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About me:

The name's Sarah Chamberlain and big sister to Dawn Chamberlain as well as aunt to Faye Chamberlain. I am only a year older then my sister Dawn and she hates it when I call her 'little sister' though I do it any way. When we were younger we first found out about our powers and that was an amazing thing as we would practice with them all the time. Growing up me and my sister were very close and always did everything together as we practiced the art in secret but that all changed in high school.

When we got to high school Dawn started to make friends with Charles and the others and would often leave me alone by myself. I hated that change and resented them all for it really. The only one that paied attention to me was John Blackwell as he always said I had potential to do great things. We then hung out together and even dated for a little while until he met Amelia and they fell in love.

After that day I was left alone once more as my sister became apart of the circle with the others and left me behind. That was when Dawn and I really grew apart from each other as she had her own friends now and she no longer needed me.

I hated them all for this and vowed to get my revenge when the time came. We all grew up as they found people to love and I found my own group of friends dabbing in the dark arts that I had been born with, but always kept secret even from my own parents and sister. The only one who knew was John as he helped me get control of it and chanel it into things I wanted to use.

He warned me that day not to use too much of it and I listened to him using the dark only when I really needed it the most. When the hunters came for them all my friends and I hid unsure of what to expect really. I was there on that ship when most of them were killed and John got away.

When the fire broke out I used dark magic to get away without the hunters noticing and helped my sister get out of there as well. After that time we became close again as I was there for her when she needed it the most and to help her raise Faye.

I stayed in town for many years helping out but then one day my darker powers showed themselves again when I got angry at a witch hunter and so I left town not wanting to put my sister and niece in danger. I traveled the world after that avoiding the witch hunters and learning to control the dark magic I had been born with.

I have now come back because of all the things going on in town and have no idea how Dawn will react when she finds out even though I stayed in contact with her and Faye at all times. I know that Faye and her circle have magic and that John Black's daughters are apart of the circle so now I stay to keep them all safe from what is to come. When the elders took the powers from Dawn's circle they thought they had done the same to me but I was able to do an anti spell along with my dark magic and it never worked for them.

Well now you know my story so come and get to know me if you dare but I warn you,hurt my family and you will suffer a fate worse then death! I am not good or evil really and do what I want with the magic I was born with.

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-blessed be; 🌙

May 13th 2020 - 12:29 AM

“I don’t know if that’s true, Sarah. Dawn always looked up to her big sister, even if she didn’t always act like it.” Ethan smiled warmly before tugging his jacket around him. “Look, the Boathouse is still open if you’re hungry. I’m sure there are quite a few people there that would probably want to say hi if you wanted to stop in.”

Melissa continued walking as though she hadn’t been listening to the conversation that had been happening across the street. It wasn’t her business and she honestly didn’t care if they had known each other. When Sarah had left, Melissa was still a toddler, as far as the stories went. Right after the boat fire, a lot of people had left, fleeing the wreckage that had been left behind in the wake of the witch hunters. Cassie’s mom wasn’t the only one who had left.

For a moment, Melissa pictured the circle in the same situation, her circle. The death and destruction that the witch hunters had left in their wake made the image very easy. She had wanted to run away when Nick died, and it was only Nick. If half her circle had been murdered, she would have easily ran away from this town and never looked back, especially if she had a daughter or a son to care for. In a way, she resented her own father for not taking her and running, but then again, did he know that her mother had been a witch?

It had never come up. They had spoken outwardly about her mother’s gift with herbs, but no mention of her father. It made Melissa wonder if her father was ignorant of what really happened all those years ago. Melissa faltered in her even steps as she considered this, but caught herself before she was noticed.

“Hi Mr. Conant, Ms. Chamberlain.” Melissa had to walk passed the two adults as they were speaking and thought that the only way she was going to get away with doing was by acknowledging them.

“Hi Melissa, Are you on the way to the Boathouse?” Ethan was obviously very happy to see the teenager, even if it wasn’t so that he could spend time talking to her himself. The two of them weren’t exactly close.

“I am, actually. Figured I could dry off and have a burger. Were you two headed there to?” Melissa looked from Sarah Chamberlain and back to Ethan Conant with a wide innocent smile. Trying very hard not to let them know she had overheard their conversation.

