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Biological daughter of Prue Halliwell and Andy Trudeau

29 years old

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February 10 2024

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we've all been hurt before, it don't make you a savage. homecommentmessagestreamcredit we've all been hurt before, it's just the way you handle.

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Characters: Primrose "Prim" Halliwell
Verses: Charmed
Playbys: Lexi Rabe + Aesthetics
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Television,
Member Since:December 09, 2023

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
Primrose Halliwell
because with everything you are, you're just a little girl.
Birth Name Primrose Halliwell
Alias N/A
Codename N/A
Nickname(s) Prim (by everyone), Primmy (by Prue), Rose (by Grams), Rosebud (by Prue)
Species Human Witch
Birthday | Age October 31st | 3 (Three)
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Current Location San Francisco, California
Height | Weight 3'0" | 32 lbs
Skin-tone Pale
Eyes | Hair Blue | Black
is this what you call a family? Prudence Halliwell biological mother.
Andrew Trudeau biological father.
Piper Halliwell adoptive mother/maternal aunt.
Leo Wyatt adoptive father/maternal uncle.
Wyatt Halliwell adoptive younger brother/cousin.
Christopher Halliwell adoptive younger brother/cousin.
Melinda Halliwell adoptive younger sister/cousin.
Phoebe Halliwell maternal aunt.
Coop Halliwell maternal uncle.
Prudence Johanna Halliwell cousin.
Parker Halliwell cousin.
Peyton Halliwell cousin.
Paige Matthews maternal aunt.
Henry Mitchell maternal uncle.
Tamora Mitchell cousin.
Kat Mitchell cousin.
Henry Mitchell Jr. adoptive cousin.
Penelope Halliwell maternal great-grandmother.
Allen Halliwell maternal great-grandfather.
Patricia Halliwell maternal grandmother.
Victor Bennett maternal grandfather.
pick a personality for free. Likes sweets. her family. cooking/baking with grams/piper. toys.
Alignment chaotic good
Allergies peanuts. tree nuts. seafood.
Powers telekinesis. cryokinesis. telepathy.
primrose "prim" halliwell. three. biological daughter of prudence halliwell and andrew trudeau. child prodigy. living in san francisco. primrose halliwell was born on october 31st, 1995 to prudence halliwell in the halliwell manor in the presence of her mother, her aunt piper, and her great-grandmother. her mother never told anyone who her father was, but it was known that her boyfriend and eventual fiancé roger was not him due to roger's poor treatment of prim and insistence that prue abort the child at least once during their relationship, though prue immediately shut him down. while roger would treat prim nicely when prue was in the room, he would horribly mistreat prim when not in prue's presence, including hitting her and then lying about it, saying she was clumsy, threatening prim that if she ever told anyone that not only would her mother never believe her but he would make sure that she never saw her family again. this caused prim to shut down and stay away from others, including her mother as roger told her that she was just a burden and that her mother never loved her.

prue had noticed that prim had been acting more distant lately and had been acting very strangely, noticing more bruises on her than usual, but prim refused to say anything to her, as well as refusing to let anyone touch her, flinching whenever someone did so. this worried prue enough to set up a test to see what actually went on between prim and roger when she wasn't around. she had roger babysit while she went out to do some errands, leaving her purse behind and drove around the corner for about ten minutes before returning to grab her purse and noticed roger horribly beating her daughter. prue not only immediately broke off her engagement to roger, but also pressed charges against him after learning from her daughter that not only had he been beating her, but he had also been touching her inappropriately. of course, due to prim's age and no proof to back it up, it was his word against hers, and he was able to get off scot free due to his family's influence.

prim spent most of her time with grams, who she had a very close connection to. grams often would babysit prim while prue and piper were working and would dote on her by helping her cook and bake. prim was allowed to go anywhere except the attic, which was off limits, though when she was playing downstairs and grams was up there, she could swear she could hear grams speaking to someone and a female voice speaking back. on her third birthday, grams gifted prim a pink stuffed rabbit that she made for her that prim named mr. snuggles that she carried around everywhere and refused to let go of, which made it almost impossible to wash. one day grams was in the attic and prim thought she heard something so she tried to eavesdrop from the bottom of the stairs until she heard grams coming down, but unfortunately grams had a heart attack and fell down the stairs. remembering how to call 911, prim called an ambulance for grams, but her death had traumatized the toddler.

eventually, prue, piper, and prim moved into halliwell manor after grams' death. prim did not want to go back due to her believing that she would hurt someone else. while prue had given prim her own room due to there being four available, prim was so terrified that she ended up sleeping with her mother in her room every single night, while her own room pretty much became a playroom for her. prim had begun to attend daycare with no one else available to watch her, but refused to interact with anyone, including the teachers, just sitting in the corner of the room by herself drawing pictures for grams with crayons. on one day in october when prue went to pick prim up, the owner informed her that prim was being kicked out for her refusal to interact with anyone, which infuriated prue, though not at prim, but for their lack of compassion and understanding regarding the trauma she was suffering from regarding her great-grandmother's death.

later that night, phoebe returned to san francisco for the first time in years. prim, being incredibly shy around new people, hid behind her mother as she had never met phoebe before. when phoebe later asked piper why she didn't see prim at grams' funeral, piper told her that prim was the one that witnessed her heart attack and fall, and that she was so traumatized that she refused to go to the funeral and prue had to hire a babysitter. when the power went out, it frightened prim, who couldn't sleep well enough without mr. snuggles as prue threw him in the wash while she gave her daughter a bath and with the power out he couldn't finish drying. she found phoebe near the attic and held her hand as they entered together. phoebe was impressed that prim, despite only being three, could read in full sentences as phoebe read the incantation out loud, giving not only her sister's their hidden powers back, but also prim as well. prim first displayed telekinesis later the next day to her mother, who then yelled at phoebe for making her daughter a witch, causing her own powers to cause things to fly off the shelves.

when prue went to pick up phoebe from the hospital the next day, she was holding prim in her arms when she came across andy trudeau, who noticed the small girl being incredibly shy, and how much she looked like prue, except for her eyes which were blue like his own. being able to do basic math, he suspected prim was his daughter and asked prue about it, to which she immediately replied that she wasn't. believing that she was lying, andy began investigating them both, including taking a straw that prim had been using from a cup at quake to run a dna test, which later confirmed his suspicions. when confronting prue about it, she immediately became defensive and angry at him for going behind her back, though later apologized and explained that after roger, she didn't want to risk anyone harming her daughter ever again, and while she didn't think andy was capable of such things, part of her was worried that anyone could do the same thing. with prue watching very carefully, she decided to let andy have a chance to be with his daughter as they tried dating again. it took prim a while to trust him, but eventually she did and became close to him before his death.
all of this is all that i can take, and you could never understand the demons that i face.

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