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On July 31st 1996 Phoebe and Phoenix were born to Michael and Nicole Queen. For the Queen's they didn't realize how much of a hassle having twins was going to be. They were polar opposites up until they were 5 years old and ready to go to school. Their parents didn't want them to be separated because they thought that they would do better being together.

From that moment on the two of them were attached at the hip. They did absolutely everything together. Sometimes they even shared the same guys, but that was besides the point and a whole nother story for another time. Many would say that Phoebe was the good twin and Phoenix was the one that was always acting out and Phoebe was the only one that could get her down off of be high.

Adult Years

The twins dabbled in wiccanism and they didn't really talk to anyone about it because truth be told they were both scared. But Phoenix is the one that let the power get to her head. The two of them had gotten a group of friends together when they were still in high school and they formed a coven. Phoebe was a practicing wiccanism but not as much as her sister but the two of them forced their group of friends into joing their coven. That is when Phoebe decided she didn't want to practice anymore. She focused on her studies and got a full ride to Auburn. Her sister threw a fit and had their mother call up the school and demand that both twins get a full ride.

This is what drove Phoebe and Phoebix apart. Because her sister didn't listen she put her foot down and told her they needed to stop. Her sister didn't like that and she called Phoebe a chicken. Like Marty Mcfly Phoebe didn't like it but she let it go. That was until her sister kept mocking her, it got to the point where Phoebe just wanted everything to stop, and she didn't think that stabbing her sister would kill her. Phoebe made it look like Phoenix had committed suicide but she knew the real truth. She was a murderer. She still is a practicing Wiccan but she uses Wicca to make herbal medicine for people who are sick.


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