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Book! Elena Gilbert. Based on ALL TVD novels. Warning spoilers for books may be on my page. Read Rules. Cross overs into Supernatural at times. Originals and Cross overs Welcomed.

28 years old
Falls Church, Virginia
United States

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The biography and Personality information on the right side in the about me section was not written by me. It was taken from The Vampire Diaries Novel wiki. The quotes about Damon and Stefan in their section was not from the show. These were from the novels. And credit is to LJ smith. Her powers and abilities came from The novel wiki as well. Everything else I wrote on the left side.

Music video coming soon.

Character Details

Nicknames Golden Girl, Princess (or variations of that by Damon) Date of Birth November/5th/ 1992. Age 28? Species Nephilim (Formerly Vampire) Place of Birth Fells Church Current Residence Fells Church Education College Occupation College Student Living Arrangements Campus Transportation car. Driving Criminal RecordNone Medical HistoryToo many injuries to list. Usually due to supernatural encounters. Death is a big one. Twice over by the hands of my older sister Katherine. Whose a vampire by the way. Hair Color Blonde Eye Color Blue Height | Weight 5'6" | 120 lbs. Skin Color Pale White Ethnicity Caucasian. Physical Description Elena was described to be an angelic classical beauty. She has long, straight hair the blond color of which resembles a soft, pale gold, and its texture is silky and smooth. Her eyes are the color of lapis lazuli (a deep, dark blue), with flecks of gold in them, and her eyebrows and lashes are a darker blonde compared to her hair Orientation: Straight

Orientation Description: Description? Well she is the standard straight. Attracted to men. Has a nasty habit of getting herself into love triangles with brothers. Who are vampires. Who she ends up with depends on which story is told. She's never really experimented or flirted with bisexuality. She's always just been straight.
Zodia Sign What's your sign? Zodiac Traits List all of your sign traits. Likes | Dislikes College, friends, Salvatores | some of the guardians, Danger & Katherine (Sometimes) Drink | Drugs | Smoke No| No | No Fears Losing Damon or Stefan. Death. Definitely Death. Other Traits I have many supernatural abilities as guardian. One of the most useful is my blood kills the Old Ones (The Originals in the show version) Parents Thomas and Elizabeth Gilbert Siblings Margret Gilbert (Alive) & Katherine Von Swartzchild (deceased) Other Family Members Angels & Guardians (Ancestors) Judith Gilbert-Maxwell (Aunt), and Robert Maxwell (Uncle). Children None Pets None Close Friends Bonnie McCullough, Meredith Suelz, Damon and Stefan Salvatore

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Characters: Elena Gilbert
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Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Gore, Horror, Romance, Supernatural,
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About me:

Elena Gilbert

28 / Scorpio / Angel :: Vampire / TVD Books


Elena Gilbert is the heroine and the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries book series. Her soulmate and true love is centuries old vampire, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan's elder, dangerous and malevolent vampire brother who follows him to Fells Church is Damon Salvatore. Elena was born July 6th, 1974, in Fells Church, Virginia. Elena starts off the series as being the most beautiful, popular girl at Robert E. Lee High School. Although she is very beautiful and popular, Elena initially comes off as very vain, selfish, headstrong and spoiled. Upon meeting Stefan, Elena feels an immediate, indescribable and intense connection and attraction to him that she cannot describe in words.

She is deeply, passionately, and strongly in love with Stefan, but she also finds herself drawn to his malevolent and dangerous brother, Damon. Elena has endured much pain and tragedy in her young lifetime. Both of her parents died in a fatal car crash when she was younger, and she is raised by her Aunt Judith. Elena is very beautiful, and because of this, is able to have any boy she wants. All the boys in Fell's Church want her, and all the girls in Fells Church want to be like her.

