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About me:
Negan Smith was the leader of the Saviors, who used his authority and resources to subjugate other communities and gather tribute in exchange for protection against walkers. After a war against the Militia of his formerly subjugated communities, he was defeated, which ended up with Daryl Dixon taking charge of the Saviors, now willing to cooperate with the communities before its disbanding. He was taken as a prisoner to the Alexandria Safe Zone, receiving a life sentence. Negan remained imprisoned in Alexandria for seven and a half years, until Gabriel Stokes failed to properly close his cell door, allowing him to escape. After seeing how the world had changed, Negan chose to return to Alexandria and his cell rather than be alone. He has also developed a close bond with Judith Grimes. After saving Judith during a massive blizzard, Negan was allowed to take on a role in the community under supervision. During the Whisperer War, Negan is freed from his cell by Carol Peletier and sent to infiltrate the Whisperers in order to kill their leader, Alpha. After helping the Coalition to achieve the victory in the war, Negan came to terms with his past and chose to stay in Alexandria despite the danger of Maggie Rhee seeking revenge upon him for his earlier actions. In a search for supplies for the communities, he is forced to confront with Maggie as they work closely together throughout the ordeal. Knowing his fate is inevitable when the conflict against the Reapers concludes, Negan decided to leave Alexandria to find another shelter to inhabit. Following his departure from Alexandria, Negan joins Riverbend where he marries Annie who becomes pregnant with his child. Drawn into the conflict with the Commonwealth, Negan is reunited with his allies. After expressing genuine remorse for his murder of Glenn, Negan and Maggie make some peace with each other and Negan and Annie departed to find a new life with their child elsewhere. Years later, Negan sent Annie and their son, Joshua on a wagon train to Missouri after killing five men to protect his wife. He forms a parental bond with Ginny, the daughter of one of the men he killed. They both reunite with Maggie, who seeks Negan's help in rescuing Hershel from the Croat, a former member of the Saviors whom Negan exiled years ago. Negan is shown to be a charismatic, cocky, manipulative, brutal, and ferocious man with a sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humor. Negan is a brilliant strategist and a strong, effective leader, having kept hundreds of people alive and is worshipped by many and feared by others. When he was leader of the Saviors, he was shown to have had complete control over his vast group and was questioned by no one, acting as a complete dictator. Negan also acted like a cult leader, as the Saviors all knelt in his presence and when asked who they are, they all responded in unison "Negan". Negan appeared to care about the well-being of his group as shown when he personally killed Abraham as punishment for the slaughter of many of his soldiers at the hands of Rick and his group. Negan believes that he alone can save the people around him and was willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their survival. Negan was also an extremely ruthless leader, willing to do whatever it took to obtain resources and supplies for his group by extorting from multiple communities, threatening them with death if they did not obey his demands or did not gather the necessary amount of supplies. Negan is shown to be a cold-blooded killer who kills not just for survival, but to send a message and as punishment for disobedience as seen when he brutally murdered Glenn after Daryl attacked him even after he made it very clear he would punish anyone who provoked him. He also has no respect to those he views as being weak as he brutally slaughtered Spencer after the latter attempted to convince him to kill Rick, claiming he had no guts to do it himself. He explained to Father Gabriel that he wants to help people through their weaknesses and by being strong he makes the world strong. This may explain why he uses fear as an instrument to keep people in line. By being hard on people he makes them stronger and more inclined to survive. Negan tells Maggie years later that this version of him was just a show that he put on when Negan needed to protect his people and that Negan was only ever a monster when he absolutely had to be. On the other hand, Negan has great respect for those he views as strong, both physically and emotionally, and those who show bravery and defiance against him. This is shown when he immediately took a liking towards Daryl for standing up to him and punching him in the face, even though Negan punished Daryl by killing his friend Glenn. Negan did the same thing with Rosita in "Hearts Still Beating", when she tried to shoot him but shot Lucille instead, and although he admired her bravery, he angrily punished her by killing her comrade Olivia. Moreover, despite his very harsh treatment towards Rick and doing everything he can to insult and intimidate Rick, Negan shows great respect for Rick and his leadership skills. He even