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Straight. 20. Mature themes. No strings attached. Sorry, amores. I am for all the ladies. I give and accept random starters.

24 years old

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May 10 2024

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About me:
Name: Matteo Esposito Age: 20 Ethnicity: Italian Height: 6'6" Occupation: Heir to Esposito Vineyards Bio: Matteo Esposito is the epitome of Italian charm and devilish allure. With his striking looks and towering stature, he commands attention wherever he goes. Born into wealth and privilege as the heir to the renowned Esposito Vineyards, Matteo has never known a life without luxury and extravagance. Smooth-tongued and effortlessly charming, Matteo is a master of seduction, able to talk his way into the hearts - and beds - of countless women. His confidence knows no bounds, and he exudes an aura of irresistible magnetism that few can resist. Parties, women, and expensive cars are all part of his everyday life, indulging in every pleasure that money can buy. Despite his playboy lifestyle, Matteo is no stranger to the finer things in life. He has a discerning taste for quality and sophistication, inherited from his father's prestigious wine business. While many women throw themselves at him, few manage to truly impress him. However, that doesn't stop him from enjoying the company of any woman who catches his eye, knowing that they'll inevitably find themselves in his bed before long. For Matteo, life is a never-ending adventure, and he's determined to make the most of every moment. Whether he's cruising through the streets in one of his luxury cars or charming his way through a glamorous party, he lives life with an unapologetic sense of hedonism and pleasure. And with his devilish grin and irresistible charm, there's no doubt that he'll always get what he wants.
Who I'd like to meet:
All the ladies. Come to me! All sizes, shapes and colours.

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