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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:E.U. Starbase
Education:No Answer
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:October 27, 2012

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Tatum Utara is a 24-year-old vampire. She was turned by Derrick Sage, her ex-boyfriend who was turned by Mikael Mikaelson, making both of them as well as her half-sister Libby his sired bloodline.

Early Life

Tatum was born on a hot, desert planet called Tatooine; a cutthroat world crawling with vicious tusken raiders (also known as sand people) and due to there being no laws, its a refuge for smugglers, slave owners, bounty hunters and other criminals. Her parents were Kale Utara and Emism Skywalker, who were both owned slaves. Emism died when Tatum was only 5-years-old from an unknown illness, leaving Kale to raise her alone. A few years after when Tatum was around eight, her fathers time as a slave was served and they could no longer live in the slave quarters. They were left homeless, without any money and no way of getting in touch with friends or relatives who could help. Kale had no other choice but to sell Tatum as a slave to an old, bitter man who was a retired bounty hunter as a means to get money to pay for transport out of Tatooine. Aside from having shelter, a bed to sleep in and access to food, the old man didnt do much in the way of caring for Tatum, so she practically had to fend for herself. Her father promised he would come for her. He claimed he did, but the home that the old retired bounty hunter lived in was burned down to ruins. Kale believed Tatum and the old man was attacked and killed by the sand people. Tatum thinks she was abandoned, as it had taken her father five years to return only for her to not be there. The old man had actually died of natural causes and his home was raided and set on fire while Tatum was away. She and her father did eventually reunite, when she received a transmitted message from his new young wife Nomi, coming from the planet Dantooine, that he was very ill and dying from pneumonia.

For the next 5 years, Tatum was in a dark place. She began working for a criminal, helping him with his drug dealing business, selling mainly death sticks and other street drugs, even becoming addicted to them herself. When she didnt have any money, she would steal from various markets or pick-pocket for money to buy food. That was until she met a very dangerous man, a Sith known as Darth Malak the 5th, who she attempted to pick-pocket but failed. Tatum came very close to being slated by the Sith, but he felt her force-sensitive nature which caused him to have a change of heart. Darth Malak the 5th took Tatum under his wing as her mentor, enrolled her into the Sith Empires academy. She would be his student and apprentice.

Tatum had no intentions of becoming a Sith. She only agreed to join Darth Malak in becoming his apprentice because it meant being able to leave Tatooine for a slightly better life in a less hostile world, and as a bonus she would get to learn about the force and how to use it, as well as other self-defense tactics like wielding a light saber and hand-to-hand combat. The empire had fallen, along with their academy after ultimately losing in a war with resistance fighters. Darth Malak the 5th died in battle, which meant that Tatum, as his apprentice, would be taking his place as Sith master and be serving as the emperors trusted advisor. However, during her first ordered mission, she took the opportunity to flee from the empire, which contributed to the empires downfall. With the Republic credits that she more or less inherited after Darth Malaks demise, she purchased her own living quarters in one of the many skytowers, in the upper levels of Coruscant.

Her Life on Coruscant, New Friends, and Then Life on the E.U. Starship/Starbase

Tatum had met an android named Data Soong. Data was on the planet Coruscant, visiting with the purpose of exploration. They had formed a friendship which quickly flourished into romance. Data chose to stay on Coruscant and retired from Starfleet. The two got married soon after and purchased a small starship from the Federation that would become their new home. The marriage was annulled after a year though when Tatum had a self-realization that she didnt love Data the same way he loved her. While still living on Coruscant, Tatum had also met Datas brother Lore, who is the Guardian of Strength and Power. She was attracted to him from the start, but didnt know it or was in denial at first. She had also made other friends through Data, like Sola and Johan, who are Venusian humans. Tatum had a daughter, who she named Chloe, through the will of a Q-like immortal being who used to a witch by the name Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, but preferred to be called Lana. During the pregnancy, Tatum was also granted temporary Q-like immortality so that she would be protected during such a vulnerable time, but the powers wore off on their own after Chloe was born. Both have taken on mom roles, although the child has a far closer resemblance to Tatum than Lana.

