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Killian Jones (T&L Lana Lang)

Sep 5th 2023 - 12:04 PM

He wondered himself how Regina was alive, he clearly remembered throwing her into the river of lost souls. "That's what I thought too, princess." He said, he heard Lana say that she had an idea to help and a spark of hope came into his eyes again. He saw the pencil fall and smiled, it had worked. "It worked, beautiful." He answered, he was filled with hope again that everything was going to be okay and that they'd manage to defeat Regina again like last time as he held her hand tighter back. "What's your idea, my love?" He then asked Lana.ย 
๐ต๐“‡๐‘œ๐“Œ๐“ƒ ๐ธ๐“Ž๐‘’๐“ˆ

Aug 31st 2023 - 12:25 AM

For everyone, eating at a nice restaurant can be a great experience. From having brunch, lunch, or dinner with friends or family to a romantic candlelight dinner with that special someone, having a great meal seems to never disappoint happy customers. Of course, for some, it is rather cheap to eat at their homes, but getting out can be enjoyable from time to time.

It was in the middle of August and the weather in Mystic Falls was still stuck in the season of summer. Kenna decided to take on a shift at her own restaurant afterย becoming a restaurateur called The River House. As always, she was excited to see what the day might bring, seeing new and current customersย - as well as their families, friends, or dates - with their smiling faces as they seemed to have grinned from ear to ear.

Kenna's eyes gazed at the woman who seemed to have been speaking to her directly. She had never seen this woman in her life before and had questions swarming around in her head. Kenna didn't want to assume anything quite yet, though, and proceeded to grin politely at her.

"Nice to meet you, Lana,"ย she shared.ย "My name is Kenna. You are currently at The River House here in Mystic Falls, Virginia."
April (Daughter of Killian & Lana)

Aug 28th 2023 - 7:29 PM

//it was Snow that was killed in the storyline. And your good :)
Douglas Jones *Mini Pirate*

Aug 23rd 2023 - 8:58 AM

Douglas didn't know about leaving Storybrooke but he didn't care as long he was with Lana and Killian was all that matters to him. Though he knew he was going to have a battle of his own. He can sense he was in danger as his birth parents found out where he was at and on their way to try to kill him this time. But he hasn't told his dad Killian yet knowing his dad had his hands full trying to keep Lana safe and his baby sister April safe. He smiled hiding his thoughts when he seen her coming to him. "You want to play pirates with me mom?" He asked her smiling lightly. "Daddy thought me how to sword fight". He said to her softly.
April (Daughter of Killian & Lana)

Aug 18th 2023 - 9:59 PM

April Jones was recently took in by Killian Jones after a day of being abandoned on the Jolly Roger ship in Storybrooke, Maine. A year ago she was mistaken of being born to Snow White and was loved and cared for. Her birth father is unknown as Snow White was forced into sexual activity with the man. After being with her mother for an year Snow had no choice but to abandon her daughter April in hope to protect her from the darkness that wanted to take her and train her to be an evil killer. She was vulnerable since she was just one years old. It was late at night when Snow walked Apirl onto Killian's ship and leaving her there with an note attached to her blanket saying "please keep my baby safe from danger. I can't care for her anymore. Her name is Apirl and is just a year old. Her life is in danger from the underworld darkness".ย Snow then left her sleeping daughter on the ship and they took her to the underworld and killed her hours later. The next day April woke up and seen Killian and after he read the note that was on the blanket he was interested in adopting her. April soon was playing with a teddy bear and seen a lady by her daddy. She crawled over to her smiling softly. "Hi". She said waving at her.ย 
Douglas Jones *Mini Pirate*

Aug 13th 2023 - 10:01 PM

Douglas was a six year old boy that wasn't like any other kid. He was also a werewolf like his sister Nyx. He can change into a brown-reddish timber wolf when he needed to. He lives on the ship with his new family. Douglas was going to grow up like is dad Killian a pirate. He was sitting on the top deck of the ships floor when he sees his mom. He smiled waving at her. "Hi mom". Douglas said smiling lightly to her.
Laurel Yeung

Aug 11th 2023 - 5:03 PM

Laurel never really knew her family or siblings if she had any all she knew is that when she was One she was put up for adoption her parents could not take care of her. She was adopted by a really nice family called the Young's. She lives in edgemont and went to edgemont high school. She failed her senior year and had to retake it.ย 

When she was 15 she was a trouble maker she got into drinking since most of her friends were drinkers. She never really had any boyfriends or anything like that. When she was 17 she became a model and went to Japan for a while for a gig. She left early after one of the crowd members attacked her and she ended up in the hospital. She went back to edgemont and stayed with her parents again
At this time her mom went up to her and started to talk about all kinds of stuff. That is when she found out that she was adopted she was kind of upset to hear that but she wanted to know everything. She told her that her real mom and dad live in Smallville and that she as a twin sister. She was a shocked to her that she had a twin sister out there some where. She wanted to know more about her real partners and wanted to meet her sister.ย 

