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Legal & Physical
Name: Piper Alexandria Corvi
Nicknames: Pip, Pipe, Cuteness
Aliases: Piper Brewer, Piper Lacour
Date Of Birth: March 22, 1989
Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Left eye is hazel-brown, right eye is green
Height: 5'2" (163 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs. (52 kg)
Birthmarks/Scars: Scar from a gunshot wound on left shoulder and one on the right side of her stomach
Family & Relationships
Mother: Marisol Corvi
Father: Sergio Corvi
Sister(S): Nina Corvi, Taelor Corvi
Brother(S): None
Other Family: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single but Smitten
Current Relationship(S): No one
Past Relationship(S): Lincoln Albrecht (high school love), Brandon Coleman (ex-boyfriend/boy who kidnapped her in high school), Julian Brewer (ex-husband) & other past flings
Education & Employment
High School Alexander Hamilton High School
College Los Angeles Police Academy
Major Law Enforcement
Degree Certification
Occupation: Detective/Sleeper Agent
Job Description: Breaking down doors and chasing bad guys mainly but when hired for the right job, I take out those bad guys and leave the clean-up for someone else
Employer: Los Angeles Police Department
Skills: Excellent with a gun (excellent marksman/assassin), excellent in lying/leading a double life, is a bit of a pyro (loves blowing things up or starting them on fire), knows how to handle situations under pressure
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Piper is one of those women that can easily fit in anywhere and get along with anyone, just so long as she isn't double crossed by anyone. Once she has ever been betrayed, lied to or double crossed that trust is broken and it is rare that she has been known to let someone back in a second time. The only two people that have ever been in a fight with Piper and come back on the other side with her still at their side were Niko and Lincoln, the two people that knew her better than anyone when they were growing up. With that being said, over a short period of time, Piper began to realize that in order to begin to take care of herself, she needed to become a bit stronger of a person. Her inner bitch was coming out and it wasn't afraid to unleash on anyone or anything that crossed her path in a wrong manner. Even though Piper has a part of her that can easily be flipped over into bitch mode, Piper can be one of the most selfless people out there, always putting the feelings and needs of those she loved most and dearly above her own.

Piper isn't exactly one to feel real highly of herself, always found herself struggling with her self esteem and all of the things she's had to deal with in her roller coaster life. With her lifestyle being the way it is, the sex, drugs, and constant mistreatment from just about every man in her life, it was no wonder Piper found comfort in booze and any type of drug she could get her hands on. It turned into the biggest downward spiral for her, her almost suicide had it not been for Niko to save her life, to find her just before she completely lost consciousness. More of her recent discoveries in what she loved to do turned out to be blowing shit up and keeping a gun constantly within her reach. Using a firearm had become like a necessity for her, something that came naturally for her.

Life hadn't always ben easy for the detective, even as she grew from her dark days under Julian's thumb to trying to turn her life around as a detective for the LAPD. They saw all this potential with her, saw how well she knew her way around a gun, how easy it was for her to manipulate a situation, a person, anything that crossed her path. That's what made her such a good undercover agent, what eventually made her one of the best 'sleeper' agents the department had seen, which is what got her involved with side hustling with the ATF. What she didn't expect along the way in the recent weeks was a wild card in her life, Logan Holloway, someone with a dark history like her own that began to make her see the world and others in a whole new light.

~Wildflower Wildfire~
Feel like a wind-up doll; turn my key I'll tell you exactly what you wanna hear

Piper Alexandria Corvi was born on a cool spring morning on March 22nd, 1989 tin the heart of the City of Angels to Marisol and Sergio Corvi, an Italian couple that had only migrated to the US four years prior to her birth. Marisol came from a powerful diplomatic family out of Italy while her husband worked in real estate for years. She was the middle child of three born to her parents: Nina being the oldest, then Piper and their youngest being Taelor, who was quite a bit younger than Nina and Piper. While Taelor was still an infant Piper had come home from school one afternoon to what seemed to be an empty house, yet the cries of her infant sister filled the home with no one seeming to be there to care for her. Of course at ten years old the young girl went to check first on her sister before looking through the rest of the home, calling out for their mother who should have been home as well. By the time Piper made it down the back stairs she noticed the disarray of the kitchen: laundry baskets upset by the stairs, the broken dishes on the floor, water sloshed everywhere that had begun to mix with blood and in the middle of it all laid the lifeless body of Marisol, her mother. That day haunted Piper for years to come, the poor girl waking up in the night from the nightmares of finding her, of the police prying her body from the cold corpse after Nina had come home to call the cops, that blue dress she wore that day, covered in the crimson liquid she'd been laying in and last but not least: the look on her father's face as he was interviewed, a cold, relieved look that his wife was gone.