Elena has a younger four year old sister named Margaret. At first, Stefan avoids Elena because of her strong resemblance to his ex vampire-girlfriend Katherine and also because of the intense attraction they have for each other. Damon also becomes interested in Elena because of her physical resemblance to Katherine. Elena is very caring and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her loved ones safe. Elena appears in all the books and is the main protagonist. She is best friends with Bonnie McCullough, a bubbly, charming and perky redhead who is a strong psychic with witch ancestry, and Meredith Sulez, an insightful, intelligent and practical brunette who always gives wise advice.

Elena used to be friends with Caroline Forbes, but when school starts again, Caroline becomes Elena's rival. When Stefan Salvatore enrolls at the school, Elena feels intensely drawn to him and promises to herself that she will have him, "even if it kills them both." Caroline also takes an interest in Stefan, causing the rivalry between her and Elena to heat up intensely. Caroline says to Elena that she might be losing her popularity, and status as "Queen Of The School." Caroline gets a date with Stefan at the homecoming dance, and Elena tries to get Stefan to dance with her before Caroline foils her plans, coming back and saying that Elena looks "so pretty", and asks Elena if she minds that Caroline will be dancing with Stefan.

However, in the end, Elena is the one who receives Stefan's affections and the two eventually (but quickly) fall deeply, intensely and strongly in love with each other. Although Stefan and Elena always find absolute happiness, contentedness and bliss with each other, Elena's relationship with Stefan has been rather tumultuous and chaotic throughout the course of the series. Most of this is due to Stefan's tortured, dark and mysterious past and him keeping his centuries old dark secret of being a vampire from Elena.

Aside from both of Stefan and Elena's personal issues and struggles, many different and various obstacles often try to keep Stefan and Elena from being together, one of those obstacles being Stefan's elder dangerous brother, Damon. Elena has a highly complicated relationship with Damon. Damon has repeatedly tried to make advances at Elena, but she repeatedly rejects Damon's wishes and advances and has remained stoically loyal to her strong and deep love for Stefan. This strongly angers Damon and he often reacts in jealousy and rage as a result.


Personality wise, Elena is described as a very beautiful, popular but ordinary seventeen year old teenage human girl. Elena was born and raised in Fells Church, Virginia. Even though Elena is very beautiful physically, she could still be seen as the girl next door. At the start of the series, Elena was in competition to be the 'Queen' of Robert E. Lee High School with former friend and newly turned rival, Caroline Forbes. Elena is the type of girl that every boy falls for and whom every girl desires to be like. She is cool, confident, sociable, approachable and popular. Elena is highly active socially and she is involved in many extra curricular school activities. She is a top student and generally gets good grades, although she seems to not thrive at doing trigonometry. Elena is on the Senior Welcoming Committee at her high school. She was also voted as Most Popular and was voted as the Homecoming Queen. Even though Elena may be beautiful and popular, she is far from perfect. She has many flaws and imperfections within her personality.

At first, Elena initially comes off as very shallow, bossy, selfish, childish, competitive, self-absorbed, vain, proud, overly headstrong and extremely spoiled. However, she is still a good person at heart, is a generally kind, caring and protective individual, and is someone who loves and cares about her family and friends. Elena is outgoing, confident, brave, active, optimistic, determined, ambitious, loyal, protective and strong-willed. She is a very good leader and as a result, is good at leading most situations which require solid leadership. As the series progresses, she is willing to put her life at risk and do anything to help the people she loves and cares about. Elena has suffered and endured much loss, grief, pain and tragedy in her very young teenage life. Most of this is due to the loss of her parents, Thomas and Elizabeth, in a tragic and fatal car accident.

"Whatever happens, Stefan, I'll be with you. Tell me you believe that." And he had answered, helpless in her spell, "Oh, Elena, I believe it. Whatever happens, we'll be together."