“I’m not, but maybe Sarah would like to join you?” He turned expectantly to Sarah, waiting for either a nod, or a denial.
-blessed be; 🌙

Apr 29th 2020 - 10:07 PM

The streets were still wet from the most recent storm. That was always the biggest problem with a town like this on the ocean: Storms were frequent. They were usually torrential things. Horrible clouds that would swoop in off the coast, dump the water onto the nearest town and then move on. They were frequent enough that everyone didn’t bother staying inside when they struck. The town would go about it’s business as though the sun was out.

The only storms that kept citizens at bay were the lightning storms. The storms that struck nearby buildings while rumbling its anger with thunder. Those were the ones that Melissa enjoyed the most. Everyone cleared out, leaving those who were brave, or stupid, enough to face it on their own. Tonight, it had been one of those storms. The town had cleared out of all but the bravest, or dumbest. Melissa wasn’t feeling stupid tonight. It was peaceful, and the power of the storm was intoxicating. Cassie and Diana had told Melissa about Faye’s storm calling escapade a few months ago. It was easy to understand why Faye had lost control.

Tonight, Melissa had stood outside, her arms spread as she inhaled the smells and energy. With their circle broken, the individual powers were restored and she was going to enjoy every moment of it. Already she and Faye had gone out and explored the use of their powers. It was small at first, but now, Melissa wanted to enjoy the power around her. Herbs were fine, and she was still finding time to search the woods for necessary sprigs that she could add to their collection, but the energy in lightning…

There was no alternative to that.

The storm settled to a light rain after a few moments. Flashes of lightning were still visible, but they were pushing their way East, like most storms did. She wondered briefly if she should go home and change, or if she should just begin the long walk to the Boathouse for something to eat. Energy was draining, and although she felt charged, she also felt physically exhausted. Food would do her good, and it would also give her an excuse to anyone who wondered why she was soaking wet.  

Adam would no doubt be there, and she was looking forward to talking to him. In all the ongoing madness, at least she had grown close to someone. Her relationship with him had become almost dominant over Faye’s. He had lost someone, even if it wasn’t the same as her loss, which brought the two of them together. It would be great to see him again.

A motorcycle roared by her, and she turned briefly to watch it. The rain had stopped now, but the streets were still empty. She didn’t expect to see anyone out and around, certainly not on a motorcycle. It stopped suddenly, the person removed the helmet and seemed to glance around. It was still early in the evening. The center of town had open stores, but there was no one out walking. Well, no one except for Melissa who was skirting the shadows, trying to make her way to The Boathouse where she could dry herself off and have a burger. Maybe Adam may even have some time to sit and join her.

Ahead, Melissa could see Ethan Conant, Adam’s dad, walking toward the mysterious biker. Apparently, Melissa hadn’t been the only one out and about. She slowed, and moved toward the pair of them to get a better view of what was happening.

“Sarah?” The voice of Ethan called out, somewhat surprised and uncertain as he approached the woman on the bike.

Nov 23rd 2016 - 11:49 PM

Calixte stood up and nodded her head. She needed to make a choice and right now her last choice wasn't working out. The pull to do magic was there, and though she didn't trust it yet, perhaps she could find a peace in the wisdom of being around her own kind. It was better than trying to figure it out on her own. It had to be, right? Her way hadn't brought her the serenity she had sought after all. Constant pain.

Change didn't scare her. She took a deep breath. No. Change didn't scare her. She had seen the worst of what change brought. She had lived in a dirt hole against her will, the prey of demons with a grander plan in mind for her. She had survived that. Nothing less than what had been done before would break her.

When you're face down, being stepped on, you don't snap in half. You come to realize that you can't snap at all. She wasn't stronger for what she had been through. Not yet. Maybe not ever. But she was still here. And thatthat was something. Perhaps it wasn't much of something. She wasn't changing the world the way she was before. She wasn't the same person she was before. Confidence didn't have a flicker of light inside of her. But she was still here. It didn't seem like much, but it was more than nothing. She had survived.

And she would keep on surviving.

"Let's go then," she offered Sarah a half smile. Perhaps, one day, she would look back on this moment and realize that she was smiling at a woman who would turn out to be her savior.