As the next few years passed Piper found herself struggling in school, not having much to care about without a mother figure in her life nor a father that seemed to care much about any of his girls. Nina graduated and quickly went off to college across the country in New York while Taelor grew into a cute young girl that everyone loved and treated like a sweet princess and then there was Piper: the black sheep of the family. Booze, drugs and running with the wrong crowd had become her life, she discovered sex at a young age after falling in love with a boy at school who had been quick to break her heart and another that manipulated her into believing he loved her. Lincoln was the one that broke her heart, had been her best friend since they were young and Brandon was the one that crushed her self-esteem and any confidence in herself when he kidnapped her from school for an entire week, assaulting and using the young teen until authorities found her and arrested her captor. The time to heal the physical wounds didn't take long, it was the mental and emotional toll of the events that still to this day haunted the young woman to the point she barely made it through high school, if it wasn't thanks to the drugs and booze she lived off of. Sergio didn't care, he had given up on his children and shown his wife and his girls meant nothing to him, which always left a bad taste in Piper's mouth, even as she got older. There was always something about the way he acted whenever Marisol, their mother, was brought up, how quickly he wanted to put the topic to rest and forget all about her. That, long with many other factors was why Piper truly believed her father had been the one responsible for their mother's death, even if at the time she had no way to prove it.

The summer after graduation was filled with numerous adventures with her two best friends: Lincoln Albrecht and Niko Lacour; adventures filled with plenty of booze and drugs that turned into a whole new lifestyle for the brunette. Piper was never one that imagined herself going off to college, to go through anymore schooling so when she fell into a whole new circle of friends and began a new life within that dark circle and world she felt she belonged to. In this new life she met her future husband, Julian Brewer, a man she fell head over heels with one of the many times she was high as a kite and he had all that was needed to charm the socks off the beauty and just how to use all of her weaknesses against her. It seemed as if the first step in his plan was to win his way into her heart so he could drag her right into his web of lies, his game and into his line of work: working as one of the many drug mules for the gang in which he was apart of. She was groomed well, was one of the best ones the gang had and it came as no surprise to any of them when Julian took Piper as his bride after only a handful of months, a decision she would soon come to regret. The time Piper spent married to Julian only had her sinking deeper into the gang life and the love for drugs became that much stronger, so strong it didn't take long for her to turn her back on her family and friends, the ones that loved her the most yet she truly believed Julian was the only one.

When Piper began to turn heads within the group of friends her and Julian ran with she began to notice she needed to do more to protect and take care of herself, especially if she was going to continue running the drugs for her new husband. Of course he agreed this might be one of the better ideas she had, considering she needed to know how to defend and protect herself if the time ever came for her to be on her own without his help. She quickly picked up on how to assemble and disassemble a weapon, how to fire it and how to handle even some of the most powerful ones out there, something that should have worried Julian, hell even Piper herself, but she loved it and any chance she got she loved to take time away to get in some target practice. It wasn't until she was out on the streets alone for a routine deal in New York that Julian set into motion that she ever thought she would truly need to draw her weapon and use it but once her deal went sideways and the man she was delivering the goods to tried to attack her, Piper drew out that glock she'd been hiding in the waistband of her jeans and took the large male out with two shots to the chest. Killing a man in cold blood had never felt so good, the rush she got from it something she had never felt before, a high she couldn't compare to any of the drugs she ever tried before. As it soon came to light the hand that her own husband played in nearly getting her killed, the woman finally opened her eyes to the truth, the manipulation and lies that Julian had been spewing and whispering in her ears all along and now there was only one way out and she knew it was going to be the fight of her life.