explains to Spencer that although Rick hates his guts and wants him dead, Rick is swallowing his hate and gathering stuff for Negan so that he does not harm anyone else in Alexandria, and admires and respects that. After Carl tricks Negan so the people of Alexandria can escape, Negan openly admits respect and admiration for Carl's actions despite the fact that it caused Negan to lose the confrontation. When Brandon tells Negan he heard that Negan was the one who killed Carl, Negan becomes visibly emotional and states that he never harmed Carl and never would've. He is also shown to be capable of severe torture and will mutilate whoever does not follow his rules, such as Dwight and Mark whose faces he burned with a hot clothing iron. Negan has however stated that he hates performing this form of punishment, but also sees it as necessary as his rules matter. Negan will also employ psychological forms of torture as seen when he nearly made Rick chop his own son's arm off to break him completely, being the only antagonist to do so. Negan is also highly prone to psychological warfare and is extremely good at manipulating and breaking most people into submitting to him. Furthermore, Negan has openly admitted that he enjoys killing people, especially men, while he does not enjoy killing women, but he will kill a woman if he feels that he has to. Negan doesn't kill unless he feels that it's necessary. He stated to Gregory that he likes killing people, but under the right circumstances. He was enraged by Simon's suggestion that they kill all of the Hilltop residents, because to him people are a resource. Despite his brutal nature, Negan is not completely heartless, as seen when he spared Carl, even after he killed two of Negan's men in an attempt to assassinate him, and appeared to feel remorse for taunting him over his eye injury. He has also demonstrated care and love of babies as shown by his reaction to meeting Judith and cradling her kindly, though these kind moments are few and far between. Also, he is seemingly against killing children under 10. He also has a genuine disgust towards sexual violence and has made a strict "no rape" policy within his group, and will have anyone caught breaking this rule killed on the spot, as seen when he killed David, one of his men, for attempting to rape Sasha. He is also generous when it comes to second chances and can be very lenient, such as giving Rosita a chance to tell him who made the bullet, and his treatment of Carl, despite the fact that Carl killed two Saviors. He even allowed Simon a chance to lead the Saviors by engaging into a fight to the death, despite Simon's treacherous behavior. He also shows Eugene kindness by gently telling him that there is no need to be scared anymore. Negan is also, like Rick, a man of his word and does not lie or breaks a promise, and he is always open and true to who he is and never tries to hide it. This stands in complete contrast with other antagonists in the past, such as Shane Walsh, The Governor and Gareth, who used a combination of lies, manipulation and superficial charm in an attempt to hide their true inner nature. Despite his jolly, childlike behavior, Negan is highly intelligent and is incredibly good at reading people and exploiting their weaknesses as seen when he almost immediately knew that Carl was Rick's son and that Rosita had been in a relationship with Abraham. He was also able to deduce that Alpha was looking for her daughter Lydia, and used this to lure her into a trap. Negan lives by a moral code that forbids the killing of innocent people especially children. He shows reluctance to kill Carl, even when Carl has killed Saviors. Negan tells Brandon in "What It Always Is" that he has never killed a child and never will. Negan was shown to bond with young Milo, mentoring the boy and planning to take Milo and his mother Amelia to Hilltop for their own safety, though he asked Milo not to tell anyone that it was Negan who did it. When Brandon murdered Milo, Negan flew into a rage and killed the young man for what he did. When Daryl tells Negan that a bunch of children almost died at Hilltop because of him, Negan is visibly upset to hear it. Negan later tells Daryl that one of the things that pushed him over the edge to kill Alpha was that she was targeting innocent people and children. Negan outright states to Daryl his belief that you never harm a child no matter what. There is however contradiction to Negan's claim of not harming children as in the past he was going to kill Carl as a last attempt to break Rick into submission. This contradiction can be seen as a change from what Negan was willing to do before as to opposed to now. Negan loved his wife Lucille dearly, despite treating her badly he claims that she got him through life. After her death he named his primary weapon "Lucille", a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The bat is a symbolic reminder of Lucille, which helps him cope during the apocalypse. Negan refers to the bat as her as if she is a person and asking it to give him strength. He was incensed when Lucille is shot, losing his usually calm and flamboyant behavior. Negan also shows panic and gets greatly upset if anyone dares damage