She made her way outside and allowed Sarah to lead the way to her car. She shoved her hands into her pockets. One foot in front of the other. She would pick herself up and try again. Leave the town behind her. She realized as she was outside she didn't bother telling the diner that she wasn't going to be coming in anymore. Oh well. They hadn't made for very kind bosses as it were. She had enough references to list on her resume that she didn't need their input. Just leave the town behind her. Perfect.

"I'll start looking for a job right away. When we get there," she said softly. "I don't like to be anyone's burden," she assured the woman.


Oct 29th 2016 - 5:05 PM

Sarah was right, of course. It would be good for her to see something new. The newest thing Calixte had seen was this ghost town. There wasn't much worth seeing here. Sure, that had been the point. Hide away. Get lost after what she had lived. What better place than Nothingville? purpose or not, empty days start to get to you. When there's nothingness all around you, one finds their past echoes a louder haunt than had she stayed in her hometown.

She couldn't go back to her hometown. She refused. Her mind may have refused her peace from her once upon a time, but that did not mean she had to stare it in the face. Maybe one day, but she was not ready. It was hard to imagine she could ever possibly be ready for such closure, but eventually she understood that closure was what the soul expected.

Of course, the town she was going to seemed to offer its own challenges. With hunters looking for her new friend and their family, Calixte's gun shy behavior towards magic was going to have to be faced head on if she were to help. After all, she wasn't simply going to turn her back on Sarah, even if she were more than capable of handling herself. It wouldn't be right. Not after the kindness Sarah had shown her. And not on a moral level, despite her recent objections towards getting involved with the sinister forces in the world. Pros and cons to everything. Still, Calixte could learn from those around her, heal after what she had been through, because now she would have a community of those like her. Yet, there would be forces at work to try and stop them for being who they were. She would need a new alliance of trusted Wicca's now more than ever.

She knew she had that in Sarah.

There was comfort hearing those words. Calixte was not Sarah's enemy; therefore, she could control herself from taking her magic. It wasn't necessary to Sarah. Not only could Calixte count on her in a fight, but already proven in life as well. Given Sarah's own difficult history, and potential future, Sarah could count on Calixte too. Oddly enough, and maybe it was because Sarah was the first real contact and connection she had made sense her team's loss, but Calixte felt an urge to not let this woman down. As a friend.

Perhaps as a mentor?

No, she didn't want to burden the poor woman any more than she already had. Given her trepidations, Calixte could only imagine the difficulty she would pose as a student. No, she would have to figure out how to be a better, more confident witch on her own.

Funny that. Skillful was not a problem. It never had been. She was young, yes, and had more to learn, but she was where she should be for her age. Skill, she was seeing, was only part of the battle. Calixte didn't trust herself anymore. She didn't trust magic anymore. That, she was going to have to conquer sooner rather than later. The notion of it was overwhelming, so much so that she almost bit her lip again.

She pushed it out of her mind.

"When do we leave for this new town. Well. New to me. Home for you." Calixte asked.


Sep 19th 2016 - 9:48 PM

Calixte immediately popped her lip out of her mouth as if she were being chastised by her own mother for her biting, "habit," she said almost sheepishly. It was no wonder, growing up, she always found chapstick in her stocking every Christmas. She couldn't help it. When she got nervous, or distressed, she nommed away on her lip.

Her eyes lifted as she heard the invite to go with Sarah. She thought it over for a moment. It wasn't as though she had any sentiments towards the town she currently resided in. All she had wanted to do was get lost, be forgotten by the world, and escape the demons. She wanted the past to be behind her, but all her actions had done since fighting for her freedom was keep her present in her loss and her previous captivity. It never was behind her. She didn't know that it ever truly could be.

If she left, she would be going with a witch. She would be going with someone who understood, someone who was wise. Granted, the woman was not exactly Mary Poppins. She had seen the brutal way the hunters had been killed, how the darkness took over. If that darkness turned on Calixte, she had to be prepared to survive. Yet, the woman had been balancing such a complex issue for so long. Yes, the darkness had gotten away from her with the hunters. It wasn't as though they had been people who were looking to make friends. Self-defense was certainly acceptable, so long as people didn't take advantage of it with their powers.