Something within the young woman after her life flashed before her eyes during that last deal, something that made her want to take back control of her life and the first thing was getting out from Julian's thumb. Many ideas had come to mind for her but there was only one that felt right for a man of his caliber, a man that had no problem manipulating anyone he crossed paths with and didn't bat an eyelash if one of his drugs on the market killed any of his customers or mules in the process. After sitting up late that night in the living room of the home she shared with Julian, Piper made sure all the lights were out upon his arrival and before he even had the chance to flip on a single light the sound of a gunshot rang out through the room, followed by the hard thud of the man she said all those vows and committed herself to. Now, with that nightmare put to rest and the chance to flee and start over, she took it upon herself to return home to the loved ones she still had there, and to tend to some unfinished business with the man she called her father. The first thing Piper took care of after years of speculation and the cold hard truth of who really killed her mother she took it upon herself to take out the one person that ruined not only her childhood, but also the ones of her sisters, Taelor and Nina: their father. What she hadn't been expecting was the truth behind why her father had killed Marisol all those years ago: all because of a necklace, a family heirloom that had been in the possession of Piper since the day her mother died, one she never took off herself. It had been passed down on her mother's side since it was given to her grandmother back in the early 1940's, but it was what the necklace hid inside it that her father wanted, as did the men he worked for: codes that could be used to unleash a powerful, lethal weapon if it fell into the wrong hands.

That was the day Piper met Alexi Devahli, the one person who had been following on her tail since she murdered her husband in cold blood, but not for the reasons she would have expected him to. He had the knowledge of the codes, the necklace in her possession and when the aftermath of killing her father began to crumble, he was right there to get her out of the spotlight and hide her away in protective custody until those tailing her could be dealt with, right along with the codes handed over to the proper authorities. In exchange for this good deed, Piper's little indiscretions were kept under wraps and she had been able to restart her life and in terms of turning over a new leaf she began the long road in joining the Los Angeles police academy and busted her ass to graduate and secure herself a spot at one of the busiest precincts in the heart of the City of Angels. It didn't take long for her to attract the attention of others in her unit, to move herself up the ranks and garner herself extra training and deep, undercover assignments, which is where Piper happened to be when she had received the news of her older sister's disappearance. Rushing home to comfort her younger sister and work the case to follow all leads possible a couple of weeks passed with no sign of Nina, who was only the third victim of a string of women that had gone missing with the count now up to seven. By the time three months had passed Piper had taken on a new title within her precinct, detective, which opened the door for her to investigate deeper into cases and chase the few leads they were finding into where Nina and the other women matching the profile disappeared to. One by one each of the girls were being recovered, their bodies being found up and down the coastal area of northern California, but it was her sister that was still unaccounted for, and it brought out a fear in Piper that her case had grown cold.

To this day that case still sat in her desk at the top of her pile to work on, doing all she could to keep it alive, just like she wished day in and day out that her sister would be too. With the only person left in her life being her baby sister, Taelor, Piper did her best to lean on her through all the ups and downs of their lives and their work, even the numerous relationships the both of them went through. One of which finally stuck for Piper after a handful of dates with one of the ADA's she began working closely with: Nicholas Hammond, and after a number of months together the two of them were married. He pushed and pushed for her to quit her job, wanting to start a family right away with the detective, in hopes she would quit her job and become a stay at home mother. But she wasn't ready to give it up, she was focused on her her options and the bright future she had at the precinct and in time that meant taking on a new role in the intelligence unit within the LAPD, which gave her a lot more flexibility to bend the rules in a case, as long as it meant getting the results necessary to put away the bad guys, save the day and make it home come nightfall. Undercover assignments became the norm for Piper, the thought of being someone else for a little while excited her and left her craving more from those jobs, especially when she sealed the deal and they caught the big fish. Time and time again these assignments would come and the team would concoct their plan of action and each time things would go off without a hiccup, until they didn't.

During one of the biggest drug busts of both her career and the intelligence unit since it's formation, Piper was at the center of the investigation, right along with her partner when her cover was blown. She had been quick to try and dance her way out of this one, trying to back pedal and salvage whatever she could of things before the operation sank entirely when the truth came out her partner had blown his over cover first. In a last ditch effort to protect the both of them her partner was murdered right before her eyes and Piper was left for dead with a gunshot to her left shoulder and the lower right part of her abdomen. Both were discovered shortly after the assignment failed once units could make it to the abandoned warehouse they'd met at, her partner already DOA by the time of arrival while she was barely holding on. After a long procedure to get the bullets removed from her body, Piper was on the mend and working to get herself back into shape after a number of weeks of PT to get back out there, though against her husband's wishes once more. Their marriage was clearly strained and in time Piper found herself no longer in love with Nick and chose to file for divorce, right along with taking on a new transfer to another precinct for a fresh, clean start from it all.

Before Anyone Else
Logan Holloway

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