Lucille. Negan enjoys using Lucille to kill his victims, often using her excessively to install revulsion and terror into others. Negan explained that the bat is the last thing he has left of his wife. Negan may not have started out with the intention to become who he did when he became the leader of the Saviors. When Carl tried to negotiate with Negan and asked if he wanted to be who he is now, Negan noticeably pauses as if Carl's words struck a nerve or reminded him of who he once intended to be. This, along with Negan's job as high school gym teacher indicates that Negan's time as leader of the Saviors has corrupted his original intentions and turned him into the man he currently is. In "Here's Negan", it is also shown how Negan can be much less ruthless in the early days of the apocalypse. He was kinder and less willing to resort to extreme methods unless pushed, and even then it took losing his wife to bring out the more ruthless side of him. During most of his interactions with Carl Grimes, Negan shows kindness and respect towards the boy, only taking on a threatening tone when he uses Carl against Rick. In "Sing Me a Song", Negan taunts Carl about his missing eye, but sincerely apologizes after realizing that he has gone too far. Following Carl tricking him to save the residents of Alexandria, Negan openly admits respect and admiration for Carl, feeling that Carl is the future. After learning that Carl is dead, Negan is obviously grief-stricken by the news and along with his sincere remorse for Carl's loss, tells Rick that he will carry the loss of Carl too for awhile like everyone else who loved the boy. Negan is further horrified by the idea that he and the Saviors could have caused Carl's death and pushes Rick to find out that he wasn't guilty in Carl's death. Negan's fondness for Carl is clearly displayed in "Wrath" in which he becomes momentarily distracted by Rick telling him what Carl had hoped the two of them could have eventually achieved, which was peace. However he is seriously injured by Rick as a result and is taken as a prisoner to Alexandria in order to spend the rest of his days as a prisoner as punishment for the atrocities he has committed and to serve as a reminder that people are capable of change. By the start of Season 9, Negan is now completely powerless and trapped in a degraded form of existence as a prisoner in Alexandria. Despite this however, he is still shown to be strong and has maintained his sanity despite his captivity as well as his menacing attitude. He is even shown to be brave enough to still taunt his jailer, Rick, about his late son Carl even though he is completely at Rick's mercy and can potentially be killed in an instant and appears to have hopes for freedom as he tells Rick that he is not saving the world in the least, but that he is simply getting it ready for him. Despite this, Negan confides in Michonne that he greatly misses his wife, appreciating the fact that she is not alive to see him in such a state, and admits to her that, since losing the war, he has lost everything. When Negan desperately asks Michonne to see Lucille, he is horrified and broken when she gleefully tells him that his bat is still where he was defeated, causing him to bash his head repeatedly into one of the cell's walls. This illustrates that, while Negan continues to put on a fierce exterior when conversing with Rick, being locked up for nearly two years without an audience, power, and especially Lucille has begun to eat away at him. This finally culminates in a complete breakdown during a confrontation with Maggie, who came to his cell to finally kill him, purposely trying to goad her into killing him before begging her to do so. Pulling Negan from his cell, Maggie demanded to know why he wants her to kill him. Sobbing, Negan finally admits he wants to be with his wife and can no longer live his life as a prisoner with nothing but his own thoughts to keep him company. Realizing how broken Negan is, Maggie lets him live and demands that he get back in his cell, telling him that imprisonment is the worst fate for someone like him. Walking back into his cell, Negan continues to cry, muttering that his life wasn't meant to turn out like this, showing just how broken he has become over the last year and a half. Six years after Rick's apparent death, Negan appears to have adopted a friendlier personality, helping Judith with math problems and offering her advice on Magna's group. While interacting with the young girl, Negan's advice appears to be completely genuine and not manipulative and he even gives a fond smile at Judith's take on the situation. He has retained his sense of humor and some of his manipulative personality, which he uses to tease Gabriel. When he sees Gabriel is upset about Rosita, he seems to genuinely sympathize with him, though Gabriel doesn't believe him. Negan's change of heart and attitude was further proven during a blizzard, when Negan willingly abandoned his group of survivors and risked his own life to chase after Judith, who herself began chasing Daryl's dog after it ran off, desperately calling out to her, and used his own winter clothes to keep Judith warm. Nonetheless, Negan still retained his rather