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Characters: Tess Connolly
Playbys: Katee Sackhoff
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Open, Psychological,
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Something happened on the platform that night.

The train leaves at exactly eleven o’clock. On the dot. If you miss the Hogwarts Express you’re supposed to get in touch with McGonagall, or someone to let them know. The train will not stop for anyone—unless you’re a dementor, of course—if you miss it you’re screwed.

At least that is what legend says. No one really knows what it is like to miss the train, not just miss the train but step onto the platform moments after the train departs from the station. You’d think it would be like the muggle trains, people bustling around, waiting for the next train, making their way back to their own busy lives.


In the recorded history of Hogwarts there has never been any recorded cases of students missing the train until now. Sure, you’ve got Potter and Weasley who in their second year thought they’d fly to Hogwarts instead, but this is nothing compared to that. When these students stepped onto the platform merely seconds after the train had departed what they experienced was nothing short of hell. Literally.

There was no one around. No one waving goodbye as the train chugged off. No one hurrying back towards the muggle world or apparating back to their lives. It was all dark save for the flickering torches in the brick archway. The paving stones were cracked from the mountains of trunks that were tugged over them over the centuries. Screams echoed in the darkness and what these students experienced will haunt them for the rest of their natural lives. Eventually someone found the strength to pull everyone back through the gateway, to get hold of McGonagall and they were taken to Hogwarts but they were never the same.

No one wanted to talk about it but at the same time all they could do was talk about it. The school was abuzz with whispers, Umbridge constantly shutting anyone down who tried to talk about it. There were far more pressing matters at hand, after all. Potter was saying that Voldemort had returned and all these students could talk about was how cold they felt. The hands that pressed against them and clung with them.

When Ivan Donaldson attacked a second year muggle born because of his blood status everyone assumed that he had mistaken him for a creature in the forest... but then he started on the others. In a stretch of three days it seven students in the hospital wing, two hovering close to a point where things were touch and go. Until that moment everyone had forgotten that he had missed the train. He was one of them. What had he seen that was so terrible that it started a revolution? It was more than just that... it was contagious. All the students who thought they were safe because they weren’t muggle born started to realise that no one was safe.

Something horrible is brewing beneath the surface. What these students witnessed could well be the start of a new chapter of the wizarding world, or it could be something entirely different.

Only one thing is known for sure...that nothing will ever be the same again.

This is a new war, behind the gates at Hogwarts. One that is purely destroying the students. One that is causing a revolution. And that revolution is everything.

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  • open date: 12th November, 2017.
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  • number of members: 41.
  • requirements: Multi-Para to Novella. Friendly. Literate. Desire to write and be part of a family environment where everyone is equal.
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  • extra: Coming Soon.

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