Her mom said that the sisters name was Lana lang. And that the last time she heard she still lived in smallville. She smiled and wanted to go there to find out why her parents put her up for adoption and why they couldย  not keep her. Her mom gave her some money and told her that she could go to smallville and see her sister. She was so excited that she could finally get her life back and that she could meet her sister.ย 

The next morning came around she kisses her mom and dad got a couple bags pack and started to drive to Smallville. She had to drive a long ways to get there when she finally did make it there she stoped in front of a place called the Talon. When she walks inside everyone was excited that Lana was finally home hearing her name and a couple people running over to hug her. Laurel moves back some and looks at them.ย 

There was a blonde haired girl and a tall guy in front of her. 'im not Lana I'm her twin sister laurel. Have you seen her. 'im Clark and this is chloe.' she nods 'nice to meet you guys.' when she heard Clark saw that Lana was not here and she did not live in smallville right now she sould be coming home soon..well at least we hope she does we miss her. Right now I think she lives on a ship with her boy freinds Killian jones.' Clark told her

Laurel looks at them and nods where is this ship?' she asked heard Chloe saying storybrooke. She sighs 'i guess I'm gonna go to storybrooke.' she smiled 'nice to meet you guys I hope to come back soon.' she said getting into the car and driving to storybrooke.. she was hoping this would be the place that she would be at she was not sure but drove there anyways. Laurel finally got there and parks the car and got out.ย 

She wondering where everything is in this place and did not see any ship..she was not sure if this was the right place or not but wanted to try it out she looks to her right and saw a girl that looked like her as she smiled big and went over to her. 'Hello are you Lana lang?' she asked nice hoping that it wasย 
Lazy Bones

Aug 8th 2023 - 9:15 PM

Dean looked over at the other group and he didn't know what they were going to do. The tension was there and he lowered his weapon looking over at Lana and stared over at her. He sighed shaking his head looking over at the group. "Lana is right." Dean said staring over at them. "We need to work together to survive and not tear each other apart." Dean said staring over at the Hispanic leader.

"What is your name? My name is Dean. This is Lana and Darryl and Maggie." Dean said and the leader nodded. "Hector." He said. "Dean? Typical white boy name." He joked and Dean laughed. "Where you from Dean?" He asked. "Lawerence Kansas. Actually me and Lana are both from Kansas."

He said and Hector nodded. "Kansas. You two are a long way from home Dorothy. Come on let's get out of here." He said. "I take it that Kansas was over run as well?" He asked and Dean nodded. "Yeah. We escaped and ran into Maggie and Darryl. We started a community of survivors not to far away from here. Alexandria. It's not that bad. We managed to survive the winter and have hot water and food." He said and Hector looked at him.

"How did you guys manage that?" He asked. "We have a plumber." Darryl said looking around. Hector chuckled and looked over at Lana. "And what is your story? Is Dean your husband?" Hector asked. "Have you guys heard anything about the military or safe zones? What's going on to restore the country after the fall?" He asked.
Lazy Bones

Jul 30th 2023 - 10:24 PM

Dean got done taking down the zombies and looked around seeing that nothing was left. And he was glad that the zombies were gone but he was still being careful. He didn't trust there not being any more zombies. He walked around the church and he heard what Lana said and he nodded over to her.

"I think that you are right. Be careful everyone." Dean told them and he began to explore some more of the church. He looked over at Darryl and motioned him to follow him as well as the others. They walked down the hallway and Dean saw a kitchen that looked active. "You were right Lana. People were here recently. This hot dog was freshly cooked."

Dean said taking the dog and it still looked good so he ate it. "Hmm God I missed Hot dogs at Wrigley field." Dean said handing the rest to Lana if she wanted one. He opened the fresh and saw some food that was fresh and smiled at Darryl. "Feast time." He said grabbing a apple and he felt Maggie stop him.

"Dean this isn't our food." Maggie said. "You got that right bitch." A guy said aiming his gun at her as well as two women. "Put your weapons down right now. Thanks for taking care of the zombie infestation though." He said and Dean aimed his gun at him. "You put yours down as well. Along with us."

He said looking over at him and the guy agreed setting down the guns and Dean looked over at Lana. "Who are you guys?" He asked the group. "My name is Pastor Brian. This is my daughter Megan. And my wife Michelle. Were the only ones left of this church. The rest got sick and had to be killed off." He said looking over at him. "Who are you?" He asked
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