crude and straight-forward sense of humor, joking about the "love triangle" between Gabriel, Rosita and Siddiq, and poking fun at Gabriel not being the father of Rosita's child, sarcastically referring to him as "Father, not the father". Instead of rising to the bait however, the Alexandrians tell Negan they know his mannerisms all too well and as a result, no longer fall for such things from him. As a result of his crude humor however, only moments later they mistake Negan sensing a genuine danger as yet another attempt at antagonism before they realize he's not kidding for once. Regardless, Negan seems to have completely changed his ways, showing genuine concern about the well-being of The Kingdom's residents after the storm, asking Michonne about their status. Negan openly admits sympathy for their situation as well, stating that while he doesn't know the people, he knows what they're going through having lost a kingdom. After killing Alpha, Negan admits to Daryl that he did enjoy working with the Whisperers because it allowed him to do something that mattered again and be needed. After spending seven years behind bars, Negan claims that even his memories have prison bars in them now. However, what pushed Negan over the edge to fulfil his deal with Carol and kill Alpha was when Alpha started killing innocent people and wanted to kill her own daughter Lydia. Negan states that Alpha went too far for him as you never kill someone who doesn't deserve it and you never harm a child. He also tells Carol while making a deal with her that he wishes no harm upon Alexandria and her residents and in fact expressed concern at the idea that his involvement in the plan could put them in danger which Negan genuinely didn't want. Though Negan had the chance to become the new Alpha of the Whisperers and kill Daryl, displaying much of his old personality and clearly enjoying the moment, Negan chose to save Daryl and return to Alexandria despite knowing that he might never be accepted, showing how far he had come from his time as the ruthless leader of the Saviors. In "Here's Negan", it is shown that before the apocalypse, and during the early months of the apocalypse, Negan was a much less brutal and much more reserved individual. At first, he refused to even kill a walker, concerned that he would come to enjoy it. This shows that Negan was a much less ruthless individual to begin with, one who hadn't killed anyone living. Though he was less ruthless, he was shown to have the same temper that he would show in the apocalypse, having been put on probation for assaulting a man who insulted his wife. The friendlier personality Negan has taken on after his years of imprisonment is closer to the man he was during the time with Lucille during the early months of the apocalypse. During his time living in Alexandria following the defeat of the Whisperers, Negan is forced to confront the consequences of his actions as a free man for the first time while working alongside the people that often dislike him at best and hate him at worst. However, Negan makes a genuine effort, forming something of a friendship with Daryl and playing a vital role in defeating the Reapers. During this time, Negan explains to Maggie that his murders of Abraham and Glenn were motivated by the massacre of his men at the Satellite Outpost and the need to give the friends and family of the men that were killed some justice. In this way, Negan's actions were to a degree like what Rick's group would've done in his situation and even what Maggie ended up doing to the Reapers. What separates Negan's actions is the sadistic way that he underwent them. However, Negan tells Maggie that, if given the chance to do it all over again, he would've killed everyone in the lineup because it would've saved a lot more of his people. After defeating the Reapers, Negan chooses to leave on his own, knowing that Maggie will never give up on trying to kill him. Negan later states that his decision also came because he knew that he would never truly be accepted and that it was better for everyone if he went, although this had the side effect of hurting Lydia, one of Negan's few friends, when he didn't even bother to say goodbye to her. When Negan resurfaces again six months later, he has found happiness with his new wife Annie, having finally, truly, moved on from Lucille. Negan also seems to be content with no longer being a leader, simply being a resident of Riverbend rather than its leader. With Annie's pregnancy, Negan is determined to protect his family at all costs and excited at the idea of being a father. Annie tells Maggie that Negan hasn't hidden his past from her, nor has he forgotten what he did. With how much Negan has changed, he has a better relationship in general with his former enemies while working with the Coalition against the Commonwealth, working side by side with Daryl effortlessly and even calling Daryl his friend to Mercer. Despite the slightly rocky way their previous team up went, Negan gets along well with Carol, even openly expressing his respect of her abilities to Sebastian Milton and opening up to Carol about his fears about being a father. While Aaron remains wary of Negan at first, Gabriel is