The darkness was a concern, but then Calixte had demons chasing her, literal and figurative. That was certainly a concern Sarah was willing to put up with. Wasn't that the healthy foundation of any interacting, being willing to help each other out?

Internal questions processed, she knew the right choice.

She nodded her head, "I appreciate the offer. And it beats working in this diner. Horrible boss. Horrible tips. If I can get out of here, I should jump at that chance." She then added softly, "besides, it would be nicebeing around people who are like meagain."

Calixte nodded as Sarah admitted she didn't mean to kill the hunters. The power had taken over, the darkness pulling her in and gaining that result, "so. When the darkness takes do you get control back? Like" Calixte tilted her head, trying to find the right wording. Then, naturally, she thought of the perfect example staring her in the face, "like tonight. With the hunters. After you," she lowered her voice, so no one else would hear their conversation, "killed them. You saw me. The darkness didn't take you so far that you tried to harm me? Is there a way you ground yourself?"

She couldn't help but selfishly wonder and ask the question. After all, given that she was going back to the woman's town, she wanted to know what she was going to face. What were the struggles they were taking on with each other? Calixte was magic shy, could get overwhelmed and not do magic, which would be dangerous in the middle of a fight. Sarah had dark magic, which could also be dangerous if the demons or hunters were to show their face. She supposed they needed to be prepared for working on their struggles together.


Aug 22nd 2016 - 12:17 AM

Calixte chewed on her bottom lip as Sarah read her. There were certain pains one could not mask. You could try and relax your face, keep your body at ease, and even trick someone with a smile, but the eyes shared everything. Calixte's were haunted. At times, they were hollow.

"I had a team," she said, "we used to take down sinister beings. Demons. Ghosts. Vampires. You name it. If they were hurting people, we fought them. It was a dangerous job. We knew the risks," she said softly, looking down for a moment. She chewed on her lip harder, unsure she could say the words. She had never said them aloud to anyone before. For a moment, it seemed to get caught in her throat. Yet, this woman understood. This woman lived what Calixte had lived, her own hardships and pain, but similar as there was a Wiccan connection. For once, she was possibly talking with someone who could know. She couldn't change it, butfor one moment in time, perhaps, Calixte wouldn't have to be alone with it.

"They were killed on a mission. IobviouslyI wasn't. I don't know why," she said softly.

Her voice checked out in that moment. Yes, she was held by the clan too, dragged and locked away. Whatever ritual or date they were waiting for, Calixte had managed to escape before it was reached. Why they had wanted her, she didn't know?

"They're still out there," she was chewing on her lip so hard now, it was ready to split, "and I wonder when they'll come for me again."

Would they? Was the opportunity they had been looking for missed completely? If so, would they not simply come after her vengeance. She didn't know. She simply lived, trying to be normal, and yet always looking over her shoulder for the day they would find her again.

"I'm sorry too. For you. What you have been through. It must have been horrifying, experiencing someone trying to take your gift from you," her eyes widened sympathetically and she almost wanted to grab the woman's hand from across the table and hold it in her own. She couldn't imagine what that experience had to have been like, experiencing a piece of yourself almost being ripped away from you. It was a torture too great to think upon.

Yet, the woman had lived it. Her sister had lived through it. They had lived nothing short of a horror movie.

"I'm glad. That you can fend for yourself, that is," she gave her a small smile. "You certainly seemed very capable when I came across you earlier tonight," Calixte said remembering the power the woman had released. Power that was nothing short of admirable.


Aug 10th 2016 - 3:31 PM

Calixte's eyes were wide as she listened to the tale that Sarah told. Life wasn't easy for anyone with magic, was it? It seemed to be one impossible struggle after the other. Yet, at the same time, she couldn't imagine losing her own magic. Sure, she did not use her magic these days, given her trepidations. At the same time, it was by choice. It was still within her. Had someone taken them from her, ripped out of her body, it would be as though losing a limb. Life would go on, as life does, but learning to cope with such a loss would be tragic. Empathy, that's what she felt for the woman before her, and her family. Empathy.

