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Hello, no n*fw

35 years old
Ottawa, Ontario

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December 03 2023

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GeneralTATTOOS, PIERCINGS, CRYSTALS, BUDDHISM - TIBETAN, WRITING, READING, genealogy, ASTRONOMY, STARGAZING, HALLOWEEN, shopping, photography, drawing, novels, graphic novels, webcomics, science, music, sleeping, eatting, tv (Netflix and Disney +), blogging, B-line, c-dramas, k-dramas, Japanese dramas, coffee, energy drinks, kombucha tea, ufos, Dzongkha language, tibetan language, languages, collecting rare books and magazines, accounting (for fun)! Creepypasta, cryptids!
MusicLudachris, missy Elliot, insane clown posse, spice girls, backstreet boys, BTS, limp bizkit, korn, k -pop, j- pop, disturbed, twiztid, razakel, ABK, boondoxx, Marilyn Manson, citizens of Halloween, crime, snoop dogg, abba, meiko kaji, fat Joe, soft cell, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Nancy Sinatra, om voices, and more!
MoviesStudio ghibili, purge, saw, hostel, hurtlocker, Adam sandler (funny), hills have eyes 1+ 2, reanimator trilogy, repo: a genetic opera, vertical limit, 14 peaks, summit of the gods, halloween, chucky, Freddy, Jason, Texas chainsaw massacre, lord of the rings, hobbit, nightmare before christmas, labyrinth, dark crystal!
TelevisionCobra Kai, Buffy, x-files, desperate housewives, army wives, bless the harts, king of the hill, ōokū: inner chambers, dalmer, FBI files, ink master, simpsons, tree house of horror, family guy, criminal minds, sailor moon, rugrats, grey’s anatomy, cosmos!
BooksFalling, the Persian, graphic novel, manga, harlequin romance, the stand, it, goosebumps, lord of the rings, hobbit, letters to Father Christmas, the best love story ever told, rare magazines, world’s most dangerous place, comeback alive, dead time, shivers, astronomy and stargazing, drowning, the 9/11 commission report, letters to a desperate girl, use your godd*amn mouth, shaman, Harry bitter, for ever yours to love, the love hypothesis, love on the brain, 3 words gone mad, area51, sheltberts, the Ebola survival hand book!, the day I turn into a butterfly, life after life, lovely bones, shimmer, Arabian nights, the sl*t guide to chess, the book thief, night, shōgun, red’s untold story, chicken soup for the teenage soul, the 6th Dalai Lama, Frankenstein, road to miran, losts cities, Central Asia, china and India, night train to turkestan, kite runner, 1000 splendid son, the adventure, the loins game, Alex cross thrillers, confessions of a yakuza, dreams and the unexplained, the disasters, laws of our fathers, all disclosure, scottoline, books, Wicca books, eating the dinosaur, Clive cussler, Vince Flynn, body of lies, hp love craft, anaïs nin, ttyl, birthdays for the dead, rouge warrior, book of honour, 3 kindomes (romance of)
Heroes Stephen king, Buddha, Bruce lee, Lisa scottoline, Judi picoult, violent jay, shags too dope, Cynthia Rothrock, Carl Sagan, rl stine, anaïs nin, Trevor Henderson, Bailey sarian,

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Status:In a relationship
Here for:Friends, Connect with Artists,
Discover New Music, Rate Music,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Children:I do not want kids
Education:High school
Member Since:December 03, 2023

   ElenaIoana's Schools
Notre dame catholic school
Carleton place , Ontario
Grad Year: School
Student Status: Alumni
Major: Arts

From 2003 to 2008

   ElenaIoana's Companies
Amazon kindle direct publishing
Ottawa, Ontario
Title: Writer

Date Employed Currently

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About me:
My name is elena, 34, genderqueer female from Ottawa Canada! I am an artist, author (small time) and graphic novelist! I do have PTSD, Asperger’s and other things like ADHD! am Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhist), I am bi/pan. Pronouns: She/her/they/ey/Ze/hir. Tri racial! I am who I am take it or leave it! I am also the founder of b-line! Again take or leave, it’s who I am! IMG_0472.md.gif read my book on Amazon| goodreads| l blog the first| blog the second | blog the third | creepypasta| friendproject blog| wattpad| neo book | inkspired| author page| art|

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