delighted to have him back and has no such reservations. Due to Negan saving Hershel's life, Negan and Maggie's relationship begins to improve as well, although Negan is confronted with a stark reminder of his past when Hershel realizes who he is and tries to kill Negan in revenge for murdering his father. After being sent to the Commonwealth labor camp at an occupied Alexandria, Negan is faced with often being on the opposite end of his treatment to people as the leader of the Saviors with the Warden sharing many similarities to Negan at his worst with the one major difference being that Negan was never as cold-hearted as the Warden. After Negan tells her that he pretty much was the Warden once upon a time, Annie quips "shit, no wonder they hate you." Negan turns to Ezekiel for help in forming a revolution, knowing that the people need a leader who can inspire by hope, not fear, which is how Negan operates. Negan freely admits that he probably does belong in a place like the prison camp, but he also knows that everyone else doesn't. Ezekiel only reluctantly works with Negan due to his anger and bitterness over Benjamin's murder by the Saviors, causing the two men to clash and Negan to apparently betray Ezekiel. However, Negan instead gives up his own name as the leader of the rebellion and attempts to sacrifice himself as a martyr before being forced to beg after Annie is set to be executed with him. Only Ezekiel leaping to his defense spares Negan from death. The events at Alexandria, specifically being faced with the perspective of being someone on the other side of a tyrannical and sadistic leader's control, gives Negan a new understanding of how his own actions impacted those that he had once ruled over. Negan and Ezekiel are able to make peace and Negan reveals that his actions were completely selfless and motivated by a desire to leave behind a better legacy for his child than being the monster that he once was and to save everybody else, outright admitting that they are all better than him. Negan also finally understands what he did to Maggie and tearfully and genuinely apologizes to her for murdering Glenn and is even willing to sacrifice himself to kill Pamela Milton, knowing that it is a likely suicide mission and wanting to spare Maggie that. After spending so long working with Negan and having him apologize to her, Maggie recognizes that Negan is both genuine and trying to change, but she can't forgive him for what he did in the end. Negan becomes visibly emotional as Maggie talks to him and describes the man that he has so brutally murdered, silently listening as Maggie tells Negan what he took from the world and how sadistically he did it. However, Maggie decides to try to stop hating Negan and move on, even offering him a place at the Hilltop. The loss of his family and Negan's separation from the good influences of his friends in the Coalition have caused him to regress into some of his more extreme behaviors in the years since Pamela Milton's defeat. For example, Negan is more confrontational and willing to commit brutal murders in order to protect the people under his protection like he did as the leader of the Saviors. However, Negan has no interest in going back to being the monster that he had to be as the leader of the Saviors and continues to look back on many of his actions with regret for those that he has harmed and begins to recognize that Maggie may be right that he's a monster while Maggie herself begins to see Negan and his actions in a new light. Negan is shown to have a deep bond with his young companion Ginny, seeking a safe new home for her. Despite Ginny's muteness and Negan's initial frustration at his inability to communicate with her as well as he would like, Negan quickly developed an understanding of what Ginny is trying to tell him based off of non-verbal clues. Negan cares very deeply about Ginny and her about Negan in return to the point of following him to Manhattan after realizing that he's potentially in danger from Maggie. Negan later admits that he's the one who had murdered Ginny's father, thus indirectly causing the young girl to be so traumatized in the first place, and that he had tracked her down out of guilt. In order to protect the young girl, Negan harshly tells her that Ginny is only a price that he had to pay and that he never truly cared for her, something that is quite clearly not true and which Maggie sympathetically notes must've been very hard for him to do. Negan continues to carry a great deal of affection for Hershel Rhee, risking his life to help Maggie on a rescue mission for the boy despite Hershel's hatred of him. During their brief reunion, Negan warmly greets Hershel who is mainly angry about his mother's continuing obsession with Negan and doesn't respond. The Dama, after having heard the story of Glenn's murder from Hershel, later notes that she could sense that Negan feels remorseful and responsible for the boy whose family he had destroyed, something that Hershel himself couldn't sense. As a result, the Dama is able to threaten Negan into compliance by using Hershel as leverage against him, even after Hershel has been released.
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