The blonde witch's tale was not the same as Sarah's, but she understood the pain on some level. Every situation was different, after all. Magic was a gift, but it came with its own set of consequences: demons, witch hunters, factions, etc. They shared in that bond. The bond of the "gift" and the bond, of sadly, the constant state of war they lived in because of it. Since her friend's died, she never believed she'd have that to share in with someone again, to potentially talk about her pain. She had lived with it in isolation, chomping at her insides viciously for months.

She nodded her head. It had to be a lonely feeling, being the only one with such darkness in you, "I can sort of understand that," but the words got stuck in her throat, unable to finish. She had gotten too comfortable, but she didn't actually know Sarah. Calixte was born from a mortal father. She was a half-bred witch. Due to that, fanatical witches in her community wanted to take her when they learned of this and perform a "purification ritual" on her. It was dangerous, deadly, and simply unethical.

Quickly, Calixte moved on from the opening she had given to her world, "it's good. That you've learned to control it. You must be quite strong and quite good with the craft."

She paused, thinking about strength. Her strength. Did she have strength left within herself? Suddenly, her mind was back there. She was back with the demons who had taken her. She was underground, the dirt in her hair, bruised and bloody knuckles trying to escape, and the hollow eyes of her friends burned into her mind.

Strength. Maybe. She had escaped, but how much of herself was left?

"That's a good reason to fight," she said softly, "family. People. People are worth fighting for."

She paused thoughtfully, noting how Sarah had double checked for potential hunters coming her way, "are you going to be safe on your own tonight?" She asked. She didn't want to simply grab some diner food and then send the poor woman on her merry way. Magic and Calixte were unmixy things, but could she throw the woman to the wolves? Even if she could take care of herself, was it right to leave her in potential harm's way if she could something, anything at all, even perhaps provide her with a blessing.

A blessing was minimal magic, it was more attractions of strong, positive energies, in fact. It could be done and perhaps it could help.


Aug 4th 2016 - 10:37 PM

"She might be able to handle them, but these people don't appear to be slouches themselves," Calixte said, not trying to elicit a panic. Anything she was saying, she was sure that the woman before her hadn't already been concerned with herself.

"It's good that you look out for her," Calixte said, "that's all I mean. There's strength in numbers."

Her niece might have had her own powers, but Calixte had seen what the power of a support system could bring, especially those with a close bond. Look at where she was now, even ith that she ended up alone. How fun it was to be the last one standing

No, her niece needed Sarah. It was hard enough with demons in the world, add on additional threats, she would need all the support she could get. Family support was something that was simply invaluable.

Calixte listened with interest, hearing what the woman had to say about the craft she of which came with her family's line. Black magic. It was as if they were born with drugs in their system, all they had to do was reach out and grab it. Every step they took, it was always there, dangling in their face. The temptation. Every day, it had to been a battle of wills. It sounded absolutely exhausting and the blonde witch could not help, but have empathy, "you must be an extremely strong woman," she said with nothing short of respect.

"The fact that you're sitting here, talking to me, choosing the right paththat's a strength I could only ever hope to achieve in part of," she said honestly.

Strength. These days she didn't feel very strong. Timid, weak, and lost. She was in hiding, runninga way from the things that sent her over the edge, refusing to live with them because it was more comfortable that way. She knew it in her heart. It was wrong to give up magic, to better the world. She knew it in her heart, but her legs could not carry her back into the battlefield where her destiny called for her. Yet, the woman before her fought every day with temptation and darkness a constant cloud parading over her head.

Calixte didn't know the woman for long, but when you hear a truth of such nature, she didn't have to know her long to see the fortitude Sarah held.

"That makes sense," Calixte asked, suddenly sitting up. Here was a woman, wise, and suddenly she felt safe. Safe to talk to someone. Safe took guidance. Safe to try and hope someone's wisdom who had been through the war could rub off on her, "how do you do it? How do you keep fear from becoming an option?"


Jul 5th 2016 - 6:19 PM

Resting back against her seat, Calixte listened as Sarah spoke of her craft. It had been a good while since he had been able to have a conversation about magic with another person. Too long. Suddenly, the clenching in her stomach evaporated. Instead, she felt as though she were at home. It was right. Magic was right.

