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Kendall Logan

Nov 29th 2020 - 11:21 PM

Hey hun,curious about my character read my latest stream please
BlööÐ GöÐÐꧧ §åqqårå

Nov 19th 2020 - 10:46 PM

Oh, ok well send me a starter whenever, you like.
BlööÐ GöÐÐꧧ §åqqårå

Nov 19th 2020 - 10:22 PM

OOC: So, do we no each other there,because I had a Gambit after me for awhile lol. Do you have discord? BloodGoddess#0087
BlööÐ GöÐÐꧧ §åqqårå

Nov 19th 2020 - 10:07 PM

Hey, thank you for the friendship add. Are you from myspace?

Oct 16th 2020 - 10:23 PM

// My inbox is always open for discussions etc.
   Crossovers are sought after and encouraged
     Banter and ooc chats are welcomed too.
   Thank you kindly for your time & attention.

Oct 13th 2020 - 3:02 AM

Thank you for adding me! I am super excited!
Don't be a stranger!
Come hang out with me! I promise, my father won't mind.


Sep 22nd 2020 - 2:49 AM

"Where. . . did it go?"

Catwoman huffed as she pressed her heel a bit deep into the thug's throat, the guy's face showed desperation as he tried to speak, with his tongue flailing around in his mouth when he tried to form a sentence. The Catwoman had asked him nicely the first two times. Now that he knew she meant business, he was suddenly willing to sing like a bird. But Catwoman's frustration hit a peak that she was purposely making him suffer before letting go of his throat. It was not like her, but tonight, she was in a mood.

"Geez.. okay, okay, okay!" he sputtered actual words this time while rubbing his bruised hand at his throat, "what killed those girls , it's coming from the sewers, I don't wanna say it's a lizardy beast. . . but, y'know."

Catwoman stared her emerald at the demon with intent, she was waiting for him to spill all the bullsh*t so that he could get to the information that she wanted. Catwoman had been tracking thugs only because they had taken something from her. What she was asking was where that artifact went, not about some random killings that was going on in Gotham. But when he mentioned the sewers, it caused Catwoman to arch her brow inquisitively. There was only one thing that dwelled in the sewers.

"Croc. . ." she muttered outloud.

"Yeah, that's the rumor I hear about it. . I swear that's all I know. He's been hiding out in the bayou."

"Listen up, I caught you because one of your friends has taken something from me and I want it back. ." she hissed at him.

The thug shrugged in response. That made the Catwoman ball her hand into a fist and knock him a heavy one right into his jaw.

"Whoa, hey! Okay! I'll ask around, I have no idea what you're talking about as we've only been ordered to supply this thing with girls and that was all. Ain't nobody stealing nothing from you, I swear!"

Catwoman narrowed her eyes at him, she knew he was lying but she released her hold on the thug and let him get back to whatever the hell he was doing when she interrupted him. She had enough information to take her on a path to more answers. Because now she had a location, and it was a place that she hardly ever visited. The bayou, it was outside of Gotham, didn't even toe the line and she was guessing that's why Croc chose that place to dwell? Or maybe this was all a set up.

Sep 14th 2020 - 9:32 PM

"Well, arent you just the cutest thing. Would you like to work a story line with me?"

Sep 14th 2020 - 9:19 PM

{Thanks for the add}
Vampire Woman

Aug 24th 2020 - 1:42 AM

//"Darling,you are already in my veins" -Author Unknown
Thank you kindly for the request. (^,..,^) I thought I'd give you a bit about my character. I will write up a full bio when I am not busy snacking on tourists. I appreciate your time and look forward to discussing soon. 

My character I tend to keep rather simple, she is just short of 600 years old. She lived around 1450 in Puerto Rico, she was a Taino Indian on the island, she was turned in her early twenties. She has spent her time learning to fight with swords and hand to hand along with traveling the world. She has the typical vampire traits, accelerated speed, healing, agility, strength, keen senses, the one extra that sets her apart is a gift for producing and manipulating fire. Its a gift she does not have complete control over, it can emerge in times of anger or extreme emotion. Jade's mood is often connected with her hunger, if she has not fed recently she can grow agitated, angry even hostile. Her personality though I tend to bend depending on who I am writing with and what they are looking for as far as a story. She can be protective etc or she can be an enemy, and everything in between, just depending on which way you would want to go.
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