From the moment I saw you

I knew that you would change my life

"She wanted to follow. Nothing was real. Didn’t he understand? She could not imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were, without a Damon in it. There was no world for her, if there was no Damon"

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Senses - Elena's vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell advanced greater than the average human.
Super Speed - Elena had the supernatural ability to jump, move and run at superhuman velocity. Elena had used this ability when she found out Stefan's life was in serious danger. She and Damon raced to his rescue.
Telepathy - The supernatural ability can communicate mentally with other vampires without physical contact and long distances. It also allows one to probe the minds of others. Elena was able to communicate with the Salvatore brothers' non-verbally as well as Bonnie, who is also telepathic due to being a psychic. This power was substantially much stronger when she was communicating telepathically with Stefan due to her soul mate connection with him.
Influence - Elena had the supernatural ability to control and manipulate the body, mind, and soul of any animal or person.
Weather Control - Elena possessed the supernatural ability allows influence meteorological energy patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.
Elemental Manipulation - Elena had the supernatural ability to control and manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire, water, lightning, etc.
Animal Control - Elena has the supernatural ability that could handle all kinds of wild animals or domestic. Normally, they can only control a species at a time. Healing - Elena possessed the supernatural ability to heal all infections, wounds, and injuries at an accelerated speed.
Immortality - Elena possessed the supernatural ability of eternal life and youth, meaning that she will never grow old or age and she is incapable of death due to human circumstances.
Shapeshifting - Elena had the supernatural ability to alter and change the physical form of ones self.
Super-Strength - Elena had the supernatural ability of abnormal strength beyond that of a normal human being.
Illusion - Elena was capable of disrupting the reality of one or more things at once. The power of Illusion is limited, since it uses a short time but because the neutralization of the enemy and does not usually give orders to the victims.
Who I'd like to meet:

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ꜰɪʀᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ꜰɪʀᴇ ʀᴘɢ

Nov 8th 2019 14:00

Hello there, we are an AU TVD, TO & Legacies proboards Forum RPG. If you click the links above, you'll be taken to our site along with our discord! If you have any questions feel free to message us here or discord! 

Lizzie and Josie has brought Kai back and with him he brought a few people from Mystic Falls and a few from New Orleans to toy with the residents in both towns. How will everybody react to finding out that he is back? Has he changed or is he the same old person he always has been?

Thank you for your attention, have a great day!

Feb 9th 2019 14:33

AU The Original Legacies RPG | Literate Multi-NovellaPluie De Sanghttps://www.roleplayer.me/1457461
When Hope Mikaelson’s world came crashing to an end, she had a decision to make. Would the young Mikaelson continue hiding behind the Marshall name and accept defeat? Or would she make the choice to take fate into her hands and build it back up? Sometimes when we’re ready to leave a legacy behind us, that legacy isn’t ready to be left yet. Follow our story as Hope chooses to wear her name proudly and put her life back together piece by piece with the help of the Saltzman twins.
It’s been just over a year since Niklaus & Elijah passed and the vampires vacated New Orleans. Hope “Marshall” has been living with the Saltzman family in Mystic Falls where anyone supernatural knows so-called bad ideas breed like wildfire. The girls have spent their time researching bringing the loved ones they’ve lost back from the ancestral plane and they know just what they’ve got to do. It’s going to require making a deal with the hollow and bringing back the very evil Hope’s family fought to get rid of. The moral dilemma here is do you bring someone back from the dead when they sacrificed themselves to save your life?
In Hope’s mind, the answer is yes. Upon Hope’s return to New Orleans for an end of summer celebration, she’ll bring Josie and Lizzie along for the trip to set their plan in motion. They say that when you make a deal with the devil it’s bound to fail somehow, but these girls have a trick up their sleeve. They’ve moved the hollow before and they’ll do it again before it can get a hold on Hope again.
"I didn't think it was such a big deal at the time. But now that it's stirred up so much trouble I kinda feel bad."
When you’re going against a hollow that had over 1500 years to plot against all of those who’d turned their backs on her, you’re going to be out smarted. The girls themselves were a little too open ended when they requested she bring all of their family members back. Just as planned Niklaus, Elijah, Hayley, Finn, Josette, Olivia and Lucas were brought back immediately. What the girls did not know is that the hollow also brought back the others, the ones she felt would be useful for revenge.
As promised the girls placed the hollow into the body of an original sibling, Finn. However before Hope or Lizzie could dagger him he managed to not only steal the dagger, but to vanish into a cloud of dust. With the hollow having Esther, Mikael, Dahlia, Kai and Katherine on her side it’s just a matter of time before they come for their moment. Now the girls must deal with the wrath of their families for going behind their backs as they prepare for the biggest problems any of them have ever dealt with.
"I only ask that you remember the oath of loyalty you once swore to me. Always & forever."Come join us, won't you?https://www.roleplayer.me/1457461

