of Olma Kan(carden)Mannux
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Olma Kan (Carden) mannux Was once known as the vile sinister Dark lord of the third sith empire Darth Lettow.
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About me:
Olma Kan (Carden) Mannux.AKA Darth Lettow. was Born on csills 3,814 BBY.He was the Jedi apprentice of Master Rajani Zahara. years after the Great Territorial War ended, the Sith had nearly destroyed themselves due to their actions in the Great Rim Lines War and the United Pirate Crusades. There came a point where there were only two Sith left,Darth Zios and Darth Viscerus. Zios captured a Chiss padawan named Carden Mannux on Dxun and kept him prisoner there for weeks,until the youngling gave in to becoming his student.Though Carden eventually managed to break out of his restraints and later Darth Zios while he slept,the young dark jedi felt that he had proven his superiority he then set out to find new information about various different means of gaining power.After breaking into classified Sith archive on Lehon, Carden found information regarding to the experiments of Xendor Ragnos and Apocalus two rouge sith of the past wars.After years of trying to uncover more information,Carden felt that the best way to learn more was to find a Dark Lord of the Sith and join with him.With Viscerus and Zios dead,Carden would then find himself in the focus of the new dark lord Darth Dire.Carden would then seek to go to the fortress of dire and pledge to be granted to join dire's order.Becoming impressed with carden and his will to want to join him,Dire accepted the fallen jedi in to the empire and placed him in command of the Obsidian Guard's which was referred to as an elite group of dark side users whose sole purpose was to protect the Dark Lord of the Sith. Carden used the Obsidian Guard as a means to try to put together a command structure like the one that Ragnos had attempted to utilize, though he eventually came upon a perceived flaw carden felt Ragnos had been correct in saying that insubordination needed to be eliminated.Ragnos and Apocalus had both allowed their followers to know a great deal about the Force, so he began to train the Obsidian Guard so they would know only a limited amount of information to keep them from craving power. The Obsidian Guard fought at their base on Yavin IV when it was attacked by the Jedi Order, the Shadourian Order and the Bendu Order. Carden fought with Bendu High Priest Ussej Padric Bac III during the battle, and although he was defeated he was not killed. The Obsidian Guard won the battle, causing the three Orders to flee. Not long after, the Sith and the Obsidian Guard attacked the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Carden confronted and killed his former master Rajani Zahara,as Darth dire battled with his own betrayal in the archives room.Dark Jedi trained to be dire's assassin betrayed the dark lord and killed him,taking the title of sith master for himself.Darth Ruinus,the successor of dire later took on his on apprentice a sith wise men called noctulu trojacus later known as mortis the great.weeks later, Ruinus was killed by Mortis, who then took on a still loyal to the empire dark assain Carden as his apprentice.During his rule, Mortis began to have visions about what he referred to as a demonic being who claimed to be a deity who vowed revenge on someone called the Morning Star. For months, Mortis tried to discover what this meant, so he documented everything he knew in his personal journals. Mortis shared the information he had uncovered about the supposed deity with Carden.Under suspicion that his master was declining towards insanity, Carden killed Mortis and became the Dark Lord of the Sith.Carden then dubbed himself the sith name of Darth Lettow, honoring the Legions of Lettow that Xendor Taral had created. With new found power, Carden saw the deity in a vision, and unlocked the secrets that Mortis had revealed to him he was able to summon the deity after performing a ritual that he had seen in a second vision, a portal opened and deity emerged from it, though Carden found that it was only Darth Invidius. Invidius stated that he exploited the desire for divine power to cause a Sith to free him from the Citadel of Sorrow,and he also said that the person he desired revenge upon was Ussej Padric Bac III, as his grandfather Ussej Padric Bac had caused his imprisonment at the end of the Great Territorial War. Because Carden also wanted revenge on Bac for his shame,they formed a loose alliance and Invidius agreed to share the knowledge he had about Sith Battle Lords. Lettow Later Granted Jaxson Cand (A Fallen Jedi)& secret student of his the Title Of Darth Calamity.He & Lettow Ruled Until lettow's supposed death Around 3,870 BBY .It Is Rumored That Calamity Became Dark Lord After The Fall Of His Master & Was Later Challenged For The Title Of Dark Lord By Another Fallen Jedi Named Casandra Netharion, (A student & possible apprenticen of Lettow whom he Gave The Title Of Darth Netharion Too) Both Vanished At The End Of The Sovereign era Leaving The Title Unclaimed. Many years later the thought to be dead Lettow was found and defeated by a jedi named Skywalker,Skywalker defeated lettow and was about to kill him when the spirit of master Zahara appeared and explained her students past Skywalker spared lettow's life,the two jedi then aided the defeated sith to redemption.With Lettow gone Carden returned with skywalker to the jedi temple and was later granted the rank of Jedi master.Restoring the faith master Zahara knew he had Carden became a well known respected Master of the jedi order for years to come.

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