And yetso very wrong

The glazed over eyes and horrified expressions of her fallen coven accosted her mind. The feeling of being home was gone as soon as it came. Suddenly, her insides felt as though they were falling through a black hole of eternity.

She swallowed and tuned back into what Sarah was explaining.

"Are you worried they'll go after your niece?" Calixte asked.

If someone was in danger than a permanent solution would have to be found. Sure, she could suggest a protection spell. In the past, she had been great with coming up with energy shields placed around a person, but that was only temporary. Eventually, the shield had to come down.

There was no way to fully eliminate the practice of Witch Hunting. As long as a witch was known to be in existence, they would be attacked. However, messages could be sent out to not only the demon world and other creepy critters, but witch hunters too. The message would have to be powerful enough to make the foe think twice before seeking out a particular witch.

What was she doing?

This wasn't her world anymore, yet her mind was chewing over options as though she were an active participant in the craft. She took a deep breath. She could talk to the woman, perhaps offer up advice, but she needed to stay out of it any further than that. After all, Calixte Donovan was certain of one thing. She did more harm than good. Sara had enough on her plate; she didn't need a good intentioned witch producing bad results.

Calixte nodded, "dark magic is a force I never dabbled in myself. I had a friend once who had great control over it in dire circumstances. She wielded an impressive amount in the moment it was needed, but would find herself needing to take several magic free days afterward to keep herself in check."

Calixte looked away for a moment. Hallie. It was the first time she had spoken about her since she was killed in battle. Truthfully, Calixte didn't know how she felt about mentioning Hallie, and doing so in such a casual way. Her throat seemed to tighten. Luckily, a waitress came over in time to get her mind off of a Hallie for several seconds, allowing herself to calm.

When the waitress was gone, she contemplated Sarah's question about missing magic.

"I don't know. Maybe I miss it. I think the resistance I feel against it is greater. It takes over my emotions more that I don't really feel a chance to miss magic," she pursed her lips for a moment and suddenly found herself being very honest. Too honest perhaps, but Sarah was another witch. If anyone had a chance to understand, and maybe to share any sort of perspective of interest, it would be her, "honestly, I mostly feel fear."


Jun 14th 2016 - 3:57 PM

Calixte frowned hearing that the woman before her was always in danger. Yes, she frowned, but it didn't surprise her. She knew that life. She had lived that life, hunting down the monsters under the bed. The world hadn't appreciated Calixte and her former coven for hindering their world. They had painted a nice big target on the covens' back for it, but the price had been worth the good they had achieved over the years.

At least, Calixte had once thought it was worth it.

Now, here she was, left alone. Her coven was gone. Her drive was gone. Her business was gone. She was slinging burgers for ungrateful slobs throughout her days and nights, dreaming of when she could get home to a good book. It was all she wanted, to disappear from the world.

"I'll lead the way," Calixte said, walking with the woman towards her work.

Taking a deep breath, her mind continued to chew over what it was she was doing. The woman clearly was the one who had been in danger. She wasn't the threat. Case closed. So, why was Calixte pursuing this? Curiosity for what the blonde witch had given up perhaps? However, wasn't temptation best avoided? As much as Calixte believed herself for having a moral reason for giving up the craft, her power still flowed through her veins, it still called to her. Not practicing was like living with a hole in her soul.

Besides, it had been a long time since had conversation with another witch, someone who could potentially understand her. Despite the opportunity, she walked to the diner in silence; her mouth had a loss for what words to form.

The bell above the diner door rang and Calixte made her way inside. She grabbed a booth that already had menus placed before them, "home sweet home," she snorted, "just about." The diner might as well have been home with the amount of hours she was putting in lately. Then again, perhaps it felt like longer because she loathed each workday.

"You mentioned before that you're always in trouble?" Calixte asked curiously, "do you mind if I ask why that is?" She lowered her voice, keeping the conversation between them, "one witch to another?"

Calixte couldn't help being curious about the woman, even with the warning bells going off in her mind that she was inviting herself onto a dangerous path. For a moment, Calixte felt like herself again, talking about the very aspect of herself that made her unique. It was what she was born to do, of this she knew, even if she could no longer allow herself the joy of it. She found she did not want the conversation about their shared craft to end.

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