Aug 31st 2016 18:47

"I totally agree with you hun. We at MLR have always been supporters as roleplayers and resource site owners of sites that do free work and custom work. Joker and I believe it's important to show that support and not bring anyone down. It was disheartening when we logged on this morning to see some of the negativity inspired by the sites taking a stance against it. There were some pretty harsh statuses and comments. This "movement" as they would like to call it might not have had bad intentions but a lot of people took what they were saying the wrong way. We just wanted to state our views on it... which we have a few times before. It was hurtful when our site was attacked directly for that. I'm a bit tender-hearted so it really stung... especially since it came from a site that I once had a lot of respect for and enjoyed using their work. What you wrote in that bulletin was one of the best written ones on the matter that I've seen. You did a great job. If you ever need anything at all then please feel free to come to us. We will be more than happy to assist you anything that we can or that you need. Thank you for putting out some positive vibes. It's appreciated more than you know." --Harley Quinn

Aug 31st 2016 07:59

"Indeed... it was a positive comment to your post hun. Thank you for it. It was well said and written. It's also very much appreciated." ♥ -HQ

Aug 18th 2016 02:14


Jul 7th 2016 13:58


Aug 16th 2015 17:08


Feb 14th 2015 18:20

I love you...
-points to everyone in this room;

I should say Happy Valentine's Day or will you be my Valentine....but
Cupid is Stupid and I am just gonna give you my love every day for as long as I am in your life..
Why should I make one day special when I could show it to you every day!
So yougorgeoussexy person you...
-holds up her Dirty Shirley and plays music;
Lets have some fun!
xoxo, Lena

(ps. Send me your favorite picture that has me and you and I'll make it special -blows a kiss)

Aug 21st 2014 17:09


Mar 5th 2014 19:22

First Off...
I know I know, you all hate generic comments

"Lena what the hell, make it more original!"

I'M SORRY OKAY! but there are currently 130-something of you lovelies
and my little pretty ass can't come up with 130-whatever comments like this without it sounding,
stupid to be completely honest.

But do you want to hear the good news?

Well since you are seeing this lovely little message, that means you survived!
And no I am not talking about the Hunger Games...
[or sparkling vampires who put diamonds to shame---seriously no Twilight]

This little ramble of a comment means, you -points; survived Pre-Easter Cleaning on le friends list!


So here is what I suggest, because I am tired of having 3/4 of my list quieter than shit..
STORYLINES, Connections, and other --- things that make roleplay fun!

Since I am restarting all my storylines now that I am back from my hiatus,

I want to get writing with the best there is and in myopinionyou classify in that list.
So how about this? Message me, comment me, kik me if you want to...
But let's have some fun because I am one of those girls who hate waiting around,
for good things to happen.


Take me up on this offer and here is what you get.
A friend who is sassy, classy and a hella lot of smartassy.

If you are expecting television Elena, then I suggest you delete me because I promise you sweetheart I'm not her.
I am blunt about my thoughts, ramble when I'm nervous and the simple things make me happy. If you are my friend
I'll be your support system and also that fun little ball of doe eyes with a sweet smile that will
do everything in her power to make sure you have a smile on your face.

Do I sound like an infomercial... probably... do i care? Nope.
You are just gonna have to suck it up and deal with this Gilbert Girl.
Otherwise, save me the trouble and get off my list darling...

Cause I'm not changing for anyone ;)


-Lena ♥
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