Libby Skywalker, Linhi Skywalker, and Mikael Mikaelson

Tatum has a half-sister, half-cousin named Libby Skywalker, who is the daughter of Linhi Skywalker, Tatums mothers twin sister. Unlike Tatum and her parents, Libbys family was wealthy, living a life of privilege and royalty on the planet Muunilnist. Libby and Tatum attended the Dark Jedi training academy together, although at the time they didnt know they were related, let alone paid each other any thought. Unlike Tatum, Libby was more easily coerced by the dark side of the force and chose to follow the path of a Sith. Libby learned about Tatum being her sister first, to which she was brainwashed via compulsion by Mikael, Libbys stepfather, to hate her. He made Libby believe that Tatum should be held accountable for their broken family, because her father was her mother, Linhis fianc and he had been unfaithful to her with Tatums mom, Emism and chose her over Linhi. Of course the truth is the other way around; Kale was engaged to Emism, and he had drunkenly slept with Linhi, which resulted in Libbys conception. Kale and Linhi were ashamed of their actions and vowed to never speak of it, but then things got complicated when Linhi became aware that she had been impregnated and that her sister Emism, too, was pregnant. Desperate to keep the secret of their affair, Kale had decided it was best that he and Emism disappeared.

Tatum has had multiple altercations with Libby; the first one didnt last long due to Lores interference. The second time she tricked Data into leaving the E.U. Starship along with Chloe to Tatums old apartment quarters on Coruscant with the intent to use them as bait to get Tatum to follow them and face Libby again. Her plans failed again when she made the mistake of killing Data, which angered Lore. Of course Data was repaired, but that didnt change his brothers decision to punish Libby by turning her into an android, which severed her connection to the force. Outraged, Libby moved on to her third plan, which involved finding Kale and Nomi on Dantooine and holding them hostage at a rebel base. It was Libby who helped Nomi send out the transmitted message to Tatum at the E.U. Starship. She killed Kale before the pneumonia took his life, and Tatum avenged his death in a last confrontation that ended in her half-sisters demise, or at least so she thought.

About a little over a year ago was when Tatum had met her aunt Linhi for the first time, visiting her home on planet Muunilinst. She found out about her from a living will from her father, via a hologram message he had recorded prior to his death. His last wishes aside from wanting to be reunited with his daughter, was for her to meet her aunt so that she would have family connections and in hopes that they could one day form a mother-daughter like bond that Tatum only had for a very short with her own. Unlike Emism, Linhi was living a more blessed life as far as Tatum could tell, having inherited her parents wealth and because of them, having a foothold in the Republics political system as well as a career with the Intergalactic Banking Clan. However after getting to know her aunt a little more, it was learned that despite her wealth, Linhi didnt exactly have a happy life either.

On Muunilinst was also where Tatum had met Mikael Mikaelson, an original vampire-vampire hunter who up until this part had been under the guise of Darth Sagittarius, a Sith and uncle to a former boyfriend. He allowed for the fallen Libby to use Tatum as a temporary host with the use of Emisms necklace, a family heirloom which Libbys mystical essence was entrapped in. While Tatums body was under possession, she and Libby were able to see and communicate with one another in a sort of alternate purgatory realm, where it was then revealed that the source of Libbys animosity towards her sister was influenced by Mikael through his compulsion ability rather than an opinion that she had built up in her own mind. Mikael also was the one who compelled Tatums former boyfriend, Derrick, to forget about her and to keep his distance by ordering him away on a mission. The exact reasons for Mikaels deceptions and alienating Tatum are not known, but it is believed to have to do with Tatum being a Petrova doppelganger and that he had intentions of exploiting her mystical essence and didnt want any interference from family and others close to her who would have tried to protect her.

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