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Birth Name: Wynter Lykensen
Name meaning: First The name Wynter is an English girl's name that means "winter". It can also symbolize "new beginnings" as winter is the end of one year and the start of another, or "harshness" as winter can be a difficult time with the cold weather and shorter days Last Lykensen is derived from the word "lyken", a term used for humanoid wolves
Legal Name:Wynter Lykensen
Nickname: Baby Wolf
Age: 17
Birthplace: Forbidden Forest
Birthday: Unknown
Languages Known: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Current Location: Zombie Town


Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown With A White Streak
Skin color: Pale White
Diet: Healthy
Loyalty: Friends Boyfriend And Family
Scars: None
Tattoos: two Claws With Purple Make Up
Previous Injuries None


Species: Werewolf
Abilities: Enhances her powers with the necklace all werewolves wear that came from the moonstone with that, it can make the werewolf kind live and be healthy so they can stay alive. Wolf Physiology: Wynter can use all of the traits that a normal wolf would have, such as enhanced strength, senses, speed, agility, the ability to survive cold temperatures, the innate predatory instincts, and adapting to her environment, although at a much higher level and all of her human abilities along with it.
Occupation: None
Family members: Wendy Lykensen (Mother) Wyatt Lykensen (Brother) Willa Lykensen (Sister) Zed Necrodroplis (Adoptive Brother) Zoey Necrodroplis (Adoptive Sister) A-spen (Sister In Law) A-li (Sister In Law) Skylar Lykensen (Sister in Law) Wilma Lykensen (Daughter) Unborn baby boy (Son) Whitney Wells (Niece) Bucky Wells (Brother In Law) Willow Lykensen (Niece) Winnie (Niece) Zora (Niece) Zuri (Niece) Zaylee (Half Niece)

love life

Soulmate: A-lan A-Lan.
Met: When He Came To Earth
Dating: When He Asked Me Out
Engaged: After they vondes
Married: May 26
Our Song:Someday
Lyrics: "I know it might be crazy, but did you hear the story? I think I heard it vaguely A girl and a Alien Oh, tell me more, boy, sounds like a fantasy What could be so wrong with a girl and a Alien You're from the perfect paradise, and I'm living on the other side Oh, I've got a feeling, if you get to know me Right from the start, you caught my eye Something inside me came to life Ooh, I've got a feeling, if you get to know me Someday, this could be, this could be ordinary Someday, could we be something extraordinary? You and me, side by side, out in the broad daylight If they laugh, we'll say, "We're gonna be someday" "
Comments: Im So Happy to say he's my husband now



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Status:In a relationship
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Education:Post grad
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About me:

Wynter Lykensen

“Everyone Likes Kittens”

Baby Beta Wolf

Wynter is the werewolf who is in her brother and her sisters pack

Wynter can sound threatening at times, and her original last name references what dogs do, and regular wolves are told to be ancestors of dogs

Wynter's powers can be enhanced with the necklace all werewolves wear that came from the moonstone. This makes the werewolf kind live and be healthy so they can stay alive.

Kitten Lover

A-lans Girl

Wolf Paws

Wynter has blue eyes, dark brown hair with a white streak with two buns on her head. She wears combat boots and a long leather jacket. As the rest of her pack, she wears a Moonstone Necklace around her neck that enhances her abilities. She also has fair skin and a wicked smile with pointed, but human-like teeth.

The Baby Wolf

The Beta Baby

Wynter is Wyatt and Willa's packmate, and is described as outgoing, eccentric, and mean. She has wolf physiology, including enhanced strength, senses, speed, agility, and the ability to survive cold temperatures. She also has predatory instincts and can adapt to her environment. Wynter is a big ball of heart, and cares a lot for her friends and packmates. She can't really contain her emotions, and tends to get too energetic about things she loves.

"Too much?" ”I am a mean, mean werewolf kid! I am tough and rough!” ”Aah that’s good.” (When Zoey pets her behind her ear) "Everyone likes kittens."

Willa Lykensen is one of Wynter's Packmates and friends. Wyatt Lykensen is one of Wynter's Packmates and friends. Zoey Necrodopolis is Wynter’s first zombie friend. Addison was believed to be the Great Alpha, and Wynter respects and bonds with her. Zed Necrodopolis friend of Wynter and says he is the best football player.

Who I'd like to meet:

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